here everyone okay so today we’re going to be going through the basics of makeup with cheers Foundation now how do you go about finding the right foundation if he really depends on your skin type your skin color the undertones where you match it some people like to match it to the neck some people like to match it to the chest it’s entirely up to you there is no wrong or right way to do it whatever works best for you in this tutorial I’m going to clean my face and show you how to apply makeup well the foundation and I’m going to show you two different ways because I’ve done lots of videos on it so I’m going to focus I’m using a foundation brush on one side and I’m really going to show you how to use your fingers on another side because your fingers are such a great tool for makeup you can massage it in you can blend it in so beautifully so let’s just make a start okay so I just primed my skin and I’ve used em release as a primer for me primers are kind of they’re a very personal thing if you have a very very oily skin very oily you can use milk of magnesia as a primer or turn the face wipe the foundation will go over it and it will help prolong it otherwise pick a primer that suits you but try and stick to like so if you’re using a silicone foundation try use a silicone primer because you’ll make it more last longer I’m going to be using a base fast foundation and I’m going to be using shade six it’s just a gorgeous foundation and I’m going to be using one pump of it I’m going to start off on this side of the face just using my fingers and I’m just dotting it onto the skin and then I’m kind of smearing it onto the face onto the nose underneath the eyes without really pulling at the skin because sometimes foundation alone is enough to even out the skin tone underneath the eyes if you don’t need to use concealer don’t use concealer and when you’re going in down with strokes tick if you’ve got facial hair or that light kind of facial hair going in and down with stroke is really for but you can also really massage it into the skin so that you’re really working it into the skin and there are certain areas on the face for me it’s here on the top of the cheekbones where I really really like to sort of massage in the product and then Pat the product in because I have areas of pigmentation and high colour on my upper part my cheekbones you can also take a bit over the eyelid if you have any discoloration you can use a primer that but you can see working it into the skin gives a really really gorgeous effect and you know we’re all taught foundation brushes are amazing and they are but your fingers are wonderful too so let’s use a foundation brush regardless of the foundation brush that you use you will probably go in downward strokes I’m going to be going down with strokes I’m obviously using my own foundation brush which is number one going downward strokes because it lays any foundation onto the face and doesn’t kind of clog in the hairs but if you’ve got more combination skin or more sort of normal to combination to oily you can buff it into the face take it gently over the eyelid and right here on the nose you can really buff it in really depends on personal preference again you want to be you’re looking at kind of here’s a high colour so I want to stipple it just over this area here but however you do it you want your base to be as gorgeous and as flawless as possible it should look like skin the foundation that I’ve chosen the others fast one has a real real glow to it without the use of pearls or shimmer or artificial shine it’s just a gorgeous gorgeous glow so I pretty much finished with the base when we don’t have a beard make sure that you’ve come down here so that everything kind of molds in and blends into one if you’re matching it with your neck if you’ve matched it to your chest then you can bring some down onto the neck if you need to or you can use a bronzer to adjust it but the goal with foundation is not to obliterate the face and to hide every single thing is to even out the skin tone so that you get this gorgeous kind of glowing complexion or matte complexion whatever you want but it’s to create the base you’re working with the base I often will put foundation over the lips or use a lip erase so that I can redraw back in easier but it’s up to you but this is the basics of Foundation and you can see this side was just smoothed in with my fingers this side was used with the foundation brush depends on your preference but this is the basics for foundation and now in the next one we’ll move on to concealer because that’s the real tricky one so I’ll see you in a minute bye bye we’re going to start with concealer concealer should make you look better if it doesn’t make you look better don’t use it or you’re using it wrong it really depends if you don’t have any dark circles under the eyes why use concealer if you don’t need to if you’re trying to conceal something on your face like a birthmark or acne you need a concealer that’s exactly the same shade as your foundation so if you put something light tight you’re going to draw attention to it which we don’t want for this tutorial I’m going to be covering some under-eye circles and talking you through in other areas that you may want to kind of conceal or highlight when you’re dealing with concealer you can pick a concealer that is your the exact shade of your foundation or one that’s a shade or two lighter but on the side of caution for this tutorial I’m using purely concealer not a corrector which is a great product to use because I’ve used the alias fast foundation I’m going to use the same Alice fast but I’m going to use it in a concealer fall I take in Shea v which is lighter than the foundation which was a shade six now I hope you can’t see it so much here but I have a bit of discoloration and darkness just here on the part of the eyes so why would I want to conceal all the way around when I don’t need to so I’m going to put the concealer right here just where there is a darkness and you see here I’m going right into the inner karna part here because this area gets dark and by highlighting this or or putting some lighter color in there it will brighten up the face and make it look a bit lovely now I’ve put some concealer here I like to leave concealer on the face for a little while so that it starts to warm up and it gets a little bit tacky so it’s easier to blend now you can also put perhaps a little bit right on the bridge of the nose just for highlighting purposes and you can also come up here just a tiny bit as well if you have any spots to cover now is the time to do them if you have limes down the corner of your mouth um shadows you can place some concealer into the crease and it will lift it up and give it a better kind of look now I’m just going to blend this now I’m just cleaning off this concealer I’m just can use my fingers because your fingers are your best tool and you can see I’m patting it in I’m trying to stay within the discoloration I’m not trying to bring it out too far other than where there is darkness and another really nice way is rather than bringing you concealer too far out is to bring it down sort of down here along the sort of sides just where the bridger that are they sort of sides of the nose on because it gives this inner part of the face a really nice kind of lightening effect so I’m patting it and I’m bringing it down as well sometimes it’s discolorations on the outside corner of the ice a lot of us get it I get it you can put some concealer there and what I like to do is this patting motion rather than this wipe because suddenly I can get too much product on so by patting it and even taking a bit off I can kind of really just know where I’m putting the foundation if if that makes sense and don’t forget to make sure that you blended everything in so concealer here as you can see should really brighten and lift the ice but it shouldn’t be any reverse circles you don’t want that again if your concealer is causing you more problems don’t use it I have purposely used Els fast foundation and the concealer the concealer because they’re so skin friendly they are expensive so there’s no point pretending that they’re not but they’re worth every penny in my opinion you should I think with base you really should spend a little bit more money so you can get a really gorgeous effect but that’s how I would conceal if you have more darkness then you conceal where the darkness is and the more dark you are the more you really want your concealer to be more toward your skin color or use a corrector which has a peach or bisque undertone because that will really brighten but I don’t need any more correcting than this other than some foundation on your ears because I get red ears you don’t want to gorgeous face and big already HD so don’t forget that but otherwise we’re going to leave this now we’ll move on and I’m going to show you how to set your makeup properly so that you can achieve either a matte look or a gorgeous Geely finish so I’ll see you in a second


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