[ ♫ ] Hi! I’m Elle, and today it’s finally time to say goodbye to the one and only John Kuckian. A lot has happened with John during his time on YouTube. As always, I’m going to leave some links in the description for you guys to look at because there’s a whole lot of old tea to go over and remember. But at one point, John was one of the drama community top dogs. One of the problems with drama and the beauty community is that sometimes – – a lot of the time – conspiracy theories take over because a conspiracy theory is always more interesting than what usually ends up being a pretty boring truth. Back in March 2017, Here For The Tea was sucked into one of those conspiracy theories: Jaclyn Hill drank a lot of Fiji water. Jaclyn had also joked a lot about having a sponsorship code for Fiji water. In fairness for Here For The Tea, there were a lot of undisclosed sponsorships at the time – there still are, let’s be honest – and she investigated the idea that Jaclyn was secretly sponsored by Fiji. Here For The Tea, making a massive mistake, decided to share all the information that she thought that she’d found about Jaclyn and Fiji with one of her best friends at the time: John Kuckian. And then, John decided to release a terrible video as quickly as possible to steal Here For The Tea’s ideas and receipts to plagiarize from her. Naturally, Here For The Tea was furious and had destroyed their friendship. On the bright side for Here For The Tea though, because John put that video out there, she managed to escape the embarrassment of months’ long investigation being a waste of time, and it was John that ended up being the laughing stock. Unfortunately for John, the fact that he had decided to backstab one of his best friends meant that Here For The Tea was later energized to help bring the entire community together against John when he made disgusting false accusations of paedophilia against Peter Monn. But John’s desperation for views, his selfish need to get a story out first to feel important, and the fact that he was happy to throw a friend under the bus to try and feel superior… that was the beginning of the end. Considering Kuckian Cosmetics was created on the 27th of February 2017, it’s a strange kind of irony that when John was out there creating a business to push him to greater heights, that very same business has become the timeline for his utter destruction on YouTube. In my last video talking about John, I went through his list for what he claimed to want in 2019, and I’ll link that below too. But on the 28th of December 2018, John decided to release this statement on Facebook: That paints a very pretty picture, but it’s just not true. For example, we already know that his Heaven’s Kitchen lollipop moulds were a failure. You can easily find the exact same designs on Amazon and AliExpress. So much for being ‘unique.’ What’s funny to me is that the last time John uploaded a video, he decided to talk about the Jeffree Star and Morphe brushes collab and talked about private labelling. J: But regarding the brushes, everyone feels like Morphe’s been making brushes J: for long enough to make custom and unique designs. J: Even myself with my pigment, which were not a massive, crazy product, had a custom applicator. J: In terms of the size, the dimensions, the printing, the types of foam. J: So obviously there’s a slight more investment and more time taken to do things like that. J: But people think ‘we should do that as a brand!’ J: Like, unless you are literally one of those private label tiny cosmetic businesses that just sells cheap makeup from China – J: which a lot of smaller brands do, like a lot of indie starter brands, that’s how they begin their brands. J: They’ll just buy cheap things, slap their name on it – that’s what private label is: J: it’s like you buy something without a label, the factory makes it generic, J: and you can buy very small quantities because they couldn’t afford to meet the order quantities. J: For example, my lipstick tubes obviously cause like 16 different effects all across it – J: that’s dramatic, J: but it has silkscreen, spray paint, everything. J: Along with that I obviously also have steel added to the lid, which is then injection-molded. J: My minimum order quantity is 20,000 lipstick tubes. J: Usually, for that mold it’s 10,000, but with all of my extra things like the steel insert, J: my minimum order quantity is 20,000. J: Most indie brands cannot afford to make 20,000 units or something. John apparently couldn’t help but humble-brag about his brand. His liquid lipstick containers were just so unique that he had to order so many more than other similar brands would have to, and most brands couldn’t afford that. Unlike John, who could, apparently. He subtly sneered about private labelling, despite a lot of people investigating and claiming that John’s own cosmetics are privately labelled. Even then, John tried to paint the picture of himself as a successful businessman that’s passionate and knowledgeable about his own makeup brand. His problem, and the point of this video, is that the truth is that Kuckian Cosmetics is dead, and John knew that when he posted that video on the 2nd of February this year. I genuinely believe that he has known that everything on him for YouTube was over for months now. To make this 100% clear, in the UK, the law demands that businesses are transparent, so that anyone can find out information about them. One of the things that businesses have to do is file what’s known as a ‘confirmation statement’ once a year. I’ll let the government explain it: “Every year you need to make sure that the details we have for your company are correct.” “Once you’ve checked them, you have to let us know,” “and you do this by sending us a confirmation statement.” “We’ll remind you when it’s due.” “If you’ve forgotten what details we have for your company, it’s very easy to find them.” “Click on ‘Find company information’ on our website and enter your company name or number.” “If any information is out of date, you must update your records either when you file the statement,” “or beforehand for some changes.” “For example, changes to some things such as shares in the company,” “or its business activities can be made at the same time.” “But other changes, like telling us about a new director or