Part 1: A Lush Life, We Believe – Lush Cosmetics

Part 1: A Lush Life, We Believe – Lush Cosmetics

We believe in making effective products from fresh organic fruits and vegetables, the finest essential oils and safe synthetics. I think really its about making the freshest product possible because these materials are really lovely materials and to use them fresh is the only way to do them justice I think. So for the customer, they are getting a fresh handmade product that isn’t full of preservatives and processed within an inch of its life. It is natural produce and I think it is just a real nice thing to handle and a nice thing to use. It feels good, if you put that on your skin, and you put that on your hair, it really does feel good. So here we are at the fresh fruit fridge, this is our walk in fridge we use in the factory. All the fruit that we have in here gets delivered every single day depending on what products we are making. So we’ve got things in here like blueberries… kiwis… giant asparagus… pineapples here, maybe we’ve got an I Love Juicy going on today fennels, apples, probably form an orchard near you, it’s just a massive bag of yoghurt! When the fruit comes in ever day, we also have some one that that looks at the quality of the fruit and makes sure it is as fresh fresh as it should be and to make sure it’s the right quality to put in our products. We want to use a lot of essential oils; we want to be in control of that We want to make sure that we are using good quality ingredients. We also like to make sure that we can actually visit were the materials come from. Make sure that the environmental impact, and also what are the conditions of the people collecting the material you know, earning their living by doing that. We are genuinely interested in what we are buying. We are genuinely interested in using really good quality materials, which are produced in a good way. Ethically sourcing an ingredient is quite a varied; it has a varied spectrum really because each ingredient you buy has something- some impact on the environment, some impact on people. We do want to make fun, beautiful products, but we also want to make sure that in doing that we are not having a negative impact on anybody out there, and that’s what we put our efforts into It’s not an easy task, it’s not always easy to be as ethical as you can be, but we certainly believe that it is well worth the effort. Its just passion for the materials and passing that passion on as much as possible, I think. Yeah. We believe in only buying ingredients only from companies that do not commission or conduct tests on animals and testing our products on humans! Here at Lush we have a very strict policy against animal testing and it is something that is at the core of the business We will not buy any ingredient from any supplies that test anything they product on any animals for any reason No one else has such a strict policy against animal testing We don’t want to put any of our money, or any of our customers money into a company that has anything to do with animal testing what so ever. We also look at this on a bigger scale We also look at this in terms of legislation, for example, we’ve actively campaigned against animal experimentation. Things like dump a load of manure outside the European parliament, so we are actually a campaigning company, we take direct action. So the key thing with Lush, and the ethics at Lush is they go way beyond marketing. You’ve got eight days with these people, use them! They want to work! That’s why they are here. There are a lot of issues that one the surface don’t seem to have a great deal to do with selling cosmetics but they are still issues that we as individuals are passionate about. So we’ve campaigned, for example, against detention without trial, and against torture Our widely successful naked campaign. To eliminate unnecessary packaging. We’re naked because we want every one to know about Lush’s naked products because they’re really good for the environment and no packaging can’t get any better then that! I don’t think there are any other companies out there that are taking that kind of action that are working both on their own internal policies with their suppliers, working with legislators, engaging with the public through in store campaigns, these are ethics at work, not just paying lip service, this is getting our hands dirty, getting stuck in there and actually making a real positive lasting difference. We invent our own products and fragrances we make them fresh by hand using little or no preservatives or packaging using only vegetarian ingredients and tell you when they were made. NO UNNECESSARY PACKAGING At Lush we invent all our own products and all our own fragrances, and I think we are more or less unique in the fact that the founders of the company still do this. We definitely have a list that is always going of making liquids into solids, and therefore reducing packaging. We don’t use excessive packaging when we are sending these cleansers out to the shops. They are literally rolled up as they are now, and they we will make sure that they are completely contained in boxes and then they are sent to the shops. They are displayed naked as they are and it is only when the customer buys the product that we then package them up for the customer to take home So if we can make fresh products, if we can make shampoo massage oils into bars, then it’s great because it means we are not filling up landfills with unnecessary packaging. Part of the unique thing about the Lush product is the Lush Manufacturing process. It still is like kitchen even at this size, you know we do have vessels, but they are not so big that you would think someone couldn’t actually handle that, they are not automated. If you were to say to anybody, “We make an excess of ten million ballistics around the world, and we have a variety of employees, just you know…doing this…. all day” they’d think “Oh yeah” but that is the truth of it and it is a hard act to follow. We actually look at the product right at the start to the finish and every aspect of it is taken into consideration. There is nothing in there that would ever take us by surprise, that we wouldn’t know about. So we can monitor everything that the product is going to do for you. We believe in happy people making happy soap,
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in putting our faces on our products and making our moms proud. So, one of the other things we do that is unique to Lush is we have batch code stickers made of each of the compounders that go on the products So this is Monica, , and her batch code sticker so when you get these Lush products these really are made by the people you see on the labels each batch is made by the person it says, and these are real people, as you can see here.


