The Truth About Dr. Pimple Popper

The Truth About Dr. Pimple Popper

Popaholics are having a moment, thanks in
large part to Sandra Lee, a.k.a. Dr. Pimple Popper. The Southern California-based dermatologist
and cosmetic surgeon struck gold – or should we say blackheads? – with her viral pimple
popping videos, making this guilty pleasure a little less guilty. With 3.6 million YouTube subscribers and 2.7
million Instagram followers, Lee’s just started to scratch the surface, starring in her own
TLC special, Dr. Pimple Popper: This is Zit, in 2018, with a 12-episode reality show for
the network in the works. Wanna squeeze out a little more? Here’s the untold truth of Dr. Pimple Popper. To pop or not For $20, you can buy Dr. Pimple Popper’s comedone
extractor to squeeze your own blackheads and whiteheads. But should you? Nylon reported that some skin care pros advise
against home extractions. Some believe amateur poppers are less likely
to cleanse and disinfect properly. And others think extractions can lead to scars. Needless to say, Lee doesn’t agree with those
who think comedone extractors can damage the skin, telling Mental Floss, simply, “That is B.S.” She’s not a popaholic? The popaholic community has embraced Lee as
one of its own, but the truth is, Dr. Pimple Popper doesn’t share the same compulsion for
popping as her popaholic fans. “Have you ever seen the Instagram Dr. Pimple
Popper? Every single post is about like squeezing
something.” She told Racked, “I don’t watch any of the other videos. They all kind of gross me out! When they’re amateur, I don’t want to hear
screaming, I don’t like that stuff.” She accepts that she may not be “a true popper,”
explaining: “Everyone says, ‘She’s one of us! She’s one of us!’ but I’m not really. I mean, I like it, but I don’t need it.” The worst kind of famous Lee isn’t exactly camera shy. Besides her TLC special, she has appeared
on a wide range of shows, from the Today show to the Rachel Ray Show and Tosh.0. So that’s why it’s surprising to hear that
Lee isn’t entirely comfortable with her fame. She told Broadly she gets recognized so often
in public that she wears a hat to the grocery store, saying, “I joked this is worst kind of fame you can
have – it’s a lot of fame, but not much fortune. I think it’s better to have it the other way
around, a lot of fortune and no fame, right?” Getting grossed out Don’t let Lee’s relaxed on-camera demeanor
fool you. She can get grossed out by procedures just
like the rest of us. Especially inflamed and infected cysts. She told Cosmo, “They smell because there is an infection
there and if there is bacteria involved, that creates an odor.” But Lee hides her true feelings to make her
patients feel as comfortable as possible. She told Lad Bible, “I want to make sure my patients feel safe
and respected. […] You don’t want to feel bad about yourself
after a doctor’s visit.” Going viral People go to great lengths to hide embarrassing
flaws. So then why would anyone let Dr. Pimple Popper
film their blemishes for millions to see online? Money. Lee told Forbes she’ll do the procedure for
free if patients let her film and post it on YouTube. She says, “Of course, I make them anonymous and remove
anything identifying. Literally, they all say yes.” “We get a lot of videos that kind of go viral. That drum up a lot of excitement and they
really grow like a snowball.” Total control freak The days of Lee filming, editing and uploading
every video herself using her iPhone and iMovie are no more. She now has a team helping her, but that took
some getting used to. She told Mental Floss, “I have a little bit of a problem letting
go because I feel like it’s my responsibility. They’re my patients, and I try to keep them
private and anonymous. If [the team leaves] something in accidentally,
then I’ll feel really bad.” Mad at the ‘Tube There’s a reason Lee keeps it relatively clean
in her videos: She wants to avoid the wrath of YouTube, according to The Cut. Famously sensitive about graphic content,
the platform used to take down Dr. Pimple Popper videos that it deemed inappropriate. Lee told Forbes, “They were considered ‘gory, disgusting and
for shock value.’ I fought back. I was like, ‘That’s not what this is. I’m a dermatologist. This is what I do.’ I’m not doing this for shock value. Honestly, it was insulting that they leave
videos on of people getting shot or even pron.” But despite their differences, when Lee reached
1 million subscribers in 2016, YouTube sent her the gold play button to commemorate the
milestone. The popping family tree Lee’s father was also a dermatologist and
exposed her to the profession at a young age. She told The One, “We would have textbooks sitting around the
house, with the most crazy pictures in it. […] My dad would be reading a journal with
somebody with some growth coming out of their head and I would be eating breakfast next
to him.” Lee revealed on YouTube that she and her dermatologist
husband, Jeff Rebish, took over the family business from her now-retired dad. “Dermatology is a very visual field so I really
thought that other people would appreciate it or understand why I think it’s such an
amazing field to be in.” Goodnight moon, goodnight zits Who needs Ambien when you have Dr. Pimple
Popper! Lee revealed that her videos have been known
to help some viewers get some shut-eye. And she thinks it might have to do with her
natural speaking voice. She told Lad Bible, “People say that my voice has calming qualities,
what people call ASMR. Believe it or not, my videos are bedtime lullabies
to many.” Lee even says that some patients feel less
of an urge to pick at their skin, after watching her vids. She told Broadly, “There’s a sense of completion, of cleansing. It calms people with some obsessive compulsive
tendencies.” And that’s how the pimple pops! Thanks for watching! Click the List icon to subscribe to our YouTube
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  • The List says:

    What do you think of the good Doctor?

