Plastic Surgery in Korea

Plastic Surgery in Korea

A million people from every TL;DR ask: Can you tell us about plastic surgery in Korea? It’s very difficult to talk about because there are So many fastens to it that In one video we couldn’t possibly talk about everything there is to say about plastic surgery Definitely not But first thing first, to confirm everything you’ve read online. Yes Plastic surgery is Very common in Korea Especially in the Apgujeong-Gangnam area. They have over 500 clinics, right? You can see them Everywhere You get off the subway and you go up and you see plastic surgery advertisements everywhere Now when it comes tot he most common types of surgery in Korea We were actually quite surprised when we saw what was on the top of the list. Because whenever we think about plastic surgery You’re supposed to get boob jobs or nose jobs. We think about that when we think of North America. But in Korea it’s not like that. The first thing on the list is mole removal And skin care. And mole removal we actually had ourselves And it was actually very cheap I think it was $10-20 per mole And the moles that we had removed were moved because they were getting raised And we were worried that they would get cancerous It wasn’t for cosmetic reasons, it was for concern for health reasons Yet at the clinic they’d be like Ok, you want to get those two done, but if you get a third one off your back then we’ll lower the price. Buy two, get one 60% off Why don’t you remove one from your arm while you’re at it? What’s wrong with my arm mole? I like it. second most common thing is double eyelid surgery Which is when you have a mono lid Which I didn’t even know what that was when I came to Korea It was new to us when we came here. Apparently if you’re Asian, you have a single lid rather than the crease That’s here… There’s no crease like what we have. *shrug* I don’t know if it’s just an Asian thing or what. But I’ve Literally never noticed it on any race of human in my entire life Until it was pointed out to me So people have surgery to have that crease put in There’s also eye widening In which they slit here to make your eyelid bigger So that your eyes actually pop out like this more like a doll. That really makes me uncomfortable. Yep. 3rd most common is nose heightening, not necessarily a full nose job. Making the bridge of your nose higher They also have facial contouring. In which they pretty much shave your jawbone in order to give you the chin shape that you like. And supposedly the least popular one is boob jobs. But here is what we find really interesting about plastic surgery In Korea it’s not called “plastic surgery”, it’s called “reforming surgery” The Korean phrase for it is Seonghyeong Which doesn’t translate to “plastic” It just means to “reform something” and I think that this has really important implications Because in English if you say “Plastic Surgery”… Plastic has a very negative connotation That means “fake” or “Knock-off” or “cheap” or “unauthentic” while here that mentality doesn’t exist with the phrase It sound like it’s more like “I’m a butterfly and I’m going to transform into a cocoon” and come out to be beautiful It has a lot more positive connotations to it. So it doesn’t have that kind of stigma that we have in Western culture when it comes to Plastic Surgery Isn’t that super nerdy of us to point out the importance of words in society? Because the language that you use forms your thoughts for you before you even actually say it out loud. Which is really true. Because no one in North America would think plastic surgery is a positive word I’m just saying, it sounds negative to begin with. I know. [M]It’s lie me calling you fart sucker McGee While in Korea they say…. Essence releaser I have no… Did you know? And the other thing is when I think about people approaching people on plastic surgery It seems like a very negative thing. Ok, this happened to me in Bucheon I walking out of a coffee shop. So this guy comes up to me With this big stack of business cards and fliers And he hands me a card and goes “You should fix your nose” And I’m like “You should go fuck yourself” Seriously… [S]Something might have been lost in translation [M]No! Who walks up to somebody and says “Oh, your nose needs to be fixed”?! Well I think that’s just it… the stigma doesn’t exist here as it does for us You were offended while in Korea it’s not really that offensive? Not As offensive [M]I was offended because my nose is adorable! And there is Nothing wrong with my nose! You have a really sweet, cute nose. It’s just a totally normal medium nose… I really like honking your nose. Don’t honk it. You know it’s sensitive to environment! Now you’re going to get all sneezy. Why would you do… Simon has unleashed the sneeze beast. Look at the lights. No, don’t look at the lights. What do you do? What do you do when you have to sneeze? What are you supposed to do when you’re about to sneeze? You look at the lights or not look at the lights? I have noticed that our attitude on plastic surgery has changed a lot since we’ve been living in Korea In North America you are raised to believe that everyone is a special snowflake That everyone’s beautiful in their own way If you’re overweight it’s ok, you’re curvy. Or if you’re underweight, that’s ok. There are all different types of people and shapes and forms, and they’re all