TARTE COSMETICS Full Face • Revue, Favoris, Swatches & Maquillage Complet de Printemps ~ Ursula

TARTE COSMETICS Full Face • Revue, Favoris, Swatches & Maquillage Complet de Printemps ~ Ursula

hi everyone, I hope you’re well. Today I’m going to show you how I create this makeup, but I will especially you talk about Tarte Cosmetics products since it’s a brand that
just arrived in france which is now available at Sephora. It’s a brand I’ve known for almost two years now because I had
discovered it in new york and also on the internet a lot. I also ordered products on their website a year and a half ago or something and I just received a lot of products from the brand so I was so
happy to be able to try them out to be able to discover them. I also bought some myself so I’ll put you in the info bar those that were offered to me and those that I bought The packagings are really beautiful
it is I think for me anyway currently the brand that has the most beautiful packagings according to my personal taste and also there are a lot of natural ingredients in the products. It’s not a 100% natural or organic brand but it’s a vegan brand that has a lot
natural ingredients in its products and especially the ingredients
are listed for each product on the website so you can really see the ingredients, see if it suits you personally or not I like that
and I really like what they offer and I find that in fact the list of ingredients
is still quite restricted on a lot of products and that’s it and I like it so much I like it a lot the brand to so that’s why I’m talking about it and I was super happy to be able to try the
products and be able to show you my favorites. It’s not a sponsored video, I’m not paid to make this video but I really wanted
to do it. I really wanted to show you the products. A lot of the products are really big favorites of mine so I thought it was nice to
show and tell you about it so I hope you’ll like the video and
for you at the end of the video I have a giveaway because I received so products in 2 copies products from the brand then I went to
the launch event of the brand in Paris so there we received other
products and Sephora also sent me some Tarte products
so I put aside those who were in doubles and I prepared a little package for you. it’s still worth more than 250 euros
so it’s nice present. You’ll have all the info at the end of the
video, you will see what’s in the batch and let’s start the video. keep on watching. We will start with the primers
I have 2 primers here from Tarte there is a third one that is a prime which is between these two textures this one it’s really liquidy and this one
it is very compact in fact very dense almost like a butter and there is a third one that is a creamy texture that I saw in store. This one I
find a little too scented but it’s rather supposed to be a moisturizing base
so it’s a very milky texture actually like a lotion when I tested it I found it
pleasant to apply you can feel that it really moisturizes the skin
but it is a little too scented for me. The primer that is more a like a creamy texture that I saw in the shop it is good but it’s really a pretty basic primer
I would say to blur the pores and to mattify the skin, it has a really silicone feel to it so I’m not super fan either of
the texture. The one I like is this one it is the primer :
Pore ​​& Prime Balm that is supposed to blur the
pores. I think it is rather good for pores. I also use a
mattifying primer in general but I like to complete with this one because I find it more efficient to blur pores than other primer that I have so this one is great for pores You also have the maracuja oil from Tarte
the packaging is really nice, you have like a little pipette and you actually press for get the oil and to get it through but it still a
pretty classic oil for me and in general I do not use oil when I wear makeup. I rather have a skin that tends to great oily during the day
I rather have an oily skin so in general I shine very fast so I do not need to use oil in my products
but if you have dry skin maybe it can interest you and
the bottle is glass it is very natural in terms of ingredients so I like to matify a little my skin with a matifying base before because
my skin tend to shine especially as the weather is more and more beautiful, more and more hot which is so cool but my skin is shining
very very fast when it’s hot and so I use the prime … actually it’s the Shape Tape primer ideal before the Shape Tape foundation
you have a kind of little sponge like that it’s pretty cool to put it right here just remember to clean it regularly. Take a small portion of the products it’s really a thick texture but that melt in contact with the skin and I find that it really blurs
