Scoliosis Body Confidence! [CC]

Scoliosis Body Confidence! [CC]

Hi lovely people! Welcome to my office and this wall paper is one of the first things that we did when we moved in. It’s a cupboard, guys. I love our house. It’s like… it’s just the best thing. So… today let’s talk about body confidence. I think it’s something that we all struggle with, really. We all have our ups and our downs and feeling good, feeling bad… I don’t believe that there is such thing as the genetic lottery. Lottery I have no… I… I… I can’t do this. This comes from a girl who has a genetic disability, okay? I just don’t think that you can win or lose based on how you’re born. Someone could be the perfect picture of beauty but still have problems with the way that they look. And, equally, someone else has a part of their body that is off-putting to other people but that they fully accept and they love, even. I have a double scoliosis I don’t know the sign for it, I’ll be honest. Is there a sign for that? But that’s a double curvature of the spine. At the top, here, it goes to the right and at the bottom it goes to the left. Can you tell? No? That’s because they are both exactly the same. So, 45° here and 45°… here. My ribs at the top go this way and at the bottom, here, they go this way. In… This side goes straight down. So the right side of my body has a little waist and lots of muscle here on the shoulder. And then, the left side of my body just goes straight down and has lots of muscle around the back here. And that’s… it sounds pretty painful and… it is pretty painful. I take lots of painkillers every single day. Sometimes that feels like having a really hot poker like… jammed in my shoulderblade and someone’s trying to wedge it off. But most of the time it’s just like an ache similar to having a big book dropped on your foot. That kind of, like, bone crush. If I had to have my spine straight, that would mean having a metal rod attached, and they would have to break all of my ribs and then reattach them. And as tempting as it is to become the female Wolverine… … no. I just don’t care enough to actually do something about it. I have much bigger problems… my hair is naturally straight. I always try to be aware when I’m dressing and choosing my clothes to try not to have it show too much. That’s just my personal preference. And altough maybe you can’t see it right now if I walk around in a little bikini then, yeah, it’s pretty obvious. But I’m happy, very happy, to walk around in said bikini. Just, please, no close-ups of my teeth. I also had a mini stroke so now I can’t feel the left side of my face. Plus, I find it that it moves quite slowly This one sided little smirk? That’s paralysis, I’m not actually flirting with you. Or am I? My point was: we all have body issues different types, whatever they may be and no one really cares about your particular problem because they are all worrying about their own. So my thing is to take one part of your body you can control like your hair and just channel all of your issues into that. World peace solved by good haircare. This video is for Emma, who asked me about body confidence and being confident when you have a disability. So these are my thoughts, but what about you? Thank you for watching! Subscribe, hit like and let me know what you’d like me to do a video about next.


  • Tim Ferguson says:

    the way you say "hair care" is so cool

  • Donna Sauer says:

    Love that advice and your sense of humor

  • Joanna Baker says:

    I love this video!! I was wondering, is your scoliosis related to either of your other disabilities (I forgot the names of them, the ones you talked about in another video) or is it an independent condition?

  • Velvet Way says:

    Interesting video! I've got the same type of curvature – S shaped but only about 20-25 degrees with both curves. Even so, sometimes it is an absolute painnn. The way you described the hot poker is exactly how I feel! But somehow I've gotten along without pain meds beyond the occasional Advil. Doctors say I have an exceptionally high pain tolerance haha

  • missiworld says:

    I too have scoliosis caused by Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and I've also been dealing with POTS and a slew of other related disorders. Like you mentioned toward the end, I've taken a lot of this out onto my hair since it's the only thing I can actually control. Last year, I shaved my head and donated all of my hair, and since then, I've played with different styles of very short hair, have dyed it blonde and now pink, and have been relishing control over this one thing that I have. On days when everything else is failing me, I still think about how I have this power over my hair–over who sees it and in what states and that anything I do to it is entirely and solely for me.

  • Jessica Holden-Cook says:

    I’m sure many many people would love to see a house tour

  • Maria Emília Castro Oliveira says:

    I have Scoliosis too! It's a lot more common than I thought it was. Be too concerned about appearance it's just too much of a pain, so I just use whatever I want and don't care about others opinions hahahahahahahaha by the way, great channel! Very informative!

