Setting Powder vs. Finishing Powder – What’s the Difference? – Too Faced Cosmetics

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi peaches! Elyse here, glow pro
for Too Faced Cosmetics. I’m going to tell you the
difference between our Peaches and Cream Setting Powder and
our Peach Blur Finishing Powder. While both powders have a
beautiful peach essence, they do totally
different things. Peach Perfect Setting Powder
locks your foundation in place and really helps to absorb oil. It has a matte finish and makes
your skin look so velvety soft. I like to use the
Mr. Right Brush to press and roll
starting at the forehead and working out and down. Using the
press-and-roll technique is going to set your
makeup without moving the foundation underneath. You don’t want to
disturb your makeup. You just want to
lock it in place. Peach Blur Finishing
Powder is always the last step in creating
the smoothest skin possible. It has ultra fine,
spherical powders that blur the skin
to hide imperfection and soften texture. This powder is different
from Peach Perfect because it’s not made to
set makeup or absorb oil but to refract light, slightly
color correct, and blur up any harsh makeup lines
with a modern matte finish. This is your filter
in a compact. I like to use the
powder brush to sweep this starting at the
forehead and working down. Be gentle in your application. You don’t need a ton
of product to create this beautiful filtered effect. Keep this powder in your
purse to blot and refresh throughout the day. All right beauties, I hope
this takes the mystery out of setting and finishing. Wear it proud, and
own your pretty.

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