hey guys welcome back to my Channel today we’re going to be doing this daytime holiday glam look I am loving this look right now and pretty much wear it on a daily basis so first I’m going to take my Marc Jacobs foundation i am in the shade beige medium i love color so much i love the coverage of this foundation and i’m also using my it cosmetics foundation brush just to smooth this in it is the best foundation I’ve ever owned it stays on all day and it just makes your skin look flawless now I’m going to take myself or duo bronzer and i’m just going to take the lightest shade in the palette and just pack that color all over my eyes I’m using the morphe flat shader brush and love this brush for putting color all over the eyelid then I’m taking champagne pop by jaclyn hill Becca cosmetics and I’m going to pop that all over my eyelid on top of the duo bronzer and that just gives a hint in a glow that i’m going to take the darkest shade in the duo bronzer and i’m going to put that on the outer corners of my eyes it’s kinda just helps to smoke them out and give more of a cat eye effect there’s a great holiday look for every day because it’s not too much but you still have a little bit of that golden sparkle i’m just going to keep packing the brown on the outer corners and you can do this as dark if you want i wanted to darken it up just a little bit i’m taking this black shadow from the semi-sweet chocolate bar palette you can use any black shadow and just a tangled small liner brush and I’m just going to pack this on my lashline then i’m going to kind of bring it up and smoke out the edges just a bit going back to that flat shader brush from the morphe collection i’m just going to blend that out so it’s not a harsh line it looks more smoky than anything now i’m taking my mascara and i’m going to take my ardell natural lashes i’m going to cut these in half and I’m going to put these on the ends of my lashes adding these lashes to the ends just helps with the more of the cat eye effect which I love it just really seems to open your eye i noticed if I put a whole lasean sometimes it can kind of make my eyelid look heavy now i’m just going to fill in my brows i’m using the it cosmetics universal brow pencil I I just can’t get over the thing i’m obsessed with that I love the honesty 12 but I just I love both of them so I go back and forth i’m going to put a little bit more mascara on my eyes and I’m going to go in with my bye bye under eye concealer and just swipe it on with my finger today kind of warm up the product and i’m just going to use my beauty blender to blend that out this really helps clean up any shadow that you have on the sides of your eyes that you kind of just want to sharpen up as well next taking my Chanel cream bronzer I think it’s like 10 deschanel soleil tan de soleil i’ll leave a link down below not really sure how to say it but i’m just going to bronze up my cheekbones with this and then I’ll go back and contour i love this cream bronzer because it gives you that sunkissed do we look that everybody’s loving lately I just I think it just comes out my cheekbones so well and it stays on all day if I set it with powder I just I love it now i’m going to take my locket analyzer and this is still a shimmery bronzer and i’m going to go right over the bronzer and kind of just set it with powder like i said then you’ll see me go back after this with the gray or kind of contour shade it’s from the morphe contour palette i’m going to use my Kat Von D shade light brush to do this you’ll see me carve out these cheekbones right here and then take my big fluffy brush from yes of course morphy I notice doing those three steps really helps my contour stay all day i’m going to take the three bottom shades from the blush palette and I think this is the nine in palette from morphe or if you’re from morphe love morphy obviously and i’m going to put on the apples of my cheeks and just blend it up towards my hairline now i’m taking the brown shade in the semi-sweet chocolate bar palette and just aligning my lash line with a liner brush then going back into the sephora duo bronzer I’m going to take that shimmery shade and go right over the brown now I’m just gonna put the mascara on pop some champagne pop onto my what are these called cheekbones now I’m going to line my lips with the Italia lipliner in the shade and natural i love wearing this even just by itself I’m gonna take my Marc Jacobs red color i’ll leave a link down below I got it 444444 free at the flora and i love it i go back in with my italia liner just to kind of clean up the edges so this is the finished look I hope you guys had a merry christmas thanks so much for watching bye

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