  • Mjaocha says:

    You are so wonderful! Thank you for this video 🙂

  • MsElle says:

    3:24 😂😂👌🏻👌🏻

  • Robyn McCormick says:

    This is so lovely! I have scoliosis, too, and feel so self-conscious about my weird waist and skew hips. Thank you for being so cute and confident, and inspiring others to do so, too!

  • Shawna Lynne says:

    I just want to know who all these Yolondas are that are hitting the dislike button….what is wrong with you people?

  • Alyssa M says:

    I had scoliosis but had the option of getting it fixed 9 years ago. I had a 38 degree curve at the top and a 48 degree curve at the bottom. I now have two rods, 21 screws and a wire in my spine. The spinal fusion changed my life in so many ways but limited my flexibility in so many ways. I am happy I had my surgery, though.

  • Darcey Baxter says:

    My younger sister had scoliosis. She had surgery to correct it. Because she was in a lot of pain. She says she still has pain now, but nowhere near as bad as it used to be!!

  • Sarah Hamilfan says:

    One of my friends has scoliosis, and she is probably the happiest and most positive person in our friend group. She also gives the best hugs!

  • Nas K says:

    This was ages ago but I recently only discovered this channel I actually had a double curve in my back as well a 45 and 54 so mine didn't balance out like hers

  • Agatha Szy says:

    I had double scoliosis and had the metal rod surgery when I was 16. I wouldn't recommend it unless it was absolutely necessary, which in my case it was because I had two 90 degree curves, which gave me trouble breathing. I couldn't really walk for about a month after the surgery and the recovery was about a year but it took a little over 2 years to feel 100% better (no aches, I can move normally, I can bend, etc.). The metal rod surgery is only given after puberty or unless its absolutely necessary for your health because the metal rod stops your spine from growing anymore. Once they put it in, your spine will no longer grow, everything else will but you have to be prepared to sacrifice that. My surgery was a mandatory surgery when I was 16 and had basically just started puberty so the tallest Ill be is probably 5'3/5'4. But other than that, I don't regret having spine surgery because back when I had scoliosis I had to wear the Boston Brace for 18 hrs every day (which was hell) and do vigorous physical exercise for 1-2 hrs a day, and it was like that since I was 7. My only choices were either get surgery or wear the Boston Brace a.k.a torture for 23 hrs a day for years to come. On the bright side, having scoliosis makes you shorter so when I got my spine straightened out, it added 5 inches to my height, so technically I grew 5 inches in 9 hours lol.

  • MildeAmasoj says:

    You are such a role model. I have a very very very mild form of scoliosis and asymmetry in my body. I did gymnastics for years so that I could strengthen my back and get rid of the pain and get a good posture, so I'm totally fine. The fact that my legs are very uneven bothers me, but I know only I can see it and it usually doesn't hurt too much. But seeing you, being proud and confident even though you've faced and still face so many struggles that are really so much harder than my stupid ones, it makes me feel sooooo much better and it pushes me to actually don't think about stupid things and actually focus on the important stuff. Thank you so so much.

  • Sean Reese says:

    I am transgender so body confidence for me is really difficult because everything about my body makes me feel dysphoric. Like even typing this and seeing my tiny skinny dainty hands is kind of bothering me. Although I like the tip about picking something that you can control. For instance I can't control the fact that I have no jaw line whatsoever, but I can wear a binder, or cut my hair. I wasn't expecting this to be helpful because most body positivity things are just "Be healthy and love yourself!" but this actually really was. Thank you.

  • Farah Sheikrojan says:

    Great channel! You seem very strong and lively. Inspiring to me and without doubt to many other people.

  • Kea Alex says:

    Omg your scoliosis is exactly like mine! Mine is double curved (It might actually have the same curvature) wow this is wild, I've never met anyone else who has it like that

  • D. .B says:

