Simple Every Day Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial + Full Face | Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette

Simple Every Day Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial + Full Face | Dominique Cosmetics Latte Palette

hey guys so today I did a full face of
makeup on camera and for my eyes I used the dominique cosmetics a latte palette
i did eight a super easy everyday of smokey eye on my eyeballs
I only used three shades and I also played with a few new Hoodie beauty
products today her body glow in the nuit tan tour so if you want to see how I got
this look go ahead and keep on watching all right we’re gonna start with the
eyes and I’m gonna prime it my eyeballs will always ask how I prime my eyes and
I switch between a concealer and a Paint Pot or the Sigma stick it just kind of
depends what I’m feeling but most of the time I do use a concealer and I use any
concealer that’s just kind of laying around like I don’t have a really
particular one but I usually grab for the Too Faced Born This Way concealer I
just do a little dot on my eyes and then I take kind of a fluffier concealer
brush and just buff it out and then I always take my are CMA and no color
powder and on a large fluffy brush I just set that in place this is literally
all I do super easy I’ve been doing this
technique for like years now all right now we are ready for eyeshadow I’m gonna
go into the dominie cosmetics a latte palette I’m gonna pick up the shade at
caramel on a sigma e35 and I’m just gonna run that in my crease and then I’m going to dip back into that
color and just build it up a little bit more now I’m gonna take the shade of
vanilla cream on the same brush and I’m gonna use that to lightly blend out the
edges so I’m going a little bit higher in my crease now I’m gonna take a Sigma
E 54 in the shade hazelnut it’s just a really pretty warm brown shade and
that’s gonna go all over my lid and I’m making sure I get it all the way into my
eye socket now I’m gonna take a mix of the two
brown shades we’ve used so far on my e35 and I’m gonna put that in my crease
again to blend out this harshness we just want this to look like really smoky
and kind of effortless alright so I just blended all of that out see the
difference between this one and this one yeah
and same thing on the other eye and then if you need to you could add more of
that brown shade to your lid and that’s pretty much it for the top lid let’s
move on to the face so I want to try something I haven’t tried before on my
face I saw it nikkietutorials talked about this in her snapchat and she took
the new hooded beauty and body highlighter as a face primer I don’t
know how this is gonna work I feel like I saw someone else talk about it too and
they said it worked so I’m a little nervous
somebody is the lightest shade called a luna and I’m I look so glowy fuck I guess I’m just gonna put it all over Oh
gross yeah that looks so bad I look like a
sweaty oily mess for my foundation I’m using the Loreal infallible 24 hour
fresh wear minutes to shade 405 I think it’s the lightest one I don’t know let’s
see how this looks over this glowy stuff this foundation is a little bit too
light for me but all I’ve bronzer and stuff so it’d be fine and this
foundation is more on the math side so we’ll see how it works with this body
highlighter I feel like that looks kind of really good holy crap now I’m gonna
try the ELF concealer in the shade of fair beige under my eyes I still don’t
know how I feel about this concealer yet people say it’s similar to shape tape
which is my all-time favorite so I’m still just kind of testing this one out and I’m going to set that with my RC ma
no powder no color powder eye stick like a little bit on the tip of the sponge
and I don’t really bake but I just really Pat it in okay actually my under
eye looks freaking fantastic Wow I have another product I want to try
on my face and it’s the new hooded beauty at tantor contour and bronzer
cream I’m gonna go watch one of her videos real quick to see how she
recommends applying this so I’ll be right back I did get the whole PR
package so I have the brush as well and I’m gonna start with the shade of fair
honestly the shape fair is pretty dark I feel like they could have gone a little
bit lighter for a fair skin tone so she applied it with her face not set on the
only place where I have powder on right now is under my eyes so I should be fine
with blending and stuff so I’m gonna take this sculpt side of the brush
product go it was do like one side at a time I have a big forehead so everybody okay
now taking the fluffier side I’m gonna take my beauty blender and just kind of
go over right here I’m gonna add just a tiny bit more you like that looks really good I do
have more texture on this side like right in my contour area so we’ll see
how that looks this product is really really creamy oh and by the way there’s no scent I was
kind of worried about that when I saw this product just because her foundation
so heavily scented and her powder is but this guy nothing since I’m wearing and
off the shoulder top what if I do my thing my collarbone here can you even
see that I don’t think I did a very good job a little bit on this one I don’t
know I don’t know what I’m trying to do here since we’re here I’m going to take
the body highlighter in Luna again and let’s just kind of hit this area shall
we let’s go on the collarbone I would use my hands but it like stains your
hands you can’t even see what I’m doing I wish I was more graceful doing this I
do find that this applies better when you mix it like with a body moisturizer
but I’m just not I don’t have them with me right now
oh you can see that though I mean that doesn’t really good but let’s go back to
makeup now so in who does video she didn’t even like set her bronzer with a
powder bronzer she just left as it is and set her whole face with her powder
but I’m just not gonna stop my face at all but I will use my hourglass powder
it’s like kind of setting your face but not really so I’m gonna take the
hourglass ambient lighting trio and I’m just gonna go all three an amazing at
Sigma F 25 for blush I’m going to take this
Charlotte Tilbury blush in the shade sex on fire never leave the shade name yep hi blending blush okay look good yeah
you always look good baby beautiful so glowy yep
and then I put this one on my mark two by ten
I tend my collarbones okay see sure okay I’m gonna take some six plus I always forget how good the smell is oh
my god and I’m gonna take this venti highlighter in the shade a lightning
dust and a fire crystal I think I’m just gonna mix the two together okay I feel
like my skin looks so good right now I don’t know if it was that glowy
highlighter I put all over my face the foundation looks good my under eyes look
so good I do like this contour tantor whatever you want to call it so let’s
finish up the ice I’m gonna take that caramel color on my e54 and just go
along my entire lower lash line this brush still has a little bit of
that hazelnut shade on it but that’s totally fine and then I’m gonna take
that vanilla cream shade on my e35 and just kind of soften out the lower lash
line now I’m gonna put that fancy highlighter in my inner corner and right
under my brow now I’m gonna do a basic line of eyeliner on my top lash line it
with the benefit roller liner and Brown you could totally use black but I just
want it a little bit softer today now I’m gonna go pop on some mascara and
lashes alright so for lashes I used talk to you lashes and the style tl2 and for
my lips I popped on the Jeffrey star and liquid lipstick in the shade I’m nude
with the fenty gloss balm and dinin milk on top just because I love a glossy lip
I love how my makeup turned out I feel like everything just looks so good
honestly the eyes were super duper easy to do with this palette I used three
shades if you wanted to make the eyes darker you totally could if you want to
go lighter you could use just that caramel shade and not the hazelnut shade
there’s different ways to kind of play with this look I think my skin looks
freaking fantastic and I’m a little bit shook and I don’t know if it’s because
of this or not but I’m gonna keep trying this out as a primer see if it breaks me
out clogs my pores what does it do or try with other foundations but um I
really like my skin I do think the huda beauty tantor looks really good as well
it was really easy to apply easy to blend I’m gonna keep the shaved light
and fair for myself I don’t think I’d ever be the shade medium or dark
obviously yeah I’m just really happy with how this turned out so I hope you
guys this video thank you so much for
watching and don’t forget to Like and subscribe


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