The Best Cool Toned Eyeshadow Palettes | Cruelty-free Makeup

The Best Cool Toned Eyeshadow Palettes | Cruelty-free Makeup

– Hey friends, welcome
back, it’s good to be here. Today I’m excited because I’m
going to be talking to you about my favorite cool
toned eye shadow palettes. Now, if you’re like me
and you love cool tones, you know how hard it is to find actual cool
toned eyeshadow palettes. There’s a lot of eyeshadow
palettes that are warm with a couple cool tones,
or even some that are about half and half, but finding true cool tone
palettes is very difficult. I’ve got a bunch to show you today, and I’ve got swatches of all of them. So let’s go ahead and jump in. So the first palette I
want to talk to you about is the Viseart Cool Mattes 2 palette. I absolutely love this palette,
I picked it up recently. And this is the Viseart packaging. It’s kind of plain, but
don’t let that fool you, it’s really just like this
because it’s meant to be in a pro makeup artist
kit, so it’s very compact, but you get a lot of product. So this is $80 dollars, but
you’re getting .84 ounces of product, which is a ton of product. These are very, very deep
wells for the eyeshadows. And this one, Cool Mattes
2, Viseart describes it as, Cool Mattes has been
reinterpreted into a wider range of complimentary shades of
dusty blues, rose, lavender, blue violets, slates,
and essential browns. I totally agree about this. In general, I hate brown eyeshadow. I don’t find it looks flattering on me, it usually looks too warm or too orange. However, these three browns right here are very cool tone browns; they look great with my
complexion, they really make my eyes pop blue, super
flattering, love them to bits. The other colors in this
palette are excellent as well, I really like the
purples, the pink is nice, the gray is nice. I haven’t really worn the blues
much, but they are pretty, and they swatch nice. The deeper one almost looks
like a deep ocean blue, and I love that color, especially if I was going to be pairing it with some
brighter turquoise or teals; it would be perfect for that. So this is Cool Mattes 2,
which obviously I love, because I could just go on
and on about it for days, I could gush about it. It’s so easy to blend. The pigmentation… Basically the balance of
pigmentation and blendability is perfect, it’s very easy
to blend out these colors and create this perfect
seamless looks, so really great. Now let’s look at the
original Cool Mattes 1. This is also a great
palette, and it has some, basically has more taupe
shades in my opinion, and more gray shades,
than in Cool Mattes 2. Viseart says that this
has ecru, heather, malt, taupe, deep ash brown,
cool pink, violet red, stormy gray, navy, dusty
purple, stone, and charcoal. And, man, I love this color
down here, this deep blue, it’s like this deep navy blue. Stunning. This kind of like pinky taupe
shade right here, is great. These two colors are so
easy if you want to do an effortless eyeshadow look
that’s just really meant to make blue eyes pop, these
colors are great for that. Again, just like the Cool
Mattes 2, Cool Mattes 1 has the signature Viseart
pigmentation and blendability, so it’s perfectly balanced. And a lot of people complain about… I’ve heard people complain
that you have to build up the Viseart colors too much,
but for somebody like me who’s naturally heavy
handed, this is perfect, because then I’m less likely
to apply too much color and have trouble blending it out. So, yeah, I love this. Alright I’m going to go ahead
and insert my swatches for you so you can check it out. I have Viseart Cool
Mattes 2 swatched on top, and Viseart Cool Mattes 1 on the bottom. And I tried to swatch the
colors that were most similar close together so you
could see how they compare. So this is the Viseart
Cool Mattes 2 and 1, Cool Mattes 2 is up top, Cool
Mattes 1 is at the bottom. They’re similar, they have a
lot of complimentary colors, but not really exact matches. Both of these are great, I don’t think you need both of them, but if you want to have a very
well rounded set of mattes, one or both of these
would be perfect for that. When I picked up Cool Mattes
2, I thought it was going to be far too similar to Cool Mattes
1, but there’s very little in the way of shades that
are actually identical. There’s just a lot of similar
colors or colors that fill in, and fit together with them, so these are both great palettes. So the next palette that I
want to talk to you about is by Lunatick Cosmetic Labs, and this is the Lunatick
Cosmetic Labs Vampira palette, which is so cute, it’s
got Vampira on the front. And inside you have five eyeshadows, has this adorable little
bat by the mirror up here, I love that. So this five pan palette is $35 dollars, and you get .26 ounces of product, and I do love the colors in it. We have, let’s see, velvet moon, which is like a white
with a pink violet shift; we have untarnished, which is
like a bright metallic silver; we have Astro Vamp, which is a deep purple on a charcoal base; we have necromancer, which is sort of this dirty
taupe with a red shift; and the last color that
we have is nefarious, which is a black and green
with cool green micro sparkle. And I will have swatches of this palette and the next palette together. And the next palette
we’re going to talk about is this one by Smashbox. This is the Smashbox
Covershot palette in Prism. It’s gorgeous, so gorgeous. And I was like, is it cool tone? Can it count as cool tone? And yes, yes, it can, ’cause
it has these lovely grays, this cooled beige, these
cool pinks, and cool purples; and then of course the holographic colors. Really, I would say the
warmest color in here is the holographic gold,
which is like a white with a gold shift, but they’re beautiful. And my favorite color in here
is this blue color right here, which is rocket star, it’s swatched on the back of
my hand here so you can see it. And you’ll see it in the other swatches, but it’s basically like this
white with blue violet shift, and it’s just so blingy and
eye-catching, and gorgeous. So the Smashbox Prism
palettes are $29 dollars for .21 ounces of product. And here we go with swatches
of the Smashbox Prism palette, which is on the bottom, and the Lunatick Cosmetic
Labs Vampira palette, which is on the top. I did try to swatch the
colors that I thought looked most similar close to each
other, so you’d be able to see how similar or dissimilar they are. So here we have Lunatick
Cosmetic Labs Vampira palette. And this is the Smashbox
Covershot palette in Prism. I think they’re both
really, really pretty. Alright, so our next palette is from NYX, it’s the Nyx Gloomy Days palette. Now I love this palette, it’s got all of these
beautiful grays and taupes, like the cement shades, really cool. And this palette is only
$20 dollars for .6 ounches of product, so it’s got a ton of product. It has excellent white and black, so you can do very extreme
gothic looks if you’d like. And it’s got this color right here, which is sort of like a satiny gray taupe, and that color is great for
just like a one wash of color if you want something super simple, and to make your eyes pop,
that color is great for it. It makes your eyes stand out
as opposed to your eyeshadow catching attention, so some really cool colors in
this, it’s very affordable. It’s my favorite
eyeshadow product from NYX because traditionally
I haven’t liked a lot of their eyeshadows, but
this palette is amazing. So good. The next palette I have to show you is also from the drugstore, and it’s the Flower Beauty
Cool Natural palette. This is another palette
that I really adore. And this palette is $16
for .3 ounces of product. I believe this product
is vegan, because I think all of the products from
Flower Beauty are vegan, but I’ll have to double check. Oh, and I’m pretty sure the Lunatick Cosmetics
Labs palette is vegan. So, one of the things I
really love about this palette is that they have it set up as an ombre, so it goes from light
to dark, I love that. And the colors you get in
here are like cool beiges, cool browns, cool taupes, cool plums, and this cool black into navy. So there’s a really good range of… Good mix of colors and finishes. And I’m going to go ahead
and start swatches now of the Gloomy Days and the Flower. The top is Flower Beauty Cool Naturals, and the bottom is NYX Gloomy Days. So the next palette I want to show you is the Lime Crime Venus III palette. Now I never thought I would
be featuring Lime Crime on my channel, so I feel
like I need to at least give you this little tidbit of knowledge. For years, I would never buy Lime Crime because there was this
whole repackaging scandal, and Doe Deere did some
pretty terrible things. But in the last couple years
I’ve kept an eye on the brand, and they haven’t really
made a lot of mistakes in the past year or two, they kind of kept their nose clean. And then whenever I saw
that Xenia, Doe Deere, whatever you want to call her, was stepping away from the company, I was like, well, maybe
now’s the time I should buy something and see if I like it. And yeah, I love this palette. It is so, so gorgeous. This is the inside of the palette. I don’t like the packaging,
I think the packaging absolutely sucks, because
it’s so big and bulky. But the eyeshadows
themselves are excellent. And this palette is $38
for .56 ounces of product. I’m wearing this palette
today, I did use a little bit of Anastasia Beverly Hills
Norvina on the middle of my lid, and a little bit of Urban
Decay’s Born to Run palette, just to kind of finish out my look, but the majority of this look
is this color right here, called ecstasy, and I was just like wow, I can’t believe how pretty this is. So yeah I really love this palette. It’s described as having rapturous lilac, rose gold and mauve shades mixed together with earthy browns, and I would
say that’s pretty accurate. But I find all of these cool tones to be very flattering on me. The next palette I’m going
to show you, and I will have the swatches of both of those two together after I show you this palette, is the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics. And it’s this little palette right here. Now this is my least favorite
of all the Naked Basics palettes, just because I
find this strip of colors to be very uninspiring. They’re cool mattes, but
there’s not enough contrast in them for me to really like them. I think that’s why I
don’t like this palette. You know, even going back to it I thought, oh I’ll probably like it
better, because it has all of these lighter
colors that are flattering for my skin tone. No, I still don’t like this
palette, it’s just not for me. I prefer the original Naked
Basics or the Aphrodisiac or one of the other
palettes, but not this one. But I know that it’s a really good option, because it really is truly cool toned. And I’m going to go ahead
and jump into the swatches to show you the Lime Crime Venus III versus the Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics. Oh, and the Urban Decay
Naked 2 Basics palette is $29 dollars for .3 ounces of product. This is the Lime Crime Venus III palette, and this is the Urban Decay
Naked 2 Basics palette. The next palette that I wanted to show you is the Too Faced Chocolate
Bon Bons palette. Yes, I know this is an old palette, but this is what it looks like. It’s got 16 colors in it,
and I did swatch this one all on its own for you, so I’m going to insert
the swatches of it now. The Too Faced Chocolate Bon Bons palette, which is pretty cool toned. I think that this one is great just because it’s got
a mix of cool toned… It has a lot of cool toned
colors, almost all of the colors in it I would consider cool toned. But you’ve got these pinky
taupes, slightly gray taupes, and you have this cool reddish
brown, the bordeaux shade, and you have the cool
deep gray, earl gray, you have that bright hot pink. I mean really the color
that I wouldn’t consider cool tone in it is molasses chip, but for the most part it’s like neutral to cool tone shades, and if
you just stick to sprinkles, almond truffle, and cashew chew; you’re going to have a really good mix of light cool tone mattes. For deeper shades, dark
truffle is hard to beat. And I really like cotton candy, which is like a bubble gum
pink with a blue shift; it’s very pretty. So the Chocolate Bon Bons palette is $49 for .48 ounces of product. Alright, so those are my
truly cool tone palettes, or mostly cool tone, almost
all cool tone palettes with just one or two colors
that might not be cool toned. I wanted to show you the Cargo HD palette, and I will insert swatches
for this guy, too. This is like an HD gradient palette, so basically it’s got
these neutral tones here, cool tones here, cool tones here, and then warm tones here. So three quarters of the
palette is neutral to cool; but one is definitely
warm, so I though that this wasn’t a bad option,
plus it’s kind of cool because it has three shades per strip so you can kind of mix the
colors together however you want. So this palette is $28
for .48 ounces of product, which is pretty good deal. So the other two products I have that are cool toned
have been discontinued. You may or may not be able to find them on Makeup Exchange or Poshmark
or something like that. But I figured I would show them to you. One of which is the Kat Von D Smoke Quad, it’s this palette right here. It’s basically cool, cool, cool and that’s like a warm
leaning taupe/taupe gray type color, but this is a pretty good
overall cool tone palette. And I personally find these
colors very flattering on my blue green eyes. I’m not really clear on
whether or not Kat Von D is discontinuing these little palettes, because they are no longer at Sephora, but then she released the Fawn one, so I don’t really know. Maybe it’ll come back, maybe it won’t, but I figured I would show it to you. The other palette that
is also discontinued is also Kat Von D and
it’s the I Divine palette which is mostly cool toned. You’ve got all these blues,
you’ve got the warm green, and then the gold right here, but the rest of it’s pretty cool toned, so it’s another option. I’ve had this palette in my stash since, I think I bought it
during the spring sale, still haven’t swatched it. So now that you’ve seen
all my cool tone palettes, you’re probably like
which one should I buy? So if you’re on a budget,
I absolutely recommend looking at either the NYX Gloomy Days or the Flower Beauty Cool Natural palette. You can get both of
these palettes at Ulta, you may be able to get
this one at Walmart, I’m not sure; and obviously it’s NYX so you can get it at NYX
store, NYX website, too. But these are probably the
best drugstore options. Between the two of them, I would choose the NYX over the Flower,
but only because I love all of these grays, and the taupes. And while I do like this
one, this is a litte bit too natural for my personal taste. Now between the Viseart Cool
Mattes 2 and Cool Mattes 1, I don’t even know how to
tell you which to choose because I love both of them, and I love colors in both of them, and I feel like I needed
all of these colors, but I understand that not everybody does. I would say if you’re trying
to determine between them, just decide if you want
more purples or more grays. Because I feel like Cool
Mattes 2 has more purples, and Cool Mattes 1 has more gray. So, let’s talk about this
Lime Crime Venus palette. I hate to admit it, but
I really do love it. In fact, really the only
color in this palette that I dislike is this sort
of warm pink color here called bliss, it’s one of those warm pinks that almost seems like it
has an orange undertone, or I feel like it pulls
orange out of my skin, which is why I don’t like it. But every other color in here I love. If it wasn’t so bulky… I mean I guess it’s not as
bulky as I’m thinking it is, it’s just bulkier in comparison. If you look at how bulky it
is compared to my Visearte palette it’s like twice the size. So I don’t like that, but I
really love the mix of colors. The mix of colors makes
me want to travel with it because I could apparently
make pretty looks like this with this palette without much trouble. It’s so weird to be saying
I love a Lime Crime product and think that it’s
excellent, but I really do think this is a great
palette, and it is vegan, it says it’s vegan on
the back of the palette. Now the Smashbox Covershot palette, I’ve bought a couple of these, I think I bought the Rainbow
palette which was okay, I bought the Smashbox Vlada palette which was like a bunch or rose golds, that one’s really pretty. But this one, this is my favorite. This one blows all the other
ones out of the water for me. But that’s also because
it’s got what they call holographic colors, but
they’re really duochrome colors, and the gray, and
just ugh, it’s pretty, so, so pretty, this is gorgeous. If you love purples,
and you love cool tones, you will love this palette. Alright so I guess I’ve babbled
with you guys long enough. Let me know your favorite
cool toned makeup products in the comments below. If you like this video
and found it helpful, entertaining or fun; please give it a thumbs up and share. And if you haven’t already,
click that little subscribe button down below, and I’ll
see you in my next video.


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    Sephoraโ€™s pro palette in cool tones is wonderful as well!

  • Safaura says:

    I love it – the whole combo – the eyes, the lips, the hair! ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฟ๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿฟ

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  • Popi Tzikaliou. says:

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  • Annette says:

    You got the Visearts!! I'm so glad they work for you, they are beautiful. I never have to build them up, I don't get that criticism at all.

  • kimshe70 says:

    i love Naked 2 Basics for my eyebrows- i use it all the time

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  • ala says:

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    Cool tones are trickier for me to wear compared to warm on my muted olive type undertones, but I do love the Smashbox Cover Shot Punked palette. Saw something on trendmood I think? that was a full purple palette from the Cover Shot line.. looking forward to that whenever it happens!

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    Great video! I keep expecting to see more cool toned palettes out there…. but everything is still warm! I purchased the Nyx Gloomy Days palette about a year ago and just struggled to get the colors to look good on my skin. I don't usually have that make trouble with cool tones, but many of them ended up looking like the same color on me. Not sure why. I ended up giving it to a friend.
    Totally agree with you on Lime Crime. I made my first purchase from them recently after learning about the founder leaving (and they seem much more professional now). I am in love with the plushie liquid lips and I really like the plushie eye shadow quads. I might have to try the Venus III palette too

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    Is this a cruelty free channel?๐Ÿน๐Ÿ‡me too, for cosmetics and skincare for years, or so I thought…. Had to cancel Clinique since they're selling to China and they require animal torture to have the cosmetics, I don't understand how companies think they're cruelty free but sell their products in China!!!!๐Ÿ˜ก
    I am having a hard time with hair color tho…
    I'm glad to find you channel!๐Ÿ‡

  • Yadi Carlos says:

    If anyone has the coolmatte 1 is it really matte or some have almost a satin finish? In the pan does it seem to have finely milled specks of shimmer? I bought on poshmark and scared itโ€™s fake cause itโ€™s not fully matte ๐Ÿ™

  • Adrian Blackberry says:

    Oh Girl you rock. I have found you via Angelica, the Swedish colour lover. And your as pale (porcelin) as me, and I also have 2 Poodles!. I live at the Bottom of the World in Hobart, Tasmania and I am proud to be an instant Sub. This Tutorial is equal to Mel Thompson' , but you gave a different perspective and reason for the palettes you chose. And you mentioned 3 I had not heard of. Keep up the great work. Tassie Joy

  • Luba Zak says:

    The Colourpop Fame pallet is a wonderful cool toned pallet, at an affordable price. Also love the Viseart Cool mattes 2 and Cool mattes 1. They are expensive but the pans are HUGE.
    So glad I got them both.

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