beautiful in their own way. However, we all kind of know that if you are good looking in North America You will probably get more perks. You get more advantages if you are more objectively, universally understood as good looking. Now it may not be fair, I totally agree with it. It is not fair that someone would get a raise over you or get a day off. Or would be able to flirt with somebody and get something they want It’s totally not fair. That totally freakin sucks. BUT this is, unfortunately, the way of the world. In Korea, however They’ve acknowledged how unfair it is And so they’re trying to level the playing field by plastic surgery. For example when you apply for a job in Korea Whether you’re a foreigner or not, you have to attach your picture to the resume Legitimately, you put your picture on your resume when you hand that in. Why would you ever need to see someone’s picture? What would you need to see that would cause the resume to change? I can’t imagine any reason besides the way that you look. A little bit of a side story here. When we applied for teaching in Korea I was supposed to teach in Martina’s school But when they saw my picture, they were like “He is too handsome. He can not teach in an all girls school” “Because he would drive all the girls wild” Ok, they didn’t say “Drive all the girls wild” Uuuugh, you like that, don’t ye girl? They said you were too handsome to work at an all-girls high school. Heeeelz yeah~ And then I got the awesome stick, because that school was awesome. Bucheon Yeogo 1, [S]And the school that I got set to…. It’s ok, ducky. Your good looking charms did not work on that school. Today for class: oppaaaas~ I did not teach that way. Or did he? Nah, I didn’t. Or did I? No, you probably didn’t. Definitely not. So the point is: people will try really hard to be good looking So that when they attach their picture to a resume. They can get the job over somebody else. Whether that be with plastic surgery or SooZee was telling us before, that people would get their photos done at the glamor studios And they’ll be like “I don’t like the way this picture looks” And they’ll go to 3 or 4 different studios until they get the perfect photo to attach to the resume. So whenever you think about resume building, You think of volunteer work or relevant work experience Having a really good picture is part of your resume building here. Yep. Now because plastic surgery is so common here in Korea There is a bit of a negative side effect That’s emerging. I find that a little bit interesting and almost ironic in a way. So me Korean guys are noticing this emerging trend of a lot of girls Having the same kind of plastic surgery And they don’t really like it. So there is a phrase for it now, called Seongweah Which is a short from of Plastic surgery monster Gwaemul means monster. Gwaemul~ Gwaemul. [M]I’m a Gwaemul Ang~ [M]I’m going to cut you Oppa, buy me ice cream. Are you trying to say that Aegiozilla is a Gwaemul? Yes. Now the weird part of it is that you think that since every person looks different Their plastic surgery would result in a different look for every face. Kind of an enhancement of your features rather than a conformity of features That emerges as a result. What’s happening is as if almost that they are looking for this particular Look to have The same look. I have noticed that a lot of people have similar face structu… You can’t explain it. I don’t want this to sound racist by saying that all people look the same Because they don’t That’s the thing: originally they all look different but the surgery Is making them all have the same kind of face shape and structures. That’s freaky. It’s almost like there is a form, a free form where they make me look like this doll… And then everyone just gets it done to look that way. Here is my concern: if you have a whole bunch of guys and a whole bunch of girls both getting plastic surgery… What happens if a super hot Korean guy and a super hot Korean girl get together and make a love baby and the baby ends up being a swamp donkey? What’s a swamp donkey? When they grow up they are going to have plastic surgery… Here you go… And then just continue this awful life cycle. There’s a lot more we want to talk about including high school students getting plastic surgery And what you should know as a tourist when you come to Korea for plastic surgery But we can’t talk about it in this video, so make sure you click on the link here to check out our blogpost. Where you can read more about it. I have a question for you: I remember when we met, you said that you were really upset about your nose for a long time. Simon has a pretty big nose. How do you feel about it now? You love it, so… I don’t give a shit anymore! I like big noses~ You like my big nose, so I’m like… I don’t care if anybody else doesn’t like it… Because the only person that matters just… likes it. I love your nose. Thanks, ducky~ Can I kiss your nose? [S]Of course you can. It’s hard not to, because it’s so huge. Simon can stick his entire thumb up his nostril. That’s impressive. Really. So that’s it for this week’s TL;DR if you have a question for next week’s TL;DR leave your question in the comment section below Or check out the questions already asked And you can thumb them up to bring them to our attention And don’t forget to subscribe for more TL;DRs Where I stick more things up my nose.


