One Brand Tutorial Thrive Causemetics

One Brand Tutorial Thrive Causemetics

– Hey friends, welcome back. It’s great to see you. I’m Courtney, and I’m feeling a little bit under the weather. That’s why my voice probably
sounds a little funny. I’m bringing you another
cruelty-free One Brand Tutorial. This time, the brand you guys asked for was Thrive Causemetics, and
they’re a brand that I have seen advertised everywhere lately
on Facebook, on Instagram. I feel like anywhere I look,
I’m seeing ads for this brand. And so a bunch of you asked
me to review the brand, try them out, see what
I thought about them, because some of you think that
their views might be fake. So I bought a bunch of stuff
from Thrive Causemetics to try out, including their
Overnight Sensation Mask, which I actually really
like and I have a review coming up on my blog on that mask. So anyway by the time this video’s live, that review should be live on my blog. I will put a link up here so you can go check out that review,
in case you’re curious about their Overnight Sensation Mask. Let’s go ahead and jump
into this tutorial. I’ve already primed my
eyes with eyeshadow primer and set it with setting powder. Now, I bought this eyeshadow
quad from Thrive Causemetics and it’s number two, it’s
their cool-toned quad. So, I’m going to give that a try. The colors in this quad are all named, and the top left one here is Victoria. This one is Elizabeth. This one is Diana. And this one is Kate. I’m going to start working the color Kate along my lower lid. This is an excellent cool
taupe for my fair skin. And I’m starting to build up the color at the outer corner of my eye. And I’m kind of just looking
forward into the mirror and softly shading at the
outer crease working my way in. Since I have hooded eyes,
I find if I do my makeup with my eyes open it’s often easier because that lets me see where
I need to fake my crease. And don’t worry, this is not finished yet. It’s got to be blended out,
but I’m really just trying to get the color kind of roughly in place. And then I’m going to blend it out. And I don’t really feel
like this eyeshadow formula is blending out as easy as
I would like in my crease, although it was okay along my lower lid. So I’m not sure. Not sure about that. I was using a Sigma pencil
brush for the first application, and now I’m going back with a Sigma E36, which is that great tiny brush that’s perfect for hooded eyes, for really kind of getting
into the socket of the eye. And I’m just blending this out. This is a Persona brush. I’m going to go back
with the color Victoria, which is the sort of bone
white color in the palette, in the quad, and start
blending out the edges of Kate, just so that it looks like a nice smooth transition on my eyes. I don’t want there to be any harsh lines. Now I’m going to use the color Elizabeth on the mobile lid, just to add shimmer and dimension. I love these cool tones on me. I think they’re very flattering. I am going to use the Goss 08 brush with the last color, Diana, and kind of add some definition at
the upper lash line. And I’m just going over this one more time to blend it a little more. Yeah, I’m not really happy with how that Kate color blended out. I felt like it just
didn’t quite want to blend as nicely as some of my other eyeshadows, so I cannot say that I’m impressed with the eyeshadow formula. I do really like the eyeshadow colors. I feel like the colors
work well for me, but, I mean, I would not
recommend purchasing this. But that’s just my opinion. Alright, let’s see. One of the other things I have is the Brilliant Eye Brightener, which doesn’t even look like
it’s going to show up on my skin. So let me put this on. I feel like I can barely
see anything when I use it. Maybe you can, but this is
way too subtle for my taste. Not a fan of this one either. So the next product I have to
put on from Thrive Causemetics is the Buildable Blur CC
Cream in the shade Fair, and this is for cool skin tones. Here’s what it looks like
straight out of the tube. Looks like it might be a
color that would work for me. And I guess since it’s a CC cream, I’m going to kind of
apply it with my fingers and then go back over it with a brush. ‘Cause I think it’s going
to look streaky if I don’t. I really like that this is more coverage than your usual BB cream, or CC cream. It’s a little more full
coverage than I normally wear, but the color match I think is, at least in my studio
it looks really good. So I didn’t end up buying one of the Thrive Causemetics blushes. What I’m going to use instead is
Milani’s Rosa Romantica blush, which is this blush right here. Since I’m keeping everything
so natural with this look since it’s so very minimal for me, I’m going to use Saucebox
Champagne Bomb highlighter, which I love, it’s like a great
glass skin type highlighter. Oh, I forgot. I did buy the Thrive Causemetics Instant Brow Fix, in brunette. I wanted to see how this would look. The color is called Serena. But this was like the
deepest shade they had, ’cause I wanted to see
if it would work for me. Eh, color’s okay. You know, I still prefer
cool ashy gray-black for my brows, but I don’t
mind this, it’s not terrible. Yeah, I like the brow product a lot. I would like it better if
it had a cool tone black, but this deep brown is okay for me. I think it looks okay right now. Of course my brows are very
much overdue for a dye. Alright, so since this is so neutral, I’m going to put on a bold red lip. You could use any red
lip product you want. I just happen to be using
Black Moon Cosmetics Sanguis. Yeah, I know, I know. Every time I put on red lips, people say I look like
Snow White. (laughs) I think the only thing I really have left to finish this look is
to put on a little bit of eye brightening liner
on my lower waterline. Any sort of eye brightening pencil, you can use any sort of color you want. I’m actually going to use
Marc Jacobs In the Buff, which is like a metallic beige. Alright, so that completes this tutorial. Let me zoom in on the eye so
you can check it out up close. So here’s my finished eye look. Again, please excuse the lashes. Like I said, I’m due for a fill. While I really really like
the color of these eyeshadows, I’m not particularly fond of the formula. I felt like it was difficult
to blend out the satin color, which it really shouldn’t have been. This was such a simple eye look. It should’ve been super easy. Alright, so what is my opinion
so far of Thrive Causemetics? Well, I like my Overnight Sensation Mask. I think I like the CC cream. I’m going to have to
give this a wear test. I feel like the color looks fantastic. I’m absolutely not impressed
with the eyeshadows. Would not purchase this again. I am absolutely not impressed
with this highlighter. Would not purchase, would not recommend. This thing does not really
show up on my skin tone. Brow product. Really really like this. Even the color is okay even
if it’s not my favorite. I would repurchase this
again if I needed it. So, there you have it. Those are my thoughts on the products that I bought from Thrive Causemetics. I do love the fact that
it is a cruelty-free brand that’s vegan that is
doing stuff for a cause. They donate to all of these
different women’s causes, which I think is great. But I’m not necessarily believing that all of their products are amazing. Seems like it’s hit or miss. Have you tried Thrive Causemetics? Be sure to let me know
in the comments below. Thanks so much for watching, and I’ll see you in my next video.


