Smolder Cosmetics Review | Loose Glam Dusts & Smolder Potion

hey guys it’s Emily from j-14 Smolder
Cosmetics sent us these awesome products they are the loose glam dust powders
and these colors, you can use them as eyeshadow they’re beautiful to begin
with but what makes them even crazier is the smolder potion that they also sell
but honestly I’d rather call it magical unicorn potion because when you mix them together the colors just become so much more vibrant and pigmented and
long-lasting. everyone’s talking about it and now I know why. so what we’re gonna
do is we’re gonna do some swatches on my arm and show you how amazing and bright and magical these colors are it’s honestly the coolest thing. burnt copper is a red burnt bright red color and it’s just the most gorgeous shade gold-digger is like kind of like a
mustardy gold and if it ends up being a little watery
you could always add more powder add more potion whatever you need for the
right consistency Emerald City is so pretty if you like green colors it’s
kind of like a teal very similar to moonstone it’s a white
iridescent bright color so this color we have bronze glow it’s a
beautiful shimmery bronze color rose has to be my favorite it’s like a
millennial pink gold beautiful shimmery shade and pink gold is another pink color with
gold shimmer inside and it is beautiful pixie dust is basically unicorn dust it’s a
very light pink white shimmery shade then we have moonstone which is a
beautiful iridescent white so as you can see that magical unicorn
potion just makes everything so much brighter and more vibrant they’re all
amazing and there’s there’s a reason you need all of these trust me my one piece
of advice is it can get pretty messy and you kind of need to get a feel for how many
drops you want depending on how much powder you are using so play around with
it it’s so much fun but what’s cool about this is the smolder potion you
could use this with any of your pigment so even if you don’t have a smolder
cosmetic pigment the potion is worth getting and if you enjoyed this video be
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J-14’s new content bye guys

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