what’s up everyone welcome back to my channel now today I’m doing a little soft easy holiday look if we can call this whole day I think we can its holiday season baby i really can’t even get over the fact that like my birthday Thanksgiving it’s over like December is here and i honestly can’t believe it so I thought it’d be fun to do something a little different let’s tone down the craziness for the week and just do something that’s just really like soft and gentle you know and sometimes really quick so this is a quick easy holiday look the I look is so minimal but I’m loving it i’m looking at the monitor like oh my god actually cannot believe that I like myself with this amount of makeup on usually y’all know I’d wear 20 more palettes and 10 more highlighters but I’m like you know what let’s just scale it down and do something that everyone could easily recreate so today we’re going to be diving into this little craziness so if you want to see how I got all this together and keep on watching alright so i’m going to use a new primer today I’m like okay we got so many products and that’s just didn’t even happen this year I am overwhelmed but the brand burberry which hi love their clothing but they also have a beauty line which is very underrated and I’ve used highlighters a lot but they have this new holiday primer now this is called the fresh glow luminous fluid base on my girl that comes in this beautiful gorgeous gold packaging with their famous plaid and this is a makeup primer and it comes in a little bottle like this and now I used it once when I went out the other day and I like the lot so I think we’re gonna give her a little spin today and see how it looks on camera so let’s just rub this all over and see what happens oh it does have like a little bit of like with shimmer in it fire so we’re gonna make sure this is all settled in now for foundation today this look is very easy like especially for me sometimes I go really in this is going to be a release just soft pretty moment today so for foundation I don’t want anything like to too cakey I know that’s kind of shocking to everybody but I think i’m just going to go in with i keep using this you guys the lemare soft fluid it is so pretty I just I can’t stop using it so we’re just gonna give her a few pumps now this one is kind of meeting the full coverage but it just looks really real so if you’re someone that wants a lot of coverage but you’re like girl its way to take you for me I think this is going to be perfect for you and of course I’m gonna dock this all over and what do we do next we’re gonna buff and bounce all right now this skin is already feeling snatch that primer made this foundation even better I feel like I’m looking in the mirror like oh ok very skin-like ok now moving on concealer gonna be going with my heart shape and tape which I love this is one of my favorites and i’m just going to dot it all around the under eyes today now with the RT soval seven brush we are going to blend alright this concealer is blended out like now quickly before the under eyes try to play me we’re gonna take some Chanel setting powder and we’re just going to Pat that under our eyes someones dropped everywhere so we’re just going to take this now I like to take the little sponge in here of course if you want to use a brush you definitely can and i’m just going to Pat this under my eyes and let it show in front if this is going to make sure that are under eyes do not crease and it almost makes your pores kind of like disappear so we’re going to take that on our chin as well and then got a little bit on the nose besides that what else do we need to do we’re not even done setting the under eyes so y’all need to just have a speed we’re gonna take the of course Mac shivering white studio fix and with a little JT wait Lexie brush we’re gonna and we’re gonna extra set the under eye and I was taking this and i’m not just kind of like swiping around i’m actually like packing it into the skin which is something I’ve been doing for a long time it just makes the foundation last longer throughout the day and make sure that it doesn’t move around all right we are set and blended this is the 186 brush it’s an old-school max brush and it’s perfect for packing on foundation powders so we’re going to take another color of studio fix this is NW 18 and we’re going to a lot of bottoms off we’re going to pack that into the skin avoiding where we really highlighted of course and we’re going to do the entire neck hi grandma was dirty girl and once again you guys can see I’m like packing this into the skin and not just like we am I going in now time to contour now for contour today we’re gonna be using it be a morphine 9c palette this one is really good for everyday use she comes in a variety like this and i love to dip into this guy and this guy just kind of mix and today we’re gonna be using a little Chanel powder brush bambam now i’m going to go a little lower than I normally do and we’re just gonna sculpt this face really really sharp today like we have any issues today you wanna go in the parking lot the moment and now i’m gonna go with a little more p III and I like to go to this top shade i’m gonna bring this up into the hairline just gonna sculpt around my face and get that really bronzy pretty look going all right now it’s really snatched that forehead i’m adding in a lot today because we’re really going to focus on skin contour and highlight I’m using this makeup forever brush because it just get a big area really quickly and it just blends nicely so I’m gonna go a little darker than usual on the forehead if you’re afraid of that you do not have to do with this dark but I could play around sometimes you don’t always have to do your same routine switch it up feeling wrongs now i’m definitely going to do the nose quickly now when I mean by that is I like to take this and I like to press my hands like this so we make it even more and then I’m gonna barely touch the pan ok now we’re just going to go right down so if you want to contour your nose in a flash and really quickly just go down and go to town girl right now we’re going to take a little more fiji three again and go into that lightest shade i was going to kind of go over the jaw and soften her a little bit so it’s not so harsh I’m just trying to have a moment today so where is also going to take that powder again and we’re just going to go over the contour on the forehead with it just kind of soften it so it’s not too severe gonna go over that knows a bit so we’re not like too crazy because it’s hard to breathe right now we are contoured now i’m going to quickly do some eyebrows off camera if you want to see how i draw them on i will put a link in the description box down below so back all right now this I like is probably one of the most easiest i have ever done on my channel so we’re going to take a little Mac painterly Paint Pot and we’re just going to coat our entire lid with that really quickly and just kinda give our eyes second primer and now the foundation and concealer that is on my lids definitely enough but is it now for eyeshadow get ready for this one does it is a really simple I’m gonna pull out my little busy our palate I love with this guy it is it’s been through a lot in through some lot of traveling definitely broke this months ago thats hanging on a thread right now people but it’s okay