Reunion With Our Dogs After 8 Weeks // Ep 8 //Traveling With A Chronic Illness//Malaysia Travel Vlog

Reunion With Our Dogs After 8 Weeks // Ep 8 //Traveling With A Chronic Illness//Malaysia Travel Vlog

Good morning and welcome to our very last week in Malaysia. So by the end of this video We’ll be reunited with our doggies. I miss them so much I really do I also miss being able to go outside wearing a coat I never knew I liked coats so much, but I really really do although Let’s be honest I’m gonna miss Fred Who wouldn’t miss Fred? In the few days left in Kayell? we’re largely going to do some shopping which we… (voice covered by fan) We have a list of things that we need to get We love buying baby stuff, do we not? Claudia: Yeah Actually, I feel pretty alive this morning, which is quite a shock to everyone. C: You’re more alive than I am. I’m like really… J: What? No! This morning, I had to wake Claudia up Because I was lying on the floor of our hotel room Burning in pain. C: Most of the pain was like really bad neck pain. J: Yeah C: Even though we’d had a massage the night before Worse massages ever, obviously. I knew that at the time. You were like, “Oh yes. She pressed really firmly. It seemed nice.” But I think she didn’t know what she was doing. She was just pushing your spine in places she shouldn’t have done. Probably not great idea when you have a nerve condition and a twisted spine Yeah, she probably didn’t realize you had a spine. She was probably just trying to click it back in place or something like what’s wrong with this? Make it straight again. Good luck with that. Anyway, so I was like let’s have a hot bath The next thing was “ahh” What is going on? Like where is that voice coming from then you’re just like face down naked on the floor No yeah, it was so bad, the pain. It was horrific It felt like someone was jamming a metal hot spike through my brain. I think we’ve been watching too much gory movies today No, I say that a lot to describe my migraines because they are really really bad. and it was the day that we had to get our flight and we went “uh oh” we had plans to fly the drone. It actually wasn’t too bad We managed to get you up and went to eat breakfast. We walked into breakfast and I said “I can’t be in here” Yeah so I had to get you food I’m going to vomit right now. But it was okay. I just sat at my table like I was incredibly hungover I think everyone’s like, because two days before you’ve been like your hair’s been really nice and you’re wearing glamorous like Dresses and skirts and bows in your hair, lipstick down and so forth and then she’d be like Hi, hi. Everyone’s like “wow you look so glamorous. Are you a movie star?” she’s like “No, I’m just on YouTube. You know…” Walked to a theme tune in her head kind of thing. And the next day was like (sad face) C: With your sunglasses on. J: It wasn’t even, I couldn’t even comprehend looking at people With a ponytail. No makeup. Everyone must’ve been staring at you. I couldn’t even sit up. I felt very much like I was about to die I was like, “Don’t worry, love. They’ve probably just think you’re really hungover.” I really get upset when people think that I’m drunk or hungover Because I’m like I haven’t done this to myself. I have no control over this. it’s not fair. But we went to the beach. We tried to fly the drone She wasn’t in the state to fly it. And secondly, you can’t fly it anyway because we were right next to an airport and we were like Why doesn’t our drone fly? Which we should’ve known because we loved their hotel and we stayed there 2 years ago. And I swear to God I saw a man trying to fly a drone but it didn’t work. Yeah, make it follow the dogs. Yeah, I think Walter right, I’ve already worked out that Walter will be like, “What is that?” But then he’ll like slowly- not slowly- very quickly lose interest Whatever, whereas Tilly will try to chase it. She’s like “New toy!” And she’ll bark at it. Thanks for carrying all the bags Well I don’t really see it as a chore carrying the bags No because in a sort of selfish point okay, if I like make, if you just carry the bag And you’re struggling and you’re tired, and I’m carrying bags as well then yeah, we’re both hot and tired But you’re going to get way more home tired to the point that later You’ll be completely useless And then I’ll have to carry all the bags so if I like carry the bags when you’re feeling like that And later you’re feeling a bit better, and then I can share the load again So it’s kind of like you know and we’re a team. Plus, it helps build my muscles so another uh, selfish Just want me to carry your bags. Always. We’re going to go shopping today. Oh I see, you’re prepping me for that Good morning. I can say that properly We’re going to buy Claudia glasses today. Mm, I keep getting a headache at the mall and I had like a really bad dizzy headache Think it’s like when there’s lots of signs around and stuff, and I’m trying to read everything. I’m like “ahh”. I think it’s sensory overload slash I can’t see. You’re no good with the sensory overload, no. Then on chileans then they take us for nasi lemak And a really good nasi lemak place Yeah, we went there before it’s so good But I can even eat the rice or various other things. Now you can eat the rice Yay! Which is the main part of nasi lemak.
