This Film Will TURN YOU VEGAN in 2 Minutes | Vegan News | LIVEKINDLY

This Film Will TURN YOU VEGAN in 2 Minutes | Vegan News | LIVEKINDLY

(pig squealing) – Are you gonna do it? – No, no! Stop, stop! – [Narrator] This week
animal rights organization, Last Chance For Animals
released a short film, that will turn you vegan in two minutes. NBA point guard, Kyrie Irving is starring in Beyond Meat’s first ad in its new athlete-powered campaign. Personal care giant, Proctor & Gamble ended animal testing in
its 19 cosmetic brands. Aldi releases vegan chocolate Easter eggs and vegan, Cadbury-style
creme eggs are now a thing? All of that and more on Live
Kindly’s Weekly Vegan News. A new short film titled Casa de Carne will turn you vegan in two minutes. The film, produced by
animal rights organization, Last Chance For Animals
introduces a fictional restaurant, Casa de Carne, which directly
translates to Meat House. At this restaurant, whatever
animal you order from the menu, you must slaughter yourself, before it is cooked and served to you. The video sees a customer order ribs and all is well, until
the twist is revealed, if he wants to eat the
pig, he must first kill it. Unsurprisingly he can’t
bring himself to do it, but the chefs at Casa de
Carne don’t seem to mind and they hop in to do the work,
while he is forced to watch a butcher slit the throat of his dinner. The video highlights what
a 2018 study revealed, half the population of America could not take the life
of an animal for food, if they had to do it themselves. Last year the group
behind this powerful film also produced Food for Thought, a short film portraying a world, where humans keep goats and pigs as pets and eat parrot and poodle meat for dinner. NBA legend, Shaquille O’Neal
joins 13 other top athletes in investing in vegan
meat brand, Beyond Meat. Shak joins fellow basketball player and Beyond Meat investor, Celtics’ point guard, Kyrie Irving. Irving is not only an investor,
but a brand ambassador too. – [Kyrie] I believe everyone
has a remarkable ability inside of them. (melodic piano music) – [Narrator] Irving is considered
one of the top athletes in the sport of basketball, he appeared in the new commercial announcing his collaboration
with Beyond Meat, the contact with the company began when Irving mentioned in a 2017 interview that he had adopted a vegan
diet during the off season. – You know, just understanding
what the diet is like for me, it was beneficial for me for
having the highest energy here and being able to sustain
it at a very high level. – [Narrator] The food brand reached out and offered to send him samples. – I’ve fallen in love
with the Beyond Burger going on two years now,
having a plant-based food, that is mashed together
with a bunch of protein, that ultimately will
help my body flourish. – [Narrator] The athlete
credits his plant-based diet for an improved performance on the court. O’Neal and Irving are
joined by other top athletes as Beyond Meat investors and ambassadors, including free solo climber, Alex Honnold. – I’m a professional climber
and I climb lots of things, very tall and sometimes
challenging things. – [Narrator] And Olympians,
Shaun White and Lindsay Vonn. Proctor & Gamble, the biggest
consumer goods company in the world wants to end
global animal testing by 2023. The global consumer goods giant announced that it had joined the
Be Cruelty Free campaign launched by animal rights non-profit, Humane Society International. – Symbols to keep an eye out for like the Fighting Animal Testing
symbol, look for the bunny, so it really is all about just bringing the awareness to light. – [Narrator] Proctor & Gamble owns a total of 19 cosmetic companies including Olay, Old Spice, Gilette. – [Man] And there will be no going back, because we, we believe in the best in men. – [Narrator] Ivory, Head and Shoulders, Herbal Essences and Pantene. Proctor & Gamble does not test products or ingredients on animals,
