Subtle Green Makeup Tutorial | Subtle Pop of Color Series

Subtle Green Makeup Tutorial | Subtle Pop of Color Series

– Hey friends, welcome back. It’s great to see you. I’m Courtney and I’ve got Nyx and Phaedra on the bed behind me,
my two standard poodles. And today I’m going to be
doing a how to wear subtly sort of series, I guess,
is what I’m starting. So, today’s color is
actually going to be green and I’m going to show you
how I put together a look wearing green, but in a
subtle way that would make it appropriate for almost any situation. Oh, excuse my lashes because
I’m due for a lash fill, so that’s why they look a little crazy. And I’ve already prepped my eyes, and I actually used the, what is this, Supergoop First Light SPF 35
base as my eyeshadow primer. And I set this with the
Cozzette Essential Powder in C1. I’m going to be using the Black Moon Cosmetics
Orb of Light palette. And I’m going to use
this shade right here, which is Cold. And it’s kind of like a light taupe color. I’m testing out these
Pixie eyeshadow brushes that they sent me today. So, I’m going to try and use
as many of these as I can. I’m just going to start
building this color up at my lower lid. (groovy music) And bring it into the outer part of my eye where my lashes are going crazy, and I’m going to build
this up through my crease. (groovy music) When you use a shimmery eye shadow base like I did it makes blending even easier. It’s actually one of the
reasons that Urban Decay’s Sin Primer is one of my favorite primers. It’s that I just like overall how it just makes it easier to
create a look really fast and blend it out. (groovy music) And I’m switching to
this other Pixie brush. This is from that Pixie brush trio, these three brushes that they sent me. And I’m just using the
biggest brush to soften Cold. I’m just building this
color up a little bit more at the outer corner and the outer crease. I’m going to use New,
which is the biggest shade in the palette. And I’m basically just
putting New on my inner lid just sort of brighten it. (groovy music) And I’m going to blend it out. (groovy music) Going back to this really
big brush to blend. (groovy music) I’m switching to the Sigma E35
just to blend a little more. So, one of the things
I’ve actually had people ask me is why do I bother
doing eye shadow tutorials when I’m not a professional makeup artist. And the number one reason
is that to me makeup is art. It’s for everyone. It’s fun to play with and experiment. I may not be a professional
makeup artists, but I still might inspire
you to try something new. So, for me I do it for makeup inspiration, ’cause I love it. I’m going to use the Goss 27S
with that same color Cold, and I’m just really trying
to build up the depth at the outer part of the crease and the outer lower lash line. And I bet you’re like,
how is this going to be a subtle way to wear green. Let me show you. I’m glad you asked. I was looking for an
iridescent green color to use because I didn’t want to use my Kat Von D highlighter palette that had the green in it
that I knew would be perfect. So, I went to Melt Cosmetics
and picked up Shadowplay, which is a blush light. And it’s basically got a
green iridescent to it. I’m going to use the
same brush that I used with the light lid color to
put Shadowplay onto my lid. (groovy music) And then I’m going to
go back over with this Pixie brush to blend some more. And I’m going to use this H&M
color called Mesmerize Me, which is also a green. (groovy music) And I’m going to use the
Sigma E20 and kind of smudge this along the upper lash line. I’m going to use the Sigma E17. (groovy music) And I’m just smudging more
of this green along the inner upper lash line. (groovy music) And then I’m going to smudge a
little bit more of this green along the lower lash line, right
at the roots of the lashes. I’m going back to my Sigma
E25 ’cause I want to blend outwards and upwards. So, I want to up my green
just a little bit more in the eyes because I
feel it’s super neutral and you can’t really see it. So, I’m going to use OCC Obscure, which has a little bit
of a green tint to it. There are plenty of indies out there that are going to be like a white with an iridescent green shift. And that’s really what you’re looking for for something like this. Oh yeah, that’s going to
make it way more obvious that it’s green. (groovy music) So, I’m really just using
this brush to tap more of that green on, and then I’m going to blend
it out in just a second. (groovy music) And I’m using that same
big ass Pixie brush to just blend that out. (groovy music) And this is the Eyeko Black Magic Mascara with my Smashbox Super Fan brush. I really don’t like putting mascara on when I have my lashes. But, I feel like otherwise
they look a little crazy at the moment. I’m going to put on the Smashbox Hood Witch
Crystalized Primerizer, which is a primer and moisturizer in one. (groovy music) It has a nice thin consistency and gives a little bit of
like, glow to the skin. I would imagine that if you had oily skin this would be a great moisturizer for you. If you have dry skin I
would not rely on this to moisturize your face. My skin is well hydrated
and prepped and ready for makeup and has SPF on. And I guess for foundation
I’m going to put on Tarte’s Foundcealer,
which has a stupid name, in the shade Porcelain Beige. So, I’m going to kind of put
this at the center of my face where I always know I
need the most coverage, and then work my way out. (groovy music) Well, I would say this is a
pretty good shade match for me. I feel like it just
disappears into my skin. I feel like that’s a pretty
minimal use of foundation. I feel like I barely have any one, which is fine. And I used a little bit of
Smashbox Aura Shield Primer Water to help blend that out. I am going to set under my eyes with my Cozzette powder,
because that’s my favorite and I really feel like that will help, especially since I actually
put mascara under there. With dry skin I find
that just sort of setting strategically works better
for me a lot of times than just trying to set all over. I want to take the same
brush that had Cold on it and just kind of run
that along my lower lid. I’m going to put on this H&M blush, which is actually called Deep Brown. I’m still searching for the
perfect sort of cool toned nude beige blush, so. I try new things when they come out, or when I see them and I
haven’t tried them before because I’m hoping to
find that perfect color. And I’m going to use the
Sigma F3 to highlight. And I’m going to
highlight with Shadowplay, which is from Melt Cosmetics. All right, so now that I have highlighted and put blush on I’m actually
going to put on a tiny bit more of my Cozzette powder in C1. All right, it took me a long
time to get myself happy with my cheeks, but here I am. I think I’m happy with the
application and everything for the cheeks. That was a combination
of H&M’s Deep Brown blush and Melt Cosmetic’s Shadowplay highlight. So, now for my lips. Since I was keeping this as a like neutral look with a pop of green I’m going to go for red lips, ’cause I think red lips
are pretty classic. You may not want to wear red
if you don’t like wearing red and green together. I personally don’t mind. So, I’m going to outline my lips
with Urban Decay’s 69 pencil. All right, now that I
have my lip pencil on I can go ahead and fill in my lips. And I’m going to use Black
Moon Cosmetic’s DeVille. I love this. It’s a metallic red. (groovy music) I am going to groom my
brows just a little bit with Lime Crime Bushy Brows in Smokey. Let’s see if I can get this
crazy lash groomed into place. Nope, I felt like there’s
one that just wants to stick up all funny. Okay, so let me zoom in so
you can see the finished look up close. So, here’s my subtle green look. So, here’s my overall finished look for my subtle way to wear green. Please be sure to let
me know your thoughts in the comments below. If you like this video please give it a thumbs up and share. Thanks so much for
watching and I’ll see you in my next video.


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    I’m sorry someone felt the need to give you that cruddy feedback! You’re doing exactly what you do best, which is connecting with and inspiring us. I think it’s a pretty look, and your skills are advanced in my opinion!!!
    Thank you for the video Courtney!💙💙💙

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    I am so gloriously happy you did this vid. For some reason, lately, I've been preferring more subdued eye looks with a pop of color. I actually did a green look yesterday but wasn't happy with it as it felt too bold and "off" to me. The look you did IS inspiring to me…thank you!

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