Popularity of Korean cosmetics spreads to Middle East 중동까지 점령한 한국 화장품

Popularity of Korean cosmetics spreads to Middle East   중동까지 점령한 한국 화장품

Korean makeup brands have become extremely
popular in China. They recently overtook Japan… to snatch
the No. 2 spot in China′s cosmetics market. The K-beauty trend has even begun to spread
to the Middle East. Won Ji-hyun reports. Korean beauty products
are beginning to take over China. According to the Korea International Trade
Association, Korea exported more than 370-million-U.S.-dollars-worth of cosmetics to China in the first half of
the year. That marks a 250-percent jump from a year
ago. Korea now ranks second, after France,…in
China′s cosmetics market. This signals an opportunity for Korean brands,…
despite the plummeting value of the Chinese currency.
″The number of cosmetics users in China has now reached nearly 200-million. And
we believe that around 500-million people in China will use beauty and skincare products,…
in the long run.″ Korea′s biggest makeup brand, AmorePacific,
is now eyeing new markets in the Middle East and Latin America.
The middle class is growing in those regions, raising demand for beauty products.
AmorePacific plans to open its first store in Dubai next year,… and expand to other
mega-cities in South America in 2017. Won Ji-hyun, Arirang News.

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