Summer Makeup Tutorial with Milk Makeup | Beginner Friendly Cruelty-Free Makeup

Summer Makeup Tutorial with Milk Makeup | Beginner Friendly Cruelty-Free Makeup


  • Makeup Obsessed Mom says:

    Pretty! I don't think I've ever used any products from this line. And yes, I think it all does look seamless on you too!!

  • Jen Kucharski says:

    I really like the brand! But I'm allergic to aloe, so I can't use quite a few of their products. That highlighter stick looks soooo amazing though!

  • Gillian Hall says:

    We don’t have the lip metals in the uk (yet) I shall look out for them in the States in September whilst I’m on holiday. I love milk make up, the mascara and brow gel are my favs, and also the bronzer. It’s nearly the weekend, have a good one x

  • Chelsea Lee says:


  • T Statman says:

    I love love this so much!! I keep watching videos on the Milk products but I just need to get some for myself.

  • Zim M says:

    I've been meaning to try their hydrogrip primer, glad to see you like it πŸ™‚ If you've used the elf poreless putty primer, would you say that primer or the milk blur stick is better at smoothing large pores?

  • SaucerJess says:


  • Rebekah Hurst says:

    I REALLY enjoy my BLUR stick and Hydrogrip Primer. I wasn't sold on the primer at first, but I think I was using too much. Now I love the combo.
    Also hell yes for a purple eye.

  • Amanda R says:

    Love this! I only recently got into their products but love the foundation, brow gel, setting powder, and hydrating stick. Now I have to go get that mascara!

  • jo_ v80 says:

    The products I've tried from Milk makeup so far are the blur primer stick, the cooling stick and the bronzer stick. Super impressed so far but I have to say the bronzer is my favourite! I just want all the sticks!! I really want the Kush mascara and brow gel!

  • Cin Seven says:

    The concealer looked like it worked really well!

  • Marcia Friedman says:

    Now I want even more Milk makeup. You are so bad for my wallet. I do have some small sizes of a few items from Sephora and I have several Kush mascaras since it's absolutely wonderful. On to the foundation and concealer now.

  • Scarlet Abrecht says:

    Wow that foundation looks gorgeous on you! I wish I could wear foundation without powder! I've been really wanting to try that foundation because I'm always on the hunt for a silicone free foundation. I might have to get a tester after seeing how great it looks on you!

  • Annie Northrup says:

    That lip color πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

  • Sinndy Morr says:

    The purple shadow πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ! Haha, I know the "focus" is suppose to be the Milk Products. Your skin looks very pretty without the look of "mask" makeup. That is the look I also enjoy. This summer, my skin has decided to produce natural moisture! Also experiencing hormonal/stress blemish. I say blemish and not blemishes because I only get one at a time. "IT" appears right on my jawbone area. Not gonna freak out and change my skincare ❀.

  • Sidra Vitale says:

    I love that purple eyeshadow, that's so gorgeous on you!

  • Heather D says:

    I've really been enjoying these videos.It's nice to see different brands that have shades that are actually light enough for people like us

  • Lola Seicento says:

    Such a pretty look, Courtney. Believe it or not, I still haven't tried anything from Milk Makeup. I keep looking at it when I go to Sephora, but still haven't picked a product.

  • misshunneebunnie says:

    You are so cute Courtney! I love the purple on you and love how phaedra and nyx are tired from working so hard with being beautiful! I really need to try this foundation as I too am a pale princess, and i also need to try the danessa myricks products. Thank you SO MUCH for making this video!

  • Slashed Beauty says:

    I like the way the brow gel looks! Very natural and fluffy!

  • Jennifer Tesauro says:

    I love MILK makeup. I just picked up a new concealer for my under eyes!

  • 25 Sweetpeas says:

    I've not used anything by MILK, but they look to have really nice things!

  • Claudia Materdomini says:

    Maybe I missed it but what kinda brush are you using to blend that flex concealer in under your eyes?

  • krunchykramer says:

    You complexion looks smooth and glowy – so pretty with your Milk makeup regime.

  • Jess in king says:


  • Jess in king says:

    i like that lip metal

  • Rosa Y says:

    I liked the tutorial but your complexion is so light that I can barely see what you put on. Except for your eyes and lips.

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