  • Lushinfected says:

    Great Video 🙂
    I love your Products 🙂 *thumb up!*

  • Royse B says:

    lush poses as a close to home store. they instead target small home based stores such as candles by victoria and threaten to sue them for using names slightly similar to their names. victoria brought lush business but lush didnt want to share the "fame" so they threaten to sue a small company they knew didnt have enough money to face a large lawsuit. lush itself uses tons of names that are unorignal, hence strawberry feels forever, something wicked this way comes, etc. its way tooo expensive

  • Dorothy124 says:

    is that croatian lush at 5:30? *love*

  • o3MTA3o says:

    @yuliya304 i don't think they're too expensive. u get what u pay for. u can buy shampoo at the dollar store or you can go to a department store and buy brand name shampoos for 30 dollars a bottle. i think the bang for the buck is good at lush. i never feel ripped off.

  • fremdekatze says:


  • littleShadowwood says:

    I love lush, can't be without their products. I am so glad that we have lush here in germany.

  • Rain Hearts says:


  • Rain Hearts says:

    @yuliya304 Then you should have said… Lush is too expensive for "me"

  • LovelyMorwen says:

    in Concepción, Chile, Lush closed on July 1st… 🙁

  • Kawaisou says:

    @jessicatan11 burts bees is ok but its not vegan because of the beeswax and honey lush try and use as little of this as possible so as many products as possible are vegan friendly yay =]

  • 88lafe says:

    they sell a soap for 6euros and produce it für less than 50cent… good job. And the poor african people can work till they can buy their own lush soap. stop this exploitation.

  • sabadee4 says:


  • Johanne Gagnon says:

    i love lush

  • Johanna Fai says:

    Doesnt seem like alot of people are going inside! If I were there I would buy a crap ton of stuff! UK prices are so much cheaper!

  • Sabine D says:

    Thank you Lush! for getting me though my exams. Literally in the case of my business studies exam. 40 mark question on Corporate Social Responibility. I think the markers are going to know the whole LUSH history after reading that. x

  • MrAlexSeymour says:

    Lush is the greatest; the people are great, the products are great and their corporate ethos and political worldview are impeccable. Super documentary as well.

  • Jess A says:

    i also agree that i don't think it's overpriced. lush is HANDMADE fresh organic products! that actually work! i love lush and i can't express it enough 🙂 basically i want to go there everyday hahaha LUSH IS AMAZING THANK YOU SO MUCH LUSH 🙂

  • Emma H says:

    Lush is amazing. -3 People think I'm crazy for obsessing over a body care company, but the products are amazing, and same with the people behind it! -3 -3

  • beckchasewolfe says:

    I want to work for LUSH

  • o3MTA3o says:

    @neecee401100 they also sell 20 dollar moisturiser. you don't have to buy the 90 dollar bottle. unless you're a little further on in years and want something super powerful, and in that case, many companies sell powerhouse face creams for 90+. my point is, for the price you pay, you always get something worthwhile.

  • Bernice Zuñiga says:

    what a waste of bath bombs i could have had one of those because ive never had anything from lush before <:o

  • HeyGuysItsMikee says:

    that is a completely false statement. there is nothing else really to say. you do not know the cost of goods and it sure as hell is not that much of a mark up.

  • Chloe xx says:

    omg please send me some free stuff

  • John Mitchell & Sofie Jonsson says:

    Love Lush!!

  • Ian Coates says:

    i think Lush is the punk rock of bathing and body care, because it's about being fresh, not chemical. it's about smelling good and feeling good, not musky alcohol based scents, it's about having a hands on approach to what you're buying.

  • sharon jones says:

    i love that you are so against animal testing, we need more companies like lush to take a stand against animal testing to help those poor animals who suffer from that testing. <3

  • Emma says:

    You are so right, I hate animal testing. It has to stop

  • purple peace says:

    I wish they would bring a spa to the USA

  • Emily Case says:

    I'm so thankfull I just found lush in my local mall the other day. I love how they use orangish and no animal testing plus the stuff really works!

  • VerticallyUp says:

    I've just started using lush. They are expensive, but once you use them, you'll never go back.

  • Create says:

    thumbs up if you HATE ANIMAL TESTING!

  • 228 1337 says:

    sosite hui uebki

  • theabbynica says:

    hope you used all those bath bombs after this xD

  • Ashley Pitre says:

    I just applied for LUSH after learning about them and I think what they're doing is amazing! I'm all about ethical treatment for animals and I'm sooooo against animal testing! I recently became vegetarian and I'm trying to make the switch to vegan! My children are trying to get involved and make a difference as well! I really hope I get to work with this company and use the skills that I have to promote their products and inform customers about all the great things LUSH is doing!

  • 2510aggie says:

    Somebody made a comment the other day that LUSH is anti-isreal,I need to know if this is true!

  • Barbara Roth says:

    Yummy products. Can't wait to try this!

  • Kristie Barker says:

    What I don't believe is wasting so much healthy food when so many people are starving. It is proven the nourishment comes from within.

  • EricaYE6 says:

    You test your products on humans, not animals? What the… lol

  • lambchopxoxo says:

    Does anyone ever go in the fruit room and grab an apple?

  • Craphat 1 says:

    Lush stinks. Keep your views as a company about the police to yourself. Wait until you suffer from druggies or criminals before you spout your vile shit. Disgusted with the company. Do not shop here.

  • Amanda Little says:

    The way you guys do your products and handle every aspect of your company really gets me emotional and passionate about it all. I am so sorry LUSH ended activities here in Brazil, I do understand it, is a very tough market.

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