One Brand Tutorial Lime Crime | Cruelty-free & Vegan

One Brand Tutorial Lime Crime | Cruelty-free & Vegan

– Hey friends, welcome
back, it’s great to see you. I’m Courtney and I’ve got Phaedra and Nyx hanging out with
me on the bed behind me. Sorry my voice sounds a little off, I’ve been really, really
sick from my allergies. I mean, sick in bed sick because of debilitating, stabbing pain. I’m on four different
scripts for my allergies just to make it bearable. This has been probably
the worst allergy season I’ve experienced in at least five years. So I know I don’t sound great. I’ve already put eyeshadow primer on and set it with setting powder. So for today’s one brand tutorial, I’m going to do Lime Crime
and I’m choosing Lime Crime for a couple different reasons. Number one, I only
recently started purchasing from Lime Crime because
Xenia had stepped away from the company and I felt like that, that was enough for me
to feel like between that and the fact that they tried to keep their nose clean
wasn’t enough for me to feel comfortable buying from them because I’ve been blogging since 2008. I have watched all of the drama with Lime Crime since their inception. I’ve seen the mistakes they’ve made along the way and I’ve seen them try to clean up their image. So, anyway yeah I started
buying their products and I actually really like most of them, so I wanted to feature them and I guess for today I’m going to use this Pocket Candy eyeshadow which is I think it’s
bubblegum or something, but it looks like this. So we’re going to use
this for the eyeshadow. So I’m going to take the color right here which I think is called chew
and this Makeup Geek brush and start building the
color up along my lower lid. This is pretty much the same way I do all of my eyeshadow looks lately
where I just start working along the bottom first
because that shows me how far out I need to take it to come past the fold of my eye ’cause I have hooded eyes, so when I’m looking at you directly, the fold of my eye comes
down past my water line just because that’s
how my eyes are shaped, so I’m bringing my eyeshadow just a little bit pass
that point out here, and I’m going to hit this
outer corner of the eye, and then I’m going to
start working this color into the socket of my eye. So I’m pressing the brush into where the occipital, I think it’s
called the occipital bone of the eye is and I’m
starting to work the brush inwards through my crease, and I’m really just trying
to work it in that space. I’m going to switch to the coset S185 which is a lot like the sigma E36. It’s a brush that’s small and perfect for fitting in the socket of hooded eyes, and start blending that out ’cause I don’t want it
to have any harsh lines. First I’m going to apply
this color right here which I think is called Pop to my lid. I don’t know, it looks like it’s a pinky peach with gold shift. And this is a really, really
small brush for what I’m doing. I’m just grabbing a slightly larger brush to apply this color to my lid. I’m going to back to my bdellium 787 brush and just using this
for some extra blending to make sure this is nice and smooth in my crease since I’m going
so simple with the eyeshadow, and I do have lash extensions, I just had my lashes refilled which is why they’re nice and full. So, if you’re going to
apply mascara or eyeliner, now would be that time. I really usually don’t bother
with mascara or eyeliner with my lash extensions ’cause I feel like they already make my eyes
look like they’re done. I did just recently have my brows tinted and I know I bought the smoky
brow product from Lime Crime, but I feel like it didn’t work for me and I gave it away, that’s
why I don’t have it now. So I’m going to use Elizabeth Mott’s Queen of the Fill Black Brow Gel. It’s really, really hard to
find truly black brow products, this is one of them. And I’m pretty certain, like I said, I tried the one from Lime Crime. I bought smoky and I’m
pretty certain it turned brownish orange on me unfortunately and anything that turns
brownish orange is a no-go. I need cool tone black or
ashy gray for my brows. Now Lime Crime doesn’t
have any foundations that I’m aware of so I’m going to just pick something new to try
to put on foundation-wise and I guess I’m going to try the Tarte Face Tape Double Duty
Beauty that’s in porcelain sand ’cause that should be my shade. And here’s what it looks like. I’m going to dot this around
the center of my face. And I’m still trying
to blend it on my face. There’s a couple places that I feel like need a
little bit more coverage, so I’m just going to dot
some around that area ’cause under my eyes are where I always feel like I need coverage. I always feel like I have a lot of dark circles under my eyes. I know it doesn’t look that way in person, but I feel like there’s always darkness there when I look in photos. I’d say this foundation
color is a good match for me, but this is way too full
coverage for my taste. One thing I do when that happens is I take a makeup sponge, and I spray it with something. Today I’m using the Smashbox
So Chill Coconut Water, and I’m just going to
bounce this on my face to take off any excess foundation. So now I need some blush on, and I’ve got five of the new blushes that I bought from Lime Crime, and I think I’m going to put on Zip. Alright, so I am working
to put Zip on my cheeks. Okay, I think I like the color a lot. I feel like it looks a really nice, natural looking blush on me. I am going to add a tiny bit of definition with a little bit of a deeper color. So I think I’m going to grab
this color which is gigabyte BB. I guess I’m technically
draping with this blush. So you can see where I
added the blush gigabyte BB, and I’m going to blend that out. Yeah, I think that looks nice,
it gave me just a little bit of extra oompf on my cheeks I think. So I know that I did not feel like this blush, which is called
megabyte, the green blush, looked like much of a blush, but it did act like a highlighter. So I’m going to try and tap it on. As kind of like a highlight. It’s not my normal taste, like I normally would not wear this, but I don’t think it looks
bad for just trying it out. It’s like a highlighter. Probably not something I would wear again. Alright, I’m going to
line and fill in my lips with the Lime Crime pencil in Tarot. Once my lips are all nice
and lined and filled, then I’m going to use
Lime Crime Cleopatra, which is a glitter topper on top. And there you have it. So let me go ahead and zoom in so you can check out the
finished look up close. So here’s the finished eye look up close and normally I would
highlight under my brow and at the inner corner,
but I skipped that because I tried using the
green highlighter today. The green blush as a highlighter today. Alright, and that completes this one brand tutorial
featuring Lime Crime. I hope you enjoyed this video. Please be sure to let
me know your thoughts in the comments below. Nyx is dying to hear from you too. Look at her, she just climbed up in my lap ’cause she says she needs to be held. (laughs) Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video.