    With all due respect, i don't think you've taken your scoliosis seriously enough.Having scoliosis is not just something that can be considered a body issue, like an aesthetical problem..It can cause serious helth problems..The ribs could deform one's lungs if the curve is too large, i had 54° double scoliosis (both curves had the same degree) and i started having that issue.With a higher curvature your heart can get possitioned a certain way and all sorts of other helth issues can happend..Really, if you can get the surgery done, DO get it please.I've had it 4 months ago and i genuinely think it's the best choice i've made for my life.It's life changing, and i really think instead of trying to support body image while having scoliosis, encuraging people to get their scoliosis cured (through therapy, use of corsets, even surgery) is the best thing that could be done. To anyone that has scoliosis, I'm not saying not to like your bodies, I'm just saying to not settle for that. Don't ignore your condition, do anything you can to get your scoliosis checked and under control, if you have a small curvature and have to do simple therapy, do it regularly, be vigilent, scoliosis is a condition that only get's worst if you don't do anything at all about it…Stray strong, fight through, you can get your scoliosis fixed i'm sure❤❤❤❤

  • Kai PT says:

    This was very reassuring as I have scoliosis which is not severe enough to operate on but causes a lot of pain and makes the ribs on my left stick out much further than my right. As you said, it's only really obvious in a bikini or something but I am still often very self- conscious about it. I absolutely love all of your videos but this one particularly resonated with feelings that I've been trying to express to people for ages so thank you very very much, Jessica. Your videos really mean a lot to me and I'm so glad that I found your channel. <3

  • Shannon Briggs says:

    I also had an s-curve. I had to have surgery for it when I was 11 because my upper spine was compressing my heart and left lung. I have two titanium rods, my 5 lowest discs fused and one of my ribs was removed to use in the fusion. Also cadaver bone! So I'm part zombie!

  • Amy Louise says:

    Oh my goodness I have scoliosis as well! Mine’s the “double curve” thing as well; it was ~65 degrees on top and 45 on bottom. I had the spinal fusion surgery over the summer for the top (it was deemed completely necessary) and I am super happy with it, but I’m ready for it to be over. 🙈 My 6-month check-up is Monday and I’m really hoping I will no longer have to wear my brace at night (for my lower curve). Fingers crossed!

  • super_sad says:

    At least you'll never have to worry about being curvy.

  • Hyacinth Pixie says:

    I'm so so late to this video, but I've been a female wolverine since 11! Spending Christmas in the hospital on my back was so much fuuuun blank stare Considering getting a tattoo along my spine actually to complement the scar.

  • Barbuli-Nagy Senada says:

    I had body isues a lot the past, but then i started working in a plastic surgery clinic, and seeing men and women whom i consider much better looking and succsesfull than me undergo surgeries to "improve" theyr bodyies, i've gotten so happy with myself, i love the fact that no mather my flaws i don't care nor minde enough to undergo surgery to change something

  • J XB says:

    I happened upon your videos today and I am in awe. You are brilliant and inspirational 🙂

  • JanineBean says:

    I actually cried when my doctor told me I COULDNT have foot/ankle surgery because my feet are SO flat and my ankle collapse is SO bad and I had SO many other health issues that I just wanted something I could just go to surgery and fix lmao.
    As far as my body confidence goes, I really hate how ugly my feet look in flats and such, but it doesn't bother me too much. My energy disorder/sleep disorder/mental illness/polycystic ovarian syndrome have made me gain weight and that can be hard to deal with, but I honestly just decided to not care. I just realized that lots of guys I liked loved my curves, and that even if they didn't, they don't define me and they don't have to make me unhappy. Now the natural state of my body doesn't disgust me, and I had to work on that a LOT after being a dancer my whole life because that gave me body image issues. Also like, when you're really sick and your body/mind doesn't WORK, and all you want is to get better, for me it just makes worrying about my weight or looks seem so mundane and unnecessary. I have my priorities now and they are NOT looking a certain way aha.

  • Sinka Csilla says:

    It's alright not to care at the moment, but trust me, you might need the surgery. The sooner, the better. My auntie is over 50 and he has terrible… Terrible back pain, and she is so far gone, she cannot even have surgery. She works in a bakery where she needs to stand a lot so sometimes she needs to take days off because of the pain.

    But I love how you are so confident. And you should be as you look wonderful! I wish I had that much confidence lol

  • Brittany Crooks says:

    FOURTY FIVE DEGREES?!! Holy freaking moly Jessica, my scoliosis is only 22 degrees, and that’s bad enough

  • Sofia A says:

    Oh. I just learned what my scoliosis are called!

