Plastic Surgery: To Have or Not to Have? Right and Wrong Reasons to Have Cosmetic Surgery after 50!

you know you can do the nips the tucks
the staples whatever it is but you have to ask yourself why am I doing this
what’s the purpose what have I addressed or not addressed
as to what’s driving my choice to have plastic surgery glad to have you back for another
episode of Our 2nd Act with Paige and Silke for your second act of life … hi
Paige hi Silke .. I’m back uh you’re back again back again and we are again
melting it’ll just a little bit it’s a little bit which kind of leads us into
our segment about you know looking good and feeling good … while you’re on camera how it shows
everything exactly exactly what we’re going to talk about today is we’re
starting the conversation about plastic surgery you know to have or not to have
that’s great especially you know of course as we get older you know that I
know when I was younger I there was a lot of times I say you know I’m never
gonna do that I’m never gonna do Botox I mean you know and it’s easy to say that
when you don’t have the wrinkles yet what you don’t have the crows feet when
things aren’t right and then we’re on camera all the time you see me go you
know so I I admit I’ve had Botox I’ve had fillers I’ve had a couple other
things little things and you know that I may or may not disclose you know and in
their sort of lies what we’re going to talk about is the judgment of it how we
judge ourselves how others judge us and when should you or should you not have
you know a little nip or a little tuck we’re going to be talking to several
experts in the field a plastic surgeons around the country who have some very
interesting takes on this but first today we wanted to you know again I have
us women open up the conversation because you brought up some really great
point that lead into how do you know how we think we’re improving ourselves or
are we …mm-hmm so where would you like to start Silke … well you’ve made a really
good point Paige in that you no matter what we fix on the outside we still
are us on the inside yeah and you know I remember and I’m dating myself now so I
remember decades ago when the stomach surgeries we’re just starting where
people were getting their stomach stapled and you know I had some clients
that had a lot of weight on them and they would get the stomach surgery
and boy they would slim down just all the way down and they’d come in and say
you know what Paige I had the surgery I’ve been told I look so much thinner and it
was very clear that they look thinner but they would look in the mirror and
they would still see the same person that they did when they were heavy
because what happens is you know you can do the nips the tucks the staples
whatever it is but you have to ask yourself why am I doing this what’s the
purpose what have I addressed or not addressed
as to what’s driving my choice to have plastic surgery so if you haven’t really
connected to your inner knowing and decided you know am I good enough do I
have a theme of am I not good enough the way that I am you know you have to kind
of look at that theme if you’re working on yourself and you still make a
decision to have plastic surgery that’s fine too just remember that when you have
the surgery you know wherever you are there you are so it’s you know it’s the
same component so just so just know that if you go and have the surgery continue
to work on whatever your life themes are they get in the way of you not feeling
like you’re enough whether you look good enough you act good enough how are you
in your clothes it doesn’t matter because you can have a woman who we
would think is you know larger a society deems larger and then we have another
woman over here so like a model that stick thin and you could have the stick
thin model going I am just not thin enough and you can have the woman over
here that has a lot of curves going damn I look fantastic I’m good enough just
the way I am because her insides match her outsides … that’s a great great great
point and I know one of our other experts Scarlett De Bease our stylist … right
right she brings it up a lot she what you know works with women who are a 2
and you have no confidence and women who are you know size 24 and have all the confidence and they really I think that’s what it comes down to is
confidence what is going to give you that confidence I you know say for me
that you know especially when you when you do have to look at yourself all the
time oh yeah it started getting to me you know and then and so I did want to
do something to where I what’s important to me is that it’s not
obvious right and that’s where I sometimes I sometimes look at especially
some of the stars the you know people who have tons of money who can afford
the best of the best yeah why do you do what you do and I think that’s where the
conversation gets interesting you know what’s too much what isn’t …well
I think it goes back to what society deems as well you’re in your mid 50s now
if you’re an anchor on film if you’re in your mid 50s I don’t know do they want
to be looking at someone in their 50s or they want to be looking at someone in the 20s
and I would like for us to shift and change that paradigm that you know it’s
