Vintage Cincher & Shoes Review // Kiss Me Deadly, Hotter [CC]

Vintage Cincher & Shoes Review // Kiss Me Deadly, Hotter [CC]

Yay! So, Hello. Today is the 26th of January. And what does that mean? That means that yesterday was my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! So I am now the grand old age of twenty eight How does it feel to be twenty eight? on with my favourite things in January ping Tilly. You are my favourite thing in January. yes, yes you are Okay, we’re nearly done, there you go. That’s it, I’m out. I’m out No, I’m totally kidding She is my favourite thing, I think. Most months it’s true, as is my wife, but really I can’t put them into every single favourites video It would be very boring for you. Six, six absolute favourite things for this month and they are… In, oh I dunno, no order at all Number one, the sleek make up pallette ohhhh Ahhh Okay, this is the Ultra Mattes V2731 I’m gonna go with that Called Eye Divine, mineral based eyeshadow powder. Erm, Clara gave it to me As a Christmas present And I’ve used it pretty much every single day It has three really good light shades Erm, I’m a particular fan of these two And mixing them together It’s got a really dark shade here which I am not actually a hundred percent sure whether that is a black or an incredibly dark green But that’s really it, it’s one of the, I’ve never actually bought quite a dark shade before And you’ve got some colours I’ve never tried. Never yet tried, but I’m going to try them I’m going to be really brave. The best thing about this pallete actually Is the pigmentation. It’s absolutely beautiful. So green, so green and sparkly That’s now never going to come off either. It’s also delightfully matte I’m not a big fan of the sparkle, so this really works for me So there you go, now that’s kind of ruined my arm and my hand and I can’t touch stuff But you know, what a good way to start a video. Number two on my favourite things in January Dah dah da dah! Now, erm, finding really good, kind of vintage looking shoes Is a bit of a problem, especially if you are looking for ones that are comfortable enough to walk around in all day I’m gonna actually do a little blog post, I believe Oh, if you haven’t checked out my blog already, do it. It will be, the link is down below in the description I’m going to do a little blog post about shoes Because shoes complete your outfit I think. And you can have the most gorgeous vintage dress Or retro skirt and But, if you don’t have the shoes that go with them and look good, what is the point? What is the point? I found these in a shop, whilst walking, wearing some incredibly painful but good looking shoes Now, Hotter, is a brand that is in the UK I’m afraid I don’t know if they are anywhere else Now they are generally known for making shoes for the older lady we shall say The older lady. Which means that their shoes are incredibly comfortable. They are also wide, which is good if you have wide feet I have teeny tiny feet they are four and a half They are four and a half, but they are wide. They are the width of a normal sized foot But yeah, they started making shoes that are, they’re still incredibly comfortable They’re still padded inside beautifully The heel is sensible, we’re gonna say. It’s not, you’re not gonna fall over. And you know, we’ve got the T Bar here, which I absolutely love, not only because it looks so wonderful But also because it does actually keep your shoe on your foot Vital These have, since I bought them, become my absolute favourite shoe And I think I have worn them every day Every time I leave the house, I’m like I’ll just slip these on And they’re just so comfortable I cannot stress that enough Prepare yourselves Number three It’s a half eaten bag of what you might call chips Being someone who can’t really eat starches I haven’t been able to for a very long time I can’t really just go straight to things like eating lots of crisps Erm and also