Hey guys! What is up? Welcome back to my channel! If this is your first time to my channel, Hi, my name is JKissa and I love vintage shopping, I especially love to shop for vintage tees like these. I think they’re- it’s just a lot of fun to find unique pieces and I just have a lot of fun with it! So today, I’m gonna be doing a fun video. I originally saw Belle Jorden do this. She is also cruelty-free Youtuber. She’s the one that I saw do this video and I’m very inspired by. So she did half of her face warm tones and half of her face cool tones. I figured it would be a lot of fun to do that. If you guys have been around with me since my two-toned eye days, we’ll get somewhat of a throwback to that where my eyes are gonna be different shades again and we’re gonna just get started. So if you can hear noises outside, I really, really apologise. I think there’s some yard work and we’re getting our AC fixed because it’s almost broken and we don’t want it to break during the summer cuz that would suck. I apologise if you can hear some noises. I’m gonna do- on this eye I’m going to do warm tones, so hi warm tones. I’m gonna be using the Colourpop Double Entendre palette. This is such a good Colourpop palette, I think it’s amazing. Then on this eye, I’m gonna be doing cool tones with the Pérsona Cosmetics Identity Palette, which is also a really good palette. Did I mention that my eyes were primed and set with powder? I don’t know if I did but if I didn’t, now you know. I’m gonna start off with the shade ‘Maverick’ from the Pérsona palette and I’m gonna start by blending this into the crease on an already primed eye. I’m just gonna blend the shade, kind of all through the crease. This is gonna be really, really cool to see because normally, I’ll only, like, stick to cool tones or only do warm tones. Sometimes with brighter shades I do, kind of mix them around um, but I think it’ll be a really cool juxtaposition to see the full face um, with two different tones and color families. Now that we have this laid down, I’m gonna jump into the Double Entendre palette. I’m gonna take ‘Nekkid’. I’m gonna start by doing the same thing, just working in the outer portion of the eye first and then just slowly using circular motions to blend this throughout the crease. Onto the Pérsona palette again, I’m gonna take this ~ shade ‘Chic’. Put this in the outer portion of the eye, just on a smaller brush. A lot of people have been asking me my thoughts on the Linda Halberg’s or LH Cosmetics brushes and they’re amazing. I’m always reaching for them because I love them and they just, are so soft. So I do recommend them if you’re looking into them and thinking, pondering, considering I say go for it. Then, I’m just gonna blend that out with the brush that we had before, but no additional product. I’m gonna move over to the shade right next to the shade we just used in the Double Entendre, which is ‘Extra Curricular’ and I’m gonna place this in the outer portion Onto the lid now, I’m gonna take the shade ‘Bombshell just on my finger and I’m gonna plop this – I always say plop, why do I do that? Then just place this all over. This shade is like a really pretty pewter shade. Subdued platinum almost, it’s cool. And then for the lid, I’m gonna take ‘Draft’ and I wiped off my finger just so you know, and just putting this all over the lid. I’m really excited to get to the face and the contour and the blush and all that. I think that will be a lot of fun. This is already reminding me of my two-toned days. Okay, moving on to the lower lashline now. I’m gonna take the shade ‘Maverick’ again. I’m just gonna start blending this all over Where do I wanna keep it? Just on the outer portion I don’t really know what I feel like doing. I’m gonna carry it a little bit inwards but not all the way. And then just taking that same shade from the Double Entendre gonna start by applying that in the same place The Double Entendre palette, I feel like, does not get enough love it is just so good. It’s like a more toned-down, everyday ‘Yes, Please!’ palette It’s kind of like the ‘Yes, Please!’s palette grown-up sister. She’s a little bit more serious not as casual, not as playful , you know? And now, someone’s leaf-blowing, FANTASTIC! -_- I’m gonna take the shade ‘Chic’, just on the outer portion of the eye again Isn’t that nice background music – the leaf blower? Then just using the shade next to the shade we just used, just poppin’ that on. Since I didn’t give an opportunity to play with all the new Supernova shades in the video that I did talking about them and the new palette, I will link it in the description bar in the corner right now, I figured I could use these two shades – the one I’m gonna use on my cool-toned side is called ‘Now or Never’ and then the one on my warm-toned side is called – what’s it called? – ‘Prelude’. Just gonna apply this on the inner portion of my lower lashline and then now ‘Prelude’. Moving onto the inner portion of the eye I’m going to take the shade ‘Flasher’ and just apply that right on the inner portion of my eye and just a touch on the browbone as well. From the Identity palette, I’m taking the shade ‘Sassy’. Ooh, this is pretty! It’s like an icy – forgot how much I love this palette It was just kind of like, sitting in my drawer and I always just forget how much I really really like this palette. So I’m quickly going to go apply mascara and false lashes and then, I will be back and we’ll start the face and the lips, which I’m quite excited about. So I’m still debating if I wanna do lashes or not, kind of leaning towards no. Let’s move onto the rest of the face. So I’m first gonna start off with contouring and I actually – I though this was really cool to have. I have the Makeup Geek contour powders, and they have a cool-toned and a warm-toned version for each skin tone so, um I am using ‘Break-up’ (cool porcelain contour) for the cool-toned side and then ‘Love Triangle’ (warm porcelain contour) for the warm-toned side. This is the warm side This is gonna be, like, really cool to see how much warmth can affect the face and how much cool tones can affect the face as well. And then now, going in with the cool-toned side For my cool-toned bronzer, today I’m ‘Bali Sands’ from Becca and this is my favorite bronzer ever so I was excited that I could use it for this video It’s gonna add a little bit of warmth but not as much as the other warm-toned bronzer that I have I’m gonna use the Urban Decay Beached Bronzer in ‘Sunkissed’ These bronzers are very smooth just feel really nice. For my warm-toned blush, I’m using the Milani blushes in #1. Oh my gosh… I just put the cool – oh my god I just put the warm-toned powder blush on my cool-toned face …fantastic Love it so much… Okay, so I went ahead and applied lashes while I waited for my face *mmhmm* I’m so mad at myself but ANYWAYS, let’s move on to blush now. On the cool-toned side, I’m gonna take ‘Romantic Rose’ ‘Romantic Rose’ is more of a cool-toned than the other one, just gonna pop that on my cheeks, and then, now on the correct side of the face, I’m taking ‘Awakening Rose’ For my cool-toned highlighter today, I’m taking the Becca highlighter in ‘Pearl’. This baby is very dug into. I used to really, really wear this highlighter all the time because it’s just so bright. And on the warm-toned side, I’m gonna be using ‘Moonstone’, which has a little bit of a gold tone to it so it’s gonna play in with the warm tones really nicely Cool, so for lips, I’m gonna be using the Kat Von D Studded Kiss lipsticks. I’m gonna use the shade ‘Bow N Arrow’ on the cool-toned side and hopefully I am going to do okay with the lipstick application only on one side, stopping about half-way That was easy enough! And then on the warm-toned side I am taking ‘Ophelia’. Okay guys, so here is the finished ‘Cool Tones VS Warm Tones’ Here is the cool-toned side and then here is the warm-toned What tones of make-up do you like to use on an everyday basis and what side do you like better? I it’s so weird because I love I gravitate towards the warm tones but I also like the cool tones. I think the cool tones versus the warm tones on the eyes make my eye color look, almost, two different shades of green And I really like the blush on the warm-toned side better, I just love peachy blushes So let me know what you think down in the comment section below. Of course everything mentioned will be down the description box as well as links to my Instagram and Twitter and a link to Belle Jorden’s channel and video so don’t forget to check her out if you go over to her channel, tell her that I sent you~ We can go say hi in the comments of her videos and – yeah I think that’s it! So don’t forget to subscribe before you guys leave and I’ll see you next time, bye!


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