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My name is Antonia, and I was 16 when I got my rhinoplasty. I’m Emma. I had my nipples done when I was 16 and my lips done when I was 18. I’m Zoe. I had laser resurfacing and removal of stretch marks on my butt when I was 15. I’m Fatima and I had a rhinoplasty at the age of 18. My life before my rhinoplasty, it was different. I didn’t like my nose. I was very insecure about it. Joking around, people would be like oh you’ve
got a speed bump. I’ve always wanted my rhinoplasty since I
was younger, since I was 12. My nose is a little fat in the tip, like Rudolph. The Doctor said that he would just shave
the bump a little bit and then lift it up a little bit just so it doesn’t
droop. When you have something about yourself that
you don’t like, it’s like why not fix it. My procedure was very noticeable, like the
marks on my butt it was like red/pink stretch marks and I got 4 laser treatments to take
them away. It was for my self, but it was more for like people noticing. I mean, I didn’t want people looking and saying
oh, did she gain weight? Or what changed about her body now? My life before rhinoplasty was very interesting,
I had really bad self esteem issues. I didn’t think I was pretty. I didn’t date at all. I got made fun of a lot. So I decided to do it since I was in like
third grade. I was just waiting ’till I was old enough. I met with a Doctor once I turned 18, it wasn’t
like a drastic difference, but it was just like enough for me to feel, like, better. I got my nipples done and pretty much all
it was for was just to make your nipples look better when you don’t have a bra on. A lot of people post pictures where they’re
wearing just T-shirts, and it was just to like make that look better, I guess. It’s the same kind of thing as getting your
lips done, it just makes them more like pointy, I guess. I never really thought negatively about plastic
surgery, but I am kind of still against going over the top and, like, not looking like yourself. I’m on pretty much all social media. I post, like, regular posts or stories on
instagram. Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. I use social media, yeah, every day. Every hour. I take so many selfies now, like, literally
I’m obsessed. The way I take my pictures and angles, I can
take a lot of side pictures now. I take any type of pictures that I want, and
my nose is fine. It looks nice, I like the pictures, I feel
confident in them. I’ve seen people in the spotlight and celebrities that have gotten work done. I love, um, Kelly Rowland. Um, I know Kelly Rowland had, like, her breasts done. Kylie Jenner has gotten a lot of lip injections. She got them done at a young age, so why can’t I? At this point I feel like it’s so accepted
that it’s just like that’s OK. Knowing that a lot of celebrities have had
plastic surgery, it just made me feel like what I was doing wasn’t like bad or wasn’t wrong. Getting the work done did feel empowering,
just because I did it for myself. People think when you get, like, a cosmetic
procedure you do it to impress other people. It’s all about your body, and making yourself
feel better about yourself. I have heard the term body positivity, and
that’s like another thing I think goes along with this. Because, when someone’s like, oh I wanna lose
weight or whatever it is they wanna do to like feel less insecure, I feel like this
is the same kind of thing. Only this is seen as negative, whereas someone’s
like oh I wanna start exercising more or whatever it is like, that’s not seen as negative. I do think plastic surgery can be a feminist
act because I feel like sometimes guys think that girls are getting plastic surgery because
it’s like oh, I wanna look good for this guy, But like most females, I feel like they do it just to feel better about themselves. I totally think it’s a feminist act Because I think it’s like women taking control of their bodies. It’s not negative towards anyone else, it’s
just building yourself up, building character, building confidence in yourself. I’m happy with the way I Iook. I feel like I’m not 100% with my body, but
as of my face, I’m perfectly fine.

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