the pores when you have pores to hide. I have mainly them here
in fact so I apply it only here it does not give pimples it is
really nice to use and I find it effective that’s a
first product that I like a lot I have these foundations like that
I showed in a video a little over a year I will put you the link
right here and in information bar in when I had used for
first time it’s the Amazonian clay 12 hour foundation Amazonian clay 12 hour foundation
I do not know what shade I used in the other video but anyway I have
new shades so if you’re interested if you are
a bit like me in terms of complexion and if you want to know what is my shade because in the other video I had to mix two shades I think
meanwhile they added new shades. Here you have the 51
deep golden and here the 51 deep neutral I would rather tend to use the 51deep neutral and then illuminate my face with a concealer a little bit lighter. I’m just not really into this foundation in terms of textures, in terms
of application etc … it is not my favorite at all it is a
quite thick texture a bit like a cream. I prefer textures a little more
liquid in general for my foundations then I have the Face Tape foundation
and the new Foundcealer I really wanted to try
the Shape Tape but there were small controversies, little polemics at the time of its release because there were not many dark shades meanwhile since then they have added new dark shades and since then they have created a
new version of this foundation that is the Face Tape. I asked them
in fact if I could try this one because I really wanted to test it
and very nice the girls sent me 2 shades: the 51N Deep Neutral
which is my shade and the 53N Deep Neutral which is not my shade
which is a little bit too dark for me I am at this moment the shade 51N Deep Neutral This foundation I find it not bad at all I will show you a little bit the result on my skin that’s the shade. The shade is not. You see it’s still pretty Golden in fact for me it is quite warm
but I can wear it and I have already tested it
I like the result but I find that this texture tends to amplify
small wrinkles, pores if you do not have prime your skin
if you have not used a primer before that kind of thing.
In fact it amplifies skin texture if you have really smooth skin
no problem you can use it and result is
really beautiful, the coverage is really good
I really like the texture neither too fluid nor too dense for me
personally so I liked that and I thought I would really liked this foundation. It’s just that I don’t think it’s which suits my skin better, if
I can avoid, I prefer to avoid textures that amplifies everything
on the skin I would say however the result is matte so that’s
really nice and that’s what I have loved about this foundation but
surprisingly my favorite is the last one last launch the Foundcealer
so it’s a contraction between foundation and concealer that is supposed to be a multifunctional foundation which I
think we can also for example use on the body etc … I have
the shade here 52N Deep Neutral which is perfect so it’s very funny because
here I’m rather the shade 52 whereas you could see that for the other foundations I was rather 51 so I do not know … I find that their share are not exactly the same from one foundation to another. I am totally in love with packaging. Just turn up here and the pump goes out so you
can not lose the cap it’s super pretty with the clear side like that it’s beautiful but honestly I did not think I would like this foundation at all and the first time I applied it I did not like it at all because it’s not a mattifying foundation for me it’s not a foundation for oily skin but I still can use it and I love it the result of this foundation because I use
a mattifying primer I also use the primer to blur pores etc and the result is very beautiful and in fact the
result is really glowy and makes the skin luminous
it actually attracts light surprisingly it’s very beautiful on me and
it does not tend to mark the skin it is rather a foundation that is made for dry skin or normal skin maybe it can very good but the result is really glowy actually the skin shines. You have to really matify your skin before if you tend to shine and powder the foundation, well fix it then because I find that when I apply it on the skin, I feel like
it is not fixed I feel like it slides a little on my
skin so for me I really need to fix it afterwards but the result is
beautiful I love the result the shade is perfect the color is really pretty for me I mean
I do not think you’re going to see the difference like that. I am surprisingly really a fan of this en though it thought really I wouldn’t like it less than the other one
so… sometimes it’s good to try they created a brush for
