We Tested Mented Cosmetics’ Makeup For Women Of Color

We Tested Mented Cosmetics’ Makeup For Women Of Color

Narrator: Finding your
perfect shade is a test for anyone who wears makeup, and that task is even
harder for people of color, but there’s a brand that’s
trying to make it easier for us. Since Mented Cosmetics launched in 2017, their mission has been pretty simple: Make it easier for women of color to find their perfect shade. We’re trying out their
foundation, eyeshadow, and nude lipsticks to
see if we should swap out the products we normally
use for Mented’s line. – OK, first of all, this is
the perfect freaking shade. What! Narrator: Black American
buyers spend about $1.1 billion per year on beauty products. But despite our buying power, finding the right shade
as a woman of color is still a huge problem. – As a woman of color,
I think it’s really hard finding makeup for myself. I could never find the right nude lipstick because I feel like it always
makes me look too washed out. – My biggest challenge is finding a way to match the different complexions I have on my face, making sure that my foundation
matches my neck and my chest. – I’m between two shades, which means I have to
purchase two foundations and then do some sort
of science experiment to try to find the perfect match. Narrator: That’s because making the perfect shade really is a science, a science that even the
biggest cosmetic labs have had trouble mastering. Here’s why. Most shades are mixed with white, yellow, red, and black pigments, but when making darker shades, chemists tend to mix too
much of the black pigment. This results in limited undertones, which can make brown skin
look bruised or washed out. To alleviate this problem, Mented Cosmetics is focusing specifically on brown skin tones. – If I sort of look at
a distance, you can see this one just has a touch more red, which I think makes it vibrant. – Mented is a pigment-first beauty brand celebrating women of all hues and focusing on women of color. – I remember our early struggles with trying to find the
perfect nude lipstick. It was always about feeling
othered and left out, and we were just
constantly disappointed… – Yeah. – With all of the products that made us feel ashy or chalky. KJ: On our site, we have a shade finder that’s going to show you every single lipstick on many,
many different skin tones. Our customer-service team gets emails every day from women literally sending photos of themselves and being like, “Which one should I wear?” And we answer every single one. Narrator: We headed to
Mented’s headquarters in New York city to see if their makeup lives up to the hype. – OK, guys, so we made it to Harlem. We’re right in front of
Mented’s headquarters, about to hopefully find our perfect shade. Alana: Do you think they’ll find it? Doyinsola: I think so. After seeing Jackie
find her perfect match, I’m hopeful. – Look at that, like, it’s my skin. – Hopefully that will be us. – Let’s do it! Alana: All right, let’s go! Narrator: We decided to go for a neutral, office-friendly look. Up first: the foundation. – As a person of color, your face and your neck is going to be completely different colors, so you have to find a way to balance those tones. So I like to start with
a swatch on the side of the face, so I’m going
to be using shade M-40. Narrator: Mented has 16 foundation shades ranging from light, tan, medium, and deep. Up next: eyeshadow. The palette has nine warm, neutral shades made with vegan and
cruelty-free ingredients. – So I keep reading brown skin
tones shouldn’t wear, like, lighter eyeshadows. Is that true, or? – I feel like you can wear whatever shadow you want to, and
honestly, I feel like deeper-complected women look
great in brighter eyeshadows. Narrator: And finally,
the perfect nude lip. – So I always have a difficult time finding nude shades for my lips. Do you have any tips for, like, choosing the right nude lip color? – When picking a nude lip color, you don’t really want to
go too light or too dark, so I like to treat the
lips how I treat blush. Blush is usually a color that you will naturally get if you were
to pinch your cheeks. If you were to pinch your lip, what color would that be? – Oh, my God, wow! This is like the perfect freaking shade. – It looks very dewy. I’m sure as I wear it throughout the day, I won’t be worried about it drying out. – I normally don’t wear eyeshadow, but I think, like, this is something that I would wear for,
like, to go to work. Narrator: With brands like Fenty, Pat McGrath, and Shea Moisture, Mented isn’t alone in creating beauty products that cater to diverse consumers, but despite their work, the cosmetics industry as a whole still
has a long way to go. – I think for a lot of
brands, what they’ve gotten wrong in the past is this
assumption that beauty should be one-size-fits-all,
and what we think we’re doing right is starting with her pigment and saying, “This
is a product that’s going to work specifically for you.”


