Hi bunch of dopey ! You choose the Urban Decay Born to Run palette for this 1 palette 3 looks for this new video It’s this one It is no novelty, it went out last summer I think It’s one of my favorite palette I’ve made a video where I introduced all my favorite palettes I put the video here if you still haven’t watch it and if you’re interested And so today I’ve made 3 looks with this palette For the next video you can choose now I’ve 2 palettes to propose First the Ace Beauté to try to reconcile myself with the eyeshadows First the Ace Beauté to try to reconcile myself with the eyeshadows It’s the Flair palette Who looks like this with quite bright tints I mean, I don’t know bright but also neutral I don’t know It’s very very pretty, I was really really attracted to it and then another palette that was one of my favorite palettes It’s the Morphe 39a that I love I think it look a little bit like the Flair palette from Ace Beauté on some shades Well I put the small survey here if you want to choose the next palette for the next video 1 palette 3 looks Now we can begin the looks with the Born to Run I’ll leave you with the first look. To begin with this 1st look, I’ve made my eyebrows, my face, I’ve put my P.Louise base I’m doing a base with the Ombre Black Star pencil from By Terry I took the black color and I put it slanted on my outer and inner corner of my movable eyelid and before it gets dry I’ll shade off all of this with a ball brush without material so it wouldn’t be too clear-cut Then I do the base of the lower eylashes with the same pencil and I also shading it off before it gets dry I take the the Riff tint with a Zoeva 231 brush that I will apply throughout my entire eyelid crease and to shade off the edges I use the tint Still Shot with a clean Zoeva 231 brush to get a shade With a Cosette D240 brush I apply the tint Drift on the bases that I made slanted with the pencil on the outer and inner corner of my movable eyelid I use the the Radio tint in the middle between the empty part and the grey I just apply and I always ensure to leave the center empty Then I take my P. Louise base in shade number 1 and with a Zoeva 144 brush I’ll draw euuuuuh my half cut crease of the center I don’t know how it’s called Anyway, I’ll let you watch, I think you’ll understand With a clean brush i’ll shade off the base with the eyshadows on the side As I lost a little bit of the blue tint I’ll just add a bit more exactly in the same place as what I did earlier I then switch to the Big Sky tint and thus I apply it on the shape I made with the P. Louise base making sure to keep all the colours on the side To intensify I take the Jet tint with a Zoeva 230 brush and I’m going to focus more on the outer part of my eyes so the outer part and I go up slightly in the eyelid fold To shade off merge everything I took back my transition color brush that I use at the very beginning and I really merging the edges then I go to my lower eyelash base To shade off my lower eyelash base I’m taking the Radio tint because I really wanted to add a touch of that blue cause I found it really beautiful To illuminate my inner corner I take the Stranded tint and apply it with a Zoeva 230 brush On the mucosa I apply a black pencil This is the Anastasia Beverly Hills Dark side I put it in the lower and also in the upper mucosa it’s very important. I’m going to the lips, I’m gonna apply 2 products from Nabla First of all the liquid lipstick in Romanticized tint then when it’s completely dry I’ll apply the Lethal NUde lip gloss above Lastly I’ll add some lashes it’s the Chaos from Rouge and Rogue To start this 2nd look I also take the Riff tint that I apply in the eyelid crease as before To shade off the edges I use the Weekender tint with another clean Zoeva 231 brush If you have a darker skin than mine It will not work but for my skin it works quite well Then I do the same at the base of my lower lashes I’ll now take the punk tint that I apply with a Mulac brush named Crease Brush first obliquely in the outer part