every product for every foundation this one is the one that goes with
the Face Tape and this one is the one that goes with the Amazonian Clay and I
find that the application is really good with each …
with each of the tools that is advised to use. it’s really what’s best and their purple beauty blender like that and
I find that the application is prettier with the beauty blender and
more natural for me but if you want more coverage you can use one of these brushes and so I use the sponge. I’m going to moisten it
and I’ll be back. It’s super fluffy and in addition to that I love the purple color of course so I have already done my eyebrows I don’t know if I told you but I did them as usual I like to apply my foundation directly on my sponge and I like to actually apply it with that part there
I apply a little bit everywhere first and then I will blend well and I think that the result is great very natural with this foundation and as the texture is pretty light not too thick especially when you
apply it with the sponge the result is more beautiful and I
also find that it actually sticks a little better to the skin. When I apply it with a brush I feel that it slides on my skin this is super weird so in general I’m just applying a pump as you can see. it allows me to have a much more blended result of my skin I think the result is really pretty
so I still have small hyperpigmentation to to hide but that’s because I do not
not use a lot and with the sponge it fades even better I do not feel the foundation on my skin which is also very important for
me personally then in terms of concealer I have these ones.
Shape tapes that are my favorites I had already talked to you about it last year I had the shade deep that I’m going to use later you’ll see. One of the first Tarte product I bought is the rain forest of the sea aqua concealer in deep that I had bought in New York at Sephora
and at the time I did not know that the shape tapes were Ulta exclusives I think I had been to Sephora and I had not managed to find it obviously but nobody told me so and
I had still bought a concealer when I was there because I wanted to buy something from Tarte to try and I liked that one but the
shade was not so perfect it was a little more pink, unlike those which are a little bit warmer, orange and yellow for these concealers. The texture is more
liquid for that one so a little bit less covering I would say. I still wanted to show it to you because it’s my first Tarte product that I bought in new york
so it’s a memory. I almost do not want to throw it away but the truth is I don’t
use it. Just to see it reminds me of memories. I’ve received the creaseless concealer in the shade Deep 50H it’s also a little bit more pink I would say than the shape tape deep which is a little bit
darker and a little bit more orange this one the texture is
more liquid slightly more liquid and I do not know… I’m
really a fan of the Shape tape. I think this one is really good too. Honestly both are good but I tend to prefer that one. I like to
use the deep shade also to hide hyperpigmentation. I think it does it well the color is really good for complexion in addition to that I use the Tan Deep Sand 47S to illuminate more in the center of my face. The shade deep is still a little dark to highlight and a little goes a long way with this. It’s super full coverage actually. Often I use my finger but as I have the sponge
I like to use the sponge that also works very well with it
I find that my complexion is really beautiful and at the same time really natural too
honestly it’s super nice and more I do not feel the products on my skin I feel that it’s really products that please my skin actually. I do not know
how to explain it but I think the fact that there are natural ingredients for the “well-being” I would say for the comfort of the skin too, that
makes it super comfortable to wear I took some pictures the other day with
my iphone I put it on instagram I did not retouch the photo, no filters, etc … and I use these products and my skin was really pretty and that’s it Anyway the Foundcealer and the Shape type big favorites of mine
I know they have powders but I have not seen any
dark shades actually at Sephora it seems to me that they only have the clear powder at sephora in France I would like to try out
I could not try them yet there I’m still going to quickly powder my skin, I use this brush which is so pretty honestly I think it’s my most beautiful brush. It is magnificent. It’s a powder brush by Tarte
they really have very very beautiful packaging. In fact, it’s always very
luxurious very very chic and at the same time very girly. It’s very different and
surprisingly also with this foundation which at first is absolutely not mattifying for me. Well, if I
