Top Products I WISH Were Pale Friendly, But Aren’t…. Yet. Tag by Arna Alayne

Top Products I WISH Were Pale Friendly, But Aren’t…. Yet. Tag by Arna Alayne

Hey, friends. Welcome back. For those of you who don’t know me, I’m Courtney,
and I have my two Standard Poodles, Phaedra and Nyx in the room with me, so you may see
them behind me, and you may hear them in this video. I’m actually sick today. I’ve been sick since Wednesday. I feel like crap right now, so I look a hot
mess. I did try to put on makeup and make myself
look more polished for this video, but I feel like I look pretty awful. At least I am on the mend, so I will hopefully
be better soon. Anyway, this is a tag that Arna created, it’s
like the … The top products that I wish were pale friendly, and so I’m just going
to talk to you about those products that I wish were pale friendly. So, anyway, the first item on my list is the
Urban Decay Naked Skin Foundation. I love this foundation because it has, like,
light-medium coverage that’s buildable and it looks like skin, it’s not a heavy, caky
foundation. It works really well for my dry, sensitive
skin, but the shade is off. I really, really wish that they made a shade
that worked for my pale skin where I didn’t have to add white, because Urban Decay is
my favorite brand. I love pretty much everything they do, so
I’m sure it’s no surprise that the number one item on my list, if I could only have
one item off of this list made to work for me, it would be this item, because I love
the brand so much, and I love their products. So, please, Urban Decay, make Naked Skin in
a pale shade for me. I would love that. The number two item on this list is something
that I bought recently and was really disappointed with. I bought the Makeup Geek Flawlessly Ever After
Porcelain Princess Palette. I bought this without seeing any swatches
of it online because, in the past, the porcelain highlighters were a perfect match for my skin
tone. As you know, the Makeup Geek highlighters,
the Celestial and Moon Phase, and Glitz are my holy grail highlighters. I love them, they are my favorite highlighters. I wear them pretty much all the time. I have put a huge dent in my Celestial pan,
so I know that I like the formula, I know it works for me. I love how it looks. It gives me, like, a nice glow. It’s not glittery, because I don’t like overly
glittery highlighters. I just love it, and it works for me. I bought this palette because I thought this
would be great for travel. I thought that the palette would work for
me, but unfortunately I was wrong. The highlighter is not a good match for my
skin tone. It’s not the same white-based … It’s not
the same white-based highlighter as Celestial, or Moon Phase, or Glitz. So, it doesn’t work for me. The contour in this palette is very warm and
orange, so I can kind of make it work because I’m neutral toned, but if you are a pale,
cool toned person you’d be SOL. The blushes work really nicely because they’re
light, so I can use the blushes, but I bought this for travel thinking I’d be able to use
all four shades, and I can’t. And, so, it’s really disappointing to me,
and I wish that it was … I wish it was pale girl friendly, but it’s not. Milani, you got me four times with the Conceal
and Perfect Two-in-One Foundation and Concealer. I have bought four different shades, I only
have three here. I think the first shade that I bought was
Creamy Natural, which was dark and orange, and then I also have Light Natural, Light,
and Porcelain. None of these are a good match for my skin
tone. I need a super pale neutral or a super pale
cool yellow, one of the two, but these all look very dark and orange on me. It’s extremely disappointing. And, so, I really wish that I had a drugstore
option that would work for me, but I don’t. And I wasted a lot of money trying to see
if I would find the right shade. Next on my list, I don’t actually have it
here, but it’s the Physicians Formula, the Healthy Foundation SPF 20. This is a brand new foundation that launched,
and I’ve seen some of my friends, like Jen from My Beauty Bunny and Miranda from Slashed
Beauty both wear this foundation and it looks gorgeous on them. So, I would love to be able to wear it, but
unfortunately it has, like, 16 different shades, none of them match me. They’re all, like, basically light to light-medium. I didn’t see that there were a lot of deeper
options, so it was really, really disappointing to me that there’s not an option from Physicians
Formula, because I like their products a whole lot. I love their Murumuru Butter Bronzer, I love
their Murumuru Butter Blush, I love their Sexy Cat Booster Mascara, so I was like, “Oh,
it would it be really great if there was a foundation I could wear,” but there’s not. Number five on my list is the It Cosmetics