a new address, have to be made” “before you confirm your records are up to date.” “If nothing’s changed, you still need to confirm this by sending us the statement,” “even if your company hasn’t traded or is dormant.” “We need this information from you by law, and it’s a criminal offence not to provide it on time.” “Companies, and their officers, who don’t file on time may be prosecuted,” “and the company may also be struck off the register.” “The quickest, easiest, and cheapest way to do it is to file it online.” “Just register for our service and take advantage of the benefits of filing online with us.” “For more information, visit” The confirmation statement of Kuckian Cosmetics was due by the 12th of March, and… still nothing. Just to make this even more clear, the government states: John knows that he has to file that. He already filed a confirmation statement in 2018. Ignoring it isn’t going to make the problem go away. But John hasn’t just ignored the confirmation statement. Like I said in my last video about John, Kuckian Cosmetics’ accounts were due on the 27th of November 2018, and he still hasn’t filed them. That means that John is currently four months late in filing his accounts, and there are penalties there, too. According to the government: So, right at this moment, John’s facing a £750 late filing fee. This isn’t just ordinary tea, this isn’t about questions whether Kuckian Cosmetics is just private label garbage or not. This is genuinely law-breaking territory. But whether this sounds strange or not, it makes sense to me. John has been exceptionally quiet on social media. There hasn’t been a video from him since the 2nd of February, and the last post on the Kuckian Cosmetics Instagram was about a giveaway. On the 13th of February, John posted: “V-Day Giveaway! For 24 hours only, Kuckian is giving away our entire lipstick” “and pigment collection to one lucky winner!” “That’s over $184 of makeup, shipped anywhere in the world. See our collection at” Further on in the post, someone then asked, “Is this contest still open?” with John responding, “Now closed, my love. Announcing the winner in our next post!” Only, there hasn’t been another post on that Instagram account, and the latest post on John’s personal Instagram mentioned being away on holiday: “When you’re happily existing as a fish, but then your titties start to fly away. #exposed #backsoon #loveyou #missyou” Which was back on the 5th of March. So all that I can guess is that the supposed Instagram giveaway by Kuckian Cosmetics just hasn’t happened. One thing from the Facebook post that John wrote that is true is that a lot of people have wanted him to fail. From the moment that he backstabbed Here For The Tea, to the ringtone scandal, to falsely accusing Peter Monn of something disgusting, to blackmailing Thomas Halbert, to abusing a couple in the US when he stayed with them… everyone, absolutely everyone with even a hint of human decency has wanted John to fail, just for a hint of the karma that’s owed. But I genuinely think John has decided to do this on purpose. On the 29th of January this year, John was sent a first Gazette notice for compulsory strike off. But what is that? As we know by now, the first Gazette notice would have been sent to John because he didn’t file Kuckian Cosmetics’ company accounts. It’s now been two months since that notice was sent, and Kuckian Cosmetics is going to be struck from the register. The thing about John is that he obsessively watched videos about himself. And in my last video, I mentioned that his company accounts were overdue. But the thing is, like I’ve said before, this has always been a lose-lose situation for him. If John had filed his accounts, then we would be able to pick apart what had happened with his launch and his products. The accounts would be able to tell us what kind of profit he had made, and I have a sneaking suspicion that John didn’t make anywhere near the amount of money he implied he’d made on Kuckian Cosmetics. That kind of embarrassment isn’t something that I think John would want to deal with in public. Letting Kuckian Cosmetics die and being forced to pay a fine, or possibly a couple of fines, and handing over whatever assets the company has to the government quietly, away from the public eye… …that seems like a better option for him. All that John would need to do is claim that he’s too busy for Kuckian Cosmetics, or that he isn’t interested in makeup anymore, or even just disappear from social media without a word, and then… that’s it. Nothing else can happen. And that is what I genuinely think that he’s doing. John had so many public plans for 2019. He bragged and talked about how much he wanted to do, but that was part of the fantasy. Instead, he’s gone on a quiet break, and I’ll be genuinely surprised if he comes back. If he does, he’ll have too many questions to answer about the death of Kuckian Cosmetics, and I don’t think he wants to deal with that kind of shame. For a long time now, a lot of people have wanted an explosion. Scandal after scandal came and went, starting from John’s theft back when Kuckian Cosmetics was first created, and he seemed to float along. No matter who he hurt, he kept going, his stans obsessively supporting him. But this is it, this final quiet humiliation is the final straw, the straw that’s been on John’s back for months now. Which is exactly why I think this has been the plan for months. All those plans for 2019 put out there, all meaningless. In that Facebook post, John talked about the past two years of his life teaching him more about himself than he had ever previously known. At the beginning of those two years, he destroyed a friendship for fame and views. Through those two years, he tried to destroy others for his own sick personal gain. And every time, people have turned further and further against him. Now, at the end of these two years, the failure that people have wished on John has finally caught up with him. And that’s exactly why the saga of John Kuckian has ended. But it hasn’t ended with a bang; it’s ended with a whimper. As always: like, comment, subscribe, ring the bell, or don’t do any of those things because I’m not your mother. And, as we say in the Sims, Dag Dag! 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  • Elle Loves Tea says:

    John Kuckian did leave a comment, calling me a bully, claiming that he filed in December but Companies House had problems and that he was going to sue me, the usual, but:
    1. The First Gazette Notice was published in The Gazette, a publication that has been going since 1665 and is separate from Companies House, on the 29th of January. That's after December. The Gazette doesn't make mistakes like that, and the last time the First Gazette Notice was filed, John took care of it straight away.
    2. My title is tongue-in-cheek.
    3. My thoughts about his motivations are obviously my own opinions. Opinions aren't slanderous.
    4. It's reasonable to comment on public information about a makeup brand. When the government says that after two months with no updates, a company will be closed, and then there are no updates for two months, it's reasonable to talk about the company closing.
    5. I offered to edit this video if John sends me his accounts so I can update the information.
    6. John deliberately ignored different commenters asking him about his slander about Peter Monn.
    7. As soon as I pointed all this out, John deleted his entire comment thread.
    Just so you guys are all up to date! 💚💚💚

  • Maya Flici says:

    You know makes me happy? Thanks to those idiotic comments John left, a lot of people will be watching your videos, and you'll get the free publicity you deserve.
    I've been here since 450 subscribers, and I'm super happy you're growing, good job Elle! ❤👏

  • SERA Xx says:

    I love your presentation with the sims! Genius! Subscribed instantly

  • Redheadlady says:

    His 'custom applicator' was a cheap eyeshadow double ended thing like you'd find in kids make up or Poundland make up. The delusions are strong with him.

  • Sara Salinas says:

    Anyone with human decency wouldn't use mob mentality to bully an obvious mentally frail human being. I watch him and I have never heard him slander anyone. He exposes destructive behavior that is destroying pop culture. It's so hypocritical that ppl support jeffree Starr but are still hung up on kuckians past. Youtubers made him the scapegoat and attacked him and ruined his brand. You guys hurt innocent people too that worked on kuckian cosmetics. So none of you have the right to speak about human decency. You fill your narcissistic supply by ruining others and act self righteous because the person did bad things years ago. I've heard him apologize to Peter monn. And kuckians videos never attack the person's inner being. He just exposes behaviors and presses upon ppl to think about how those actions are connected. He was the only one sticking up for the black community while the stand of jeffree attacked. This is so hypocritical. And you guys act self righteous. I've tried kuckian cosmetics and they are fantastic. Especially his liquid lipsticks. He may not be perfect and I do see his flaws but you guys blow them out of proportion. His commentary is now done eloquently because he is growing as a person. You can tell he is an underdog and had serious flaws but you can also see that he is empathetic and insightful. He is aware of his bad traits and works on them. Jeffree Starr was forgiven and he hasn't changed a bit. He called Jackie aina a gorilla. He attacked shayla . He constantly attacks ppl on social media, including his fans. He brags about how wealthy he is and puts poor ppl down but you guys still love him. The absurdity is unreal.

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    Laughter and happiness…Positive…Seriously?

  • Fertility Queen says:

    I thought kuckian just did cookery kitchen stuff like chocolate molds.

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