powder it well I do not shine during the day. Really! I think it’s the foundation with which I get less oily of all the ones I have tested in my life it’s pretty crazy and it’s not a mattifying foundation so … very surprised and very happy to have tested these products.
I’m going to do a light contouring I received bronzers from Tarte unfortunately they are too light for
me so that’s really too bad I received this one which is the Park
ave princess, this one is a little bit iridescent. I know that there is
also a matte one it’s my skin color I could use it as highlighter but it’s almost not visible on me. it is much too discreet on my skin It would be nice if they do darker shades for bronzers because it’s too light for me. I have these two the Sparkler and Exposed highlight
this one really very natural on me so the Sparkler is a little bit
glittery and that shade is really really an highlighter on me really glittery too Ouuh it shows!
Honestly I’m just taking a little bit it’s really pretty for everyday when you really want to have an highlighter which shows off For Blush I do not really have a crush. I have tested a fair amount I have been to also see them in store
etc. and here I have these shades
not bad: dazzled it is a pink a little purple and captivating
a little lighter so a little more visible on me and a little bit but not much I’m going to use this one instead
a little bit of light both are pretty cool but
it’s true that I tend to prefer orange blushes and right now I do not wear blush very often I am in my phase “blushless” which means nothing. I create words. thank you so for the
eyes I have a lot of things so first I have
chrome paints that are eyeshadow very amazing I thought they were cream eyeshadows but Actually not at all. Those are
powders actually it’s very surprising first time I opened I have
put everywhere so I will try not to do the same mess today I really want to try the shade Firedancer a pinkish red
a kind of little thing here which keeps the powder inside, which is pretty good honestly it helps but we
still have a little bit everywhere and it’s meant to
be applied with fingers because it really tends to be super volatile
but it’s super pigmented super bright a little bit metallic actually
Then Martini oulala this one it does not even have the cap thing aaaah so this one is more of a brown but
such as bright ah that one there is a little bit more pressed actually this one it’s
almost like a cream, it’s the kind of color that I use
rarely is it very pretty so it’s really rosy red and
then I have lots of palettes (laughs) I’m so happy I have five pallets from
Tarte, I bought 2 and I received 3 they are beautiful
honestly it’s the most beautiful palettes that I have for packaging
really very nice it’s super luxurious there is a lot of gold
in general. They are still a little bit heavy but they are really very
beautiful so the first one I bought it’s the tartelette toasted very very
very pretty in terms of color then the shades are rather warm in this
pallet that’s why I got it Usually
I like that on me I think it looks better and it’s more beautiful
with my skin color and actually basically I use pretty much
that part of this palette because here it’s really very light and I do not use them as base or anything so I tend to use these
dark shades here and really the shades are super pretty pretty warm
honestly very very beautiful, there is several shades I love that I wear very easily alone which is
nice and you can also mix the shades. You can really make a lot of makeup but they stay quite neutral and warm and so it’s really an ideal palette for
every day if you rather have dark skin I think you
can do a lot of warm neutral makeup especially all Tarte palettes smell
extremely good. it smells so good every time I open the palette, I’m like … I love it. Then I have the Tartelette in bloom that I received so that is a little the … oups … a little … oula open, Séame open we’re watching Sabrina at the moment. The chilling adventures of Sabrina that makes me think about that so it is a little bit more neutral as you can see in terms of shades so I am less a fan. I know that I would not have bought it myself because I tend to prefer warm shades but if you prefer neutral shades, or even cold shades, there are certain shades that are a little bit cold. you may like it
and you can create very neutral makeup and very
easy to wear everyday, very simple it’s very easy to use it too. The shadows are a little bit powdery but rather easy to work with
easy to apply. They stay on pretty well but I think it’s better
to apply a primer before to be sure that it really stays all day
then I have the tartiest pro. it’s a mate It’s not easy to