  • Sidra Vitale says:

    I'm very interested in the CC cream, it looked like an excellent match for you!

  • Claudia Materdomini says:

    Thanks for honest review on this brand. I've seen them all over social media too. I like brow products like the one you used. Id be interested in the CC cream but also try to move away from fuller coverage stuff

  • Emily Rachel Gilley says:

    That CC cream looks great!

  • Lola Murder says:

    I think the eyebrow product would be good on days where you're going really neutral, like this look. I wonder if the eyeshadow would have blended better without setting powder? Even though satins usually blend regardless.

  • Jen Walker says:

    Kate is a nice colour, but I think the patchiness and poor blendability would keep me away from the eyeshadow palette. The CC cream looks so good on you so I'm eager to hear your final thoughts on it after your wear test!

  • LN Box&Co says:

    This brand is so cool

  • Liz Torres says:

    Everything looked meh from thrive. Not for me.

  • IAB 2014 says:

    I really love their bronzer and blush…but the mascara is my absolute favorite! I have not had issues with the shadows, they have worked well for me but for a more natural look the shimmer can be a bit much but otherwise I have had goo luck with them. I have tried the lipsticks…they are fine but not my favorites…but I use brands that are not completely cruelty free and I love their formulas.

  • jo_ v80 says:

    I so want to dive into Thrive Causemetics!

  • Judi FM says:

    I thought the CC cream was a good shade match too!! I agree the eyeshadows were patchy and didn’t blend well. & It’s a shame it’s so expensive!

  • Marcia Friedman says:

    They are doing a lot of FB advertising. I only have 3 products and the two pencils I have are winners – the lip liner is very creamy and feels good on and the eyebrow pencil is soft and applies well without dragging.

  • JackOllie4 says:

    Great CC cream match!! Surprised me how good it matches your skin tone!

  • Slashed Beauty says:

    I've really wanted to try this brand after seeing so many positive reviews.

  • PolishGalore says:

    Phew it's pricey for sure! I have to go check out that mask because I'm all about that. I really like these series of videos too! I used to be all about the "one brand" lifestyle.

  • Model City Polish says:

    I love the eye look you created! I work in a hospital so I have to go with more toned down looks but this would be a fun and easy to get away with!

  • 25 Sweetpeas says:

    I've not heard of this brand, always neat seeing one brand videos!

  • M K says:

    This is a new brand to me. I hadn’t heard of them before your video!

  • Cosmetopia Digest says:

    Your skin looks great! I really like the cool soft-neutral eye look you did, but my favourite product has to be the Instant Brow Fix.

  • Katie Marie says:

    I just tried their eyebrow gel and really enjoyed it!

  • Southeast by Midwest says:

    The CC cream looked like it worked out really well! I'd totally purchase that to try.

  • Dana Rodriguez says:

    I want to try the CC cream too!

  • 1AlwaysNYC 1 says:

    I think the first time I heard of this brand was from you. I'd be interested in the overnight mask.

  • Illy Junus says:

    Thank you, I am interested for the mascara

  • Jenn Warschauer says:

    I have been wanting to try this brand because I keep seeing ads for them. What are your thoughts on the CC cream after using a few times? It looked great on you, but wondering if it is worth it.

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