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  • sanlovesclassic says:

    I am sorry but plastic surgery is PLASTIC. The only plastic surgery I would support is reformation surgery. I have insecurities but instead of going for plastic surgery which is not at all me I would rather live with them or find other alternatives which can ENHANCE my features. And I disagree with the word "enhance" used in plastic surgery cause you literally change your BONE STRUCTURE and also live with side effects. Although I would like to applaud Korea for the work they do as it may literally change lives of some people who had accidents or are acid victims.

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    PS =/= someone addicted to surgery
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    Though I suppose people could have the connotation that you mentioned because the same word is more commonly used for the material (which, in turn, is called that way because it can easily be formed into different shapes).

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    I want go to Korea only to do plastic surgery; touring too but mostly plastic surgery. I hate my double chin and probably also get lighter skin and a minor nose job. I would even bring my photo with my favorite snapchat filter and simply say, "fix my face, please!" Lol

  • Heather Strickland says:

    I do have an understanding that there are tourists that come there just to have surgery done, do you know any formats, blogs, or better yet a medical site that show me which ones might be the best and convenient for someone who is a foreigner, because I've looked everywhere in America and they don't produced any similar results and I guess I've always inspired the idea of Asian culture more so for its art and I know that seems very extreme because with plastic or reformed surgery, because they say you shouldn't change for anyone but yourself but you still be labeled as very vain and that's the nice version of it but as they say you'll be damned if you do, be damned if you don't, meaning people will mock and or criticize you for your choices or you'll be forever miserable. so any suggestions and to be specific I'm looking for one that specializes in foreigners that have a lot of tourists coming to their particular Clinic?

  • Dios del Tamal says:

    This is interesting, here in Mexico you have to attach your picture to the resume in many jobs.

  • Linda The Necromancer of Light says:

    If you never had plastic surgery… wouldn't you stick out like a sore thumb in Gangnam Korea? I would feel so insecure but I'm also curious how true the media portrays it.

  • Bad Juju says:

    I honestly think that there's nothing wrong with plastic surgery. It's their body, they should be allowed to do what they want with it.
    Also if plastic surgery gives them an esteem boost I'm glad for them. Getting confidence is important

  • nabila shukri says:

    only east asian have monolids..south east asian mostly have double eyelids..

  • Miles Cumminski says:

    Plastic does have fake like implications so that is why these types of surgery are now called cosmetic surgery here in the States.

  • lhejein says:

    Now I know why almost every female in korea looks the same. They have a certain beauty standard.

  • Straw Hat says:

    Don't get yourself a Korean girl/boy because you don't know what they looked like before you met them.

  • leon jo says:

    I did not know what a double eye lid until recently. ….. I personally find monolids beautiful, like why do you need a double eye lid anyway? AND YES MARTINA YOUR NOSE IS CUTE AND LET THOSE FREAKS FUCK OFF SAME GOES TO ANYONE WHO ENCOURAGES PEOPLE TO LOOK IN ACCORDANCE TO THEIR OWN TASTES

  • Mister 010 says:

    I think plastic surgery is popular in korea and not taken negatively, mainly because everyone is doing it. If it was only few, then others might criticize them or etcs, but due to many types of insecurities and many types of plastic surgeries, koreans are accepting them like they accept cough medicines or etcs. With majority of people taking it as a good thing, the few minority that don't like plastic surgery will be suppressed.
    In a way, it is like language, different countries have different languages, and as such, different cultures and etcs.
    I personally am neutral regarding this. Those who feel like they need to adopt plastic surgery can do it but I would recommend for them to not take it beyond the limit and damage themselves.

  • Jane Tan says:

    damn it couples goals im jealous :')

  • LumpySpacePen says:

    Actually Asian eyelids can be monolid or double eyelid. Majority of Asians with double eyelids didn't have surgery. Also, Koreans do generally ask to have "a nose like that celebrity" etc so that's why they end up looking so similar.

  • Straw Hat says:

    Don't get yourself a Korean to marry because you don't know what they looked like before you met them.