Bye Bye Redness in Transforming Porcelain Beige. Now, I bought this because I thought it would
be a great match for my skin tone. I’ve seen Stephanie Lange use it on herself,
and she basically will use it to cover up redness, and then she doesn’t even have to
put on foundation, it looks great. So, I thought, well, Transforming Porcelain
Beige, that sounds like it should be my shade. Unfortunately, when I go to put this on it
turns kind of orange on my face, so it’s not a good match. I can add white to it and then kind of make
it work, but that kind of just, I don’t know, it’s a pain in the butt to kind of futz with
it because it’s a really pigmented formula, but then having to add white with it changes
the consistency and everything. So, it just doesn’t work as well. So, I wish that it was actually light enough. Fun fact, the powder version of this is actually
light enough to work and doesn’t turn orange, but the liquid, no. Super disappointed in that. Also on that list would be basically the rest
of the It Cosmetics foundations because I really like their products. The It Cosmetics foundations are nice and
hydrating, they work well for my sensitive, dry skin. I like their CC Cream, I like their power
foundation, they both don’t dry me out, they look really good on my skin, but I have to
add a lot of white to them to make them match. So, I wish they had a pale-neutral option,
and it’s rather unfortunate that they don’t, but their shade range in general is dismal. They need to improve their shade range, because
the deeper end of the spectrum has nothing. So, I hope that they decide to get their act
together and fix that. Seventh on my list is the Ordinary Serum Foundation. Now, I think it’s hard to find a better foundation
for dry skin than the Ordinary Serum Foundation. My only complaint is that the shade is off. If it was just a little bit lighter it would
be a really great match. I have Shade 1NS, I thought this was a perfect
match, but then when I started wearing it out and about people would be like, “Oh, no,
your face looks darker than the rest of you.” So, I was very disappointed with that. I would hope that the Ordinary would consider
expanding their shade range so that they have a lighter shade than this, because that would
be great, but it’s probably not going to happen. The way I like to wear this foundation, because
it is a really nice foundation that can last, like, 14 hours if you prepare it properly,
is to put on their High-Spreadability Primer, put this on, then set it with a setting powder,
and then spritz my face with an All Nighter spray, that would last me 14 hours. It lasted me both in Las Vegas as well as
here in the hot, humid Florida. So, that was great, but I got tired of adding
white to it all the time to make it a match because if I put in a little bit too much
white then I look really funky, and if I don’t put in enough white then my head … Then
it’s really darker than my face … And if I don’t put in enough white then my face is
darker than the rest of me, which I really hate. So, it’s so close to being a really perfect
product, but not quite there. Number eight on my list is the Tarte Clay
Stick. Now, this is another one of those foundations
that I thought was a perfect match for my skin and then I went out in public and people
were like, “No.” It looks like it’s going to be, but then it’s
not. It needs to be probably about a shade lighter
for it to be a better match for me. I really like the convenience of a stick foundation. I like having something that, basically, you
just take a brush, you run the tip across the brush and then you spread it on your face. You don’t just draw the big lines on your
face, because if you do that you’ll end up with too much product. But I like the convenience, hate the fact
that it’s not a perfect match. Wish it was. Number nine on my list is the bareMinerals
barePRO Powder Foundation. I love this foundation, hate the shade range. The tone that matches me best is Dawn, which
is, like, this neutral color, and I still sometimes wear it out of the house, even though
my face is darker than my neck and my chest if I’m wearing it, because it’s just so nice. It looks so good on the skin, and it’s so
easy just to put on with a big brush, and, like, kind of buff it all over and be done. So, I desperately wish that this came in a
lighter shade because then it would be perfect. I have the same complaint about the bareMinerals
Performance Wear because I have the shade … This shade here is Fair One, again, it’s
not pale enough and it’s too pink. I really wish that it was paler and neutral. That would be great. The last item on my list is the 100% Pure
Tinted Moisturizer. Now, this also has a really nice formula for
