Hello Beauties~!! I’m back ^^~
And today’s video is gonna be about Colourpop. If you haven’t watched part 1 of this Ultra Matte line, then click on this link or the one on the caption box. I’ve already gone into details on its texture
in a video from August. So today’s one is simply to introduce to you
some new shades that I’ve recently owned. If the shades in part 1 is quite mainstream,
then I believe today’s shades are all new to you. At first they may look hard to deal with, But with careful makeup, you’ll get obsessed
with them for their extraordinary beauty. Most of the time we only pick some common shades for safety. However, isn’t New Year the time to change yourself a little bit? An important thing that I’ve already mentioned
in part 1, and I’ll say it again. This range is not recommended for those with
DRY LIPS. Colourpop Ultra Mattte is a liquid matte lipstick that dries quickly and adheres tightly to lips
most that I’ve ever used. It dries out right about 30 seconds after
applying. In part 1, I’ve already shown you
how to apply full lips. As its dries insanely fast, so you have to
catch up with its rocket speed. The color will be unevenly blended on the
lips if you’re not quick enough. That’s the reason why I do not apply
gradient lips using this lipstick. Moreover, also because of its super long-lasting
power, some of you may not be used to it And feel uncomfortably heavy on the lips,
which I totally agree with. But as I do not lick my lips, I’ve got used
to it right away. No big deal anyway 😀 The lasting power is freakin’ awesome,
even with heavy meal. But it may get harder to remove compared to
other lipstick textures. The makeup remover that I use today is Innisfree
Eye & Lip Remover, Containing oil that can remove this super
long-lasting matte liquid texture. Just put a cotton pad with this remover on
the lips in 2 or 3 seconds, Then it removes perfectly with a slight wipe. However, my lips still swells
after swatching all these shades. With the retail price of 6$ not including tax in the US,
This lipstick is still trendy for its variety of shades Not to mention those US gals being
obsessed with matte liquid lipsticks. If you haven’t tried out and are still curious,
then get one right away. However, you’ll be stunned by its super
quick drying and long-lasting power. I’m warning you 😉 If this is your first matte liquid lipstick,
then you’ll be shocked 😀 You may understand why my whole face didn’t
appear in this video if you follow my Facebook Page. So I hope for your sympathy
and keep staying tuned for my other videos :D. See you again soon!! Bye bye :****

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