Tiara’s Nose Job experience at the Austin-Weston Center. Testimonial

Tiara’s Nose Job experience at the Austin-Weston Center. Testimonial

my name is tiara I’m a RN in here
registered nurse I’ve been here about two and a half years now and i love it i
have had a rhinoplasty down with dr. Sigal and I also did liposuction of my
abdomen with dr. sigal as well I had surgery for myself no one agreed in my
family everyone you’re beautiful just the way you are but I had surgery
because it dated back to my childhood my insecurities about my nose I had a wide
set noes my head is not big and that’s why I think I’m so outgoing guess that’s
how i made up for it you know I had to be funny I had to be likable I had to do
those things so that I wouldn’t picked up and I’ve friends said I wouldn’t cry
it’s your face what if you look too different I don’t look like Michael
Jackson I won’t look crazy you know you want to look different but you don’t
want to not look like you and you know you can’t do surgery and look like
someone else and then everyone’s gonna you know why did you do that now that’s
why you know we told you not to do it you know so what you look like matters
because how you feel when you look better I feel so good now I feel so good
now like I don’t care about makeup I don’t I don’t care about anything else I
just I did it for me and I did it for my confidence and I did it to feel like
myself you know I just did it to feel Iike myself I didn’t feel complete you know and I
thought about it every day and it wasn’t something that was gonna go away I mean
that’s a gift that they gave me that I will have for the rest of life


  • Diorella says:

    Dr Sigal is amazing. Best bedside manner and wonderful, honest advice.

  • Kara W says:

    You are beautiful and Dr. Sigal is great!

  • Evangeline Jones says:

    It took everything inside of me not to cry; but how can you not with Tiara's story!  Her testimony is so moving and I am sure there are lots of people who feel this way.  It's obvious how having this surgery has change the way she feels, inside and out!  I'm happy for her!  Dr. Sigal is amazing and so are Dr. Weston, Dr. Poindexter, and Dr. Knotts!  In fact, everything about The Austin-Weston Center is amazing!  Go see for yourself!

  • Chastity says:

    What do she mean? She was beautiful before She's also beautiful now

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