Things Our Family Loves // November Favourites [CC]

Things Our Family Loves // November Favourites [CC]

Hello, everyone. C: Hii! That was quite a [dramatic noise] J: That was very smooth. C: You should definitely put that bit into slow-mo. [Slow motion] Hii. So, hi. This video is actually my very last Favourites video of the whole year. C: Woah. J: Oh, my God, it’s November already but, yeah, I figured I’m going to be doing so many videos in December that by the end of December. I–I will be…dead. J: I mean I’m already ill.
C: You’re already ill. C: It’s just this time of year. J: OK, first thing’s first: I should say I’m really sorry, excuse me – I have a terrible cold – if I sniff and sneeze and cough J: and blow my nose.
C: You always do this thing when you’re telling people C: that you’re ill and you put on the ill voice. J: I put on the ill voice? C: Yeah. You were like [enthusiastically], “Oh, hi, everyone!” [gruffly] “Oh, I’m really ill.” J: So because it’s the very last Favourites video of the year, I thought I would make it a family affair C: Yes. J: and bring everyone in (you can’t tell, but there are two dogs on this sofa). I don’t know if you can tell. C: Aw, Tilly’s here. J: Tilly’s here. C: Yeah. [Both] Walter’s over there. J: He’s vaguely in shot. I think it’s just his bum. J: Hello, and welcome to our November J: Go for it
C: [fingerspelling] November C: favourites J: Yeah! J: Well done! J: Dun, dun, dun! Hasn’t actually come out yet. J: but…
C: Ooo, exciting. J: So, the very last video of this year before Vlogmas starts is going to actually be coming out on Wednesday. I don’t normally release videos on a Wednesday but I just really wanted to get it in there and it is going to be a review of some truly brilliant Bésame products. I fangirled so hard when they sent me an email. C: Aww. J: I really did. It was terrible. I sent everyone, like, texts in capital letters with many, many exclamation marks. So, to get you ready for Wednesday’s Bésame video, I’m just going to show you… C: A vintage paper! J: the truly fabulous little things that came with C: That’s really cute J: Look at this. This is the Bésame Bugle. J: It made me so happy.
C: Oh, it’s got Snow White. J: Yeah, they have a new collection of Snow White things. Disney’s Snow White, the 1937 collection. J: They have an eye shadow palette and it’s all based on the actual colours that are within the film. Adriana Caselotti was the Bésame girl of the month. J: Yeah. C: And look, she even looks like Snow White. J: Yeah! She was the voice of Snow White. C: I guess maybe they loosely based her on her. J: And then–they sent me some lipsticks, I’m so excited and ready to try those. C: Mmm.
J: But when my–you know, J: this is OK again. J: And here’s everything in the Snow White collection and – can’t lie – want it all. J: And I thought that was pretty great, yeah? And then I saw the next thing in a little parcel. [Excited whimper] C: What’s it say? C: “Marvel” C: It’s from Stark Industries! “Peggy, your newest pieces of tech are on the way. I’ll admit, make-up is not my strong suit, so we teamed up with an American brand to make our tech look as convincing as possible. This is as much detail as I can tell you in an unclassified–” (oh, I wish I could read) “in an unclassified letter! Your mission briefing will be in the fall. Enjoy the summer.” C: I don’t get it. J: I love make-up, I love vintage, and I love Marvel. It’s everything all rolled into one. C: What are they gonna–what do they mean? J: Well, maybe you just have to watch my video on Wednesday and find out. C: Oooo. J: Mmm.
C: Exciting! J: So that’s my favourite thing number one because I am just so super excited. J: Marvel is also my ill thing. J: On an ill day, I just lie in bed and I watch C: Pretend you’re a superhero. J: Yeah, do that, too. But, no, where I was going with that is that I watch many Marvel conspiracy films. Like little videos on YouTube about “What does it all mean?” / “Where’s it going next?” / “What will happen in Infinity Wars?” [Both] Favourite thing number two C: I’m wearing this lovely jumper which has really lovely sort of woollen embroided detail here of flowers but they’re not too girly. And this one here. C: And I like how it’s kind of slouchy, and it’s not wool because wool makes me itchy against my bare skin. I think it’s made of–let’s have a look. Yeah, it’s 100% acrylic, so it’s still really warm and it’s really soft. J: But not scratchy. C: But not scratchy at all. Look, yeah. You can rub your face on it. J: Mmm.
C: So, yeah, I’m really pleased with it. C: It’s like…yeah. J: ‘Cause basically, you saw that I had my jumper – not my jumper – my little jacket from ROMWE in my last Favourites video, and Claudia was like, “Aww, I want stuff, too.” I really like the ROMWE clothes and I looked on their website and they have a whole range of clothing, like, styles and items, which suits me because I have a… I don’t really know what my style is. J: An adaptable style. C: Yeah, it’s not as distinct as your style. Sometimes I’ll wear… You know, like, I’m quite happy in this; it’s a bit more feminine, but then other times I’d rather wear this! C: It’s just really cool. It’s kind of like–it’s like a very lightweight hoodie where the inside is lined with cotton but the outside is that kind of…rain mac. J: But in a good way.
