One Brand Tutorial Makeup Geek | Neutral Glam Duochrome | Affordable Cruelty Free Makeup @phyrra

One Brand Tutorial Makeup Geek | Neutral Glam Duochrome | Affordable Cruelty Free Makeup @phyrra

Hey everyone welcome back and hello to you
new people too! Today I’ve got a fun neutral glam Duochrome
eyeshadow tutorial for you featuring Makeup Geek. So let’s go ahead and jump right in to the
tutorial. I’ve applied my eyeshadow primer. I’m lightly applying Babycakes as a base shade
on the browbone and hood of my eye. You want to apply Barcelona Beach on the hood
of the eye. I’m going for the smoky dome shape, so I’m
not going to take the color too far in or too far out. I’m not putting this color on the mobile lid
this time. Normally when I do the dome shape I will put
the color on the lid. The trick when you’re trying to do the dome
shape is to look straight into the mirror, keeping your eyes open so that when you’re
looking straight forward you can see if the color just barely comes up onto the hood of
your eyes like it’s supposed to. I’m going to put Darling Girl Glitter Glue
on my lid. I’m using Makeup Geek Kaleidoscope & the UD
Detailed Concealer brush. Because I have hooded eyes, I don’t have a
lot of visible lid space so I prefer to use a smaller brush to apply my lid color. I’m only going to apply this color about 3/4
of the way in. For the outer part of the lid I’m using Makeup
Geek Sorcery with this Real Techniques Accent brush. Now right where the two colors meet I’m going
back with Kaleidoscope and blending the seam a little bit. I’m going to put Makeup Geek Kaleidoscope
on the inner lower lid. I’m going to put Makeup Geek Sorcery on the
rest. I’m using Makeup Geek Concrete Jungle with
the Sigma E36. I’m going to take a little bit of Concrete
Jungle at the outer crease are and I’m blending it into Barcelona Beach. I’m just kind of working it along the top
of the lid colors, but into the bottom of my hood. This is just to help the colors blend together
better. I’m taking the Urban Decay Iconic Brush and
I’m going to softly blend at a slight diagonal to soften the edges. I’m just blending softly left and right. I’m going to use UD 24/7 Zero Pencil on a
brush to line the upper and lower lash line. I switched to the Sigma E6 brush. Alright, I went ahead and put on the rest
of my makeup because I’m filming a wear test video on this foundation. I put on Nyx HD foundation in Nude, I put
on Nyx #NoFilter powder in Alabaster. I put on Makeup Geek Puppy Love blush. The lipstick is Nudestix pencil in Pulse. To finish up my look I’m going to use Makeup
Geek Sugar Rush and the Goss 7 brush. I’m taking the UD Iconic brush to blend softly
one more time. And here’s the finished eye look. I’m going to turn my head so you can see the
color change on the lid shade. I love duochrome eyeshadows. I hope you enjoyed my tutorial using Makeup
Geek eyeshadows. Please be sure to let me know what you think
in the comments below. If you like this video give it a thumbs up
and share. I love it when you share my videos. Thanks so much for watching!


  • Allison Cohen says:

    always great tips in your tutorials! love those icy shades

  • Floribundar says:

    Kaleidoscope looks so gorgeous! 😍 such a lovely look 💕

  • Emily Rachel Gilley says:

    Oh wow I can really see the duochrome when you move. I think that may get lost on me since I wear glasses

  • Kimmaline says:

    I just got Kaleidescape recently myself. LOVE those duochromes!

    I really adore this look. 🙂

    I may have missed an update, how are you liking your brows since the microblading?

  • Liz Bzz says:

    wow, really nice eye look!

  • Samantha Burris says:

    Pretty! Do you have Shiro's Finkelstein or know how close kaleidoscope is to it? My cat just knocked my pressed Finkelstein off my bathroom counter so now I'm looking for a dupe.

  • Cindy Ingalls says:

    So pretty, I love silvers and greys

  • Denise Marie says:

    Since adding the colors to my hair, I've noticed that my makeup and outfits don't look the same against my hair. Duh, right?! But I didn't think about it before. It's a pleasant change, of sorts!

  • Jaxx says:

    Love this look 🙂

  • Karen Smith says:

    Really beautiful look.

  • HavenLily says:

    I just found your channel via a message board where someone asked for tutorials for hooded eyes. I am just getting into eyeshadow and finally realized that the reason I am having so much trouble is that I did not realize that I have hooded eyes. My eye doctor recently informed me about it when he said that I was a candidate for blephoraplasty/brow lift because at some point in the future, my hood would droop enough that it would interfere with my vision. You cannot even see the middle of my upper movable lid when I look straight forward, just the inner portion of it. I was depressed about it for awhile, but then when I realized that many of the most beautiful actresses and models have them, I felt much better. That sounds a little superficial, but it's true. I have been trying to find a list of the best brushes for hooded eyes. I thinkg the ones I have been using are too big. You mentioned some during this tutorial. Would you mind giving a list of the eye brushes you use most? I really loved your video and your use of color. I will definitely be watching your tutorials.


    Great look on you!!

  • Dev says:

    I love your videos so much

  • Polarbelle says:

    I really love the shade in the crease

  • Stephanie Louise Telford says:

    I've been reaching for my MUG palette a lot! Maybe I picked up a lot of autumn shades without even realizing it!

  • Loren Cappelson says:

    this is stunning eye makeup, I am so in love with this look! Love the contrast between the warm crease and cool lid and how the two meet together perfectly, well done! I will be trying to recreate this although it might not work as well on my deep-set lids….makes me wish I had hooded eyes!!

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