Romantic Vintage Make Up Tutorial [CC]

Romantic Vintage Make Up Tutorial [CC]

Hello this is my make up look from my Heatless Hollywood Waves video Which you can see in the card above She’s bored of me talking about my hair And people requested that I do a little make up tutorial of my make up in that video If there are any other videos that you really like the make up and want to know how it’s done You just let me know and I can make some more Yes, that’ll be fine That will be fine! Hope you enjoy! Here’s my face, it’s a face! Here is my Tilly. She’s a dog.
A really sleepy one… I’ve cleaned and moisturized my face in preparation. The first thing we’re going to do is apply a layer of Maybelline’s Baby Skin primer. It’s great for leaving your skin smooth and matt but also for protecting it from make up. The next step involves using powder foundation like facepaint! Generally I just pour little water onto the palette and go to town with a blending sponge but that’s pretty messy. So I have a little bowl! Alrighty, grab a sharp implement and break off a bit of powder- you’re going to need about this much. Pop it in the bowl, add a dash of water, and start mixing. I’m using the Max Factor Lasting Performance Foundation Powder in Fair and a handled blending sponge from the poundshop. That costed £1… I bought many Oops try not to drop it on your dress! I’ve found that this is the best way to get coverage that’s breathable, silky smooth and translucent without having that ugly cracking and drying look! If you don’t like wearing full face make up but want to even out your skin tone then this is really great for you. Applying foundation in this way also makes it very breathable so it’s great for hot countries. I can’t stand wearing liquid foundation when we’re on holiday, it makes me feel slimy. Fortunately, I live in England, where it is rarely that hot. Don’t forget to do your neck. Now to exaggerate those cheekbones! Look how cute this make up sponge is! It’s supposed to be a snowflake. It’s not. But it’s supposed to be. I’m using the no7 light/medium contour kit. This look is all about the rosy, apple cheeks- those jolly vintage land girls if you will. I think one should smile when putting on make up because that’s how a face should be most of the time! Also I find it hard to not smile. Taking the darker powder into your hairline softens your face AND covers up any roots. Bonus. Now, with our highlight colour we’re not looking to create harsh, straight lines or great contrast the idea is to add softness to your face and make it glow. Here’s an old movie trick, let’s see if I can do it without a mirror… To correct a slight bend in the nose, draw a straight line down the centre with a soft sponge, ignoring the peaks. Use your fingers to blend because I swear there isn’t anything better. Blusher! A warm and rosy tone. And this brush… which I have had for many years but it is perfection. It’s from a chemist and it cost me £3. Remember to only put blusher on the parts of your cheeks that actually blush and pay attention to those apples for a rosy glow! Again, smiling with your make up. This sculpting eyebrow pencil is one of my absolute favourite make up items. Its triangular end allows it to be used for very fine lines but also isn’t too thin to then snap off when turned on its side to fill in your brow. Thin, curved brows are very important for vintage looks like this. Bushy brows were definitely a no-no for ladies back in the day. Yay, lovely! Before we begin laying down any eye shadow, lets talk about priming our real estate. Even if you don’t have hooded eyes, if you want your shadow to have some staying power and colour then prime those eyelids. I’m using a Max Factor concealer pen and then setting it with… a palette I can’t open. Oh my God stupid short nails! Aha! These are my current favourite eyeshadow brushes because I got them at 60% off and I love nothing more than a deal. Details in the description of course! Pat that down on to the semi dry concealer. You may also recognise this palette from my April favourites- it’s just like the morphe 350 palette but a third of the price! This is the nude eyeshadow palette from no7. It actually belongs to Claudia, I don’t normally wear shimmery eyeshadow- matte is much more vintage! but I do think it works better for this soft look. Lesbianism. Many plus points. Start by creating a line two thirds of the way between the end of your eyelid and the end of your eyebrow. We’re laying shadow down with the small shader and then blending with the… blending brush. As the sun really starts shining! Now applying the slightly darker colour above aaand blending that out. it’s quite hard to apply eyeshadow to the left side of my face because I can’t feel it which somehow makes the skin move in a different way… These are very subtle shades but add great definition. With the precise shader I’m adding this lovely rosy colour just to my actual eyelids they’re tiny and only visible when my eyes are completely closed but I do have them. Aaand, now I massively fail to get my eyeliner in focus. I tried for a good five minutes and this was the best shot. Painful. Oh well, this is the L’Oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim in Black. It is the thinnest, most precise eyeliner ever which is great… but takes a bloody long time when you’re trying to do a thick line! The sun is now destroying my attempt to demonstrate the importance of filling in between your lashes. This mascara is from Estee Laudre but no one can tell because now it’s just a gold blob. Even though I always wear false lashes my tiny blonde lashes show terribly if they’re not mascara-d first. Eyes half done Whilst we wait for those to fully dry, lets start on the lips. The 1950s lip shape is a larger version of the 1920s rosebud but with plenty of curve. Bright corals and pinks were the fashion. I’m going with the Maybelline Super Stay 24 Hour in Absolute Plum, which is a pink with a blue undertone… Now for the lashes! Never apply false lashes straight from the box, they should always be trimmed to fit. I go quite far in this, more than just trimming the length down. Since it’s been two minutes, apply the setting balm to your lips. That’s not budging at all. So, I’ve trimmed the length of the lashes now to shape them. These exaggerate lashes from Eyelure are great for this because they’re very full and long so can be cut to any shape. I’m making them into a very angled, vintage flair so they’re short at the inside of the eye but longer on the outside. Remember to cut in to the lash like a hairdresser so the edge isn’t too blunt. Putting lashes on my blind eye is about 5000 times easier than on the one I can see out of! Which is why I have to do it right against the mirror. Helpful, I realise. And we’re done! I hope you enjoyed this tutorial, let me know in the comments and subscribe for more!