  • Anastacia Zara says:

    I like this eye look on you. Bright and fresh for spring, even if you're not feeling super great atm. Personally, I love Lime Crime's eye shadows, and I have mad love for their Plushies. There's only so much cancelling of a brand I can do when the company has done their best to remove the offending person from the spotlight and no further drama has ensued.

  • gildedasphalt says:

    How do you find the blushes in general? There's an odd dearth of reviews, somehow. I've also been curious about zip, but seeing it on your skin makes me doubtful that it'll show up much on my NC25 skin..

  • Melanie Price says:

    Why is it so hard to find real, black brow products? I usually buy the darkest brown available because the “black” is almost always lighter and more gray. And while
    I do need the cooler tone, I think the depth of a darker brown looks better. I think I’m definitely going to check out the brow gel you used, the color looks spot on for what I need!

  • Sidra Vitale says:

    Zip blush looks really natural on you, perfect for a really sheer look …

  • Missesbun says:

    I understand wanting to forgive Lime Crime, but Doe is very much still a part of their brand. If you’ve seen the “interview” that JKissa did with the new CEO it was pretty shady. They didn’t answer any questions, didn’t apologize for anything and gave her a ton of free stuff so she wouldn’t say anything bad. It really feels like the equivalent of Kat Von Ds new “I am not a nazi” video. I initially had the thought of “oh, can we buy Lime Crime now?” Too, but, no I think I better not.

  • Ksenia Swampland says:

    It feels weird to hear Doe’s name because it is mispronounced by everyone who says it (excluding people with some Russian background). I think that’s because of how she spells it – we actually have the same name, but I always write it with a Ks, because that’s a lot closer to how it’s supposed to sound. Pronounced like this it just sounds weird and a lot more like another Russian name – Zina (or Zinaida). No shade to you, just an observation 😸

  • Lo Z says:

    I want to support the 100% vegan, cute packaging, interesting shades, etc, but I'm still very dubious of this brand

  • Erika Costello says:

    Girl, don't worry about how you sound, this allergy season is about to freaking kill me and I sound just like you do. Ugh. I can't believe how BAD it is this year! Those blushes look so nice and your lip combo is killer. Hi Nyx!

  • Judy Schmidt says:

    I love Lime Crime! My kids have had a rough time with the pollen here in Orlando.

  • jo_ v80 says:

    Great look! I haven’t tried lime crime yet but one day hopefully 🤗🤗🤗

  • Spooky Pumpkin says:

    What brush did you use for the blush!? I think it applied it perfect!

  • Slashed Beauty says:

    I enjoy their lip products– haven't tried anything else!

  • Kath TheFabZilla says:

    Need to revisit this brand again. Great tutorial as always

  • Luanne Santos says:

    My allergies have been awful this year too. I’m taking 2 different medications for them but I don’t think they’re working. I’ll have to try something else.
    I love this look! I have been wanting to try Lime Crime for awhile. I’m glad they’re available at Ulta.

  • Polished Hippy says:

    I didn't know that owner stepped away from the brand. I still probably won't buy because the brand is not my style but glad to know she is out.

  • Model City Polish says:

    Lime Crime is certainly a brand that has had some drama in the past and why I have stayed clear. Glad to hear things are changing on an upper level, I might give them a try now.

  • 25 Sweetpeas says:

    This literally is the worst season EVER allergies wise. I've never been this bad here, and I'm so over it! Can't wait for it all to level off!

  • M K says:

    Lime crime has come a long way since their drama

  • PolishGalore says:

    I haven't used Lime Crime in forever but I remember it being all the rage!

  • Jen Walker says:

    Lime Crime is one of the brands that I just cannot get behind, unfortunately. Your look is beautiful though!!

  • Judi FM says:

    All of these blushes are definitely pale girl friendly!!

  • Jess in king says:

    you're a trooper recording so sick.

  • Gabrielle L says:

    I really hope you're doing better. Those allergies sound horrible.

  • 1AlwaysNYC 1 says:

    I like that lippie color!

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