dry skin, and again, unfortunately, the shade is just way too dark and orange on me. I wish it wasn’t the case because I like how
it feels on my dry skin. Doesn’t work. The shade I have is Crème, and unfortunately
Crème is just too dark. And, actually, this is one of the ones when
I try to add white to it it just doesn’t seem to look right. People often ask, like, what white mixer do
I like to use? The best white mixer for me is the Nyx Pro
White mixer. I don’t know why, but that seems to be the
product that changes the consistency of my foundation the least. For a while I was using Manic Panic Dreamtone
White, I also tried L.A. Girl Pro White, and that’s actually a liquid foundation, but the
problem I ran into with the L.A. Girl is it started causing me to break out. So, I wouldn’t recommend that. Now, since I’ve complained about a bunch of
foundations that don’t work for me and one face palette I want to talk about a couple
foundations that do work for me in case you, too, are also searching for the elusive best
pale foundation. My holy grail foundation, the best foundation
that I own, for me, is the Idun Minerals Nordic Veil Foundation in the shade Jorunn, J-O-R-U-N-N. It’s an ultra-pale neutral. There’s also a version of this that is called
Norrsken, which is a more dewy foundation. I like the dewy foundation, but it doesn’t
last as long. The Nordic Veil lasts much longer for me,
and the way I prefer to wear it is I prefer to put it on and I work probably about, like,
a section of my face at a time rather than putting it, like, dot it all over and spread
it out. So, I’ll start here and fill in this cheek,
and then go up here, and then do my nose, do my chin, and then do the last cheek. And then I set it, and then I have all day
wear and it’s great. I’ve been wearing this for … What time is
it now? My foundation … Or, my makeup’s been on
for 10 hours and I think it still looks pretty good, all things considered, you know, since
I’m sick, and I feel like crap, and I’ve been sweating and just everything tires me out. So, yeah, absolutely love the Idun Minerals
Nordic Veil, it’s awesome. What I use to set the Nordic Veil is the Laura
Geller Balance and Brighten in Porcelain. This is also great, it’s basically, like,
a pale, kind of neutral powder, but I feel like it picks up on whatever your undertones
are. So, if you’re pale olive it might pick up
that you’re pale olive. On me it picks up the red overtone from my
rosacea unless I cancel that out with another product. So, in the past I’ve been able to put on,
say, the It Cosmetics Transforming Beige powder on the worst of my redness and then use this
powder to set everywhere else, and it’s done really well. It does a great job at setting the Nordic
Veil Foundation for me. So, absolutely love it. I don’t like wearing it on its own, but that’s
just my personal preference. Now, before the Nordic Veil Foundation came
out, the other foundation that I absolutely loved was the Huda Beauty FauxFilter Foundation
in the shade Milkshake. This is probably easiest to find if you have
pale skin and you have a Sephora near you, because the Idun Minerals is only sold on
their website, they’re not sold in Sephora, or Ulta, or anywhere. So, I would recommend checking this out. The reason that this is not my holy grail
is that it is very full coverage, and, so, I do have to cut it with another product,
but that’s, you know, that’s not necessarily bad. I … well, actually, I will do the same thing
with the Nordic Veil. I will cut them both with the Hourglass Veil
mineral Primer to make me have a little bit more of a glow and to have it be less full
coverage so that my skin can kind of come through, because I feel like, at least for
me, my skin looks better with a little bit of it peeking through. If you like the total full-coverage makeup
look, use this product, and I actually think it applies better with a brush. In fact, the brush that I prefer to use it
with is this Jouer brush, which is, like, a teardrop shaped brush, it works really,
really well with this. And, finally, if you’re more of a Barely There,
Sheer Coverage type of gal, or guy, I would check out the FOM facial enhancer in the shade
light. This is a color adjusting Sheer product that
basically will just kind of, like, even out your skin tone, and it works pretty well. It’s actually, the … What it does for me
is it matches, like, my skin tone on my face, and my face is a little bit darker and redder
than my neck and my chest, but it still manages to look natural and not awful. So, I do wear it from time to time. Now you know the products that I wish were
pale enough for me and the products that I recommend if you are as pale as me. Please me sure to let me know what you think
in the comments below. If you like this video and want to see more
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