Splatter & Silver Bunting Half Moon Nail Art Tutorial

Hey everybody! In this video I will be showing
you how to create this splatter and half moon nail art design. The half moon design looks
like silver bunting. It’s super easy and this is a great tutorial for beginners. So if you
want to see how I create this design and learn how to do it yourself, then keep on watching. Start by painting your nails with a white
or very pale colored nail polish. I used an extremely pale pink and it’s called Friends
Forever, Right? and it’s by China Glaze. For the splatter I am using acrylic paint. I highly recommend using acrylic paint and diluting it with water instead of using nail polish and diluting
it with nail polish remover. It’s way easier to do the splatter and it’s also a lot easier
to clean up afterwards. I am using blue, pink, and purple acrylic paint and then also white
to make the colors a little bit more pastel. Mix the color that you want with your paint
and then add a little bit of water to it to thin it out. Then take a brush with dense bristles and
dip it into your paint mixture. An old toothbrush works well for this. Hold the brush over your
nails and then take your thumb and drag it through the bristles so the paint splatters
down onto your nails. Repeat those steps for all of the other colors
that you want to splatter onto your nails. This can get pretty messy so if you want to
use tape or liquid latex to block off your skin, you can go ahead and do that. Here I am cleaning up the splatter just a
little bit and I’m actually using water. I’m not using nail polish remover, but nail polish
remover does take it off a little bit faster than water. As you can see I still have some acrylic paint
leftover on my fingers and on the rest of my hand where I was splattering, so what I’m
going to do is apply a top coat. I’m going to let it dry, and then I’m going to wash
my hands with soap and water. The acrylic paint should come off really easy.
I have a few dry spots on my fingers and my hands from playing ukulele, so the paint sticks
to it a little bit more, but for the most part it all comes off. Using a very small nail art brush and silver
acrylic paint, I am going to create the bunting style half moon. I’m freehanding my half moon,
but if that’s a little bit too difficult for you, you can use a circle sticker as a guide. And then paint on some small triangles to
your half moon line. When you’re finished painting on your design
you can apply your favorite top coat. I am using one from Lauren B. Beauty. And that’s it! You are finished and it was
pretty simple. I hope you guys enjoyed the design and the video. If you did, don’t forget
to give it a thumbs up. If you are new to my channel, don’t forget to subscribe. Thank
you so much for watching and I will see you guys next time.

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