unless required by law. Over the past 40 years, it has invested more than $400 million
in alternative testing, it currently uses over 50 methods, half of which the company
had a hand in developing. The new collaboration with
Humane Society International will focus on mainstreaming
cruelty-free testing methods and laying pressure on
companies and world governments to update their policies. – Most European countries have banned it, right, the animal testing? – They banned it in 2013, yeah. They were the first
conglomerate, group of countries to actually ban it, so
that was back in 2013 and since then, India’s
followed suit, Norway, New Zealand and now we have legislation introduced in several other countries, including Canada and United States. – Welcome to Baskin Robbins, would you like to try
our Mango Fruit Blast? – Ah, no thanks. – [Narrator] Baskin Robbins heirs left their ice cream fortune
to start a vegan revolution. John Robbins is the son of American ice cream
chain founder, Irv Robbins. Though he grew up with
31 flavors of ice cream in the freezer, when John was in his 20s, he declined the opportunity to join the family business, the reason? John’s uncle, Burt Baskin,
one of the most successful American entrepreneurs in US history was dying of heart disease. – My Dad’s Uncle Burt was a big man and he always enjoyed the family product. He loved life and it was tragic that despite all of his business success, his life was taken from
him in his early 50s, I never even got to meet my Dad’s Uncle. – That’s why it’s my mission and the mission of my son and colleague, Food Revolution Network
co-founder, Ocean Robbins to get this information into your hands. – [Narrator] John’s
son, Ocean Robbins, 45, retold what his father told him. My Dad said, hey, I
don’t wanna spend my life selling a product that’s
going to contribute to more people getting sick and dying. John made drastic changes to his life by abstaining from the ice cream industry and moving to a remote cabin in the woods. Ocean Robbins was raised with an outlook, that centered around
healthy, sustainable living, including a vegetarian diet. – What’s more important than ever is that you and I get
informed, get empowered, so we can truly take our health and our food choices into our own hands. – [Narrator] He’s following
in hid Dad’s footsteps. John has authored nine
books on healthy eating, including 1987’s bestseller,
Diet For a New America. Ocean recently released his first book, 31-Day Food Revolution, which according to the book’s description explores the secrets the
industrialized food industry doesn’t want you to know. Supermarket chain, Aldi is now stocking vegan chocolate Easter
eggs at its UK stores. The vegan dark chocolate egg comes paired with Ferrero Rocher like hazelnut truffles made by German chocolatier, Moser Roth. Other supermarkets across
the UK are getting ready for Easter with dairy-free chocolates too, Moo Free is a dairy-free chocolate brand to look out for on supermarket shelves. If you’re looking for
Cadbury-style vegan cream eggs, Mummy Meagz has you covered. While Cadbury makes its version with milk and dried egg whites, Mummy Meagz’s gooey, chocolatey, gluten-free, dairy-free Cream Eggs are made with sunflower,
lecithin and cocoa butter and are available to order online. Skittles Nude Vegan Candies are rumored to arrive in the US this year, Skittles Chewies, a
UK-exclusive vegan candy is essentially Skittles without the shell launched in the UK last July. – It tastes almost kind of like, the texture’s kind of like Hi-Chew, kind of like Mambas or Now and Laters, but into little drops, man. – [Narrator] It has a chewier texture and less of a fruit
flavor than the classic. While there’s yet to be an
official word from Skittles on when its Chewies candies
will arrive in the US, the hype is strong. What’s your favorite vegan treat? That’s it for today. Remember to subscribe
and hit the red bell, we’ll see you again next week for Live Kindly’s Vegan News.