C: You know like – this sounds weird, but – C: like…golf thing? C: [Sounding dubious] And the really, really nifty thing about this which could come in useful [hesitantly] some…time. I mean… [Unenthusiastic] Ta-da. J: You’re back. C: I’m back. C: Yeah, I don’t really know what the purpose of it to zip up like that is. Do people walk along like– I mean, hoodies are for people who are feeling a bit insecure, perhaps, sometimes. Do you think they’re walking along and then suddenly they’re like, “That’s so and so from school!” “Better hide! Go incognito.” C: Anyway, moving on. I’m gonna put my other jump back on. J: So, for more of Claudia’s interesting and ever-evolving fashion, do follow us on Instagram. J: Favourite thing number three. This is something you haven’t seen yet, but I absolutely have to share with you and I think you’re going to love it. “An elephant never baguettes!” C: That’s your friends! J: Catherine. C: Oh, that’s Catherine’s design! J: It is indeed. J: Catherine is an awesome human being who is an illustrator and makes fabulous cards, bags, and posters. C: Yeah. J: Including a lot of our Christmas cards. So yes, friends, you will be receiving Catherine’s designs in the post ’cause they’re so darn good. She is absolutely amazing and I’m so proud of her. C: Yeah. J: I’ve known her ever since university. C: She did the drawing at our wedding, during the service. J: Yeah, she did.
C: It was really, really nice. J: She did a live drawing at the wedding [?] C: We’re getting that framed for Christmas, aren’t we? J: We are. You can actually see that in our wedding video. If you look back and watch that. J: And she’s now in actual, like, big shops. And she also has her own website C: Cool. J: This is basically just me repping my friend because she’s awesome! C: Yeah. J: Check this out. She also sent me this. “You glow girl!” C: Aww, that’s so nice! C: Is that an original? J: Yeah. C: “You glow girl.” J: “You glow girl.” J: It’s a special time. It’s favourite thing number four: [‘Anticipation to the reveal’ noise] J: It’s a massive parcel.
C: Walter hasn’t stirred yet. J: He hasn’t realised what it is. J: Yeah, but Tilly knows. J: Tilly KNOWS. J: Tilly recognises this box
C: Yeah, she’s like… C: She’s like, “Hmm.” J: Because this loveliness you may remember from a video that we made in August when a certain someone turned one! J: Yeah, we got sent some special goodies by Pawsome Box and [gasps excitedly] this is their special Christmas edition! J: So we’re going to be taking some stuff out of this box and putting it into some little people’s stockings. But what have we got in here? J: Ah, I love it! I love it. C: Maybe they can have one early Christmas present. J: We’re gonna show you this stuff, but maybe we will hide a little bit from them. C Aw, you got her all excited now, though. J: Aw, they’ll have a thing. They can have a thing. J: This is the special Christmas Pawsome Box.
C: What is that? J: [Amused] Ahh! [Toy squeaks] [Toy squeaks] J: I should say, the squeaky toy from the last Pawsome Box is still going strong. C: She loves that. J: She’s vibrating [squeaks toy] because she loves this so much C: Walter doesn’t like squeaky toys–oh, no, he likes this one. J: Oh! [squeaks toy] J: Aww, look! C: Aww, that’s really cute. J: That’s really sweet. J: Aww, so look how cuddly and nice that is. That’s adorable. J: Next thing in the box–get your nose out! J: Geez, I’m going to show you stuff, you just have to chill. We’ve got…Shampooing! We do need some more shampoo, so this is very timely. J: Shampooing Universal. J: Universal Shampoo with grape extract for softness, brightness, and shine C: Ooo.
J: for all types of coats. C: Tilly loves baths, so we’ll try that later. J: She loves a good bath. J: Would you like to bathe with that? Smells good, doesn’t it? You like that? There we go. J: Next up. Oo! More stuff we actually need. C: Ooo. J: Festive doggie bags. J: This box is amazing.
C: Who doesn’t need poo bags? J: This box is actually full of stuff we need. J: That’s quite good. J: Next up we’ve got…ohhh. J: Oh, it’s got no fluff in, so you can’t pull the fluff everywhere! I’m unclear as to what this is. C: Ooo, they like this one.
J: Is it a reindeer? Oh, my gosh. C: Should they have this one? J: I think they want that one. They really want that one! C: Ohhh. J: He’s off! J: Oh, the drama. J: Next, we’ve got…oh, wow! What’s this?! J: Amazing! C: What is it? J: Look, look, look. Paw-licking festive treat! J: Wow! In the shape of a snowman. It’s basically beef-hide and rice starch C: Oh, OK. They can eat that. J: Yeah. J: And then we have–ahh, look at that! C: Squeaky cracker. J: That’s adorable. C: That’s really cute.
J: That’s so adorable. J: I can’t hear any of this. C: [squeaking toys] They’re all speaking the same language, they just have slightly different voices. [Continues squeaking the toys] J: I’m so sorry if you have an aversion to her squeaking those things. J: And not only that [box], Pawsome have also sent us a very special code, which will get you guys some money off if you want to get your own festive box. But – and I may be wrong here, though – but you have to order before the 10th of December in order to get one for Christmas. C: Get your orders in quickly. J: Yay! J: I’m going to put, obviously, all of the info down in the description. I really want your little ones to have lots of festive fun, too, same as ours. J: And something else that we of course have to mention C: Oh, yeah.
