Veneers, Full Mouth Rehab and Dental Implants – Summer of Live Treatment Cosmetic Dentistry

Veneers, Full Mouth Rehab and Dental Implants – Summer of Live Treatment Cosmetic Dentistry

– What’s up, guys. This is Dr. O from Innovative Dental. Man, it’s been too long
since I’ve seen you all. So this year we’ve got
something pretty exciting. We’ve been thinking of ways, always trying to think about ways
in this channel to progress understanding about the
latest in technology and what we can do with
modern day dentistry, that’s what this channel’s about. So if you like that, hit subscribe, we’re gonna keep the
content coming this Summer. That’s what this is about, it’s about the Summer of Live, that’s we’re calling it and kinda ties in, you’ll probably figure
out what that’s about. Summer of Live is about live dentistry so we’re
gonna actually do treatment in the chair, with multiple camera angles, and question & answer style. Very raw, there’s not gonna be like this polished, clean
everything is gonna be super produced and cut. This is gonna be a way for those are seriously interested
in these types of treatments ’cause we’re cover kinda the main three. Gonna be implants, cosmetic dentistry, whether we’re looking
at kinda like veneers, and then, we have a veneer case, and then we’re gonna look at probably the challenging of
all treatments and the most kind of maybe tricky to do in a live setting,
we’re gonna do a full mouth transformation, full mouth rehabilitation. So I’m super excited
to show you guys that. Which one of those, by the way, so implant, veneer, cosmetic veneer,
it’s 8-10 I think we’re doin’ 10 veneers on a lady this Friday. Or the full mouth rehabilitation, what which one’s like best or most exciting to you, leave that in comments section below. That would be kinda helpful to
kinda see what you guys think and gonna be the most interesting. All right so this
Friday, June 15th at 2:30 we’re going to have some veneer transformation,
we’re gonna take a beautiful lady, her name’s Allie, she happens to be one our
amazing hygienist here, she just came to me a couple
weeks ago and says, “Hey, “I want my smile to be “the best I can make it. “Wanted to have some veneers on.” I said sure, let’s do
this and let’s do it live. So at 2:30, which kind of
an interesting time, but might allow more people to see it. If you’re gonna be bored by
watching the full three hours, you can, ’cause it’ll
take about three hours to transform the smile,
you can watch beginning, come back later watch the end, fast forward through that, we also will compile kind
of a highlight video. It obviously gonna have to cut a ton out and
won’t give as much detail, but we’ll do that in the end so that way we’ll have something helpful for those that
don’t really care to watch all the detail, but that’s this Friday, 2:30. June 29th, we’ve got a 8 o’ clock, full mouth ’cause we had to start early, that’s gonna take
probably six hours so man, you’re just gonna have to
sit up and watch six hours. I don’t expect more than probably like 5 people to tune in live, but at least we’re recording it
live, the benefit there is that it will help somebody
who’s really looking at that being a treatment you need. So if you’re going man, I know I need full mouth rehabilitation. I’ve gone to a dentist, this is I know a challenge for me. This is what you want to tune in and watch because it’s going to
be very clear about a really cool technology that
we use and the platform that makes this process
super simple and I would say probably if you’re considering it, might give you enough information to make you want to travel
to Innovative Dental and get it done because of how simple and predictable and amazing this transformation is. Full mouth rehabilitation
that we’re doing on June 29th at 8. She was told back for the past five years that there was nothing you
could do to save a smile, you’re just gonna end up losing his teeth, he went
to multiple dentists, no solution, went to a you know, didn’t want to
give up, went to a dental lab in Joplin, Missouri, which is about 60 miles away from Springfield, right and was told by the lab that,
but there’s no prosthetic we can even fabricate for you so there’s really nothing you could do, the dentists were right,
you can’t fix this. His sister happens to be one
our awesome team members, and she’s like, “You know, why
don’t you give us a chance. “I’m sure we could probably
figure something out. “I’d hate to see you lose
your teeth to dentures.” And so he came in and I’ll admit, seeing him
initially you’re like what are we gonna do, this is a really challenging, probably the most
challenging thing I’ve seen, but I love challenges, I want to see I love the creativity that comes out when you meet a challenge that