of my mobile eyelid then I’m going back up in the eyelid crease making sure to leave a part of it orangey so it make a shading from brown to orangey If necessary I took back my brush of the previous color to blend it all well Then I took the Smug tint that I will apply on my mobile eyelid by leaving just a small empty part in the inner part Then I apply the tint Stranded On the empty space of my mobile eyelid making sure of course to blend it with the Smug tint I’ll add some glitter I’ll use the product Liquid Fairy Light from Pixi with the Sunray tin it’s a glittery gel with golden and silver glitter I apply it by tapping on the golden part of my eyelid and then with the brush I used for the eyeshadows I’ll simply blend it all To finish with the shadows I’ll take the Breakaway tint with a small brush from Zoeva so the 230 at the level of my eyebrow arch and also in my inner corner to illuminate a little bit In my mucosa I’ll apply a black pencil I choose the Shiva from Mulac I’ll apply it in the lower and upper mucosa don’t forget it For my lips I’ll again apply 2 products First of all a liquid lipstick from Natasha Denona in Raw tint and same, once it’s dry enough I’ll apply above it a transparent lip gloss the Extra Poppin from Lime Crime Finaly I add lashes it’s the Iconic Light from House of Lashes For this 3rd look I’ll take the Baja tint I don’t know if it’s pronounced like that, but I’m going to pronounce it like that with a 231 brush in my eyelid crease I’ll blend the edges with the tint Still Shot with the same pencil but of course this time clean I’m going to switch to the Hell Ride tint that I’ll apply obliquely on the outer part of my mobile eyelid with a Zoeva brush number 230 and I’ll go up in my eyelid crease above the orange to insensify I also report the color to my lower eyelash level To blend the lower eyelash base I’ll take the Still Shot tint so it’ll be a little softer. I’ll now take my P.Louise base in color number 1 always the same, with the same brush as before and I’ll draw my half cut crease especially clean up my mobile eyelid with it and I took back the pencil of the shade that I put on my outer eyelid to blend a bit the base with this color I then took the Wildheart tint that I will apply above this base but I’ll let a little space towards the inner corner I’ll apply the Blaze Shade with the same pencil on the area I had left a little empty so it makes a small shading in the eyelid then I report this color on the inner corner in the lower eyelash base I’ll make a small detail with the liner I choose the Hydra Liner from Suva Beauty in Bubble gum tint it’s a pink color, it’s a bit more pink than the eyeshadows I used but I thought it really gave a boost to the makeup and so I liked the look of it. I add a little bit of black to intensify because I made my eyeliner and add my lashes which are the Black Moon Cancer And I thought it was lacking of intensity so I put some in the outer corner and on the lower lashes base For my lips I’ll put again 2 products First a pencil from Lime Crime in Petunia Shade so I’m going to trace and fill in all my lips with this pencil and above it I apply a lip gloss from Colourpop in tint Head In The Clouds so it really gives a pink hue that reminds the eyes and that’s the result of this latest look It’s the end of this video, thanks a lot for following it with me I hope the 3 looks pleased you and could give you some ideas as always I tried to vary the techniques and vary the renderings to try to give you the widest possible choice in the looks you can get with this palette at any rate, it’s still one of my favorite palettes I really found it very pretty frankly if you’re just starting out in makeup and you want to have a quite complete palette and that propose also some colors but some colors easy to work with It also can be a good palette for you Don’t hesitate to like the video if you liked it and don’t hesitate either to tell me in the comment section wich look you liked the most and I’ll see you soon in a new video


