Ozologica Line of Cosmetics

Ozologica Line of Cosmetics

It is my pleasure to announce the distribution in your country and all of the African area for some natural cosmetics produced in italy and based on vegetable oils enriched with Ozone The Ozologica Line Briefly I want to explain, how it was possible to make stable, a gas like Ozone and trapping it’s molecules into vegetable oils Indeed, with a newly innovative protocol we have been able to make stable entirely, it’s active ingredient maintaining a pleasant aroma all through the powerful effect of it’s high level of peroxide As you know, most of the ozonated oils are characterized by a very strong and unpleasant smell that lasts for hours after its application on the skin Our methods allows the production of creams and oils with excellent organoleptic properties making it possible to have domestic uses in the aim to take advantage of their fantastic effects for the health and the beauty of the body using them every day and every night Why it is so exciting, the introduction of these cosmetics? One of the most important reasons is that for the first time we were able to maintain the peculiar characteristics of the ozonated oils, reducing in the same time the bad smell usually derived from these products. This was possible thanks to our clinical observations into our deep studies for more than 25 years and after decades of research. Thanks to this, you will now be able to use the Ozologica cosmetics in your house or elsewhere. Indeed, organic associations with some vegetable components, completely green, like menthe pipereta herb oil, limonene, linalool, pinus sylvestris twig leaf oil, vitis vinifera leaf extract and many others. makes you to appreciate the delicate smell without losing the strong efficacy of the main ingredient, that is OzonVital. The peculiar method of ozonization, protected by us allows the complete saturation of the double bound of one of the best vegetable oils like sunflower oil Very rich in poly and saturated fatty acids where it is possible to obtain an active ingredient, OzonVital with a peroxide index of more than 1200. Thanks to this new technology we were able to produce these stunning products that are now distributed in many countries Including United States, Asia, Latin America, Europe and now… Africa. The Ozologica products contains the same active ingredient developed by our group and initiated with different levels of peroxides From the higher OleoSan, to the lower OzonAge in the hype to warrant the fantastic effect in our body and our skin. Be fast and use them, be regular with your applications. You will see then how great it will be, your results in terms of efficacy and the maintaining of bright and shiny new skin. As you know, the main activity of ozone is reducing the damage of ageing. So the Ozologica cosmetics will maintain our body in health, and beauty. What else more? Like I said before, the Ozologica line is composed by 4 formulations containing different amounts of the active ingredient and peroxides. Warranting all the powerful effects of ozone, either as purifying or as a strong hygienyzer. Let me now show all the products of the Ozologica line and describe their characteristics and their composition The first product of this line, is OzonAge. This awesome and extraordinary cream contains the lower amount of the active ingredient, about 200 milliequivalent It is a form of cream and it is used to maintain live and brilliant skin on your face and neck with fantastic results The subject mixtures with tocopherol, vitis vinifera, linalool and limonene confers to this product the best results when applied every day constantly. Years of experience and clinical observations demonstrated the safe use of the products and the appreciation from all those who tried it since now. Don’t forget, OzonAge must be the best help in maintaining your skin health and cleaning, reducing the damage of age. This fantastic product is unique in protecting the skin of your face and neck. Use it every day, both men and women. The second product of the Ozologica line is OleoRevive. OleoRevive contains a medium-low amount of active ingredient, about 400 milliequivalents It is a form of cream and it is used with wonderful results for all of the body It is amazing in reducing the localized fat, in lessening the glute and belly. Indeed, ozone reacts with fatty acids and thus causing their eliminations The presence in its composition of mentha pepperita, cinamal, eugenol, limonene, linalool with a perfect combination and concentration confers to this product a fabulous effect that maintains your body, safe and protected by the pollution when applied constantly every day. OleoRevive is a total body cream that when used every day, can also help in reducing the fat in the part of the body where it is more concentrated The presence of some anti-oxidants like herb oil and others confers to OleoRevive A unique characteristic for the well-being and the protection of the skin of the whole body Another very interesting product of the Ozologica line, is Oleosport. It contains a medium-high level of peroxide, about 600 milliequivalents. It is in the form of a cream and is used mainly for all the body where the muscle activity could create some distress It is a powerful modulator of lactic acid production, helping the restoring of muscle after intense or moderate activity. The active ingredient is combined with tocopheryl, mentha pipereta, zeylancium leaf oil and other natural components which produces the best results when applied constantly before and after any activity requiring energetic work or simply during your house activity. Oleosport is excellent in reducing the muscle weakness following any activity requiring energy or any aerobic excersize. For young and old, for men and women it works better, and recovers easily, protecting your muscle with Oleosport Last, but not least, is Oleosan. Oleosan represents perhaps now the best and powerful hygienizing and sanitizing product of this line with excellent results since from the first application Oleosan contains the higher amount of active ingredient, about 800 milliequivalent. It is a form of Oil and it produces striking effects against virus and fungi. The presence of tocopheryl, caprylic and citric acid makes this product a potent agent to protect your skin from the infections of viruses and parasites. You can use Oleosan for any other kind of dermatological issue or articular pain sometimes. and to maintain clean and safe skin. It promotes a strong hygienizing action and it is really a miracle against fungi, herpes lesions or other lesions. Just apply one or two drops around the area. You can use safely also on your pets or other domestic animals. Being one of the most safe and effective treatments, absolutely with no side effects Finally, I want to remind you of the large uses of ozonized vegetable oils that are applied with satisfactory and advanced results for the treatment of diseases in several medical specialties such as Opthelmology, dentistry, dermatology gastroenterology, gynecology, parasitology and others. Likewise, the cosmetic application will be a very important use, considering the oxygenating and revitalizing properties of the ozone on the skin. The results of the toxicological studies previously performed, show that the products obtained according to this process do not induce any gross or adverse reactions. The ozonated vegetable oils have been used in the treatment of microbial infections of the skin. Infected wounds, (unknown), acne, infected pores and ulcers In the treatment of nasal, ear and vaginal infections and in post-operatory disorders. The properties for stimulating the tissue generation, the oxygenation of cells and tissues and the moderate widely properties, are added to the acknowledged activities of the products derived from the ozonization of unsaturated compounds and vegetable oils in a cosmetic application. And now, also in the Ozologica line. The highly oxygenated components such as the ozonated vegetable oils favours the flexibility and softening of the skin and are used also to prepare creams for repairing damaged tissues Finally, what can I say more? In my opinion, Ozone is really a miracle for the body, and for our age I am sure that it would be one of the best results of the future in maintaining our body health and beauty Albeit in the healing processes. That is important – This and much more from the Ozologica ozonated products now available So be free to contact us for any further query regarding the wonderful action of ozone and these derivatives and on all the line of Ozologica now available in your country. Thank you very much!

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