Hello everyone! Welcome back to my channel again with me Stella Lee Right now I am in Harajuku, Tokyo And this video will be featuring the most popular Kansai Beauty Guru Her name is Nuun! So let’s call her now! Nuun-chan, come here~! And this is Nuun! She comes to Tokyo from Osaka just to give me her present! These are cosmetics that she picks and recommends for me I will open her present and she will introduce each product to us! Cosme Store is a select shop that sells top japanese cosmetics in Japan Wow, it’s really pink Is this only for Harajuku Make up? No, it’s the trend of make up these days Eh? They put it on all of the lashes? Cannot see.. lol Could you please do it for me? This pink mascara is really subtle It only gives a hint of pink on my lashes If you’re also curious with this pink lashes, the name of the product is Coupy Design Mascara, by Decora Girl What is this? It says it contains natural herbal essence So the brand name is Koh Gen Do? Yup! It is Japanese’s brand This is a cleansing water to remove your make up A really popular actress in Japan uses this That’s why it becomes so popular So everyone in Japan starts using this? Yes! Oh I didnt know about this! She said it’s so popular, and it’s 300 ml anyway! But I cant possibly remove my make up right now But I will be using this later at home! Unfortunately it’s only available at Cosme Store Or you can get it from Internet perhaps So if you’re curious about this spa cleansing water, you can check it out either at Cosme Store or Internet And Nuun recommends this! Next is this product Moteliner What is the brand’s name? Flow Fushi Is this from Osaka? The name is kinda weird lol Flow Fushi… It’s like, Flow, Flush LOL This is a liquid liner that Nuun recommends ! Why does this product become your recommendation? I always use this eyeliner! This is for me an eyeliner that’s the easiest to use So the best eyeliner in Japan? Yes! Do they have other colors? Since this is black shade It comes in Black, Brown, Light Brown, and Blue Blue?! Wow that’s interesting This is really easy to use as she said It can create really fine line Look, I can make a really good strokes in here I can adjust the thin and thickness of the line easily Will this be ok? Wow this is good! The eyeliner really stays! It doesnt smudge at all! It stays perfectly on my hand And the black color is really intense Ah, maybe this is the right time to try this.. So we will try whether the cleansing spa water works wonderfully! It feels soft It can remove the eyeliner really well Unfortunately it’s only using tissue, so it doesn’t work perfectly Because we dont prepare any cotton pad There’s no smell whatsoever It has cooling sensation after usage Lets move to the fourth product! What is this? Keana Rice Mask! It’s Cosme No 1 too! So this is the best mask in Japan? For the past half year why? Why? eh, why? I was wondering what’s different between this mask and the other? I dont know, did I ask something weird? Are you okay? This is a rice mask So your face will be like this… This face is cute The packaging is cute, it looks so japanese It is really moisturizing It is really good It comes in 10 pieces I will try this at home! Thank you! So we’re on our last product! Eh? Why they have this pink shade over here? Because when you make your eyelashes pink, you need to put pink eyebrow as well to look cute But what about the hair? Does it need to be pink as well? The hair doesn’t matter But you need to put pink mascara And later on pink eyebrow as well Everything??!! You dont have to make your whole make up pink You can put brown eyeshadow, as long as your eyelashes and eyebrow are pink Everyone do their make up like this these days So this is a really make up trend in Japan these days? Yes It comes with an angled brush as well! The color is so subtle, not too bold as I thought I was really afraid that it would look too bold on me But this shade is really subtle, as expected of Japan where they want everything to be light And you can also use this for nose contouring as the color is nice It’s not warm, but more into ashy tone It also comes up with small mirror over here It’s so good and I recommend this! Especially if you want to achieve japanese eyebrow look! This is from Kose and the shade is BR 02 So we have 5 top japanese cosmetics here as recommended with Nuun It’s color mascara, eyebrow powder, eyeliner.. There’s also face mask and cleansing water So which one are you most interested to try among these products? Please leave your answer on the comment box below ^^ I also gave Nuun a box of Indonesian Cosmetics for this swap session! I brought it directly from Indonesia special for her If you’re interested to watch how Nuun reacts to Indonesian Cosmetics, I will put the link down here And see you guys again next time!!

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