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    Fenty is also a good brand because the makers of fenty cinsmaetics is a woman of colour (Rihanna) and she has a LOT of shades for coloured wonder and you can find her makeup like in any Sephora store! 🙂

    EDIT: so many people this Rihanna is racist but she’s not. She has a lot of shades for white women including pale-tanned skin SO STOP SAYING SHES RACIST!

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    Women of color got perfect skin, adding makeup is a BONUS

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    I really love this as it empowers women of color rather than degrading them

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    shouldn't makeup be for everyone? kinda defeats the purpose of having makeup if it's exclusive to everyone but POC, right?

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    They did not bring anyone with really dark skin

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    I’m a woman of color… but I’m Asian and I’m just SUPER tanned

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    This is not good.

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    I think when they mean women of color they mean darker women of color because I’m a person of color but they have no shades for me because I’m lighter. But I do think this is an awesome brand!

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    Look at all that beautiful melanin

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    Pretty women and awesome brand!

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    i’m a woman of color but i’m
    not any darker than my white friends

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    is it available in Philippines

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    as a painter, i often make my own skin tones in school, i often use white, yellow, brown, and pink. why can’t they use brown pigments instead of black? wouldn’t it get rid of the grey undertone

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    Wow he made their makeup look fabulous!!

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    I'm a poc, my skin tone is medium-light but I'm really glad that cosmetic companies are finally making shades for darker skin tones

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    Can anybody make foundations for yellow person??? Im literally yellow, a light yellow, not white. i always look washed out in a foundation

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    Hands up Asian women of color

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    See how they're able to be so inclusive and diverse yet they only need 14 shades? Someone needs to be taking notes

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    So if a brand only comes out with dark shades they are the best but if a brand comes out with mostly light shades they are not inclusive enough? I really don’t get it

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    I had a makeup ad before this 😂

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    Wow they really nailed the nude lipstick

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    So glad they made this brand, but… When some brands have more light foundation tones it is racist and not inclusive enough, but when there aren't any cosmetics for white women it is good? Now I see who really is racist nowadays…

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    Even though I’m latina, I wouldn’t call my self a person of color since I’m pale, and it’s disrespectful -in my opinion, to assign that tittle to those of us who don’t share the same women of color struggles, but I am ethnic, white skin with yellow undertones, and it’s highly difficult finding white people makeup that has my undertones. I guess makeup brands are only for white folks with pasty skin with red or pink undertones….. we need makeup for ethnic people of all colors. I’m glad actual women of color -who understand this struggle way better than I do, are finally getting represented in the makeup industry. It’s hard for me to find undertones that match my skin, but for women of color is hard finding makeup in general that comes close to their skin color. In 2019 that’s still a problem and it’s ridiculous. People of color ain’t actually a minority, but are the majority worldwide, so….. why not cater to them as well???

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    ok but whats up with the limited foundation shades for pale people.

  • Free Movies says:

    This is a good idea but if this was made for white people everyone would hate them and call them racist so why is it ok to make shades for only black people

  • Free Movies says:

    This is a good idea but if this was made for white people everyone would hate them and call them racist so why is it ok to make shades for only black people

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  • krystal thomas says:

    When they kept putting on makeup in the beginning and didn’t match the face was making me very uncomfortable 😣

  • Samantha says:

    There is a lot of fighting going on in the comments because this brand only caters to those of a darker complexion. There are arguments about how hard it is for people of very pale complexion to find brands and I think that’s absolute true. EVERYONE finds it hard to find their shade because of undertones and complex colors in your skin. Don’t judge someone’s experience just because of how light or dark they are. The lightest of us might find it just as hard to get their shade as the darkest. This is one brand . However hypocritical you think it is, they re trying to make a difference.

    Edit: accidentally posted before finishing

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    Is this for James Charles too

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    Lol everyone has these issues not just poc.

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    Iman cosmetics is also for women of color

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    I can’t find foundation that is yellow enough for me. A lot of brands run orange.

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    Just make make-up for everyone. The shade range seemed fairly limited and tbh we're better off following brands like Fenty that make make-up inclusive rather than trying to exploit differences in skin tones. It's 2019, anyone can have money and want makeup, why the hell would you limit your customer base based on the colour of their skin. ❤️❤️

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    Awesome! But I feel like there are also shades missing for really pale women or men who want to wear make up. I’m really pale and for me there’s also no foundation shade. I think make up is and should be for everyone!

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    Only women?

