Tati Westbrook Teases New GAME CHANGER Product

Tati Westbrook Teases New GAME CHANGER Product

After a recent pilot launch It looks like Tati Westbrook is about to cash out on another major makeup launch. You’re watching. What’s trending Be sure to like this video and hit subscribe for more what’s trending news daily? now if you haven’t heard of totty westbrook You might be living under a rock todd sea would now nearly ten million Subscribers on her channel has rocked the beauty industry this past year alone and notably called out James Charles in her Bye sister video this last year Tachi pointed out some problems with the makeup blogger and how his friendship wasn’t truly a friendship to her. I Don’t want to be friends with you I don’t want to be associated with you and I need to say that very publicly so that this chapter can just be closed this sparked a lot of outrage in the beauty community from people like Jeffrey star and Others to speak out about the situation anyone that is inspired by me whether it’s a makeup artist a boy and beauty Someone that doesn’t really feel like they belong and they look up to me I don’t want them to think that gossip hate and negativity is how you get popular Now while all sides came for James Charles he had some things to say about the scenario as well in today’s video She discusses many of the different reasons as to why she’s choosing to close a chapter in her life that I was heavily involved in And now millions and millions of people have weighed in with their opinions and speculations on subjects that they honestly know Absolutely. Nothing about long story short Totti ended up gaining a mass wave of subscribers after this massive ordeal She went from roughly six to ten million subscribers and has pushed them towards some of her new projects Tati ended up creating What is known as Tati Beauty this October and the brand has already seen its first product surpassed the charts the line saw 24 pan eyeshadow palette called textured neutrals volume 1 which made a whopping 4.8 million dollars in sales while star and Dawson said they sold more than 1 million pallets in 30 minutes and are currently readying a restock strategy after crashing Shopify Tati also sold out with her inaugural launch to the tune of 100,000 pounds priced at $48 a piece within 12 hours for a total of 4.8 million in sales Now even with the mass success Westbrook’s saw no response from a lot of the beauty community as a whole many fans on Twitter called other beauty bloggers and create For their lack of support Rachel said on a for-real note Where’s the rest of the beauty community at with their support for Totti beauty? Don’t forget in 2018 Westbrook launched Halo beauty a beauty and wellness supplements brand designed to nourish and strengthen your hair skin and nails But coming soon Westbrook is opening the floodgates on Totti Beauty telling Entertainment Tonight that the next product launch is slated for Black Friday While Westbrook hasn’t revealed any details about the forthcoming item. She told them it is a game changer So are you as excited about Tati’s palette as you were with Shane’s? Let us know in the comments below for more of what’s trending. Be sure to like us on Instagram at what’s trending


  • Ragnus Dei says:

    First hahaha

  • Papi Smurf says:

    1st the worst 2nd the best😏

  • Kitty Jenkins says:

    I love tati so much yass queen 💖

  • SilverStarGazer says:

    In a word… No. Shane and Jeffree took ALL my taco money for this month… and my order STILL hasn’t shipped 😵

  • Bunny White says:

    I’m more excited about Tati’s than Shane’s, but very happy for both!

  • Pam Janlekha says:

    Nope. Not really.

  • MoonaticDestiny says:

    Not really excited, but I'm happy for Tati, and I'll support her from the sidelines.

  • Carrie Adcock says:

    Tatis limelight moment is so over. Shane is the biggest beauty guru now. His palette is amazing!!! and I hardly even wear makeup. his is the one and only palette that ill ever buy. marvelous !