  • Aisling Oharrigan says:

    Wow you just described how my back and neck feels almost all the time!
    Also you have the most beautiful eyes and I'm envious of your hair. <3

  • Luisa H says:

    I have scoliosis but thank God it's not that bad and I don't need painkillers. It's all about finding someone who loves and respects you for who you are. That's why I am happy for you and your wife. My man has depression although he doesn't have any disability (!)

  • Christine V says:

    Very inspirational! I have scoliosis and had a back brace. It hurts chronically and it’s so awesome to have someone so inspirational to explain how it is to have scoliosis!

  • Marina Martin says:

    Wow I think you are a great and super strong person, I really admire you

  • Niko Biniaris says:

    "my hair is actually straight 😱 " hahahahaha you're the best

  • Jessica Horsburgh says:

    I have scoliosis but I hate it!
    I  had 2 back braces, had  3X Scoliosis surgery. I've all ways been told by my mum, to cover your back and scar so other people won't get offended , but I am in to Vintages clothes.
    I didn't have Body Confidence, just wish I can. just feel like a walking camel… 
    how do you maintain back pain? I go to Physio some times to help with the pain. or I use heat rubs and  pain killers.
     I love how you dress and love your videos

  • Deep Redd says:

    I only recently found your channel, but I really wish I found it sooner. Watching your videos and learning about all your disabilities slowly was eye-opening for me, because I have several illnesses, including scoliosis, that I always thought would hinder me in life. To see you achieving so much after having been through so much, and being such a ray of sunshine is really inspirational to me!

    Keep Shining Jessica! <3

  • Масло Масляное says:

    I have this disease too and a lot of others, it's a pity to suffer from pain practically every day at the early age, but I hope it's getting better

  • Eloise Elliott says:

    My friend has scoliosis and today I just found out I have a small case compared to hers. Her Instagram is Charlotte_scoliosis and she's open to questions about it 🙂

  • Simmer4 says:

    God, I'll never have your confidence, since being diagnosed with scoliosis, I've worn baggy clothes to hide my curve. 😂

  • RandomPants says:

    Wait I have double scoliosis and my curvatures go the same way as yours.

  • Let's Go Sand says:

    I can't ever seem to explain to others what my back feels like due to my own scoliosis, so none of the people around me truly understand how I feel or why I walk with a limp, etc. But this makes me feel much less alone. You are very good at creating that feeling ❤

  • Denise Lisboa says:

    I have scoliosis but it isn't double.. it's just on the bottom part of my spine. it hurts a little bit, sometimess it's tiring to stand up for a long time (an hour LOL), or to sit down for a long time (also an hour is enough to make me uncomfortable), but i think i care much more about physical appearance more than how I feel it.. :/ idk, i think i looks weird, my waist is kinda funny.. but i'm learning to go over it and wear anything i'd like to wear and don't be afraid of letting people see the shape of my body. it's hard not to care about what strangers will think of me, but i'm learning…

  • May Athena says:

    I want to be able to see a doctor for my scoliosis. My primary care physician never even told me I have scoliosis. I had to find out after switching doctors and having my medical files transferred. I am angry, but I will seek treatment or seek options for it.

  • Alexandra Perkins says:

    I absolutely love this video and you! I had my spine fused with two rods about 8 years ago my top curve was around 60 degrees and my bottom was about 20 only my top was corrected. I too am in a lot of pain so correcting it if it isn't as severe isn't so necessary especially if you are happy with your life. I was 13 and still growing or else I would have tried to not have surgery. can't wait to watch more of your videos!

  • Madelaine Dubin says:

    I also have a double curvature through my thoracic spine. I'm very much relating to that one sided shoulder and back pain right now. Thanks for sharing. It's good to hear people speaking about it.

  • Standardsizedumbass says:

    I have double scoliosis too, mine isn't as bad tho: it's a 22° curve and a 17° one, so my posture is a little bit shifted to my right, and sometimes it hurts. Anyways, this made me feel a lot better, you are always very positive!

  • Annika says:

    I have a mild scoliosis.. dont remember what degree but it dont need surgery at least. My main body issue is my anterior pelvic tilt (i think thats the correct name…). But am working on it, exercise. It makes my back hurt 🙁 but i hope it will get better with exercise.

  • Singette à roulettes says:

    I feel lucky that I couls solve my scoliosis pain problem with deadlifts…The curvature is still there, but "locked" in place with meat.

