– And you open it up and, oh. (upbeat music) (intense music) What’s up, K Army? Today I am back with another video. So today, guys, we have
a new lighting situation. Let me know if you like it. Yea, nay, maybe, yeah, oh, oh, oh. No, no, no, yes, yes, no, yes, okay. Well we just got new a
light situation today because I just wanted to
try something different and we just doing natural light today. Let me know if you like it. But aside from that, what we are doing today is right here. My mom got me this gigantic box here and it is full of surprises. So this is one of the Shany
Cosmetics Surprise Boxes. And you just get a big box and they put a bunch of
goodies from the brand inside. See what you get. You’re surprised when you get it. So, that’s what we’re doing today. We’re just unboxing this
gigantic makeup box. And I’m going to just go through each of the products and show
you guys what came inside. Okay, the first thing that I’m pulling out of the box is this iLookbook Pro, which is super cute. It’s packaged like an Apple iMac Book. And it’s thin like the box. And you just pop it open. Let’s pop it open. And first thing first,
when you take it off, it looks like an Apple laptop, and you have two brushes on the sides. So you have a flat shader brush, and this is really needed. It’s a flat shader eyeshadow brush. And another flat eyeshadow brush. And of course the palette itself. And let’s open it up to
see what we have inside. So here is the inside of the palette. And all of the colors are
named by numbers and letters. And it’s kind of like a keyboard. And I think it’s pretty cool. So I’m gonna swatch a few of the colors, just to see the color payoff
of some of these pigments. Let’s go for pink. Nice. A blue. Cool. Purple. And, last but not least,
let’s do an orange. Okay. Now all of the colors look like they have a pretty good color payoff. Orange is a little splotchy. Yes, these are nice. These are super nice. I’m excited to just try
these out on my eyes because sometimes swatching
things on your arms always doesn’t do exactly what it would, how it would perform on your eye, so. It’s always better to just really give the palette
a good go on the eyeball. On the eyeball. Put this back in here. So just in case I wanna do a tutorial, we all can follow along and
everything will go great. Okay, so what is this here? This is the Shany Cosmetics
Urban Gal Collection Brush Kit. Flawless face wherever you go. The Urban Gal Collection Brush Kit. Cool, this is cute. This is super cute. So here is what comes inside of the box. And I really needed one of these, because right now, all of my make, oh, it’s brushes inside. Oh, that is so cool. I needed a brush like this. Is this a lip brush? Okay, and all the brushes are numbered. We got a fan brush. Well, we have two fan brushes. Two fan brushes, look
like one is synthetic and one is either goat hair or human hair. Bristles feel different. A flat foundation brush. Two eyeliner brushes. We look like we have a lip brush here. And the rest of these are looking like an eyeshadow brush. The rest of these look
like eyeshadow brushes. And of course, this cute tumbler case, and it looks like it’s
very good for traveling. And I keep all of my
makeup when I’m traveling inside this gigantic Hello
Kitty heart case bag, and right now, my makeup brushes are inside of Ziploc bags, because I just find that sanitary and keep them all together. So, I’m glad I have this now. Which is super awesome. Next we have All She Wants
Is A 12 Piece Lip Gloss Set. So here are the lip glosses inside. Open this up. I might end up putting
one of these on right now. Right now I have on a lip plumper that came in one of my Boxycharm boxes. I’ll be posting on my Instagram soon, a video of me using that Boxycharm for the month of January. So, yeah. Stay tuned for that. And follow me on Instagram. So, they are 12 little mini lip glosses and I’m gonna put one of these on. Let’s try this little
shimmery nudeish brown. They’re so tiny, it’s so cute. This one is Posh Date. So I’m guessing that these
are mini sample ones. So if you like it, you can
go back onto the website, which I’ll link the website below, and you can buy the kit on the website, but I didn’t see where you could possibly buy a full size
of one of these colors. I just think that these
glosses are super cute. They’re super cute, so. Okay, next we have this Beauty Book, and the packaging of this is super adorbs. And I’m gonna pop it open. And this is how it looks. It looks like a actual book. I make things so complicated