  • Alex Hill says:

    I love your new hair

  • Grace E says:

    I've never seen powder used that way I'll try it tomorrow. You must try the Poundland blender without the stick it's amazing

  • Lauraphoid says:

    You should just buy half-lashes 🙂

  • celestialskye1 says:

    As always, Classic! I must have missed the video where you cut your hair 💇. Either way, it's still lovely! ✨

  • Mea Lee says:

    Hi beautiful ! this is such a great look : ) i left a like. Please subscribe to my channel and i will return the favor i promise! i would really appreciate the support, thank you : )

  • Elizabeth Bulfer says:

    How did you learn how to do your makeup?

  • thunderstrike2525 odinson says:

    allways good to see your makeup tutorial…..Jessica great video allways enjoyable

  • Simone Renee says:

    I love this look 😚

  • ItsYou NotMe says:

    This is gorgeous.

  • Nuage Art Studio says:

    wow … this is amazing 💞🌺✔💯👌

  • Ana F says:

    What a pretty make-up look. Very easy to do as well. Ill have to try it. Looks great!!

  • Michelle Tackett says:

    How do you get your lips to last awhile? I am not good at that. Sorry for the question, but I want mine to last longer.

  • Hannah Garrett says:

    So curious about the powder/foundation trick! Is this a vintage technique or just something you've come up with?

  • Cecilia Mihelich says:

    In watching your videos I feel like I learn a new little trick or new way to do something and I just feel so happy! Loved this vid and all your others! Much love and positive energy from me to you and your wife and doggies haha

  • Nadia Gathers says:

    always struggle with putting makeup on my seeing eye vs my blind eye! i feel your pain.

  • Timon Myside says:

    With the music it reminds me of Vision On, a childhood TV favourite (not implying your face looks like a child’s painting 🙂). Very impressed with Tilly, sitting patiently in front of what are essentially two red chew toys with kicky heels.

  • Richelle O says:

    Awesome video! love the make-up and also love the shorter hair on you!!

  • Ailin R says:

    I think it's time to hunt down my powder foundation.

  • Deen Denno says:

    Always love your videos! Tip: rather than blowing on your lashes to decrease their drying time, use a cool dryer or let them dry naturally to reduce the risk of eye infections

  • maria says:

    "Lesbianism! Many plus points!" – I'm going to put this on a shirt and wear it to Pride.


    When are Tilly and Walter going to get their own video?

  • hisushi says:

    As much as I love my bearded, manly husband I secretly sometimes wish I was in a relationship with a woman so I could borrow her makeup. Curse my heterosexual tendencies!

  • RoSeLi Nuñezzz says:

    Damn your hair is super short compared to mine (my hair is past my butt)

  • PhoebeFay RuthLouise says:

    5:23 lol

  • Rain Cloud says:

    That looks like something I would wear if I could ever get my hand still enough to put on eyeliner and false lashes.

    But I can't so I stick with the doll look.

  • Thea Jala says:

    honestly when i first watched this video i was on the hunt for primer and now i have the same primer in the video! its good! also i love the powder and water trick, but the powder foundation i have is water proof… so when i start mixing it doesn't mix. it's like oil and water. great video, i should try this look one day!

  • xxlilminx x says:

    I just found you recently and I'm binge watching everything. I'm loving your makeup looks cause my eyes are like yours and making makeup last is a struggle, xoxo from Jamaica

  • Sophi Roberts says:

    Fabulous. 🙂 I will be sure to try this.

  • Heather McKinnon says:

    You are soo pretty (even w/o makeup) and the vintage look, amazing.

  • Cara M. says:

    I would love to see your winged liner tutorial! I have hooded eyes very much like yours and I'm sure I could learn a lot!

  • Sarah Buckley says:

    youre so beautiful jessica

  • Singette à roulettes says:

    Your lips are so prettyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • Elliethenerdyfish Perlman says:

    About the thin eyebrow thing… what if your like me, and have naturally bushy brows?

  • Fiona Allan says:

    I just subscribed. Do you mind if I use this look for my wedding? I'm a collectif/lindy bop/hell bunny wearer and always worry about my make up! You're giving me great ideas. Thanks so much

    Regards from Yorkshire
    Fiona x

  • Anna Bergstrand says:

    I absolutely love you! And your videos!
    Not only are you adorable, a wonderful person, and in possession of the greatest spirit known to mankind – I also find your videos very helpful (and not only because I am sort of disabled myself). I’m going to a 1950’s party very soon, but I’m a little afraid of makeup, so I don’t want it to look too costume-y. But this is the perfect middle way. Thank you so much. And thank you for inspiring me by being you ❤️

  • HattieBoomBoom says:

    Hi…I really love watching your videos as I can relate. Despite everyone nowadays wearing Nike and Adidas, I’m in love with anything vintage or to do with the world wars!!! Thank you so much for making these amazing videos and can’t wait to watch more!!!

  • Miia - says:

    Maybe it´s easier to but fake lashes on the blind eye, because it can´t send sos -messages to your brain telling you to stop immediatelly 🤔

  • Loreley Hübinger says:

    "Lesbianism! Many plus points!"

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    Jessica Im in love with your makeup and… HAIR 😄😄😄❤❤😍. Can you make a sponge roller tutorial in that look??? Im excited to see what your hair now looks to me

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