Retro Dress Haul, Try On and Lindy Bop Brand Review! [CC]

Hi lovelies! welcome in to my channel So, I’ve decided that I’m going to start doing some reviews of various vintage and retro brands Because it’s something people ask me quite a lot where should they go what should they buy are things actually any good from those shops and i’m going to tell you and my first one is a review of the brandy Lindy Bop who I am quite a big fan of who I buy quite a lot of clothes They’re based in the UK I don’t know whether their stuff is actually made in the UK I know that there’s a brand Lady V in London, Lady Vintage Who I’m also gonna do brand reviw of and they are very big on the fact that their things are made in London But I’m not sure as to whether Lindy Bops actually are made in China Er, it’s also a bit of a style haul today because I’ve just got a nice big parcel of things from Lindy Bop, thanks to two of my aunts and my uncle Eric who gave me a LIndy Bop fifty pounds voucher for my birthday and I managed to whilst they still had 20% sale on their site get in there and grab some stuff Point of interest about lindy bop: they often have sales that are often either a little bit like the 10-20% off or they can go really massive and you get 70% off sign up to their mailing list to be notified about all the sales they have So we are going to begin with a look of what I managed to pick up with my £50 So the first thing that I grabbed was this delightful dress I will actually try this on in just a second you don’t need to only see it like this It’s a lovely thick cotton fabric, I imagine this looks gorgeous with a petticoat I’m really in need of nice summery dresses because as you saw from my retro underwear review *points at card* I’m a fan of the large underwear so I’m really hoping this dress will allow me to be nice and cool up here, but all wonderfully supported down here When I tried it on, I noticed that is quite baggy on the waist band lot of room to give, room to grow and I wear a long line bra underneath as well, so It does actually have quite a thick waist band But even then there was space So that’s good because you know, summer, all you want to do is eat Beautiful dress, and has lovely little cups in the boob Which is sweet and everything but I’m never going to wear this without a bra because they are like double D, E Next from Lindy Bop This is something I was aware it existed before but have not yet purchased one and now looking back I’m like what, why did you never have this before! Revolutionised my life! Not the shoes, no no The shoe bows! Look at this! Look at these beauties! Aren’t they gorgeous? I spent a long time trying to work out which ones I wanted, there were gold sparkly ones, burgundy… I bloody love cream! But in the end I went for this creamy ivory and I can wear them with vintage shoes and they go either On the front Which I think is adorable! Although my mother once said to me if you are wearing more than 3 bows it was definitely too many bows and I should take them all off Or you can put them in the back! They do stay on if that’s what you worry about There’s nice little hooks They really clip on I can clip them on my belt and everything, just the options, you know! So as I mentioned, Lindy bop are a brand that I have been aware of for a very long time I think I got my very first Lindy Bop dress in 2009 At the begging they were doing really vintagy reproduction pieces so it looked like it could have been done in the 1950s with modern fabrics and colours and recently the have moved more towards literal patterns So instead of flowers they now have things like London buses Which you saw in my dress with London buses on my favourites video This dress don’t forget is from Aspire Style Ididn’t get this one directly from Lindy Bop Remember you got 10% off using the code That’s my name! It doesn’t get me anything, but it gets you 10%off It’s actually the first literal picture type of dress that I have liked I think it’s ok, I think it works Normally the only pattern I do is flowers, spots or stripes Because I’m not one for the kind of American pin up girl retro look which is quite rockabilly So I think i was very emboldened by my London traffic jam

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