okay to age naturally you know I think when we get so hung up on this isn’t
right this isn’t right this isn’t right oh my gosh we lose who we are we lose
the connection to our soul we lose the connection to to who we are and the
beauty that we bring from the inside out and we’re always looking for beauty from
the outside in and I’m all about healing and living from the inside out so if
you’re doing your work on the inside and you say you know what I’d still like to
have a little nip and tuck great that’s fine but always know why are you doing
it what do you want to get out of it and
like I said before wherever you are there you are
so if you decide to get plastic surgery make sure that you’re matching your
insides with the reasons why you’re getting it so you don’t get it and go oh
my gosh why do I still not feel better do the inner work if you’re gonna do the
work on the outside with plastic surgery continue to do the work on the inside of
your life themes so you don’t walk around thinking oh my gosh am I good
enough do I look good enough to it whatever your issues and life themes are
it’s about aligning them with the outside of you and the inside of you do the work
in both areas that make sense …no it makes great sense and you know one of
our producers brought up an interesting point when we discussed this off-camera
and that is ask yourself do you want it or do you need it mm-hmm and when do you
want when do you need or when is it both and a lot of times if people think they
need something they haven’t done the inner work because a lot of times when
we say god I really need that what’s going on in your life
that’s driving you to need it do you really need it or someone telling you or
a society or whatever it is driving that force so spend the time to do the inner
work on the inside and what’s the need versus the want the want would be gosh
that this would be you know it’s not gonna change my life I want this right I
I can honestly say that some of the you know little things I’ve had done right
it absolutely has helped my confidence so for you that it hasn’t been a want
yes and maybe not a need but it certainly made I felt much better about
myself I I had a lot more confidence as a matter of fact but while you were
doing that were you also working on the absolute life and that’s I was changing
my whole life that’s the key you know page one one of the issues that
you know goes with the whole plastic-surgery topic is especially in
our age and the age ISM that we get at the word you know in the work and there
are so there are a lot of women and men for that matter that feel like they need
to look younger in order to even maybe get be considered for a job again what
do you say to that Oh it drives me fucking crazy I’m allowed to
say that yes it’s a shame because we have so much wisdom and life experience
to bring to the workforce that when how we look gets in the way of the wisdom
and experience that we bring there’s a serious problem in our society I don’t
know if there’s an answer to this question do you do plastic surgery or do
not do plastic surgery I think it goes back to the number one person who you
have to accept and embrace is yourself and once you do that and you understand
why you’re choosing to do plastic surgery then you have your answer
but until then you can be getting so much plastic surgery and not you know
feeling confident about yourself so you have to decide where are you in your
life what do you need versus what you want and you know looking within as far
as you know all the wisdom and experience that we bring in our age
group sometimes people are going to accept it in the workforce sometimes
they want somebody young there’s only so much that we can control but
we can control is how we feel about ourselves and what we decide to do with
our own bodies well that’s a really good point if so if you choose to have it for
it for purposes of confidence if that confidence isn’t gained then there’s
lots more going on there yeah very good point
well and that being said you know the whole cosmetic industry plastic surgery market it’s you
know we’re talking billions of dollars the industry that we people participate
in that I certainly participate in and I you know we want to talk to people who
can give us some really great tips about what works what doesn’t work you know
how do you take just a few years perhaps off you know right off the face without
making it look like you’re a completely different person that you’re outside
does not matter inside at all or your picture on your driver’s license at all
right yeah exactly and you know people say the eyes are a gate you know a
gateway to the world and there’s some interesting advancements also in
treatments and procedures that are out there that I think certainly women and
men our age are you know would be interested in and I look forward to
bringing that to them is there anything else that you want to add to just what
I’ve been saying match our insides with your outsides and know that you’re good
enough whatever you choose to do terrific well I agree with you on that
and we look forward to seeing you again on another episode of Our 2nd Act
with Paige and Silke … for your second act of life. thanks so much for joining us today if
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