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    I'm sorry I don't see a difference Fenty does it better js

  • Elizabeth Hutt says:

    Dear gawd, the white people complaining there’s no shade for them in this brand need to pull their heads out of their behinds. This is not for you!! Not everything is for you!! I’m white and I am GLAD to see a line not catering to whites for once. Let WOC have something just for them for once and STFU.

  • ParisianStreets says:

    Its not women of color, its African American.

  • Questions of the World says:

    Ok I’m Australia so idk what your situation is but whenever we buy makeup there’s always a lot of light colours and a lot of dark colours but no in between shade. And that’s why I don’t wear makeup lol

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    For you’re perfect “nude lip “ colour, use the hue of your nipple 🙂

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    Ewwww. Jackie Aina. Nasty.

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    Awww they’re so beautiful!! 😭❤️

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    Lol who else is here after Juvias place? I’m tryna find new Black owned makeup brands.

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    I definitely have to try this, especially since it has so many whytes triggered for no damn reason.

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    I am a white girl but thank you so much for doing this for those of color. You colored girls are BEYOND beautiful and deserve to be able to shop for makeup just like anyone else.

  • Rebecca Johns says:

    It's really refreshing to see an actual company as well as fenty primarily focusing on poc! Makeup brands have a tendency of failing us but it's really amazing to see lipsticks, eyeshadows and foundations that work for us. Also them focusing on skin issues that are really difficult like hyperpigmentation and redness. The different undertones. I am of a netural undertone and being of a olive complexion, my shade sells out very rapidly and its never in stock. Also, I hate when I ask for help and I always get matched for warm because it just looks too yellow. Foundations are a massive struggle because it's either too red, grey or yellow. It just appears very off. But, I may have to switch up to one of these brands for sure!

  • Audrey H. says:

    Super pale white girl here and just glad that women of color are getting better treatment in the makeup world.

  • EmmaGrace Christine says:

    Now how come if ANY other brand only had 16 shades and were light then it’s some sort of tragedy but if a brand makes 16 shades that are only for people of color then it’s ok. So why don’t people just make brands that go from super light to super dark instead of one or the other??

  • hailey marie says:

    No one:
    Absolutely no one:
    Not even god himself:
    Black people: let's make a brand that has the same shades as every other brand but make it so it's only for poc 🤣🤣🤣👎

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    Makeup isn’t good for your skin anyways

  • Olivia Myers says:

    Hi guys how are you? So I am a paper white with a olive under tone. So makeup always looks orange. Any suggestions

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    If they didn't buy a billion dollars a year, every black woman would be a multi billion are , smh 😑

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    the one with the red weave literally has LIL NAS X’s FACE 😱😱🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Sophia Neilsson says:

    Extremely pale and extremely dark skintones have the same "the undertones are never right" problem, however at the pale end there's no attached inherent racism like there is with my melanin-blessed sisters. This company is doing the Lord's work.

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  • Sunset Gao says:

    It’s always confusing for me, as a person of Chinese descent, to figure out if I’m included in “people of color.” Because, I know if it was in the 60s or earlier, I would be very much considered a person of color since I am not white. But as a Chinese person with much lighter skin, someone who can almost always find a decent match for makeup, it’s a struggle in modern times to figure out where I belong.

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    the triggered white people in the comments are triggering my white ass, shut up ladies, this isn't about you.

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    So women of color are just black women and latinas? How about asian women?? They are not women of color??!

  • The edgiest person u will ever see says:

    0:50 is that a man or a woman?

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    No matter what shade u got it made. I 💘 the options 4 whatever skin u in. 👠👛💄👓

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    Y can't they just say black women. Women of color is just a bit old and I find it offensive

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    okay can I just say something

    bright lip colours on dark skinned ladies is gorgeous

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    They should’ve had more variety of models to try the products

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    3:10 I get this brand is tailoring to women of darker skin tones, but imagine if a company came out with the reverse.(all light shades and one tan shade) There would be media outrage and thousands of people would boycott the brand. Not trying to be problematic, I love what they are doing, but just some food for thought.

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    Makeup S U C K S. Women are pretty the way they are.

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    I think that they all look better without makeup, but that could just be me loving a natural look.

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    I once found a color blur lip pencil from Maybelline that matches the color of my lips. I also found a petal pout lip color lipstick that also matched my lips as well

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    Oooof yall can keep your over priced crappy quality makeup thx

  • Heather Jones says:

    I really, really love Mented products. I get so many compliments on my lipsticks and people cannot tell if I’m wearing makeup. I usually do not like wearing makeup, but Mented is perfect!

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    0:50 she not even a woman of color??

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