looking for low carb snack foods It’s difficult people It is difficult And then I wandered across these These are, I’m going to mispronounce this now. Papri Gathia. Probably sounds better in an Indian accent but I’m not gonna do that. These are made just with gram flour Amazing, I don’t know why I’ve not come across these before They taste ruddy good yeah Number four on the things I love this month Okay, this is a little sneak peak It’s a bit of a whoo Exciting thing for a video that is about to come Dah dah Jessica, we don’t know what this is. Says the audience Right, this is called the Blue Tempest Cincher And it’s from Kiss Me Deadly Catherine who is the founder of Kiss Me Deadly is an absolute brilliant person And my favourite person actually on my facebook feed Because everything she says is genius Kiss Me Deadly is one of those brands whose PR like Twitter and Facebook You have to follow, simply because it’s genius Everything they respond to is straight out hilarious They constantly get messages from really weird, seedy guys And they just reply in the best way So I mentioned to Catherine that I struggle finding gorgeous retro underwear That really works for me Due to my Scoliosis, my body is not even er, I think I described that in an earlier video. Oh I did My body confidence video Watch it So my waist kind of does this on one side and the other side does this So I’ve tried kind of wearing corsets before, and corsetry, because I love that look I do, and I really want to be able to do that And she sent me some lovely pieces that I am going to try on for you In a video that’s coming up very soon Including this fabulous, fabulous thing. It’s called the Blue tempest Cincher, it has given me a wonderful retro shape and it doesn’t hurt It gives me a fabulous shape. It looks really good under clothes I’m going to show you in the video. I just cannot, cannot sing the praises enough of this thing So yeah, go to the Kiss Me Deadly site Check them out. Make sure, make sure that you are ready for that video that is about to come. It’s going to be excellent Excellent thing number five, yeah! High five Clementines erm, I don’t know whether this is an incredibly British thing But this is pretty much what we survive on We get a massive box of these delivered by the greengrocer, I’m talking a crate people A crate And they will usually last a week. Especially if my brother and his girlfriend are around Erm, but also Claudia and I get through them like you wouldn’t believe They’re beautiful. Easy peel clementines And… Number six. This, okay, this is actually my favourite thing in January er, and it is my brace Because it’s really bloody working Like, my teeth are actually moving I dealt with wax and painful kind of issues at the back Where it is the extra strands, put wax on that It doesn’t hurt now They’re Cfast, six months smile invisible braces, ceramic braces Whatever you want to call them They are lovely. They appear to be working I’m really excited And of course I’m very happy to spend a lot of time with my dentist, I have a very attractive dentist I think I might run away with my dentist… mmn Run away to Budapest Yeah, you see what I did there I know. I know So yes, right now I am in Budapest, I am twenty eight We always go away for my birthday, it’s excellent. Went away for my twenty sixth birthday and she proposed So Good things, good things And then for my last birthday, twenty seventh, we went to Malaysia for a month Thank you so much for watching my favourites video. You guys are awesome So much love for you I can’t wait to see you when I come back and read all of your comments And probably, actually to be fair replying to all of your comments despite the fact I’m in Budapest. Obviously because I have released this video. If you haven’t already subscribed then, hello, come on Click on the box Be lovely to have you be part of the family, come on in. Like, comment You’re fabulous. You guys.


