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Hey, guys! Welcome back to my channel! Today I’m testing out a Dior Matte Lipstick. This is a little sample I got in the shade
999 Matte. And as you might imagine from such a name
the shade itself is a beautiful red-red lipstick. So these lipsticks are not cheap obviously. I think they retail for about $42 Canadian
dollars – I just checked, but I just forgot. Let’s just get applying and then I’ll wear
test it throughout the day, see how it lasts and yea. See my overall feeling about this. It has virtually no scent, I would say maybe
just a hint of vanilla. All right – first impression… It feels great on the lips! It feels very moisturising, very smooth and
creamy. Got some on my teeth. Oops. The shape of the bullet is really helpful
for getting a nice shape – it’s kind of a weird shape. Kind of a really simple shape. But it helps you to get a precise line around
your lips. The colour itself is a very beautiful true-true
red, you can see it has got maybe a hint, not of gloss but there is definitely some
highlight there. When I do my follow up check-in right away
in the natural light we can see if it’s gotten any matter at all. Other than that the packaging is really nice,
very sturdy. Kind of an interesting, unique tube. No colour identifier which is a little annoying
depending on many lipsticks you have. But overall I like it. Overall no complaints and I have tested the
cap – it does not come off in your purse, which is one of my pet peeves. So great there! Kind of a basic lipstick requirement 🙂 But
I have had some lipsticks where the cap does come off and it’s super annoying. Enough rambling, this will probably be a quick
video today. So let us go through the day and see how this
stuff performs. Bai. Do you think it looks any different than my
$10 L’oreal Paris? It’s a pretty colour. I have so many of this colour. But I love it! Pretty patchy… All right, this is post-coffee. It’s not perfect. Gonna do more. Now I think I’m going to coffee date #2. All right, we just got back from the gym and
I’m going to retouch, but first, let’s quickly do the advent calendar. Yeaaaaaa. So today is the 8th, up here. Can you guys see? This camera is not the best autofocus. And my hair looks so trashed. Oooh, it’s a blusher. Special size. #34 Oriental red. Magnetized! All these pans are magnetised on the back
so I can totally drop this into a container. Yea. Boom. All right so let’s get this lipstick on. Doug go cook dinner! Haha. So we are about to eat some pizza because
we just went to the gym and worked really hard. So I’m going to reapply this lipstick – you
can see it’s still kind of on. It’s kind of just stained there is nothing
coming off. But the inner lips are a little wonky. So I’m just going to reapply. Such a pretty colour. Blot. Using some translucent powder. Gonna powder my lips. And then another layer of lipstick. All right let’s see how this holds out. All right you guys so here we are at the end
of the night. Let’s take a close-up look. You can see that even after Pizza they still
have a good stain left on my lips. However, there is a little bit of wear just
in the centre of my lips. The formula itself is really comfortable to
wear. It is a normal lipstick so it does need reapplying
I’d say every 3-4 hours. It lasts decently through a meal. You still get a good amount of stain but at
the same time, you definitely will need to touch up as well. For $42 dollars I think is a beautiful matte
formula. However, in terms of lasting power and ease
and comfort, I’m not sure it’s any better than my L’oreal Paris that I did a couple
of videos back in my holiday glam video. Or if you wanna spend a little bit more something
like the Besame Red colour or the Anastasia Beverly Hills in American Doll. This is probably the least comfortable cause
it is a liquid lip. It has super staying power. Let’s just compare the colours here. Here is American Doll. There is Besame Red. Would you really know that they are different
colours? L’oreal Paris. This is maybe the warmest and maybe it is
more similar to the Besame Red. Can you tell the difference? Can you? Would you pay $40 for a normal average lipstick? Or would you be content with a $10 version? Let’s compare one more- let’s compare urban
decay 714 mega matte. There is the UD. Yea? Cheaper. $42 Maybe $30 for the UD or Besame? I don’t … I don’t get the difference. Any of these would look great on me. It’s just not that super special or remarkable. All that being said it is comfortable to wear,
it’s a nice feeling, it’s very light on your lips – you forget that you are wearing lipstick
at all. As the day goes on there is hardly any transfer. I just applied and there is pretty much no
transfer. Very nice, not a huge amount that comes off
throughout the day. If it does come off it’s pretty much stained
your lips for the most part., but not completely. Overall my rating would be, it would definitely
pass – I’ll say 2.5 /5. Not to say that I don’t like it. But the packaging is average, the lid stays
on, the bullet shape is really nice, but is it 3x the price nice? I don’t believe so. Price per value – there are way cheaper alternatives
out there that are just as good, if not better. And are way cheaper. Would I repurchase? No. I would try out other colours if I got them
in samples, cause it is a comfortable formula to wear. However, I’m not going to buy a Dior lipstick
anytime soon. Sorry Dior. I’m sure you really care. So yea, that’s it from me. Very late now. Thank you guys so much for watching, if you
enjoyed this video do leave a comment, give me any feedback you have, have you tried out
this colour or any of the dupes of this colour? I really like that it’s named 999 it’s like…
of all the colours, this is the super iconic Dior red. Make sure you give this video a thumbs up
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at @csidephotobeauty and I will see you all tomorrow for my next beauty video. Bai!

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