  • Because it’s Jasmine says:

    Thank you for making this video. I have double scoliosis too and it’s quite similar to yours. I always feel insecure with how my back looks when nobody is really looking at it. Glad to know I’m not the only one.

  • Melissa S says:

    I have kyphosis and I am VERY self conscious about it. Between the pain and the looks it's quite hard to ignore. I try to be less self conscious but still. Maybe someday. But it's nice to see someone with back issues who is happy and loved, makes me feel like I'll get there too :'>

  • Cortnie Simmons says:

    i have never seen someone actually talk about the rib and hip thing, and i've even had doctors tell me that it was only affecting my back and i was just imagining it, thank you so much for this video 💕

  • Silent Lynx says:

    When I read this first I though it said “Body Confused” 😂 Another amazing video though! ❤️❤️

  • Emily Rachel Gilley says:

    After working in a spine clinic, I can say the straightening surgeries are just so brutal seeming, I wouldn't unless there was absolutely no other option! And I have had fusion surgery. But those rods…no, I'm leaving my scoliosis as is.

  • Philippa says:

    Thank you so much for talking about scoliosis pain!! People always seem to think that somehow it doesn't hurt… I had surgery to correct a 60°-40° s curve 12 years ago (no rib breaking involved, thank god…) but I still get achy shoulders. Otherwise it's all much easier post surgery – the breathing difficulties have stopped now my ribs aren't crushing my lungs – but I used to be quite self conscious about my scars. My coping mechanism now is that when people ask about my scars, I tell them with a completely straight face that I was attacked by a shark. It takes them a minute before they realise the scars are too straight for that to be true, but it stops the conversation from being awkward! On that note, happy Wednesday and keep being your beautiful self and doing these awesome videos. They really help 🙂 x

  • Jenna Marie says:

    Ok this made me cry because I have scoliosis. Before I was diagnosed I had back pain for months, the way I described it was exactly the same as you, a hot poker in between my shoulder blade. It for some reason is really comforting to me haha

  • Shala Carter says:

    Hello Jessica! My daughter has scoliosis and she wore a brace for I want to say a year and a half or two years when she was in high school. My sister also has scoliosis which leads to one leg being just a bit longer than the other. So, when she buys new shoes she has to adjust the heel and the Soul so that her legs lineup. Soul no no no Sol e. Okay bottom of the shoe. Speech to text can be a huge pain! At any rate, when she would get tired of a pair of shoes and give them to me, it was interesting. I should have had her fix them so that they were back to the way they came from the store. Cheers!

  • Simona Dz says:

    I have had scoliosis and I loove that you made this video. Any tips for loving with it and excersises when you are in pain?

  • keira muller says:

    Yeah I just got the spinal fusion. And I’ve gotta say, as awful as it was, I’m glad I did it. 🙃😊

  • popemse says:

    haha, I don't know BSL (only AusLan) and I couldn't tell if you're using signs throughout the video, or just using your hands when you speak aha

  • Maiden DE says:

    I had no idea you had scoliosis too! This is my primary problem. I have 3 curves, upper cervical left 26/ upper thoracic right 115+/ lumbar 42 left, with severe rotation. I'm in extreme chronic pain due to constant muscle tension, trigger points & high spasticity, also on strongest effective meds, though they don't reduce my pain enough consistently. Have you tried a custom corset-style medical brace (can also look very stylish!) Or even just a custom underbust corset? They don't brace adults in the US, but they do here in Germany. Mine helps with my pain substantially (I can be upright longer with less pain) & it also improves my curves & rotation – and looks awesome! I find wearing it as tightly as comfortable is most helpful. I also have a hideous hard plastic stormtrooper style brace which is very painful (though otherwise would be incredibly beneficial if I could tolerate wearing it more), due to bruising on my L ribs & R hip bone & stressing weak muscles, but it gives me back a lot of my lost height.

    I really struggle with feeling crooked/asymmetric (my OCD doesn't help!), but I agree you've got to find things you love about your appearance. I'm not as advanced as you yet in this regard but you are really helping me progress, I feel.

