The Best Dewy Foundations Over 50!

The Best Dewy Foundations Over 50!

are you searching for the perfect
foundation for maturer aged skin well stay watching and I’m going to show you
how through a process of elimination you can get the most perfect foundation
you’ve ever had hi I’m Schellea this is fabulous 50s a lifestyle channel that
explores fashion beauty and lifestyle for women in their 50s and if you’re a
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every time there’s a new video at the end of the video I’ve got a fantastic
giveaway I’m very excited because I have a pair of 1/2 lashes to give away to one
of you choosing a foundation is super simple when you do it this way go out
hit the shops and go and collect a whole lot of samples each morning for the next
week or so I divide my face into two and apply one foundation to this side and
another foundation to this side and at the end of the day I will be able
to tell in the exact same conditions of the day which one has lasted better and
which one looks fresh and still great at the end of the day which ever one wins
out of the two I’ll put that aside then tomorrow I’ll try another two and do the
same thing reassess it at the end of the day check to see if all my lines are
showing here or if it’s all dripped off or if it’s run and then at the end of
day two I’ll take my favorite and put it aside and you do that until you’ve run
out of samples then I compare my favorite from each day and I wear those
on each side of my face and that way you can be assured without any question
which foundation is going to be so beautiful and perfect for your skin type
reviews are great but everyone’s skin’s different so you’ve got to try these
things for yourself you take all the guessing out of which is the best
foundation for you some people will say but what about my
face looking different every day well it doesn’t really matter because I don’t
think anyone has ever really said to me oh your face looks different but if they
do you just say which side looks better and I’m going to leave a list of all the
foundations that I tried the ones that I loved and I’m going to share with you
the ones that I use everyday that I’m in love with and because I’m obsessed with
foundation I keep doing this experiment over and over again and another thing
that I do is I use primers because I love primers they make such a big
difference the feeling of a primer underneath my foundation just makes the
whole experience just better it goes on smoother it lasts longer and I just love
them okay the two that I have come down to absolutely love and buy over and over
again is the YSL Touche Eclat and this is the most beautiful luminous
foundation ever but if you’ve got slightly oily skin it can be too glowy
and I love a glow but it can be too glowy
on some people I always put my first layer on with my finger just dab it in and this first layer for me is always
very very super light and my other all-time favorite is the Ellis Fass so I’m
gonna put a little bit just a little bit and I tap it in this one is more coverage than this one
I would call this medium – light and that would be medium medium so it’s
there’s a subtle difference but this one has more coverage then after that I let
that to sit and I’ll do my eyes when I come back from doing my eyes I grab a
little mixing tray and this is one from the beauty supply and this is just a
mirrored candle holder I think from dusk I put a squirt on and then I use a brush
okay this brush is my all-time favorite it’s expensive but because I love
foundation so much I had to have it and I almost don’t want to use it because I
don’t want to wear it out it’s so beautiful it’s a Rae Morris and these
brushes oh my gosh they’re they’re next-level beautiful just to feel it on
your face and the blending is so good it’s so dense her brushes are made by a
Japanese master so there’s a really cool story to that which I will tell you one
day but I mix it around and then I just buff bring it down my neck oh this brush is so beautiful I would
recommend you get this if you’re a brush addict if you’re not and you’re not
really worried about brushes fingers are fine a Beautyblender is fine and that’s
inexpensive this is beautiful as well you don’t have to spend a lot of money
but if you want to spend some money get one of these on the other side I’m going
to use the le fess I just put that much on and this is my second favorite brush
of all time it’s Shu Uemura and it is so dense and amazing I’m going to leave a
link to a perfect dupe for this that I saw on the Oh Carol show I’ll leave her
youtube channel below but she has found really super inexpensive dupe for this
she says it works just as well and a fraction of the price I haven’t
purchased one because I’m happy with this but I would suggest if you’d like
to try the feeling of this beautiful thing go out onto her channel and find
out where she gets these this also feels you just look forward to putting your
foundation on because it feels so nice so this one here is thicker this point
of the brush goes beautifully under your eye and bring it down my neck and then
I’ll just dab a little bit more here around this area where I can get red and that’s it okay the other one that I’d
love to mention but I don’t have three sides to my face is the Stila aqua glow
this is so beautiful but I would call it medium to light coverage and I love
wearing this to the gym because it doesn’t really feel like you’ve got
makeup on and it evens your skin tone out without you looking like you’ve got
foundation on so this is beautiful get a tester of this one and try it it’s kind
of like such a youthful jewy beautiful perfect consistency if you have
foundations that you’d like to sometimes have it a little bit more full coverage
you can use the FX drops and they can be used in so many ways it’s good to have a
bottle the perfect color for you in your makeup kit because if I wanted to be
more full coverage I just put a little drop of that and it’s just pure pigment
and then that’ll go on and make these more full coverage but they may not be
perfect for you so you go and try all the ones you can get your hands on and
do this experiment I’m just going to finish my makeup and I’ll be back in one
second okay I’m back bit of lippy and some blush and you’ll notice I’ve got
some 1/2 lashes on as well so I told you at the beginning of the video that I had
a giveaway and I’m so excited because 1/2 lashes saw the video I did and
they’ve sent me some for me but I already ordered four sets
for myself so I have plenty because they just keep lasting and lasting and
lasting so I would love to give this to one of you they’re worth about sixty
Australian dollars they’re amazing these ones are the bold the one that I
have on now is just the original so these ones are more bold than this so if
you think this would suit you all you have to do is subscribe and let me know
why you’d love to win them and I’d be happy to send them to you thank you so
much for watching please give the thumbs up if you enjoyed this video and have a
beautiful week


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    And the lashes: I have always been petrified of trying false lashes because I don't want to chance damaging what I have and end up with nothing. But I did see your other video about magnetic lashes. Very interesting. That I would try. However, since I am in the states, I'm sure shipping is not cheap. So if you find someone closer to your home, I'm sure all of us here would totally understand. xoxo

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