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hey it’s free I am so excited for today I’m gonna give a huge shout out to BT cosmetics and collaboration out with the beauty Tony won it for sending me some of the items from their collection I’m pretty sure I don’t have everything today’s video is definitely just gonna be my first impression of the products trying them on and what not I will be a fool [Music] if I didn’t actually try this on camera seviche cosmetics actually sent me four of the tinted foundation so here I have cookie of course oh yeah and then we have Tata and then what’s that I have three of the fit on sticks I have Jimmy cookie again and then coil again I have four of the airfix tattoo brows Hmong Suki RJ and her bad man but I actually don’t know how to pronounce that one because I didn’t watch the creation of and Vaughn please correct me I don’t know protector of BTS I have all seven of the cream and lip lacquers all the memories are there so freaking you cookie which is sugar oh yeah RJ and then last but not least we have the eye shadow palette so of course by the laws of physics I’m gonna go for cookie berries oh my goodness even the packaging is so cute I’m gonna have a brain freeze only I like how oh my underneath this I’m just gonna eat it up just gonna inhale it I really like the packaging it has a frosted glass as you can tote looks like a little pill to be honest I’m just I can’t ignore it I’m gonna go ahead and open all of them to see if there’s a color range this is number three Tata is number two goodness oh this is actually a milk CC cream in Korea is not a tinted foundation this is a tinted color base I want to go ahead and swatch on j-hope some milk see secret smells like lotion Johnson lotion okay the CC cream is basically to brighten up wrinkles brighten up your skin tone I’m pretty sure I’m gonna go ahead and put on this tinted color base brighten up the areas I need it and then I’ll go ahead and put on the CC cream and then I will put on the tempest foundation I know I’m going ham but I really want to try everything I’m not gonna leave anyone else because that is rude there we go I’m just gonna put this so you don’t need a lot of product it has a very widespread coverage so my forehead is a little bit more golden okay I promise my neck is not that dark that was a lot of products that pumped out I’m just gonna take a little bit of the milk CC cream I don’t want to over cast myself gonna spread this on my forehead to see if there is a color fixation so good Wow thirsty they sit for some PPS the chance does that to you sometimes you can tell that it brightens my face a lot more than my neck today’s national cake on face day because I wanna try every single one it’s a nobody left behind kind of day oh my goodness I’m literally gonna drop dead oh yeah you always come Buzzle me kiyaah is actually a primer stick I’m gonna put some on says it’s fine I know I’m doing it all and the wrong places by he mean and trying sorry I am doing I did you I dishonor you it’s time for us to try on the foundation top house number two cookie is number three I think I’m gonna go for cookie surprise cook the book yes am I just some day to be polite say I’m ready to be blessed but the gods really nervous well let you know that whatever happens good or bad I will just be there for you sorry I’m talking to cook game in there my hopes are really high right now I don’t want to cry so let that sink in guys so normally for a foundation I like you duck in these areas like this not like that but still then take a damp a Beauty Blender Beedie Beedie whoa Wow I’m like blending in his limbs and arms into my face already I can tell it’s a limpid light and don’t have a whitening powder you like guys just need you to wait for my face it’s totally fine it’s cookie okay I’m bringing that the bronzers gonna help me later please you just spread this all over my neck real fast okay it’s just the light is the lighting is not me or the foundation it’s not the Foundation’s fault it’s the lighting see it’s the lighting it’s not my disappointment no because it’s the boxes are definitely gonna be my centerpiece of modernity bones online keeping that so our change shift here at the two lightest color I think RJ is best for those who are blonde whiter here thing for shaggy if you have darker brown or black hair you should definitely go for among in the van definitely gonna go for this one this year rising with a toe Sumner 22 which broke in the tube okay it’s actually very pigmented why do I have no accuracy when one of your Browns is a four point student the other one is a slacker I’m surprised of blends in with my natural brows pretty well it works for the most part the only problem is putting it on it’s alright if I’m honest this kind of reminds me of kit it comes with the little brush here that way but because the colors are not that diverse this one is pretty unique the only matte shadow is the one in the middle here how to use this function because like we’re living life on the edge today especially with this foundation I’m gonna I’m gonna take the middle one just to put it all over my lids because it is the only one that’s not that bad kind of looks like my real eye color when I wake up with that okay this color is pretty muted oh the color doesn’t build that well with brush them’s gonna take my finger there we go it’s very soft but it doesn’t feel rich I like the color though it looks a lot more mathy on my eyes and brown I like that because it’s not as pigmented when you’re using a brush really does not have any payoff it’s okay is BJ wow that is not come on at all all right I get it I get it it’s just a shadow to lay over it does give a shine I