    Sorry for the whiny rant but I hope you or someone else may find this helpful. You'd look extra amazing in a corset IMO…though your hair is totally fabulous enough on its own. 🙂

  • Isabel Hernandez says:

    I have a double scoliosis curve too (an S curve). If you did want to help your back pain or decrease the curvature, I recommend you go to ScoliSmart. I went to the one in Michigan and her was great! I definitely would recommend you go to him. He will fix the back pain and decrease the curve without surgery

  • baciu14 says:

    Can i just say that after all of the negatives of your body issues and disabilities , you are an inspiration with your positive attitude,.

  • SoulSearcher MusicSavedMyLife says:

    hello I have scoliosis to I am hearing my scoliosis went 21 years without getting picked up now I am preparing for surgery to put medal rods in my spine I do have lots of pain I use a wheatpacks and I do stretches the pain feels like someone is shoving a Cactuas planet into my back I had to lose lots of weight

  • Vicky C says:

    I have the same type of scoliosis as you. It is amazing to see someone with the same type of curvature (with different degrees though) that is so confident. It gives me confidence, so thank you for that.

  • Georgia Elizabeth says:

    I have had problems with my ears from a very young age and my hearing has slowly gotten worse. I find myself lip Reading alot of the time and closed captioning is my best friend but I find I can watch your videos without them and perfectly understand you! Makes me so happy 😊😊 you speak so clearly!

  • Kommisar Faure says:

    Who yeah has Marfan syndrome and still gets bitches?

  • Mandy Clarkson says:

    Hi Jessica, I have a slight curve in my spine. People do occasionally say things like “oh isn’t it a shame” to their friends when they pass me. They always say it loud enough for me to hear. Annoying and upsetting! I have just started watching your videos and I think you are an inspiration. Beautiful lady! 💕

  • Catsarelife007 says:

    My scoliosis is my biggest issues I have with myself.Its gotten horrible within just three years.
    I bought a dress that was so cute and vintage style,(Jessica is shaking probably lol)and it was like a sailor dress?

    I have a hourglass figure despite my scoliosis and I bought a small because the medium would be to baggy and just the next year I couldnt zip it anymore because my back had curved.I cant wear it anymore and only got to wear it once.:(
    I have a hard time with any dresses or fitting tops because they need to zip past my hunch and put pressure on my ribcage.I cant even wear bras along period of time without pain or feeling like I cannot breathe so I get stuck dressing like im wearing baggy shirts in unicorns and rainbows so I dont constantly look like in 'wearing my boyfriends clothes'.

  • toastburntbread says:

    You have the exact same scoliosis as me! it really helps with the whole " you are not alone" thing. An interesting thing a physio once said to me about the surgery for scoliosis is that it doesn't actually take away the pain, but reallocates it to a different part of the back. so to me, it was , well whats the point then? Also, have the whole straight on one side and waist on the other thing. I quite like my waist side. It's fun to pose in pictures with it. I get IMS needling done on my back and I find that helps quite a bit.

  • Dea Carey says:

    My funny scoliosis story: In high school, I was in flag corps (color guard), which is an American thing. Twirling flags with the marching band during football games. To keep lines straight, we had to "guide right," which means looking straight down the line and making sure you can only see the person next to you. If you see people's fronts, you're too far forward; butts mean you're falling behind. (No pun intended.)

    I flat out couldn't do it. When they would put me in the "right" spot, I could see people. If I lined up so I couldn't see anyone, I was too far back. No one believed me. I was like, "Look, I can see Beth fiddling with her ponytail, and Debra just pushed her glasses up." "You can't see them. I just put you in line, so you can only see me!" Then how did I know exactly what everyone was doing? Everyone always ignored that question…

    I would explain AGAIN that it was probably the way my spine was curved, so that things didn't line up the same way. (My curvature didn't really show up, because my compensatory curve means my shoulders and hips are nearly level.) Response: "So-and-so has scoliosis, and they can do it!" Because OBVIOUSLY everyone with a spinal curvature is exactly the same. Never mind that I had demonstrated that guiding right simply didn't work! About every other week I'd be sent off to run a couple of laps because I obviously "wasn't paying attention". On the plus side, I was very well behaved, so I still ran laps less often than many people. Don't get me wrong—my team captains were really nice, just incredibly frustrated by this girl who twirled flags great and never acted up but was always a little out of position.