  • David Harvey says:

    Maybe it's because she's professional, courteous, diligent, good looking, intelligent and successful, to name a few. Hater's gonna hate……..

  • B. S. says:

    I hate the presenter of this video….hating on Dr. Lee.

  • B. S. says:

    Is the person talking in the video jealous? I think she is

  • don keedik says:

    Someone is hating hard on dr pimple popper.

  • maya gang says:

    She is wonderful

  • Sharonda Leaky Jackson says:

    I really don't think there's anything wrong with Dr Lee. These TV shows ask her to appear on them, not the other way around. And when you're not charging patients for your services, of course you need an income. I think Dr Lee is a wonderful, caring physician and I wish more doctors took the care and compassion that Dr Lee has for her patients

  • Diane Greene says:

    very scary visage

  • Christoffer Neff says:

    Everything Sandra Lee does is for her patients and to help others. Leave the poor woman alone. Just because she’s getting fame from something you deem unflattering or disturbing doesn’t mean she’s some horrible person. Besides, being grossed out or being a little bit ‘controlling’ over the editing of videos is normal. For one, cysts and the like aren’t exactly clean or pretty and she has every right to be grossed out from time to time. As for the video editing part, I don’t blame her for wanting to oversee the process. She’s the doctor and the patients are her responsibility. Dr. Lee’s Patients and fans love and trust her. Find somebody else to reveal the ‘truth’ about. Smh

  • Tokyokitty1005 says:

    She’s awesome, leave her alone

  • notaniceguy34 says:

    seriously? this is such a slop artist piece of work on someone. and for the record, I hate amateur pimple popping too. especially all of the screaming.

  • Anahi S. says:

    Isn't that sad that people accept being filmed for a free medical procedure?

  • StephanieGene says:

    She hides her feelings for the patients? Have you actually watch her? She is heard often enough talking about smelly ones, talking about smelly ones to other patients. She even makes it obvious that they have some concern about getting hit by the contents of the work she does. Would it suck to be hit by stinky pus? Oh heck yes. But if you don't like it, don't do it. It irritates me that in front of clients, as she works on them, she 'jokes' about not being hit. If a doctor was working on me and shared that, I would feel anxious and disgusting. She is a very nice lady and I am subscribed to her, but to say that she hides her feelings on that stuff, is misleading, because she does show it. Whether she just makes a fuss for the camera (youtube) I don't know, but I have heard her talking about it plenty. Like "I would need to go home for a lay down" and "I need new scrubs". To me, that is super uncalled for in front of her paying clients. Just, no.

  • george spear says:

    She's an Angel!👍💖

  • Cathy Slaton says:

    I love Dr.Lee also Emilia Brown she does a lot more piping and less talking great to go to sleep by

  • Mphazi Nambao says:

    She seems nice from her videos, very caring.

  • Lorry Thornhill says:

    I watch her all the time and it doesn't gross me out at all and doesn't shock me all I just love watching her learned a lot from her.

  • Connie Maros says:

    Dr. Is very particular and kind to her patients.

  • Ivan Poldrugač says:

    Love, love, LOVEEE HER

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    She IS Hot

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    So what if she's not a popaholic, she doesn't need to be, and I understand her not watching other people videos cause I don't either, I feel they're not doing it right. I can understand her wanting privacy for her patients and not being used to letting someone else take over the recording and editing, I love her way so much more.

  • Lvly ßttrfly says:

    You trying to out Dr. Pimple Popper only makes people love her more.

  • Anita Fetters says:

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  • Marilyn Oconnell says:

    She is a cutter!! She never flushed out after she cuts! She talks a good story!!

  • Jacqueline M says:

    Everything you said is true, she’s amazingly honest, kind to her patients and has a wonderful sense of humour. I love her personality and wit and of course her new show!

  • sandraand6690 says:

    I don't care what anyone says, those cheeks are not real.

  • blue8ify says:

    wow, you turned all kinds of things around with the tone of your voice… you assume her personality with the quote and shape it to fit YOUR narrative. rubbish.

  • Peter Parker says:

    She like Super Hero

  • Jackie Barnes says:

    I enjoy watching her before I go to bed. Relaxing.