  • virginie fili says:

    J adore c est trop top! Peux tu faire un tuto 3 look avec la new nude stp merci 😘

  • cassiopée della Notte says:

    le dernier look ….. maman trop beau!

  • Caro_licorne C. says:

    Allo marioncameleon !
    Si je devais les mettre dans l'ordre que moi je l'ai est préféré ce serait look 3 en 1er pcq il fait super bien ressortir tes yeux et il va bien avec tes cheveux ! Ensuite, look 2 en 2ème, jsuis pas une fan du nude mais celui-là je l'aime bien et en dernier le look 1, même s'il est super beau, je trouve qu'il ne fait pas ressortir tes yeux, jai l'impression que c'est trop la même couleur de tes yeux et que ça les avale..
    jadooore tout tes vidéos !
    Tes superbe, continue !!🤩🤩😘😘

  • Elodie Huser says:

    J hésitais à m acheter cette palette mais là, tu m as convaincu à 100%! J adore les 3 look, une petite préférence pour le 1er 🤩 tes yeux sont tellement magnifique et cette couleur de cheveux te vas trop bien, tu es sublime ! Gros bisous 😘

  • A stafenays says:

    Le 2eme et 3eme looook. Trop beaux!

  • Jennycreatif says:

    J'adore tellement tes maquillages bravo

  • Touria BEN KHOUYA says:

    wow c très beau tout ça, j'aime plus le 3ème look <3 tu es vraiment douée bravo!!

  • Fairlady My Art says:

    Magnifique comme toujours ! Caresse à Daphné !

  • Lunelill says:

    J'adore les trois look que tu nous a proposer. Merci pour cette vidéo!

  • Irina Gomez says:

    J'aime beaucoup le look n°1 👌

  • Maanon says:

    She's just an artist😍

  • Camille says:

    Le dernier make up va super bien avec tes cheveux 😀

  • Petite Pause Musicale says:

    j'adore les 3 look comme d'habitude, cette palette me fait trop envie les couleurs sont sublime

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  • 91chaima says:

    J’aime j’aime j’aime !!! On ne peut pas avoir une autre version? Genre une palette 7 look, un pour chaque jour de la semaine 😂😝! Demain je ressort la palette et je me fais look number 3 😍😍!
    Les trois looks sont magnifiques Marion 😎

  • c c says:

    Merci bcp ❤

  • nini angel says:

    Superbe look Marion! Tu vas me faire utiliser certain fard de cette palette qui m’inspirer pas. Avec celle ci j’adore mélangé ton 1er et 3ème look, je met le rose et corail en pli paupières et turquoise, bleu et noir sur la mobile. Merci pour nous transmettre tes inspirations 😘

  • Sissi Vernet says:

    C'est vrmt très beau 🙂

  • zanette julia says:

    J'adore tes vidéos et tes look

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  • Elo Nails & Co says:

    Coucou Marion!!
    Oh la la ce premier look est trop trop beau!! Je l’attendais avec impatience 🤓
    Les deux autres sont tout aussi magnifiques 🙏🏻
    Pour ce qui est de la palette, ça faisait bien longtemps qu’Urban Decay n’avait pas sorti une vraie belle palette de qualité je trouve 😉
    Des bisous 😘

  • nopescme says:

    comme d'hab ! c'est à dire parfait !

  • Peggy Gwozdz says:

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  • Harmony B. says:

    M À G N I F I Q U E…. subtilité et précision ….. encore un brillant exemple de ta maîtrise des harmonies chromatiques 💜🌈 j'adore les trois look avec une mention spéciale pour le numéro 3 … tous font magnifiquement ressortir tes yeux verts … j'adore tes liners colorés de Suva ! …BRAVO MARION 🌺🙏🏻💖

  • Harmony B. says:

    J'adorerais que tu fasses une série inspirées par les oiseaux exotiques … le Paon… le toucan… le perroquet… le colibri …. le flamant rose …. etc 💜💙💚💛💖

  • Noémie Lpt says:

    Coucou ! Superbes ces maquillages 🙂 comme toujours. J'ai adoré la vidéo où tu reproduisais le make up de l'une de tes abonnée, est ce que tu pourrais en refaire une ? 😁

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  • Melinda Beaufils says:

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    Sinon je me suis commandé la base p Louise grâce à ton code elle revient moins cher mais vla led fdports lol il ce lâche j voulais savoir combien de temps prend la livraison ? Merci

  • Margaux says:

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  • Tiziana Dellestelle says:

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  • G Lambertini says:

    Quand j'ai vu la Born to Run (pas encore achetée, j'attends une réduc dessus), j'ai immédiatement été inspirée par les couleurs Radio et Big Sky (entre autres, la Wanderlust, la Drift aussi… bref cette palette est pour moi une merveille, preuve qu'Urban Decay doit arrêter avec les Naked, ils sont capables de tellement mieux !) que je trouve sublimes : donc je suis comblée par ton 1er look que je compte reproduire quand j'aurai cette palette, ça te va vraiment à merveille et te sublime et je crois qu'on va être nombreuses à le tenter ! 🙂 Le 2nd look est également magnifique ainsi que le dernier même si je suis moins attirée par les roses/violet :). Merci Marion, encore un tuto qui fait des heureuses et merci encore pour ton boulot, on sait que ces "1 palette, 3 looks" te prennent beaucoup de temps, ce sont des pépites !

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  • Dannye Huot says:


  • Dannye Huot says:

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