  • Lilly Lewis says:

    Absolutely as excited maybe more!🤔🤩😍

  • Dayna D says:

    I LOVE Shane & I'm not a fan of Tati at all, HOWEVER, her palette is AMAZING! she def knew what she was doing, Shane's palette however looks like a palette for CLOWNS…I'm not trying to look like Bozo..lol..I'm DYING to get my hands on Tati's palette though! 😩💯💕

  • Lindo Loto says:

    I wanted Tati's palette and actually bought at launch, I had the 85K something order. They cancelled my order because the delivery service marked my address as incomplete, and when I asked where was it incomplete, Tati's customer service just said, sorry, we can not fulfill your order, we refunded it, thank you…
    no explanation or anything. Now, I know they can ship to the country I am at, because I tried to have it shipped to my home country (I live abroad) and it didn't appeared so they can ship to where I live currently, but they didn't gave me any explanation on what was wrong… I am really mad with that customer service, but whatever 🙄

  • Teresa Cottnam says:

    I have both. I love love love Tati’s and while I love Shane’s it just doesn’t speak to me the same way

  • Bernie Bro With A Vagina says:

    I’m not interested in either palette but if I had to pick one I guess it would be Tati’s just bc the glitter looks cool. Both palettes are boring, but Shane’s is beyond boring, it’s uninspiring. Which is to bad bc the packaging….fcking awesome. I’m saving my coin for the Melt Vida & Muerte palettes. Those two palettes have me. I usually avoid such ridiculously expensive palettes since I can get amazing and pigmented eyeshadows from indie brands for a lot less. Certifeye, Blush Tribe, Menagerie cosmetics, etc., they’re not cheap but they don’t cost over $40. (Except Certifye when u factor in international shipping, but that’s why you wait for a 25-30% off sale.) If I buy any palettes that are over $50, it won’t be JS or Tati. It’ll be one of those Melt palettes. Also I’m contrarian, if everybody wants to buy one thing I want to buy something else.

  • Azizzul Nuin says:

    Shane Dawson is youtuber manipulator. Hes no any beauty community, no review any makeup. How dare him clickbait us with the drama but end up cancelling. That series only to overhype his Children Pencil Case pallet. Thank God I bought Tati pallet. The color are amazing & most blendible.

  • king krish says:

    Yasssssss Tati go gurl ! She’s like literally the best

  • marixa310 says:

    I personally felt like Shane's pallet was more appealing because of his series. It was such a major build up and when it finally launched that was the item of the year. Feel me?

  • klien lux says:

    People doesn't seem to understand that this two palettes doesn't rival each other. They cater to different people. I love to use tati's palette for corporate clients while shade speak to a more edgy looks. Shane and Jeffree's palette may come dull to a lot of people but on a artist's POV, it is great to accompany other palette. It has such a different color story it make me wanna spend hours to create different looks. It's so interesting. Tati perfected her element the it is evident through the palette. All the years of copper, nude palette in the last 5-7 years all came down to the palette she made. A lot of my clients which are mainly doctors and lawyers have booked 3-5 months before their events since I've posted that tati's palette is on its way. So please guys. Stop trashing on each palette.

  • Alycia Wilson says:

    Sounds more like a calculated plan for tati to pad her supporters and drop her palette within the same year. The fact that she used a clickbait title wearing the same outfit in the thumbnail as she did for one of the James Charles videos seems a bit tacky and was really surprised that she would basically trick people into watching her video about the launch of her palette ( the actual video was super cute, great song and she looked amazing in it) but why would she taint the launch of her palette by click baiting about dramageddon? I never thought tati would be the type of influencer to do that… that’s a very calculated thing to do.

  • carrie garcia says:

    I bought both. Tati and Shane. Now it will be tati and js mystery box..

  • Diana kilian says:

    Waiting for Shane’s restock. Not interested in Tati and her drama.

  • Theresa Palmer says:

    Not really . As much as I love her. Her product did not excite me as much as Shane's did. I have yet to purchase but will do when restocks happen next year.

  • What's Trending says:

    Who's palette is better? Shane or Tati?

  • Els Bells says:

    I did buy Mini Controversy and look forward to playing with that. The shades spoke to me more than the Conspiracy palette. Tati's palette looks nice, but I would not buy anything she sells after she launched her snake oil.

  • Phee's Whatever says:

    Not be controversial but I knew nothing about this pallet ( the Tati one)

  • Catherine H says:

    Tati doesn’t need reviews from other beauty vloggers… she sold out on HER OWN!

  • innertidia says:

    shakes hair pokes self in eye

  • Ashley Benson says:

    Love tati

  • Jennifer Riley says:

    I love them all and got both pallets.

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