keep clean and perfect so it tends to get dirty easily but it’s a classic black pretty chic very
nice and so there you have a mix of neutral shades, there are a lot of
neutral here, but there are some little warmer like this here, the shade a little pink here Mud I think, it is called. There are also purple ones a little cold, some shades that you can find in several palettes
so know which you want to get. The palette organization : it’s nice to have iridescent on one side and the rest matte
in fact to have a segmentation that’s pretty cool. you have a greater variety
of shades so you can already have fun with colors
but without having something too flashy or too much just
a bit of color so it’s not bad for daily
makeup but with a touch of color
Then there is the Tarteist pro remix I bought it very recently
first it’s so pretty so it’s a little bit vintage to have this effect you know holographic like that when you move the box but it’s cute and I like that
it’s like paint, spray paint you know I love painting so
it spoke to me a lot and the same inside you have this spay effect of painting, around the shades so here you have a little bit more colors. I think
it’s still pretty … I do not know … enough easy actually to use and there are lots of different shades so that’s cool
I really like this palette for that because there is a beautiful purple, a golden very beautiful, an iridescent orange and there is a lot of iridescent shadows actually the matte shades are only there to
structure the makeup I would say like for example black will help you
intensify the outside corner for example or the brown the
wall art will allow you to blend or to be used for example as a transition shade but here you will get an iridescent makeup what I love
a lot actually on me in terms of result, I love different type of makeup but I like iridescent eye makeups a little bit colorful, doing things a little more fun, you have a green too, some gray too last time I did a grey makeup in my vlog. i will put you the link right here my previous vlog in english and i had used this palette and it changes
it’s not the kind of makeup I do often but it allows me to
try new shades, do things a little bit different and I really like that
and the most recent one that they sent me is super original as you can see, there is water … I do not know if it’s water but it looks like water. Inside … so it’s pretty heavy this palette. The shadows are in triangle and diamond shapes I had never seen that before.
it’s also super original there is blue and orange and neutral shades,
brown and you have pressed glitters so that’s real
Glitters so you really have to use a
glitter base I think to use these shades otherwise they do not tend to stay well but otherwise the rest of the makeup are a really good quality like the others
the glitters are also a little easier to use with the finger. I will still put a eyeshadow primer for that to hold on well. I do not know if they have eye primer I think so but I did not see it on Sephora’s website. I think I’ll start with the cozy shade of the tartelette toasted
which for me is really perfect color for a transition color it’s brown a little bit
warm slightly orange I would say I use it mainly in my crease and I will accentuate a little bit the outer corner here, put a little more. I blend well at the edge here to have something diffuse and homogeneous. Then I will use the fireside shade that is the dark shade that brown a little powdery to intensify the outside corner, I go up a little bit slightly in the crease but not too much and I go down to the outside eyelash It’s been a long time since I’ve done makeup, a real eye makeup tutorial here like that. I realize this by saying what I am saying In truth I had missed it and I like makeup. It’s just that when we do the same think all the time. After a while I get tired. At this moment I manage think I think finally I’m pretty much having a
sort of balance on my channel and I try to really vary the videos from one to
the other, first by doing in French and in English it allows me to vary.
Plus every time I try to make sure that I do not have 2 makeup videos following each other, two fashion videos … discussion videos that follow each other, really I try to vary as much as possible because I realize it also helps me not to get bored and continue to make these different varieties
of topics on my channel even hairstyle etc … I think it’s a
good strategy for me. here I’m going to use the Spin shade which is up here which is a warm iridescent brown and I’m going to come and apply it on the eyelid. I try not to go up too much I have small, mobile eyelids.
I put a little bit in the inner corner but not too much. then I’m going to use the graffiti shade here that looks like the shade that I will apply in chrome paint which