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  • Luis Pedraza says:

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  • Kermit Stewart says:

    I'm a vegan but I could care less about animals. It is just that the healthiest decision I could personally make is to not consume animals.

  • Pradip Gupta says:

    Veganism is extreme….
    Indian vegetarianism is more sensible ? Anyway this life on our planet survives on cruelty.

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    True house of meat

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  • Khwahish Knez says:

    Proud to be Vegetarian.

  • L G says:

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  • PIZZA PLAY [TV] says:

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    Joke's on you I'm a sadist

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    Happily vegan ever after.

  • Ceejay Lee says:

    There’s a different in being sad while killing an animal and being sad and getting paid for it. It’s their fucking job get over it, plus it’s not like we don’t know where meat comes from. Ever heard of a food chain we’re at the top, suck it up buttercups (my opinion ok so I don’t want any vegans going reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee on me got it, want to say something then say it but like I said not in the way of reeeee or fuck you your eating animals you fuck boy).

  • The Kernel says:

    Kyrie became a vegan and now is fucking trash.

  • Zahida Nasreen Khan says:

    Seriously vegans assuming people who eat meat never seens a animal slaughter. I saw it done in my grandparents and uncles home in Pakistan, in their non industrialised farm. It was fine, no screaming as they were experienced. Very quick plus no pig as we do not eat pigs for religious reasons.

    Most people will not slaughter animals because its complicated as we need to make the slaughter quick and not messy. That pig probably back kick him if he tried by himself. Some pigs even bite if threatened.

    The short film made no sense. How comes it took two chefs to keep pig down and slaughter but before they just passed him a cooking knife and told him to do it alone.
    You need experience to do it. People chop meat at home all the time without any problem or flinching a finger.

  • swaggy gamer says:

    im 13 years old and i had to kill for food cut off a chickens head off was the best thing i ever did
    thank you lord for that chicken 🙏🙏

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    Well the logic in the comments is kinda stupid how Many of us fucking work for a living well if your living of the grid then yea Ile kill for my food but because getting a gun license is difficult not everyone has time to go out hunting so having meat killed for us is a convenient way for people who already know meat does not grow on a magic tree you spastic Vegans what you fought all these years your technology and food comes from a magic lol this is reality or is it we could be living in a computer stimulation of the universe so who gives a fuck I wanna live while I am alive I don't wanna live to 80 years old realy what year is it I am 24 years old soon to be 25 years old and in the future nah fuck I don't think I can have implants up my ass no thanks if you give control of your life then yes Ile be happy to die I don't wanna live in a world like cyber punk or altered carbon be half human and half robot no thanks yes you can live for ever but who wants to live like that who wants to be free from this fucked up life anyway your creating your own prison the universe is a soul trap it's time to break free from it don't let the government control your mind this is the warning from me I am not happy with life today I wish I had a time machine and went back to the good old Days maybe go back to the 60s to 80s due to music lol

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    Me But its 8 minutes

  • Frank Lance says:

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  • Blue Moon says:

    Just imagine a world where humans didnt create suffering🌱 Think how much better everyones mental health would be? And yes the occasional thing on the news. But imagine how much violence we would prevent if we didnt promote legal violence and say it was ok! Aka meat dairy and eggs! We CAN create heaven on earth! But it allll starts with YOU! YES the one whos reading this! Because you cant expect anyone to do something, if you dont do it yourself! You TRULY can make a huge difference! Just aline your morals to your actions, and spread awareness and dont be ashamed for not wanting beings on this earth to suffer immensely!🌱 Good luck🙏 And please choose good and love🙏🐄❤️🐖🐏🐑❤️🌱🐓🦃👐❤️🐬🐟👐🐠🐋👐🌱🐥🐣❤️🐮🌱👐❤️🐷❤️🐰🌱❤️🙏🐹🐭❤️

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    Is it a Beyond meat and P&G Advertisement ? :))
    I am working on a short movie.
    When you enter a toy shop and chose a toy for your child, you will let your child work in a Fabric 12 hours with bad conditions like the clidren who produce it
    When you go to a Pharmacy before you buy the medicine first you will use testing drugs for few buks like poor people do it in poor countries
    When you buy vegies first you will work on the fields
    bla bla bla
    Camon guys. Dont eat what you dont want to eat. We dont have any problem with eat. But please dont try to give us lesson.

  • chubb OToole says:

    What a feeling to look into an animals eyes just before you cut it's throat and then eat it, not my problem I'm an apex predator and a cow is a cow, carnivore diet one of the best diets on the planet. Gives you energy and satisfaction no plant based diet can.

  • DeezNuts says:

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  • TheTruth76 says:

    Plants are cheaper to produce and GMO plants are patented, even worse these GMO crops are pushing the natural counterparts out/ replacing them. The globalists and friends want to destroy the meat industry so they can sell plants at big prices because the human body needs more of it to get the calories from macros. Consumers should be aware of what they eat, especially meat, eat less but quality meat where animals are treated correctly, combined with good fats/oils and huge amounts of veggies, a winner. Get rid of palmsugars, transfats, this is cancer!

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    Personally, I feel as though veganism is being pushed on society. Vegetarianism is preferable.

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