is the actual nasi lemak. Yeah, yeah, it’s like sushi. Sushi is actually the rice. Yeah That’s why if you say “I want sushi.” Yeah, she does mean the rice, the little rice rolls not.. It means something with sushi rice Yeah, cuz others it because negeri and sashimi is not sushi She was meant to be telling people what we’re doing today, and then we’re gonna come back for a little rest And edit this video. And then This evening we’re going to Vietnamese food for change. I know I knew your aunt really want to spend as much time with you as you can C: yeah. J: Before we go C: Yeah. Fair enough. J: So every meal She’s locked down every meal And then tomorrow we’re going for sushi slash sashimi slash Negeri with 17 family members, which isn’t even like a large portion of Claudia’s family It’s just a bit. That’s your section. Big families are so amazing. Let’s have a massive family We do have a massive family. You said I have a massive family. J: I mean let’s have lots of children You’ve got a big family. Let’s have lots Two or three is like, is a good number because you can actually go fit in a car And if you go to an event like like a place that it’s like, family ticket. It’s always like two adults and two children or three Children, but it’s never like two adults and six children. We have twins It’ll be fine. Okay, anyway. Catch ya later! Yeah, I need a glue gun. I mean, I don’t know what’d I use it for yet but I’m sure many things. I’m showing you. Secret though I may decorate wedding cakes with flower’s on it Need to make lots of beautiful roses using this. And these. It’s very exciting. On a cake tester Oh my gosh Oh you could make her a skirt. Yeah, but she seems not bad Where we going now? Now we have gone to a mall. Hi Okay think the frozen yogurt’s downstairs. That’s where we’re going first. Wearing KLCC, which that the massive shopping center in the middle of Kuala Lumpur With the Petronas Towers above it. Wow, it’s amazing They are huge. They’re the biggest buildings. Or have they lost that now? They were the biggest buildings. No they’re not the biggest building. They’re not. C: Pretty sure the tallest building is that one either in Dubai or Shanghai. J: I was going to say it was the tallest in Malaysia. C: Oh right. Yeah Used to be one of the highest buildings in the world but not anymore. Sorry about that. We went up in two years ago yeah, so yeah, we’re about to meet my cousin and my aunts in the food court And your cousin’s baby. Yeah And then we’re gonna just do a little bit more shopping Tracking some pictures of trennis towers Cuz Shoes here are cheaper and they’re nice and also people have stubby feet like me so they fit me I like the massive made of mixed chicken a mix rice it’s gone chicken kimchi It comes with an egg under there, cold slaw. It’s a bit random, but it should be very tasty I’ve got a much simpler meal of chicken and rice And raining, but unlike an England its still really really bloody hot here. Really hot Just waiting for an uber Again I hope they don’t cancel on us the worst when we had Was five different people accepted and then didn’t move the car and then made me cancel on them and pay them And then they really the sick guy accepted That was the day It’s Wednesday today is actually finally here It is our last day in Malaysia which is absolute madness so we are packing um Oh, we had a very successful shopping trip I mean we had a lot of them So it’s gonna be interesting. Fortunately, we bought a new suitcase though to fit in this madness. Mmm yeah It’s like a massive magic puzzle. How can I not love this? (upbeat music) Hey babies. Guess what? Someone’s coming (dogs barking excitedly) Hi Oh! (Jessica laughing) Come here. Hello. Hi babies. Hi how are you? Aww. Come in, come in Oopsie Hello. Aw, how are you my boy? Hello, my girl Aw, did you miss us? Oh, you did? I know, I know He’s even smaller than I remember Hello darling, hello Love you Let’s get our bag Let’s get our bags He’s okay. He’s like, I want to stay here C’mon Oh Walter Get kisses from Walter. That’s new Hi, hi baby Tilly’s frozen See we’re back. We’re back


  • May says:

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  • Stephanie Whittaker says:

    In case you are interested, sushi is traditionally raw fish on, around or rolled inside of a small chunk of sushi rice. Sushi rice is generally not plain rice, it has vinegar and stuff added to it. Onigiri, which is the rice balls, don't have the vinegar but sometimes have flavours added. Sashimi means thin slices of raw fish. (Both onigiri and sushi use the same type of short grain rice)

    So its possible that the additives to the rice might be causing a problem, if you can eat other rice? Unless I misunderstood. If you already know any of this, I'm sorry. 🙂 (also Japanese people can feel free to correct me if I'm wrong about anything)

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