J: about this video that’s rather special is this video is my very first Favourites video since I hit 100K. C: Yaaay. J: It’s actually my first video since I hit 25K as well. C: I know, it’s mental! C: And it’s really, really amazing that suddenly, what? About a hundred and twenty thousand of you have decided to join us. J: Yeah, decided that you quite like watching me. C: Yeah, and watching your–what you have to say ’cause you always have a lot of interesting… J: Aww. C: You know, it’s not just like, “Oh, I’m a happy, loving, fun person” – which you are – but you have a lot of things to raise awareness about and you do it through your charming self. C: I think that’s what people love. Well, I hope so, anyway. J: I’m gonna cry now. C: Aww. [Mwah] C: You deserve it. J: And Claudia was also absolutely amazing with my friends, because they threw me a surprise 100k party. [Applauding and cheering] But I thought we were just going to go for a dim sum date, just the two of us. J: Walk into the restaurant and no, it’s a whole table of the girls. C: Yeah, for someone who screams all the time from the slightest–like, literally I’ll walk out [and she] screams like [mimics] Gets so easily shocked, like I can literally just walk into our bedroom when I’ve just walked out to go to the toilet and she’s like [mimics shocked scream again] J: It’s a deaf thing! C: I’m like…
J: I don’t know that you’re coming. C: I do live here! C: So I thought the surprise would be massive reaction…
J: Huge scream. C: Probably like a ten minute scream, at least but no, she just walked in and went “…” Like, “What are you…?” She didn’t say it, but her face was pretty much saying, like, “Why are you all here ruining our dim sum date?” J: [?]
C: And everyone was like [cheering] J: [?] C: And you were like, “…” C: And also everyone else in the restaurant was like, “Who’s 100?” C: We had the ‘100’ balloon, like, the one big ‘1’ and two–a big ‘0’ and a big ‘0’ J: And Clara and Evelina had made a ‘k’ J: so we could be like…”100k!”
C: When they held the ‘k’ next to it, that was like, “Oh” J: Then it made sense. J: But, yeah, a little girl did come over and was like [child’s voice], “Excuse me, who is a hundred?” J: And I was like, “Um…me?” J: “I guess?” J: “I guess me?” J: Yeah, it was so lovely, though. J: That’s the nicest thing that I’ve ever had a group do en masse for me C: Aww. J: I was gonna say the nicest thing anyone’s ever done, but obviously you proposed to me. C: Oh, yeah. And it was Evelina’s idea. J: Props to them.
C: And then Clara said you’d never had a surprise party J: Yeah.
C: and you really wanted one. J: I think I tell her every week I want a surprise party. J: And I finally got it! C: Yaaay. J: I was so happy. Thank you so much. You guys are absolutely amazing and thank you to everyone, actually, who has left me such really nice comments saying, you know, “Amazing, such a good job.” You guys who were here with me and were like, “I knew you when you had a thousand subscribers!” “Yay! We’ve been here the whole way!” And the people who are like, “I found you yesterday! And now I’ve watched all of your videos.” I love all of you; you are just amazing and I actually cried a little bit. I don’t know how to express my thank you enough except for to continue to make videos to make you guys happy. Which is what we’re going to be doing from this Friday: making a video every single day. C: Vlogmas J: For twenty-five days.
C: And then we’re going to be making some C: really exciting videos in the New Year J: Oh, my goodness.
C: when we go to Malaysia. J: Yes, we are. C: And I’m just going to take this opportunity to add this onto the end of… C: Don’t look at me as if it’s like, “Oh, my God, what’s she gonna say?!” C: I was just gonna ask: I really wanna get into a good book. Like, I haven’t read a good book for ages and in the winter months like this, you just kind of want to sit and snuggle by the fire and get your nose into a good page-turner. If you have any–like, what’s your favourite? Like, if anyone’s currently reading a book that they can’t put down, or has recently done or just has in the past, and they love it and they think I would like it, then can you tell me? And then I will get it and then have a look and read it! J: And she’ll let you know. C: I mean, I read ‘Girl on the Train.’ That was a pretty easy read and it was kind of a good page-turner. Like, that kind of stuff. J: Aye, aye, aye! C: They might wanna know about me! C: And what kind of things I like! C: I’m just sayin’, you know, it’s not all about… I know it’s called Jessica Out of the Closet, but sometimes I’m in it. C: I’m sure if I wasn’t even with you, you’d still have a 100k followers. J: I don’t think so. C: No, I don’t think so, either. I make you. [Party poppers popping] [Friends cheering] J: I fail! [Jessica’s party popper popping] [Friends laughing]


