STOP…..Watch Before You Start SMILE DIRECT CLUB, Candid, Invisalign, or Traditional Ortho

STOP…..Watch Before You Start SMILE DIRECT CLUB, Candid, Invisalign, or Traditional Ortho


  • John Hogan says:

    I do Invisalign, and my teeth are way out of alignment, I’m almost finished but my teeth are far from being perfect, might try braces next, BTW thanks for making these videos, your enthusiasm is contagious!!!!

  • Shubham Machhi says:

    Invisalign is the best one

  • Amy Pham says:

    I had braces 15 years ago when I was teenager, it was perfect by the time I got it off but now 15 years later it’s crooked again 😏 I’m not sure what to do next, Invisalign, I really don’t wanna put braces on again😩

  • Jess Guerrero says:

    Hes amazing!

  • Victoria G says:

    I didn’t go with Invisalign is because I found out I had a cross bite and was worried about fixing that. I knew I was going to need elastics to fix it and wasn’t sure how it would work with Invisalign. Plus I like that my braces are on 24/7. However I have noticed at time I had no pain when adjustments were happening. So then I ended up feeling like things weren’t happening for months. I’m hoping to have them off before January 2020.

  • Anthiam Bradford says:

    Can you recommend a good cosmetic dentist like yourself in Australia….Sydney Brisbane
    Need to get some work done before braces
    Also….really ….honest to goodness…what is best?
    Braces or invisalign ?

  • Dental Now Panorama says:

    These are FANTASTIC points. We've noticed so many patients that don't really understand the benefits of getting a good diagnosis. They don't really understand how important getting their smile checked before they actually begin straightening. BTW, side note. your channel is fantastic. We've learned so much from you're an amazing journey on youtube 🙂 Keep it up!

  • TheMrKristens says:

    Thank you for explaining the congenital missing teeth issue before braces/Invisalign. My husband and oldest son have this…I honestly thought my husband was making it up–and to be fair, he actually didn't understand what he was dealing with bc no one explained it until we took our youngest son in for his Orthodontic treatments. It was eye opening. Also, it gave us a plan for the oldest. 😊 I don't want him becoming a snore king like his Dad–who does not have sleep apnea… It is all tooth related. Still trying to get the husband on board with needing to align his teeth so he stops snoring. 🤣 Always great advice!! Thank you!

  • Alex S says:

    Weighed up all the options and paid the extra for Invisalign at a platinum ortho… Sadly have to get two implants (upper second bicuspids). Really appreciate the videos you’ve made regarding implants. Your treatment process is amazing, may have to travel from FL

  • MV says:

    I am a dentist from Europe, and you have a lot of inspiring videos. The energy and passion you present are amazing. You make my day, seriously. Invisalign preprosthetic treatment combined with e-max veneers are like a combination made in heaven in my opinion.

  • JayJay Laurentino says:

    What are your thoughts on jaw surgery for patients that have slightly underdeveloped lower jaws, but not severe? my ortho threw it out there during our consultation as an option to fix my deep over bite

  • Adam soucie says:

    People who get veneers don’t seem to understand that braces can make your face more symmetrical and you jaw bite in much more even which makes you sooo much better looking than simply white veneers

  • Morgan Bateman says:

    Super informative… thanks Dr O!!!!

  • Kelsey Hawkes says:

    Thanks Dr.O for sharing great information!!

  • Ritchie Boyd says:

    This guy really could be a model

  • figueir2 says:

    Excellent video Dr. I too warn my patients these exact points when they bring up Smile Direct Club. I like to tell my patients the practice of unsupervised ortho is tantamount to worrying about and investing in expensive home decor when the foundation is crumbling and a growing sinkhole underneath the home threatens the entire project.

  • bchiu100 says:

    So implant first then invisalign?

  • Danielle Hardin says:

    i wish i could afford to fix my teeth. i lost one whole tooth and two more broke apart last year after a facial cycst popped out no nowhere. there was a lot of posion in my mouth from it. I lost my job and have been unable to find one since feburuary of this year due to the missing teeth since they are on my smile line. several of the jobs admitted to assuming i did drugs and that was why they did not hire me. I would require braces, one implant and im pretty sure i have pre donatal diesease 🙁 i hate smiling now or even talking..and its so hard being this way 🙁 without inusrance im stuck with this smile..and a cavity that i cant fix either..and i feel really hopeless…

  • Johanna Romero says:

    A lot of great info ! My dentist suggested Invisalign after I get all of my wisdom teeth extracted. 😫 Too bad you’re not in Miami . Would have liked a consultation.

  • Abhishek yadav says:

    I'm 16 year old and i have small teeth in the upper front part so i wanted to ask you that will it ever increase in size

  • Fear6No7Evil says:

    Do you have an affiliate in the Portland, OR area?

  • Mandla Sokhele says:

    Thank you Dr, I always watch your videos and they always give me hope. I have a problem with my front teeth. The are breaking and I am been trying to repair them but it seem like it need a very expensive attention. is it good ideal to remove all the front teeth and replace them with something permanent? what you can recommend for me to do in order to gain confident when smiling?

  • Pamela Carter says:


  • Imleocalm says:

    Please add all office information in the description of your videos with links.

  • Taylor Anderson says:

    Good video, I had Invislign and it was an okay experience. Also, what are your thoughts on silver diamine fluoride? Been reading about that and the SMART fillings and it sounds awesome.

  • GiGi Marino says:

    Can you just adopt a 60 year old mom that can cook . only light housekeeping.. Lol

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