Too Faced MASSIVE LAUNCH of Peaches & Cream AND KANDEE! + Labor Day SALES! | Makeup Minute

Too Faced MASSIVE LAUNCH of Peaches & Cream AND KANDEE! + Labor Day SALES! | Makeup Minute

Hello! I’m Jen and this is your Daily Makeup Minute
for August 31, 2017. The LAUNCH DATE for the TooFaced and Kandee
Johnson collab “I Want Kandee” has been MOVED UP TO TODAY! Go Shop at Ulta online Right Now! It will still launch September 3 in store. And while you’ve got Too Faced on the brain,
head over to Sephora for the Peaches & Cream collection that launched today. Also Starting TODAY at Besame, get a free
Decades of Fragrance sample set when you purchase any full-size product at the regular price. Check their site for terms. Get ready to plan, here come the holiday weekend
sales! ELF has extended their 50% off Sitewide sale Urban Decay the AfterDark palette is now $39
and check their site for more details bareMinerals – Now through September 5, get
$10 off when you spend $50, $20 off when you spend $75, and $30 off when you spend $100. That’s it for now. We’ll see you here same time tomorrow. Remember we have more News and Makeup Minute
Extras on my Instagram, and Don’t forget our full-length weekly newscast, What’s Up in
Makeup, every Sunday morning on YouTube!


  • MsClassylatina says:

    Love these Daily Makeup minutes!!!!! 🙂

  • Emily Hunter says:

    Same! I'm new btw!!

  • Lisa Lightrider says:

    I wish Ulta had the new New Faced products. That would be more convenient for me.

  • spiffy macadamia says:

    Question. So isn't it counterproductive for companies, like Too Faced, to put out two collections at once? Wouldn't it make sense to do them one at a time, to give their customers enough time to be able to afford buying items from both collections? I don't know about marketing, hence why I'm asking. I'm sure their marketing team advises them on what is best for better market sales.

  • Lizzie Brown says:

    Just bought a melted matte liquid lipstick and the banana pudding powder! so excited to try!!!

  • Luanne Santos says:

    I just ordered Kandee's collection. I wish Too Faced would have waited to release the Peaches and Cream collection. I can't drop $400 on 2 collections in one day. MAD LOVE FOR YOU

  • Nidia Molina says:

    These are so informative! Thank you

  • EmoNekoChan101 says:

    Personally, I think Too Faced would have been better off if they pushed back either one of the collections by a month or so. I agree that it doesn't make any sense releasing two big collections at once since it just makes people force to choose between the two collections.

  • Sham Nasri says:

    Please do a review on the tf peaches and cream collection

  • Jennifer Laughton says:

    @jenluvsreviews the dermstore has a 20% site wide as well as 3% off ebates!

  • Kailey Barton says:

    Hey Jen, love your videos! But just to clear up confusion I think you meant to put bareMinerals in the description and not Besamae 😂

  • M H says:

    I'm really disappointed that someone like Kandee would collaborate with two faced :

  • Vivian Issawi says:

    Is anyone having problems getting the Kandee collection to Canada from the ultra website? I called ultra and they said They can ship it to Canada but every time I order them, it keep giving me the same msg that the products are not found in their international database…

  • The Blizzard says:

    too faced all all these products coming out and yet the product i'm most excited about, the clover pallet, is hardly being promoted or talked about by the company. strangeness…

  • Janice Hanson says:

    I just ordered the whole set.😍💖

  • Emily Tronnes says:

    Thanks Jen!! I immediately went to the Besame website after I watched this 🙂

  • JackieK_Min says:

    I live for all your videos! Thank you for being my awesome makeup news and reviews gal ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • skylilly1 says:

    Kandee's palette looks really good!

  • Ann C says:

    Yay! Thanks, Jen 🤘❤️👄❤️👄❤️

  • TheNoelleBelle says:

    Today at sephora:
    Me:when is the peaches and cream collection coming out in stores?
    Employee: oh we have it in the back.
    Me: oh, when will it be on the floor?
    Employee: I don't know.

    So helpful.

  • elyseonmakeup says:

    Hm. Why didn't they just say in the first place that they would be released at the same time?

  • Julie Marrison says:

    Thanks Jen! I love your makeup minutes… you always have such good info!

  • Sarah Martin says:

    Saving up money for my son's birthday and Christmas aka forever window shopping


    Hi Jen! Is the Too Faced Peaches and cream collection permanent or limited edition? Thanks

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