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    I love Jessica's nerdiness (yay Marvel!), and fashion, and willingness to talk about lots of different aspects of disability, and love of makeup (maybe you will get me into makeup for real one day)! And Claudia's chill style and down-to-earthness and puns. You guys are so good.

  • pennyfarthing says:

    I don't knw much about books in the thiller genre, but I recommend Claudia check out The Southern Reach trilogy by Jeff VanderMeer; it's some of the best scifi/mystery I've read in a while! each book is pretty quick, so they feel like one big book altogether.

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    Also Jessica I love you so so so much…you're such an inspiration because you are so positive and can keep things in perspective which is something I really struggle with so thanks for helping me to deal with a lot of stuff that's going on at the minute…I love you!
    (Btw you and Claudia are so cute together!)

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    I love Jodi Picoult (writer of her sisters keeper) my favourite is 'House Rules' complete page turners, especially towards the end

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    BOOKS! OOhh I just finished the "Tsar of Love and Techno" – it's a little sad but really absorbing and interesting. An old one but so so so good is "Jurassic Park" by Michael Crichton – it's similar to the movie but so much more intricate. Gone girl was terrifying and wonderful and I read the entire thing in like one sitting over the course of one very very lazy day.

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    On a side note, you girls are such an inspirational couple just overflowing with love and joy through our screens. Sending you more love and peace from Singapore!!!


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    This is probably too late for Claudia to see, but I would highly recommend Swordspoint and The Privilege of the Sword by Ellen Kushner. They're fantasy novels, but with no magic, and involve duels and honor and political intrigue rather than dragons and elves. And it has a very compelling LGBT couple with a…uh… unique relationship.

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    Claudia is so funny (that hoody though) and you guys are so cute together 😍

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    realizing this video is not present, still makes a comment to suggest a book series
    Claudia, the Percy Jackson series has always been a page turner for me. Adventure, Greek/Roman mythology with demigods. I suggest having all 5 books around so you can read the next one right after. Rick Riorden also made a sequal to that series.

  • Bryan McKinstry says:

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