is an iridescent red, a little pink a brush a little round like that, on the outside corner. gently, I’m going to pad and I try to make a little gradient with the other shades underneath and I’m going to blend with a clean brush and a fluffy brush so I went to the center of
my eyelid and then I’m going to use the chrome paint in firedancer
even brighter than the shade I just used before. on my finger.
oh yeah that’s a real red I will rather apply it to the center of my eyelid. Super bright shade this is crazy. I will try to fade the edges a bit. it’s super pretty I like it a lot
it’s less easy when you have small eyelids and small eyes so
be careful not to put too much and do not put it everywhere etc … ok I think I’m just going to use in terms of eyeshadow this one the golden that is called outside the lines … I love that and I’m going to use it in the inner corner at the lower eyelid rather than higher. I have black eyeliner if I could have chosen, I would rather have taken the brown because I love brown eyeliner in general. I think that I will buy it when I finish my
brown eyeliner that I have right now because what I like about the Tarte one is that you have the tip of the eyeliner and you have this side
the pencil tip … oops so I do not use that much the pencil because it’s black
but I think if I had a brown pencil I would use it more often. What is really special about this eyeliner which seems quite classic as a
result, applications etc … but what’s special is that the
tip is hard up to the extreme tip which makes it possible to be
almost perpendicular like that and that
allows to make a hyper-precise line the finest line possible
so it’s pretty good it’s great well done. one of my best eyeliner line recently. So when you’re really perpendicular, it can tingle a
little because really the tip is hard so be careful not to go too hard. you really have to be very sweet but it’s good to be precise.
Then I have this mascara that is the camera splashes lights so that’s
a fairly classic brush that tends to take a lot of material so you have to remove a little bit the excess of products. we have a quite natural result with this mascara
and you gain in volume. I think you can pretty go back and add a second layer on it if you want a more visible result. For lips Lip Paint In the shade Bestie. Matte one. A little bit little but I think with a lip pencil i would be nice. You can also mix it. I put 2 in the giveaway. i received 3. You could offer one to you best friend if you want so we’ll have the same 3. I bought 2 glosses because I love gloss dragon fruit from the new range which is a bit more young called Sugar rush it smells so good. it smells really like fruits red fruits and a bit pink and red. The texture is quite thick but what’s good is that it’s not sticky. I like the fact that it’s pink. I like the result a lot. I like the smell. The last product is the h2o gloss in bora bora which is a holographic gloss like duo chrome beautiful but this gloss is sticky . I love this type of colour with pink, purple and blue reflect really beautiful I think It doesn’t go well with my eye makeup today so I’m gonna wear this one. Here we go for this very long video. I’ve started filming a long time ago. I’m filming for hours now but I’m gonna try to make it as short as possible for you. I hope you liked this video and you liked having my impressions and opinion about Tarte products my test in live. It’s a really … chic luxurious brand and also with natural ingredients in it… I mean as much as possible. as I said I have a giveaway for you. A little gift A little gift for you… no a big gift for you. In this pretty purple box from Sephora. Inside for this giveaway you have the Tartelette in bloom, Tartelette Toasted, the mascara, the eyeliner, bestie lipsticks, 2 blushes : Exposed and Paaarty and a chrome paint in top yacht. These products are new of course. I think it’s nice to be able to share with you and… this colour is so pretty to participate to this giveaway. You have a to subscribe to my youtube channel to my instagram account, leave me a comment below to tell me what you liked in this video? Which product interest you? Which products you find nice, a comment on the products and what you discovered in this video and send me a private message on instagram to tell me your youtube name. I’ll put you all the info in the description box. I hope you liked this video. if you do please like, tell me in comment. I like to read your comments. Subscribe to keep watching my videos. I post 2 videos a week : 1 in French and 1 in English. Thanks for watching this video. Kisses and I hope to see you soon there is construction work in the building … today …. very annoying aaaah euh yeah oooh (laughs)


