We Went to LA for an Organic Beauty Treatment

(soft peaceful music) – [Kari] Beauty to me is vibrance, somebody radiating from the inside out. And having that radiance
shine and spread onto others. They’re eyes are super clear,
and they have an open heart. That’s how I see it. (vibrant music) – My relationship with beauty growing up, was almost nonexistent. I was a tomboy and I rebelled
against it in a lot of ways. – Oh, I just love red lipstick so much, it’s like nostalgic for me. We are here to kind of explore women
beauty entrepreneurship. I wanna be on the Fear
Factor, but instead of like eating gross stuff like I wanna
try all of the beauty trends So here we go, it’s nice and warm. Fabulous. – We are in sunny, Los Angeles, and we are going to
spend some time with Kari from Poppy and Someday. – My name is Kari Jansen, I’m the owner and founder
of Poppy and Someday. It’s an herbal,
handcrafted body care line. – She grows her own herbs and flowers, she picks them, she infuses them herself. So yeah, I’m really excited
to learn about her philosophy, what it means to be a woman in business. – One thing we’re doing
this week with Kari is the Nestra Basti
Service, and what that is, is she’s gonna pour
clarified butter of ghee on top of our eye. I am a bit nervous, I’m not gonna lie. My eyes are super sensitive. – Nervous? No, not really, this is my jam. – On the final night, she’s
gonna do a ceremony with us, and I think that involves
like, reading our energy. – Yeah, that’s it. I did the eyeliner and because I’m in LA, I’m like oh, (laughs),
bring on my Chola self. – Alright, oops, cute. (upbeat bass music) (laughs) We done. – Wellness isn’t just for one group. – A couple years ago, we would’ve been the last
people hosting this show. – [Rachel] What do we know about beauty? – Yup.
– You know? – I think it’s very important
to make it a lot more visible for women of color, to
take care of themselves. – And it’s always so
refreshing to kind of be able to share that conversation, ’cause there are certain
cultural differences. – [Jess] Our parents didn’t have the time to take care of themselves,
so then there was an associated guilt if you
took time for yourself, ’cause you should be really
taking care of your mom, your brother, your sister. – Whoa, where am I going? Oh, my gosh guys this is crazy. It’s like even ceremonial to get here. It’s almost like a maze. It’s so protected. (wind chime sounds) – Hi, how are you?
– Hi, Kari! Good how are you?
– Good. – [Jess] It’s super nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too, welcome! – Thank you, this is
such a beautiful space. – [Kari] Thank you, I brew
all the different tinctures and oils in little containers there. – [Rachel] Smells absolutely divine. Wish you guys could smell this. – It’s just so zen. – [Kari] I never started with any money, like I did it from making
something to create it. – [Jess] That’s really inspiring ’cause as a business woman as well, sometimes you feel like
you can’t do anything because you don’t have
all the money in place, Right?
– Right, right. – And it’s just about
being a little creative– – [Kari] Just little by little, yeah. – Planting that seed and just like, gathering little by little.
– Yeah. Hi, Rowan. This is my son. – Oh, hey!
– Hi, nice to meet you! – Nice to meet you too. – Do you go to school close to here? – Yeah, I can walk. – Oh that’s nice.
– Yeah. – Up that hill? (birds chirping) – What inspired you to start the business the way we see it today? – When I moved to L.A.,
there was a lot of people that didn’t know what a tincture was, they didn’t even know what a salve was, and so I started being like
wow, I think there’s a place for this and people had a lot of interest of what’s a cordial, what is
this old english medicine? And I was just doing little
pop-ups at my friends places, or around, and I think
that the interest became where I was like, okay
if they’re interested, I’m gonna make it for you. – You know, from the outside
looking in it’s like, she’s got it figured out,
like her life is like, roses and lemon balm,
you know what I mean? (laughing) – There’s quite a bit of
work that goes into that, like orders come in, this is wrong, half the order didn’t get to the place, I have to eat all that. – What was it like
growing up in the Midwest? – My dad was in different
companies, we lived in Florida, and then back up to Michigan, and as I rolled through
Michigan, it doesn’t really have a lot of people that I could relate to, so I tend to go out in the garden a lot, I tend to be in the woods
playing my own games and things, ’cause I didn’t have people
that I could connect with, and relate with. (birds chirping)
(soft angelic music) – [Rachel] Do you have a favorite– – [Kari] Favorite herb? – Yes.
– Yeah. – Definitely lemon balm, and lavender, and yarrow, and California Poppy. – You can’t pick one!
– I know! (laughing) – [Rachel] I don’t do this enough, where I have like my feet in soil. – [Jess] I know, it feels
so good, it’s so cooling. – [Rachel] So cooling. – [Kari] I draw my
inspiration from the outside, the wilderness, the plants,
and if I feel uninspired, and I’m kind of stuck in
ways, I go for a trip. I go camping, I go to the Redwoods, I go somewhere that I could
be around a fresh new plant, because everywhere you go,
plants grow around you. And I like to go tap into that. Then I come back and I’m
like oh, I wanna make this this mist or let’s
incorporate this in here. It’s the wilderness
that I need to tap into. Plus, it resets me. (angelic music) There an herbalist and he
had come to talk to my school up there, about you
know, how he got started, and he told us that if
you make plant medicine, and you try to create a business with it, you’ll never make it, it’s
too hard, don’t do it. And he saw me at the Farmer’s
Market selling all my stuff, and he stopped me and he’s like, didn’t you hear anything I had to say? It almost made me like, empowered me more, like no, I can do this. Showing him. (laughs) No. Do you wanna put a
little scooping in there? Oh you put it in here.
– Oh that makes sense! – [Kari] You can do it in there too. (laughs) – Rowan, you’re back.
– Hi. – How are you?
– Fine. – You want some tea?
– Sure. – [Jess] You got it good
kid, you got it real good. (laughs) (vibrant music) – Beauty means, in a person or in nature? – Beauty in L.A.? Is small nose, big lips, like if you don’t look a certain way. – I feel most beautiful
when my makeup’s on, and I’m dressed, when I
go out with my husband. – I moved here in January to model, so my whole world revolves around beauty. Not really in a positive way though. – Well, I know for sure
if I don’t feel beautiful, my day doesn’t go as well. – I have always struggled
with my appearance, now as I grow up, I’m realizing like, what I’m actually capable of. It doesn’t matter. – When I’m around close friends or family, that just appreciate me the way I am. That’s when I probably
feel most beautiful. – Today we’re gonna be doing,
– Netra Basti. – Yes. – I’m a little apprehensive but excited, because I have issues with my eyes. – I don’t have any eye issues,
but what if I do after this? – I started studying with yoga, so that was like an easy
entrance, I was a yoga instructor, and knowing that, whoa,
there’s like a sister science, Ayurveda, like what is that? I started studying with this
amazing woman in San Francisco, as I went through the program, at the end we got to go to
India for a month and studied, so it was really great to get to be there. – Hi, welcome! – [Kari] Get the whole
techniques the Netra Basti, the Shirodhara. Are you comfortable?
– Yes. (soft music)
(birds chirping) – I wasn’t expecting that to be emotional. I guess all the energy that was– – I was frickin’ scared! – I know, I freaked you out though! – You just freaked me out,
’cause I went in and I was like, I got this!
– