The Best Cruelty-Free Drugstore Foundation for Under $10 for Pale Skin

The Best Cruelty-Free Drugstore Foundation for Under $10 for Pale Skin


  • Emily Rachel Gilley says:

    Whoa that shade is GREAT. Totally need to try this

  • Chelsea Lee says:

    Could you wear without setting with powder? I don't use powder most days. Nice video

  • Sarah S says:

    Awesome! Thank you

  • Rachel Kreppert says:

    have you used this with a beauty blender? would i just dab it on top of the stick?

  • Amberger Helper says:

    I feel you! I also have terrible allergy eyes.

  • Katie Marie says:

    I’ll have to try that tip at applying stick foundations — I have one that is too cakey and I wonder if applying it like would help!

  • Katie Marie says:

    You just mentioned the glo skin beauty foundation stick — that’s the one I haven’t had the best experience with. How has your experience with it been?

  • Sharon Baker says:

    Omigawsh applying it with a brush! That honestly never occurred to me. 🤪 This is on my list to try now. The only other sticks I’ve used are ABH and Elf, and they’re just okay, but not fabulous. I will try the application technique you demonstrated to see if that improves things. Milani is a brand to watch, especially for base products. Thanks for the video Courtney! I’ll watch the Amaya video again, because it’s such a great story!💙💙💙

  • Cin Seven says:

    Looks really good on you!

  • Jen Mathews says:

    That looks really nice on you. Do they have a light olive shade?

  • The Alternative Non-Conformist says:

    I might try this. I'm still saving for the milk matte blur silicone free foundation. This seems like a big hit from Milani, it doesn't seem to oxidize and the tip of using the brush that way to apply it makes alot of sense.

  • Autumn Flynn says:

    I’ve been doing stuck foundation all wrong! I love the tip about using a brush! BTW you being 41 looking like THIS has got to be a glitch in the Matrix or something. (Or like maybe you just really do a great job on taking care of your skin 🤷🏻‍♀️)

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