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    Ps: bravo de toujours continuer à faire sur ta chaîne ce qui te plaît et ce qui t'inspire sur le moment (vidéos en anglais entre autres ) ce n'est pas toujours facile. C'est ce qui fait que je continue de suivre ton contenu bisous.

  • Katy Abdoul says:

    Merci pour cette vidéo. Je découvre tout juste cette marque. La semaine dernière j ai acheté le shape tape et la palette toasted. Donc ta vidéo tombe à pic pour une novice comme moi, merci bcp :). Je tente ma chance pour ce superbe concours
    Et je participe aussi. Mon insta est katyalphonse

  • Valy KOKO says:

    Bonsoir Ursula. Merci beaucoup pour cette vidéo très complète. Je crois savoir que nous avons toutes 2 la même teinte niveau carnation de peau donc je peux me fier à tes choix sans problème ce qui me rassure énormément. Je pense acheter le foundcealer, les 2 shape tape et la tartelette toasted. Mon Instagram est @valilly76. Par contre, je te tire mon chapeau car une vidéo comme celle-ci doit te demander des heures et des heures de travail 😅…

  • Elsyyy says:

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  • Mishainy says:

    Coucou Ursulaaaaa, déjà j’adore ce make up ça donne trop trop trop envie pour le printemps et même l’été ! C’est subtile et peeeeps 🧚🏽‍♀️. J’aime aussi ta barrette hahaha tu vas me prendre pour une folle ! J’aime beaucoup le fait de pouvoir avoir une longue vidéo revue illustrée, ça donne l’impression de proximité avec toi c’est trop cool et ça permet de découvrir largement plein de produits en ayant ton avis. Je participe à ce concours de folie, je n’ai jamais testé cette marque et pourtant j’en entend tellement parler 😍 gros bisouuuuus

    Melissa (Instagram: Mishainy.sarah)

  • Jedidya B. says:

    J’aimerais beaucoup tester le gloss H2O Bora Bora 😍😍😍 . Super la vidéo, hâte que tu postes d’autres de ce type!❣️
    Mon Insta: jedidja13

  • Anssima says:

    Coucou j'adore tes makeup simples naturels et chic, j'avoue que je n'étais pas trop attirée par cette marque, mais le fait que les produits aient une bonne compo, me tente bien. Surtout le fond de teint il te va trop bien. (Insta :Anssima)

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    J'adore !
    Mon pseudo c'est carlita_5555

    Bisous 😘

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  • Jessica Moreira says:

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  • Hoby Ramamonjy says:

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  • va al says:

    Coucou Ursula, merci pour cette vidéo, encore une fois j adore. j aimerai vraiment rester ces produits et m en faire mon maquillage journalier surtout si les ingrédients sont naturels. j'ai aimé le fond de teint, les palettes bien sûr et les gloss. Tout quoi ou presque 😉. insta : verorosia. Je fais le nécessaire du côté d instagram…. A bientôt…. Véronique

  • B.U says:

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  • Alex Ada says:

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    merci pour le concours

  • Cendra des îles says:

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  • Ditona Yassine says:

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    Mon insta: @viiana.a

  • Aristor Marlonn says:

    Bonjour, je te connaissais pas, j ai adorée t'écouter tu as une petite voix toute douce et apaisante. Écoute j ai aucun produits de la marque, une chose est sûre j 'adorais les testés mon compte insta myla aristor. Merci pour ce concours 😊

  • Samiath Agbeti says:

    Super vidéos, j'aime beaucoup ce que tu fais. Et surtout la manière dont tu explique les étapes de ton makeup. J'ai jamais utilisé cette marque, mais j'aimerai bien testée soit la base,la palette ou le fdt 😊😘
    Mon insta : @samiath_agbeti

  • Ditona Yassine says:

    Mon instagrame

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  • Jeanne SECK says:

    Merci pour le partage jador tout

  • Little Stef says:

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    J'adore tes vidéos ta façon de te maquiller tes super.💕

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    J'aime enormement les palettes !! Elles sont super belles et tres pigmentées ! Depuis que tu etais a l'evenement de la marque ca ma donné envie de la decouvrir et j'avais hate que tu nous en fasse un retour donc un grand MERCII !
    Et top ton montage, j'aime aussi la fin quand tu mets ta petite compilation rigolote 😍😀 !
    Merci encore !

  • Elodie Osias says:

    Coucou Ursula,
    Merci pour cette vidéo. Ton maquillage est super réussi.
    Je n’ai jamais utilisé les produits de cette marque notamment à cause des petites polémiques quant au fait qu’ils ne proposaient pas assez de produits pour les carnations les plus foncées…
    Après ta vidéo si je devais me laissé tenter ça serait pour une palette 😉 insta o_elodie91

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