  • Sanika Torres says:

    "Plastic" in plastic surgery actually comes from a Greek word that means "to reshape" or "to form/sculpt." It has nothing to do with plastic as in fake

  • Xie Lin Yong says:

    "Simon can stick his entire tumb up his nose, its pretty impressive"


  • Lauren Klinger says:

    When I was 5 I busted my bottom lip really bad. Went to the hospital to get stitches and had to wait for a plastic surgeon to repair my lip. For the longest time I really thought I had plastic in my lip and that's how the doctor repair it! Oh the mind of a child.

  • gangmei dainylung says:

    Why they want to have western face,Korean celebrities should promote Korean feature not the fake plastic surgery face

  • Haley * says:

    Omg I love big nosed men too!

  • Tala Sรคga says:

    You guys are funny and upbeat, thank you for your input

  • Alex BG1 says:

    So you pretty much hook up with some random chick but your child has absolutely no resemblance to her mother. So nobody knows if she really is the mother.
    But seriously how shallow are these girls?? Someone has the latest phone, I need to have it too! Someone got the latest surgery, I need to have it too! They're fuckin robots.

  • The Penguin Diary says:

    In Italy too you have to put your picture on the resume, plus on certain jobs the literally request that you have to be " di bella presenza" = good looking to apply to the job..that's crazy I know ๐Ÿ˜ซ

  • K. Alice says:

    and still there r ppl who will say asian dont try to look like western (i know its not all asian dont waste ur hate over me lol)

  • Lui Chu says:

    Essense releaser lol i miss eyk

  • 3Rayfire says:

    So…she's impressed with your ability to stick something large into something small.

    Overall this is a positive thing in any relationship.

  • MC says:

    Things to remember about plastic surgery in Korea:

    – The majority of plastic surgery in Korea are double eyelid and mole removal surgeries, which are very minor surgeries. Overall, they're about as cosmetic as braces in North America. These inflate the rate of plastic surgery.

    – A lot of people come to Korea specifically to get plastic surgery. This also inflates their plastic surgery rate with people who aren't even from the country.

    – It's more acceptable to talk about having plastic surgery in Korea. This is only increased because the most common surgeries are comparable to braces, or even less invasive than that. (Do you hide that your straight teeth are straight because of the dentist?) Because of this, there are probably many more people in places like North America that have had some sort of surgery, but go very far to avoid it being known at all. (Ex. Kylie Jenner's lips) This makes it seem like it's less common than it is here.

    Just try to keep these in mind!

  • Oliver Eckert says:

    In Germany you have to put your Foto at your cv as well. And I don't see any problem with that. As a business owner I have to see that face everyday imagine I don't like it lol.

  • Dottie Ndots says:

    haha good looks are important everywhere, unless we're talking highly specialized areas where there are already way less workers than jobs…or more like a pleasant presence – so either good looks with a pleasant personality or charismatic

  • A F says:

    Japanese resumes also require headshots & the job search process allows 0 personal touches, IMO. Resumes are more forms filled in; headshots are very passport-like. White background, wearing a very narrow definition of business attire (also worn for interviews): black suits, pants & ties for men, black blazers & skirts for women, with white shirts for both genders.

  • Jess Wd says:

    OMG ๐Ÿ˜ฒ WOOW Simon looks sooo different in this video compared to todayโ€™s videos ๐Ÿ˜„

  • R0ly P0lly says:

    I read a lot of stories from Korea when beautiful but not good educated girls get job instead of less beautiful but professional and good educated person. I think this is stupid. By the way, because of this "one standart for girls" when my friend sees k-pop girl groups he says "Is this a bunch of twins just with different make up? Because I don't see any difference between them"๐Ÿ˜† From my opinion its better to say "You are beautiful the way you are! You are unique!" instead of "Oh, look! Your nose/eyes/face is ugly! But we will fix it!", because it makes you can do something just by yourself and not being always stressed and think that you loose just because your appearance. I understand when some students have really big problems with their appearance, so they're trying to fix it (brackets, operations for eye, when you have strabismus, etc.), but when beautiful healthy monolid girl thinks "I'm ugly, because I don't have double eyelids! I won't have a job because of it and people laugh at me!" it's seems weird.
    P.S.: When I saw candidates for miss Korea – it was hard to see difference. Some pictures for me was like 3 photo of one girl from different angles and different make up๐Ÿ˜‚

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