looks really hard in life, and this for me being a dentist, was like ah, there’s gotta be a
way we can help this guy, save his teeth, avoid dentures, and I think you’ll be really
impressed to see how we thought outside of the
box, used the technology to address this bite that he’s got, which is really messed up, and really was causing a ton of damage, correcting his bite, and
now gonna restore it fully with some beautiful teeth, or handsome teeth, maybe I
should say ’cause it’s a dude, but anyways, handsome
teeth, we’ll go with that, but that will be this June 29th, so just a few weeks down the road. Starts at 8, probably ends
up around 2, 3 o’ clock and we’ll compile once again that all into a condensed video that will be where the highlight reel of that. And then the last one would July 20th, and it’s not really the last one, ’cause we got something
else pretty cool going on, you guys probably already know it if you’re watching this channel,
if you watched every video, or if you watched most of the videos, you know we’ve got the Smile
Summer Smile giveaway, but this is going to be
the last like scheduled non-Summer Smile giveaway live treatment this Summer, and it’s gonna be a
live implant treatment. We’re gonna put, basically
take someone that we already have the patient, we’re gonna take this awesome patient, he’s missing a lower left molar, he’s gonna come in,
we’re literally going to take a 3-D x-ray in a matter of about an hour, create a guide which is how we do this technology, we’re gonna place the implant in like seven or eight minutes, and so that what I think
is gonna be really cool for people that have a lot dental anxiety, especially about implants, they’re gonna see a transformation done in a time frame, and such little amount of bleeding. So we’ve got to cut
the tissue a little bit to place the implant, but you’re gonna go, “What,
implants can be done like that? “I need to find a dentist
that does implants that way.” And that’s kind of the hope of this live treatment is it really unveils the the truth behind dentistry
and what’s really happening and how to seek maybe the best care that I feel people can get. So we’re gonna do that live treatment with an implant placement, total time of that might be
a couple hours, but really pretty cool to see if you are all like how
is an implant placed or I’ve heard it’s an hour long procedure with being sedated, I’ve
got to be put under, I can’t be awake or have to have total general anesthesia to be totally unconscious with this and you’ll see in this process how quick it is and easy it
is for this patient to have the implant placed
and leave and really could go back to work, or back to life immediately after. That’s your Summer of Live schedule. I’m super excited, little little bit, I wouldn’t say
nervous, but kinda like kinda like, oh man, this is
kinda like fourth quarter of a basketball game, and you’re like, I gotta really perform ’cause
I put myself under this lens and actually it’ll
be multiple cameras so I’m excited about the just the genuine nature or like the what’s the word I’m looking for, people. Help me out, what is that word. I’m looking forward to the authentic, raw treatment where it’s not what kind of like, hey you
don’t want to see any of this, and you’re not supposed to show any detail or blood or the tough aspects of it,
I’m looking forward to that being all part of this live treatment for people to be really
able to see what’s going on. And if you haven’t already registered or you know somebody that needs a cosmetic makeover, but
just can’t afford it, we’ve already had like I
want to say 45 entries or so to the Summer Smile giveaway so go to, that’s where you can enter
all the details are there, so you don’t need to ask
in this video here, but that’s what we’re going to
actually pay for somebody to travel to Innovative Dental, transform their smile in a single visit, just kinda like we’re doing
with a few of these patients in this Summer of Live, so
that should be pretty cool, pretty fun, I’m waiting
to touch somebody’s life that really is deserving. We’ve already got some great entries. I can’t wait to compile that
video and see people vote and get involved and really trying to help this one person have a total life change with an amazing smile so. If this video was useful,
and helpful, and entertaining and you’re excited about the Innovative Dental Summer of Live, would you please give it a thumbs up, subscribe to the channel
if you haven’t already, I’ll look forward to seeing
you guys in the next video. I look forward to seeing you this Friday, ’cause that’s gonna be the
next video is this Friday at 2:30. I look forward to seeing you guys then. Until the next video, you keep
smiling, it looks great on ya


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