was expecting it to kind of like build up on the outer corners wrong then that kind of a swollen then a row back to the center I honestly just like rubbing I just okay I like this one a lot more it so much more shine to your eyes yeah highly recommend to use your fingers for this I’m gonna go ahead and pick this dark color yes mama [Music] as you guys can tell it does darken up the eyelid a lot more this eyeshadow right here is more of a sigh yeah and then like this one is more like a [Music] that one and then this one’s like cute little shine over the eyes like let’s check this color because I’m intrigued okay I’m gonna highlight with this color and I just messed up my makeup let’s let’s let’s try it this one oh that’s definitely blue oh yeah I’m not gonna go for those colors I was hoping this color would be something like [Music] but instead I feel like I got more of you know I know you know nothing wrong with that and this is blue so I went ahead and pawn some mascara if you can do I decided not to do any eyeliner I haven’t been into the Islander like lately love this mascara my goodness I use the books on mascara I’ll link this mascara try it out before I move on I’m gonna go ahead and put a little bit of this color as blush you know what now that the foundation kind of oxidized it’s not horrible see this be possible contour it tiny jiminy finally a product with chimi gonna contour my nose because here I don’t normally contour my cheeks today we will do for you I like the good thing is that this does blend very slowly looks like you don’t even have bronze iran i prefer cooler undertones where the nose especially but it’s okay and I’ll bet quickie we’re gonna highlight any nails I don’t normally highlight usually highlighter magnifies my pores but this one honey I like how natural the highlight looks on the nose it gives off more of a dewy kind of highlight rather than a like sparkly shimmer kind of like Western but often because it is fall/winter this works great be careful though in the summer I think it uses you might like oily I like [Music] Christmas and lip lacquers I want to work every single one oh look you like Shiki is more of a coral orange color it’s very similar to koh yeah but it’s a little bit more Orange Jimmy is way more share than the rest it’s like a very share pinky color Kolya is very similar to cookie except it’s a little bit more brighter and more red than orange mum mangas more of a fuchsia color it looks a little bit more like purple probably James oh my gosh protector of BTS beautiful it is this brown pink color has more of brown undertones and I love Brown IJ which is just such a pretty rosy pink petal rose pink color so dateable we have cookie which is my favorite but I don’t have do you buy if they’re not almost a bright orange color brownish undertone which I love I love for cookie smells like berry plus oh really I like it haha it dries matte I was gonna put another layer but I’m gonna take a darker color sans I’m then gonna put that in the center of my lips oh my god so pretty this is such a pretty like rosy ball look like a dead rose look that leaves this is the final look living or the colors [Music] the milky CC cream and the lavender face I sure would be like it especially when you feel like your foundation may be a little bit too light putting this on a neck might just like kind of neutralize and then this is great for dark circles I feel like or like just darker areas like the corners your face if I had to choose between these two and might just go for this one because I don’t have anything like this foundation wise with Korean cosmetics you’re do you’re bound to find less color range even when one sheet is darker than the other it’s just like the slightest difference it’s not sure if the light is it kind of oxidized but it’s not too bad first it was like super white but now that I’m like kind of used to my her it’s like a little bit way too white for my skin but not hating it the finish though I’m not a fan of powdery finishes however it looks very natural on my skin eyebrows I like this a lot more than I thought I would and does make your brows look a lot more natural than you would expect however the application time practice makes perfect this problem not sure about this brother really do like it die showers are not that pigmented except for like a dark brown color so don’t expect it to be like boom it’s a little bit more sharing lightweight so keep that in mind the highlight contour sticks I rather go for great putting this on actually made me like woo I guess different from my eyes see because I’m using you know my oils my face book I like this a lot especially football winter I think you can pull it off contour not too sure about the color I like cool tone bronzers this is a lot warmer than I prefer so if I had to choose uncle for the highlight I’m just gonna turn up everywhere I go not just one but like all of them protects me people- to me it’s a lot more sure so I’m not sure if I wear that with a full face of makeup I wear it when I don’t have any makeup on and I need to run to like the grocery store the cookie and a van are dumbly my two favorites so far so out of all these products if I have to recommend one thing for you to get 110 percent lovey’s because you never go wrong with the lipstick I highly recommend these I want you to get it without being said this concludes my first impression we first impression on the bt cosmetics b21 nigga products thank you again for sending me these products if you get to like this video and comment down below who your buyers is or who your favorite and beat each other one character is [Music] [Music]

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