  • Hasnah Abdullah says:

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  • trinityplayer12 says:

    It is so true that it calms me at night before I sleep and helps me fall asleep. I don't have skin issues much, but I am intrigued my those I see.

  • Jolene Kaus says:

    I love watching Dr Sandra Lee. She’s very respectful to her patients. I’m glad she enjoys her work so much. Thanks for letting us watch..

  • Fixedguitar says:

    I worked for a group of doctors. She’s taking all the liability, not her staff.

  • Brad Sinacore says:

    She's HOT!

  • Tye Jefferson says:

    This is bull shit. All the quotes from Dr Lee are respectful and from a medical p.o.v. she is always respectful and compassionate.

  • Ed Camp says:

    Dr Lee so beautiful and a great Doctor with a caring heart and caring for others

  • Lusi Myer says:

    Wow I dont think shes drop dead gorgeous. Not eve n pretty..sorry.
    Great doc perhaps but not gorgeous.

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    You tried. And failed. You twisted her words and used them where you felt like it. I love her. I think we should be past women trying to bring other women down.

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    she's hot, rich, smart. I can see that being offensive to women especially.

  • Agnostic Pagan Mother says:

    4:51…. i usually watch this till i fall asleep, too. Lol

  • Anonymously Anonymous says:

    I honestly believe her when she said you can pop your own pimples. Now, you should get the similar tool that she has or buy hers. Pop whiteheads or blackheads only when they are visible (meaning you should see a white spot or a black spot). Do NOT pop bumps, wait until there is a white or black spot then you can pop. Clean or sanitize your popping tool before use. Also, wash your face with soap after you finish popping pimples to prevent contamination (I highly recommend popping pimples before shower because you will get a deeper clean). Do NOT use hands to pop pimples because there can be scarring, use tools only. This works for me better than anything! Of course, to prevent more breakouts, you need to wash your face very often throughout the day. Sweats and oils can clog your pores and cause breakouts, so wash your face. If you do all that, you will not need Curology, I promise.

  • Nick H says:

    so are we like supposed to cancel her now ??? lmfao

  • John Goard says:

    I worked as an RN for over 44 years and I have assisted many doctors remove all sorts of skin lesions and Dr Lee would rank amongst the top five I have ever encountered even though this is YouTube. Very professional and really knows her stuff for all those that criticise what she does which takes in all of dermatological conditions you would be hard pushed to find another doctor quite like her. Keep up the good work Dr Lee!!

  • ILI CarrieDoll says:

    I hate these "The Truth" title, preferably fun facts, especially she is really a nice person with proper job and really helps people

  • Ahmad Gabriel says:

    Love her show. Seems very kind.


    Soon as she come up y'all talk shit about her

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    Who tf liked this? In all her videos she’s very respectful and accommodating to her patients. This is nothing but click bait. Saying she’s doing this for money? Aren’t y’all doing the same thing with this video. The hypocrisy is very evident.

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    She is just amaizing, i love Doctor PP🤗🤗

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  • Grammar Grandma says:

    People have been popping zits and blackheads etc for millennia, I've had ok skin with the occasional zit, and I've squeezed them all, and I don't have a single scar. We all do it so unless you're a dirty person of course you can do it at home. Dr Lee is awesome!!

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    She is disarmingly friendly and not afraid literally to be hands on with her patients. As a Nurse of almost 35 years, I've seen Doctors with zero couth, would refuse to touch some of the cases she sees. And she's highly caring and skilled. Love her! Keep saving lives and teaching others. Dr Sandra Lee you are awesome!!

  • David Welsh says:

    The reality is, she is everything that most people on the internet wish they were: someone who has a real job and has a right to be on the internet. The thing is, what she does is much more needed because of the "popper community" not to help it , and she is teaching what is really needed to be known. There are still so many videos up that show the utterly wrong ways to handle cysts and dilated pores of winer especially. It wasn't until after two years of seeing them that I found one (a home cyst pop) where the woman doing to to the guy (it was on his back) made any attempt to get out the cyst sack (she was successful, btw).

  • Sabrina Fleischer élève says:

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    I was skeptical of this video but decided to give it a shot because if there is one thing I hate, it's being ignorant of peoples' nasty behavior. I needn't have bothered. Nothing this video said was worth watching. The title's inclusion of the phrase "The Truth About" implies that there is something negative the public has missed or overlooked about Dr. Lee that needs to be addressed or brought to greater attention. This video proves there isn't. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this woman.

    Your talking points also seem to be purposely framed in such a way to cast her in a bad light even though what you're saying isn't technically negative. "Control Freak" implies that she's nasty behind-the-scenes or in her personal life, when she isn't; "The worst kind of famous" is a direct quote from her that you've spun to make it seem like her being famous for what she does is a "bad" kind of fame. Playing with our heads a bit, List, not a fan.

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