Top Cosmetic Surgeon Discusses Renée Zellweger Plastic Surgery Rumors

Top Cosmetic Surgeon Discusses Renée Zellweger Plastic Surgery Rumors

Why does Renée Zellweger
look so different? This is a very topical question;
this is a question that many patients have been asking me
about, and it’s a question that, you know, if you’ve been
following some of the media. Its diffi, difficult not to
have come across some articles or photographs about Renée, and
how she looks to have changed over the past few years and some
articles have even gone so far as to propose she’s had quite
radical plastic surgery that has caused this change,
well what actually is different? Well, when you look at some
of Renée’s older photographs, when she was in movies
such as Bridget Jones’s Diary, she had a very full upper eyelid
relatively low eyebrows. And the distance between her
upper eyelid and her eyebrows is relatively small,
and in a lot of photographs, it’s actually difficult to see
her upper eyelid as a result. And this is a very
characteristic feature of her eyelids and really when you
look at people’s eyelids, everyone’s eyelids
are relatively unique, and so when considering
having surgery, one needs to look at
those characteristics to ensure that there’s a natural result
after the surgery, more recent photographs
of Renée show that she has a more open eyelid,
her eyes are more open. You can see more of her eye
and there’s more, you’re able to see
more of her upper eye lid, which was never the case,
in photos when she was younger. And this difference
is quite a change, and us as human beings,
well, we can see a difference of less than 1 millimetre between a person’s
right and left eye, and all of us use eyes
n terms of communication, whether it’s social,
whether it’s professional, we look at each other’s eyes. And even a very subtle
difference is very noticeable. And so, having a change
after surgery that is a change
in a person’s appearance is something that
we are able to readily see, and that can make someone
look like they’ve had plastic surgery, So, why has this happened? Well, with blepharoplasty,
there’s a lot of intricacy in the anatomy
intricacy in the detail in terms of surgical technique, and it looks like Renée
has had upper blepharoplasty where an excessive amount
of soft tissue has been removed
from her upper eyelid. This has resulted in more of
the upper lid being seen. And certainly in terms of surgery
this is something that um, is something
potentially avoidable if the necessary precautions are taken, and I specialize in facial cosmetic
and facial plastic surgery, and blepharoplasty is the
commonest surgery that I perform, and with every patient,
I look at their unique characteristics of their eyelids
when they were younger an with surgery,
I recreate that youthful appearance without changing
a person’s appearance. And this requires
attention to detail and performing relatively
conservative surgery to avoid a change
in a person’s appearance. And so what can be
done about this? Well, in terms of restoring
fullness and volume to the upper eyelid, we’re talking
about revision blepharoplasty and revision blepharoplasty
is a common procedure that I perform. Over 20% of all the eyelid
surgery I do is revision surgery on patients who’ve had
surgery elsewhere, however, putting volume into the
upper eyelid, volume augmentation, whether that’s through
fat transfer through other nonsurgical techniques
is a challenging procedure and requires a great deal
of technical skill, it’s very difficult to recreate
this natural appearance once soft tissue has been removed. And so, although things
can be improved, the best is to avoid
the situation in the first place and if you’re thinking about having
blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery, I would encourage you to do
a certain amount of research in order to identify
the best surgeon for you, And I have recorded
a separate video that gives you some points and tips on how to find that person
who is the right person for you. I hope you find
this information useful, and if you have, I would be grateful
if you can give me a thumbs up, so I can record future videos,
and thank you for watching.


  • Arnes Ba says:

    when i grow up i want to be like you @londonplasticsurgery

  • Pawknee123 says:

    She looks frightened now…

  • Pawknee123 says:

    Commenist is not a word….

  • liquidationhaircare com says:

    I think it makes her look sexier, but as we all know ,stress and alcohol ages you 2 fold, the scary thing we all will see in the coming years is the beast of Wildenstein (Jocelyn Wildenstein )

  • Jason Greene says:

    we all know whats going on here

  • Dr. Zoidberg says:

    So you're not saying, it's not, not necessarily a definite probable illunimati clone at this point?

  • Suzanne M says:

    interesting, informative

  • Jude Ku says:

    An absolute thumbs up.

    My GP just yesterday referred me to a local eye clinic. My eyelids are now drooping to the point where I have actual ghosting on my vision, and it's getting quite ridiculous. The GP didn't believe it was so bad, and so I used tape to hold my lids up when I went for my appointment yesterday.

    Her words were "The eye drops appeared to have worked a little bit…" And off came the tape, down went my lids, and her response changed to "Ah. Now I see."

    I'm worried about a few things regarding Blepharoplasty, mainly the recovery times. I'm a wheelchair, and so my day-to-day life is a bit more involved than that of an able bodied person, particularly with having to deal with one or two matters. I hope that my vision won't be too compromised for long, as that will have a negative impact on what I have to do.

    I wish I had the money to go private, I really do, but the cheapest price I found for a recommended surgeon is £1,800, and no way could I afford that.

  • shannon posey says:

    she looked better before had that little cute look about her.. now she just look at another Hollywood plastic face

  • MediMedusa says:

    Very informative and non-judgmental/sensationalist. Thank you for explaining so thoroughly.