  • noelle127 says:

    scoliosis and hearing loss and red head? my twin!!

  • Polina Gisich says:

    oh my. after your video I notoced that one of the sides of my face (right) moves differently. after 21 years, haha. (my scoliosis is about the same as yours)

  • oh no its actually anna says:

    Love yourself even if you have scoliosis but like I have something similar to scoliosis (my back isn’t straight it is arched weird the thing has a name I can’t spell it I’m a little kid) but it hurts a lot to have back problems. I have minor back issues that are currently being fixed because I’m still young enough but it hurts I can only imagine how much it would suck to have a severe back issue

  • Seven Co says:

    W H A T? You're so awesome! I have issues when it is about "self-loving", I've never trully accepted my scoliosis. Loved your video, totally made my day and gave me positive thoughts. I now understand when people say I'm pretty despite my back cause it doesn't really matter, cause you're so pretty and funny and you wear bikini (omg, I wish I had the courage to do so haha). And yep, it doesn't really matter. Thank you so much for sharing this ♥

  • Acherontia Atropos says:

    I always accepted my scoliosis and was never ashamed. People didn't notice it, not even in a swimsuit. But if they do, so what, I think I look cool. 😉

  • Ellie Brodie says:

    hi I've only just seen this video but I'm 16 and I had scoliosis and I had the operation which im really happy about your video has really made me feel more confident with my back x btw I live in England

  • EtErNaL lIvEs MaTtEr! says:

    Double scoliosis is terribly uncomfortable for me… but there are things that can really help and so help me excersise and nutrition are two really important things for people with scoliosis to focus on.
    Stretching purposefully paying attention to your posture
    Pain medication is nothing but a band aid that will silently destroy you.
    God bless all who read this.
    Jesus loves you!
    John 3:16-18

  • Maddy Reedy says:

    What language is she signing? ASL? BSL?

  • Pragati Rastogi says:

    I also have 2 curves both same ° degree but ur posture doesn't look that bad but look bad from back and sides.😫
    I feel soooo bad about my height,dressing and for many things that I could not do.


    Me too! I have a 40 degree on the top and 25 at the bottom

  • Sean Blount says:

    I feel like your talking about my life for a second. I started with a double curvature, but with physical therapy I now only have a signal curvature.

  • Jc J says:

    This actually made me cry… I was just diagnosed w. scoliosis @ 35 but known for years that something was wrong. I told multiple doctors I believed I had it. None listened even the current one who finally sent me for x-rays due to severe pain. I also suffer from an abnormally shaped torso which I didn’t really pay much attention to until my early 20s when I realized my body was shaped differently from most women. I have very narrow hips & carry majority of my weight in my midsection giving me 1 pronounced love handle and 2 back rolls which look like 4 because my torso is so short & crooked.. I’ve thought about getting Lipo and other cosmetic surgeries because I don’t feel like a woman.. so thank you I’m hoping to eventually care less but every day dressing my body & not hating is a struggle 💘

  • Rowena A says:

    Ahhh the Wolverine thing. Almost as common as response as the "do you set off airport metal detectors"… No, the magnetic field of titanium is too weak for that. Oh, you were making a joke, excuse me.
    I'm grateul to my rods, my curvature is now only 20% but I still feel I look awful in corsets, which was an integral part of the style I wanted to have. Vexing. I was told that without surgery I'd be in a wheelchair by my twenties and suffer a shortened lifespan – a compelling reason. I still walk differently, from the years spent adjusting to having one hip higher than the other, and I hold my left arm slightly more bent from where it fit into the curve in my left side (the other being straight-ish, okay, there was a bluge from the flared ribs) but otherwise I could do whatever any other "able-bodied" person could. Also, no more blinding migraines! Yay.
    This was the right thing for me to do, for my scoliosis, just as Jessica's way is right for her and my other fellow wonky back people with their own ways – I hope anyone still suffering finds their most excellent way of carrying on as well.

    (As an fyi, I wasn't sassing at the beginning there nor I wasn't offended, just reminded of seveal anecdotes).

  • eryn gresham says:

    I actually had the rods put in my back around age 12-13 and it literally saved my life I was curved at an 86 degree angle towards the right so my curve is on the left and my wonderful surgeon got me down to a 33 degree curve and literally saved my heart from being crushed

  • Адвентус Солис says:

    I would never nice your scoliosis. It can get worse. Do you do something about that?