  • Chichi Ojukwu says:

    you are amazing you inspire me so much

  • Clara Bryant says:

    Jessica you're so brilliant, you should have so many more subscribers

  • toff358 says:

    Dear Jessica; such a happy welcome to being 28. I was once too, but that was in 1973 and I don`t recall it with any great clarity…. I made notes about the make up box of tricks as I`m most anxious to preserve what now remains of my once considerable natural beauty… Fortunately I`m a slim wee fellow and not as yet in need of corset type appliances. Please think carefully before you run away with your dentist – you will I think be familiar with the film The Marathon Man? Oh dear…. Think Larry Olivier, think Dustin Hoffman. Oh dearrrr…. (^_^) xxx

  • Timon Myside says:

    Many happy belated returns of the thingy, looking fab as always. I didn't think you looked a day over 27 so well done 😊.

    Not that far from you, Kent is actually pretty good for all things retro. I used to live in-between Brighton and Tunbridge Wells and retro shops were all over the place. Have a look at it’s a retro fashion directory for the Kent county.

  • Ian Collins says:

    Penblwydd hapus- Happy(belated) Birthday for Wednesday. Was my Birthday as well. Did you see the balloons pop up on your Twitter page ?

  • StrawberryLil says:

    Good Morning! Im having one of my all time favourite things with this video today – coffee!
    I have one 88 colour eyeshadow palette and that's basically all I use. But the colours of the sleek palette look marvellous!
    The shoes do look super comfortable. I actually don't own anything that would fit those shoes. So my problem is the opposite of yours. πŸ˜„ but hey, I'm also part of the tiny feet club! Mine are a little bigger than yours but not too much.
    Im glad you found a substitute for "normal" crisps!
    YES IM SO EXCITED FOR THE KISS ME DEADLY VIDEO! The things you've already shown on your insta story look absolutely fabulous. I need those things in my life. Im literally so excited.
    Oooooh clementines! I love them. We also have them around the house all the time in winter.
    Im glad you have a great time with your braces – and your dentist. πŸ˜‰ Have fun in Budapest! ❀️

  • artrese says:

    Happy birthday Jessica πŸŽ‚πŸŽŠπŸŽ‰

  • Teaveezed123 says:

    Happy Birthday!πŸŽ‰πŸŽπŸŽ‚

  • TheLongHairedFlapper says:

    Happy (belated) Birthday!

  • Mo Mouyo says:

    Hiii! I like sleek too the quality/price is amazing! but if you like the cream and brown neutral eyeshadows you should try the "Au naturel" palett from sleek or something more "pro" would be the "35o" from Morphe wich is LOVE, and the "shade + light eye contour" palett from Kat von d where you have eyeshadows, broncer and hilight! 😡😡. And…. I would like yo see your makeup routine πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—πŸ’—

  • MissTwilightHater says:

    Do you have a video on your proposal? I'd love to hear it!


    I'm 47…

  • topotondo says:

    Hi Jessica,

    I was wondering if you could do a more in-depth video about vintage shoes. I was born with clubfoot, and aside from my feet being 2.5 to 3 sizes apart depending on the shoe, I also have an oddly shaped foot with a high arch and a bump on the top that makes it very, very stressful and disappointing to shop for shoes. Not only is fit and comfort an issue, but I am also plagued by having to buy two pairs of shoes, with the odd-sizes just laying around! I have found that Nordstrom in the US will allow me to buy shoes at the price of one pair and they will take back the other shoes for inventory – I feel better about not "wasting" shoes! Sadly the link you posted for those specific shoes (which I adore!) no longer works, but I will check out this brand in the future. Would love to see more of your shoe collection, I loved the video on the easy release buckle and was wondering what shoes those were as well! Cheers, K

  • RoSeLi NuΓ±ezzz says:

    Wait WHAAAATTTTT I had no Idea chips are called crisps over there πŸ˜‚

  • foxclouds says:

    Love all of your videos! I know this is an old one and perhaps you talked about it already but I’m curious to know how Claudia has proposed and what was your reaction (besides the obvious yes πŸ˜‰

  • That's What "i" Said says:

    I too am looking for shoes, and am wondering if professional dance shoes would be comfortable (???). Some day I will find out… πŸ™‚ Thank you for your video! Enjoyed! And you spell "favourite" "right", haha. (I'm in Canada) πŸ™‚

  • Electra Vorster says:

    Omg πŸ˜†, I’ve been watching you for a short while now and I just discovered we share a birthday. But otherwise, you are an absolute inspiration ❀️

  • Abbie TV says:

    I can't wear 'Hotter' shoes, thy don't make my size! D:

  • Linda Ursin says:

    My feet are 4-4.5 as well…and wide enough for 6.5 so I'm familiar with the problem of fitting shoes that fit comfortably. I'm a lot shorter than you though πŸ˜€

  • Morgan Gish says:

    Happy belated birthday! Cant believe I found this. I too am disabled, determined unable to work. Also have A LOVE LOVE LOVE OF VINTAGE CLOTHING!

    Figured why not? Now that I'm disabled… why not wear what I want.

  • grayarea says:

    I'm mixed race and I tell you I did not expect you to bring out gathia, which is something I've grown up eating with my grandmother, directly after those very cute but also sensible shoes. Also, sleek eyeshadows are wonderful! I started buying them a decade ago and they last forever, especially the ones with a little sparkle as I've found the pickup is even better, though perhaps that's not your personal style but I'm glad to hear they've made you feel lovely also. Best wishes and I hope twenty eight is going very well for you.

  • Sarah says:

    I would definitely fall over in those sensible heels….

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