because guess what it still works I’m sure you can see right here this is one of my favorite shade it just hit pan the other day and it is the perfect like ivory bone white color to put all over your legs and I like to take this and put it from my brow bone all the way down and it just gives you a really lifted look and this is also going to help that crease color blend effortlessly alright the base is laid down alright so this look is almost done actually no that’s kind of shocking so I’m gonna take a little blending brush any blending brush that you want will suffice and I’m gonna pull out the beauty killer palette now the shade Courtney girl this is the tea and the truth so we’re just gonna go into her for a second now this is where it gets really easy so the other day when I posted that look I literally just took this brush and I had like 20 minutes to get ready before i went somewhere and I think you know what I’m just gonna be really really soft and pretty today and see what happens which is scary because meet me toning it down takes a lot of me so I took it and I literally went all the way and we’re talking just right there so even though like make sure knows thinner by the way it’s a little trick I’ve been doing forever you just gotta flick up and blend this crease color into the white shadow that you just laid down now this is where you can stop it here you can go out more i like to take it and even put it on my lashline and lit a little bit so almost like hugs it i mean if this is not the most simple I’ve ever done girl get ready and then you’re gonna go back in with that shade of one more time and you’re just gonna put in a little bit more in to the crease and y la we are like there you could stop here now I always say this if you want to add more you definitely can but if you really want to stop here it’s ok but i am going to add in just a little bit of dimension to my lids so I’m gonna go in with shade vanity it is a dark like black and plum color and I’m just going to go into the little detail brush and I’m just going to lightly barely put some into my crease just so my lids have like some extra drama i’m going to go back in with the blending brush and just take it and soften it so there’s no extra powder again on any of the brushes we’re just gonna really just make the lid have a little oh hi so it’s not so flat all right now to make your eyes pop a little bit we’re gonna take a little fascinating white liner from Mac where it’s going to take that beauty blender have it lightly pull down our water line and then we’re gonna pack in that white liner and turn into it all fam ok cool now it’s time for a little bit of mascara no shocker here i’m gonna be going with my benefit roller lash and we’re going to coat our entire top and bottom lashes and this is really going to make this look pop-and-lock just really allocate and slay all right let’s put this on now for blush today i’m going to be using the new nars unfiltered to look at that pink packaging it’s like a pink mirrors so pretty and it comes with six shades oh how you see myself What’s Up Girl hi yes ok so I’m going with the new morphy y5 brush these are all gold chrome I’m like okay so i’m going to go in with this guy right here what’s the name on the back you better look on the bag she’s called Fame ok that’s cute BAM and we’re just going to these are pigmented I should probably chill out i’m just gonna lightly just a little the apples of the cheeks to give my face a little more color and warmth it’s nothing too crazy just gives your face a little extra like flavor if you will all right now let’s fucking highlight because i forgot i wanted to do blush today beome and now i think for this look I want to stay in like the peaches and the gold realms so i’m probably gonna do something blinding all right now I’m gonna go in with the new mac extra dimension skin finish this is in shade show gold and i’m going to use the new little morphy why 14 brush for highlighting today and we’re just going to go in here now I’ve never used this before using my inner corner highlight but not on the cheek so let’s see what happens oh I love that like pink undertone it’s pretty this really reminds me of the pink heart shade in the anastacio moonchild locate like we’re talking a really similar now this definitely is not blinding enough it looks really pretty but I feel like my face needs a little bit more like like the wow factor so let me just put this on now on top i’m gonna go in with my Mac Daddy artist Couture highlighting powder and this is in shade cocoa bling now this I’m gonna use a little more if you brush of course this is the morphe fan 310 brush and I’m just going to my god this is like this is the blinding effect that I need every single day so let’s see what happens we’ll see there’s a difference I’m sorry what oh my god yeah it just makes your face look like almost like wet-looking which is like em all right now I’m quickly going to do the Cupid’s bow like oh hi and then we’re going to do the little tip of my nose like this is so pigmented I’m just gonna like kind of massage it in alright there we go i feel a little bit more like myself I’m like maybe doing a home at look I don’t know if I can pull it off because i’m fucking so shocked and scared about blowing okay I’m a little bit better now it’s time for the lips all right now for lift today I’m going to be going in with my own of a lower liquid lipstick and shade christian-themed this is from the holiday collection and i just love this is really soft and pretty and if you want to do a crazy bold lip or not even a stick and you want the last full day definitely liquid lip so let’s go in alright this lipstick is dry i love it so like just soft and like very fun jeffree star like but I’m I’m living for it so besides that I need some mother effing setting spray now I want to keep this look very dewy and very soft so I’m gonna be using my Armani prima setting spray and we’re gonna mix it with a little touch of luminous dewy skin missed so let’s get our engines ready and on the count of three one two looks fucking set and then we’re gonna do some more fluffy alright baby this face is set and this look is complete now toning it down for me is a little hard i don’t know if i can turn down any more than this but i’m really liking it I think it’s different a softer side of Miss Starr I’m loving it i think this is a really cool for the holidays it’s quick and easy kinda like my mom’s birth when she had me but thank you guys so much for watching this tutorial i had a lot of fun doing it now I think for the next one I really want to amp it up and we’re ten times the amount of makeup so if you guys have any suggestions on extreme makeup looks leave some feedback in the comments below and as always i love you guys so much i am we’re doing right after filming or nathan is about to actually go get a tattoo you guys um which I’m really excited about we’re gonna do a little vlog type style video and follow him on a little journey and we’re going to build the whole damn thing so that will be on my channel soon i have a lot more videos and oh my god you guys there has been so much makeup coming out for the holidays like I can’t handle it so if you guys want a lot of first impressions let it snow but I’m ma love you guys and i’ll see on the next one

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