when trying to open it. You just open the flap and you open it up and, oh. Goodness. You have this entire book here. So inside, you have the three blushes. You have 12 lips, three blushes, two face powders, a mirror, and in the center, you have two eyeliners, two black eyeliners, one mascara, a eyebrow brush and spoolie, and three eyeshadow sponges, and three lips in the center, as well as 26 eyeshadows. And these eyeshadows are super cute. I love the color scheme of
this Beauty Book and yeah. I’m excited to give
this a go on another day because I already have
on my eyeshadow today. Maybe tonight. I get really excited about planning makeup and I’ll probably do
this later on tonight. Maybe even post a video on my
Instagram of me using that. Also we have a 10 times magnifying mirror, where you can stick it on your bathroom mirror or another mirror. We have some false lashes. It looks like it has a couple of different styles inside of the box. Not really my type of lash, but hey. Here we have a, this is a cosmetic belt. So if I was doing someone’s makeup, which I have been, and I
just purchased my own belt where I needed my brushes
to easily access, and yeah. This one is much better
than the one that I bought, so yeah, I’ll be using this, if ever I’m doing anyone else’s makeup or if I’m doing Kirsten’s makeup. We have some Ghoulish Glow tattoos, face and body tattoos. And yeah. I remember I used to put
fake tattoos on all the time. We have two little
individual eyeshadows here. This Blue Angel, which
is a gorgeous ocean blue. And so pretty. I think I need to do a look with this one. Next I have here a makeup brush holder, another makeup brush holder, which is super cute and
well needed for my vanity. I’ll probably end up putting this inside of the drawer because I like to keep my vanity kind of free
and clear of all makeup. But I’m gonna open it up anyway so you guys can see how it looks. I like to keep all of my makeup brushes and everything stored away inside the drawers of my vanity. Okay, so this is the makeup brush holder, and it’s zebra print all the way around. I have a sister-in-law
who would love this. She loves animal prints. And inside you see that it has, where you can just stick smaller brushes in on the outer portion. You could possibly put
just the bigger brushes. So that’s nice. And last but not least, we have another iBook and yeah. This one is a little bit different from the first one I opened up but let’s just open this
one up to see the inside. When I tell you guys my eyeshadow drawer is full to capacity, I do not know where I’m
gonna put these new palettes. Feel like I’m buying
eyeshadow palettes every week. So this is kind of like a mini Mac. It’s a little bit smaller than the first palette I showed you guys. And again, we have two eyeshadow brushes, just like the first palette, and the palette book, of course. So, it’s super cute packaging. And open it up. Gorgeous. We have a little bit more vibrant colors inside of this one than the
first one that I showed you, but the colors are kind of similar. You just have a few more neon colors. Super exciting and we also have some eyeshadow sponges at the bottom. I don’t typically use these because I feel like it tugs on my eye. But it comes with brushes as well. It has the smell of makeup. I like that makeup smell. If you know what I’m talking about. It’s like an eyeshadow makeup smell. Is that weird? Does anybody else, comment down below. Does anybody else like that smell? And oh, I forgot to mention. All of these palettes come with a large, super large mirror, and I love when shadow
palettes come with mirrors, so. So guys, that completes everything that came inside of my surprise box today, and I hope you guys enjoyed this video as much as I enjoyed opening
these products on camera. I love unboxings and yeah. I hope you enjoyed the video. So as always, don’t forget to like, comment, share, and subscribe to Kirsten and I YouTube channel, and if you do decide to
subscribe to our channel, don’t forget to turn
your bell notification, so you get a ping every time we post. We love you guys and
we’ll see you next time on Karma Playhouse. Deuces. – Hi, I’m Kirsten. – And I’m Miesha Michelle. And you’ve been watching– – [Both] Karma Playhouse. – If you like challenges– – And DIYs, remember to
watch more of our videos. – And smash the subscribe button below. – [Both] Deuces.


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