  • Amatarasu Uchiha says:

    Would a going to a chiropractor do any good? Mainly asking because I have had fairly bad back problems for ages and when it gets to the feeling of being stabbed due to my spine being out of place causing a pinched nerve or something and the pain decides to spread all over making all of my muscles connected to that nerve sore going to a chiropractor and having them adjust the part of my spine that is out of place tends to help alot and no there's is no cutting me open or anything just manipulating the spine from the outside relaxing the muscles first then adjusting the spine if you didn't know

  • Sophi Smee says:

    I have a fibreglass brace and I HATE it so much. The doctors are hoping I won’t need surgery though. I have to wear my brace for 22 hours per day and I’m kind of struggling at school because I get only four hours of sleep. Does anybody have tips for how to manage with a full back brace?

  • Amalie Sofia Vestergaard-laustsen says:

    You are amazing

  • Balazs Luca says:

    I have scoliosis, I already got one surgery and going to have a another one. My curve was around 65 and 70. But a I still have it a little😕, the most annoying thing is (on one side of my back there are my ribs coming out I dont know how to explain it) but anyway when you sit it hurts and weird. But I kind of got used to it now.☺

  • jkmakeupmaster143 says:

    I have minor scoliosis, and have PVL ( it’s a stroke in utero) .

  • Bergyn Hanson says:

    This is for anyone without scoliosis that is reading the comments. I personally have scoliosis. Not extremely bad in my opinion. I wear a back brace to bed. I did want to say though, scoliosis itself doesn't hurt. When my mother recognized my brother had slight scoliosis she told a doctor or nurse and one of the first things he asked was, "Does it hurt?" No. It doesn't. From my experience, the muscle around my spine can become extremely sore when carrying heavy things on my back or shoulders. Coming home with my computer and bulky case and backpack…there are a multitude of times that I have to stop. Especially during the summer when I unconsciously walk slower. I got a rolling backpack to help my lower back. Unfortunately, I still have to carry my computer on my shoulder which makes my lower side muscles hurt. What scoliosis does is affect your breathing. Try leaning to one side (without leaning forward) and breathe. Difficult, right? That's what scoliosis does to you. Scoliosis can cause pain but it itself is not painful.
    I know there are people who will disagree with me. Just keep scrolling. I'm just here to tell you the facts from my experience and what my doctor has told my family and I. Jessica's pain in completely real if I gave you the wrong impression above. My pain is like a sharp plastic dagger stabbing me in the shoulder or lower back. Yes, her aching feeling is also real. That's when I know I need to try to get home faster. LOL!
    P.S. That last paragraph was not a confirmation on her pain by me, another scoliosis person. I just wanted to be sure that people understood that there can be pain associated with scoliosis as the first paragraph sounded as though she should not be experiencing the pain or she is making it up.
    People often get the wrong impression when they hear things about scoliosis. The comment is just to inform. Thanks for reading!

  • Mary Am says:

    Omg I just started to realize how much scoliosis makes me insecure about my body…

  • Mary Am says:

    How do you dress with scoliosis

  • rachyl rae says:

    When you said the face thing I was like some people tell me I talk to the side of my mouth. And I didn't realize that could be part of my scoliosis.

  • yo merengues says:

    I've got lip incompetence (can't fully close mouth). However, i have the right to smile… specially while cosplaying!!

  • Tessa Forth says:

    I had an S curve with both curves measuring about 50 degrees. I did some physical therapy at Scolismart for a gruelling year before it got that bad, but it was painful, a nuisance, and didn't help my spine. Eventually, last summer I had surgery, but it wasn't the typical spinal fusion. Instead, I had Vertebral Body Tethering, where instead of rods screwed in I have flexible tethers (almost bungee cords) to straighten my spine while still allowing growth and movement. A year later, my curves are in the twenties (based off of the last time I had an x-ray). I still get pain from time to time, I have ten tiny scars up and down my sides and my torso is very short, but I don't need to worry about my spine getting worse anymore, and overall, my quality of life is so much better 🙂

  • sipos0 says:

    I'm sorry to hear about your naturally straight hair. You manage it very well 🙂

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