  • chloe green says:

    She is still pretty, but cant get over what she looks like after the surgery. I cant figure out what's changed, looks like an entirely different person.

  • Maryann Chaisson says:

    I think she looked so great before! What a shame..

  • wishingtree says:

    for fuck say.. she is older that's natural about life. she is no longer a spring chicken anymore… like everyone else.. people get old and features changes on the face.

  • EASYTIGER10 says:

    Maybe Renee was worried her "Sami" eyes wouldn't age well. It's a shame, she looked distinctive and interesting. Now she looks like an anonymous 40 something actress who's had some surgery done. Ah well…

  • She screwed up with this plastic surgery, all she accomplished is that she now looks less attractive. She had such a adorable look before and now she looks older and common. Such a shame 🙁

  • LuVlAzUr says:

    I like her new look. Whether you like it or not, she wanted to do it and she did, she's an adult! Maybe she didn't feel comfortable in her previous look? Who knows.

  • Jory Marc Bebing says:

    Renee's new face looks like Kim Basinger!. ^_^

  • Vow Cow says:

    that was a carma i really love her face before but shes not satisfied to his own beauty..

  • kitty hawk says:

    She looks old now

  • Enry Landtrom says:

    After surgery she looks less attractive and older.I like her before surgery.

  • Ocean Breeze says:

    I used to get annoyed by the way she looked like she was squinting, but now I think she looked better squinting.

  • Anne H says:

    People forget that she has aged quite a bit. It is very possible that her full eyelids lost a lot of the fat that sat underneath. When that happens the skin starts to wrinkle and come down even more. They were very low in the first place so imagine what aging will do. Many people get it paid by the NHS or their health insurance when the skin starts coming over the eye because it interferes with seeing and can cause a lot of other problems.
    Maybe it wasn't all about her being unhappy with her droopy eyelids. If she had been, I'm sure she would have gotten it done sooner.

  • 52lionsmane says:

    So he is saying the ONLY thing she had done was her eyes. Not buying it.

  • Julie Anderson says:

    Stay away from plastic surgery

  • Ekhardt says:

    very interesting. thanks for explaining. it is heartbreaking that someone robbed the person in question of their unique features and therefore their unique beauty, and robbed all of us who loved her puffy but uniquely beautiful face which so captured her heart and her essence. Renee Z became successful i believe because of her beautiful heart, expressed in her beautiful face. That someone got paid to mess up her face and capitalize on a moment of self-doubt when she stepped into that doctor's office is tragic. That plastic surgeon should have said, Renee, you are beautiful, so beautiful that people put you on film for millions to see. please think about this for a year, and then another year.

    Honestly, my landlady who is poor, went to China, and as much as I hate plastic surgery came back incredibly beautiful. She had her eyes done and other things. That that was possible is mind boggling. And Renee, who should have had far better service, got worse plastic surgery than this average garden variety 8-5er.

  • Martha Oliver says:

    Leave Rene Z. alone, she's a kind real person, what she did or didn't do is her business only !

  • joe fran says:

    Wow she screwed herself up, not the same, she was had a very distinct look, now is nothing more then the plastic look.

  • Twix the Mouse says:

    Can somebody please tell me what part he says she did have it/ she did not have it done

  • Brown Liquor says:

    She really screwed her life/career up.

  • Sound of Jesus says:

    Bye RZ -they did a bad clone job of you -stupid was selling out to satan

  • Kikru Belho says:

    There was a time I was so in love with Renee and perhaps one of her biggest fan ever…even willing to eat her poop lol….no kidding!!!she was so so so charming and bright…..I still can't understand why someone so beautiful like her would even want to put a tiny bit of makeup leaving aside plastic surgery…….so sad Renee…

  • Phillips Mom says:

    Wow, disgusting. She lost her special unique look. Crazy.

  • Nikki Polotan says:

    I don't understand why she has to do alter her face?! She was really pretty especially her eyes.

  • STR1VER7777 says:

    Human beings can be fucking disgusting. Needing surgery is different than having it for the sake of it. This is one of the reason why money is toxic. I thought she was really pretty in all the films I watched with her in them but after seeing her in a recent film I was almost convinced it wasn’t even her!

  • Donna Dda says:

    Two different people

  • amatizta21 says:

    Even her face shape changed, her eyes…just like a completely diferent person 😧

  • anmol joshi says:

    Mark Darcy died after seeing her

  • Nicole Lee says:

    She used to have lemon eyes

  • obiechinaldo says:

    Clone alert!

  • Baroque Obama says:

    Renée is beautiful no matter who or what she looks like. Previously she looked like a blue eyed blonde version of Björk.

  • J0ZZE123 says:

    She looked better before her fuckgery

  • Glory to God for all things says:

    HELLYWOOD!! the only way to make it there is to sell yourself to satan and take part in satanic rituals just like in the Eyes wide shut movie

  • Ken & Shan says:

    She is and always has been a beautiful woman!

  • Dawson Davis says:

    Irony is she looks like the only start there that hasnt had surgery. That has aged naturaly.

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