Plastic Surgeon Dr. Boutte DANCES In The OPERATING ROOM?! | What’s Trending Now!

Plastic Surgeon Dr. Boutte DANCES In The OPERATING ROOM?! | What’s Trending Now!

You want a doctor with some personality,
but not this much personality. Hey, you’re watching Anna Lore, I’m What’s Trending.
Make sure to subscribe for more trending and social media news daily. Dr. Windell
Boutte claims to be the number one female cosmetic surgeon in the southeast.
But a new investigative report between the Atlanta Journal Constitution and WSB-TV exposes a series of malpractice lawsuits and unorthodox behaviors. This
includes recording music and dance videos in the middle of surgery. Don’t surgeons like have to like not drink
coffee and stuff so their hands don’t shake like isn’t that how can you dance
while you’re doing it? I guess she’s just that good. Some are saying that Dr. Miami
of WEtv does the same thing in his Snapchat stories, but others are jumping
in to point out that he obtains consent forms beforehand. Desus and Mero made the
Dr. Miami connection as well. As Dr. Windell Boutte performs singing surgery
in one of her marketing videos. Windell Boutte? This story’s about to get pretty dark so
let’s go ahead and get this Dr. Booty joke out of our systems. Dr. Butte more
like Dr. Booty shaking while she irreparably damages the lives of her patients who
trusted her to keep them safe. Boutte has also faced a series of
malpractice lawsuits, including one where a patient’s heart stopped beating in the
operating room and her staff was forced to call 911. This was all during a surgery that Boutte’s office
convinced Icilma Cornelius to have in addition to Botox and another anti-wrinkle treatment. As a result of the botched surgery, Cornelius was left with
disabilities and permanent brain damage. Another patient, Mitzi McFarland, went to
Dr. Boutte expecting a procedure called SmartLipo, which uses a laser to remove
fat. What she ended up with she says is an abdomen that looks like something out
of a horror movie. She also woke up from surgery in a hotel
room she didn’t recognize holding a McDonald sandwich with a bite taken out
of it. She didn’t know how she got there and she believes that Dr. Boutte or her
staff forged her signature since she apparently misspelled her own name when
she checked in. But counterpoint, if you were super high anesthesia, they let you
leave the doctor’s office, you cruise over to McDonald’s and then decide I
gotta go to get some sleep and you go to hotel room you could misspell your own
name. Attorney Susan Witt says: “Dr. Boutte and
her staff are more concerned about increasing profits versus a focus on
patient safety, which should be a foremost concern.” The reporter for WSB
who investigated this, Jim Strickland, is an absolute hound dog when it comes to
trying to get Dr. Boutte on camera to hold her accountable. Jim Strickland, consumer
investigator from channel 2 WSB… She had declined to sit down interview.
So I’m coming here to ask you if you have anything to say about the lawsuits
against you or the YouTube videos posted online. Dr. Boutte? Why is Miss Cornelius
suffering brain damage, ma’am? What’s Trending has taken a deep dive into this
story and the takeaway is a little creepy. It turns out that Georgia has had
a physician shortage since as early as 2014. It’s possible that this is to blame
for some of the questionable decisions made by the Georgia composite Medical
Board. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reported in 2014 on the board’s
practices. “The AJC examined more than 500 licensing and disciplinary decisions
involving Georgia physicians. On nearly two dozen occasions, the newspaper found,
the board allowed physicians cited for criminal offences or other types of
improper behavior to practice in Georgia when boards in other states, reviewing
the same matters, told them no.” They gave licenses to all kinds of people,
including a man from Texas who had his license taken away when he ordered a hit
on a disgruntled patient. Like a murder hit. To hit someone with death.
I think Dr. Lee Anderson said it best when he declared that the
murder-for-hire plot “just smacked of somebody you wouldn’t want to be your
doctor.” So this might be why the medical board allowed Dr. Boutte to keep
operating even though she is not a licensed surgeon and they’ve known about
these issues for over two-and-a-half years. And if it takes some videos of her
dancing and singing while a person’s stomach is open to finally stop this bad
behavior, well that will be very 2018. Let’s take a look at some comments. Can’t
wait. TomahawkTony: “I work in the OR, this is normal”.
Gonna find out where he works and never go there. SuperDarthKelly: “Where can i
buy her album?” What do you guys think? Is dancing in the operating room super
outrageous? Let us know in the comments below, and for more stories like this
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  • first class no says:

    If you think she "got this far" because she is black, you may want to consider this sobering story. I'm sure you've heard of Dr. Michael Swango? Warning: if you read the Wikipedia article, you may wish you could "unread" it.

  • Esther says:

    I’d be pissed af if I were her patient

  • Edith Kaminski says:

    Why would anyone let her touch them if she is not a licensed surgeon? Duh

  • Kimberly Monique says:

    It was all in fun, relax people, I did not see her touch her face, she came pretty close, the nurses did touch their persons, but that probably changed gloves.

  • Fuhq Boi says:

    She should be shot in the head

  • W R says:

    This generation is fucked up! Who the hell is going to this nutty moron to do surgery?

  • Gaius Marius says:

    The patient she danced over ended up brain dead. She killed her patient. Over 90% of female black applicants get accepted to medical school, regardless of their GPA, SAT scores, or any other statistic. Look it up, I'm not kidding.
    Black females are virtually guaranteed a position in the medical field if they desire to go that route. This is why many people choose not to accept black doctors, they very literally do not have to work to get a job. Competence in the medical field is not a considered factor.

  • Harlan Thompson says:

    Truly this is multicultural enrichment achievable only through affirmative action! Thank you Emanuel Celler, thank you Stan Levinson!

  • Brain Games says:

    What's trending channel you just jealous that she have a better career you white stupid youtuber

  • YourTypicalWolf says:

    at least she did not fortnite dance

  • YourTypicalWolf says:

    at least she did not fortnite dance

  • __ says:


  • kitbot bot says:

    So disgusting. Georgia has a shortage of doctors so thats a license to hire Frankfurter fake doctors?

  • Byron Burkhammer says:

    A huge fan for a long time now ! Number one surgeon of the southeast. Some real talent ! She’s got a great deep bass to her voice.

  • Michel Risasi says:

    Doctor DRE must have been jealous!!!

  • Ernest says:


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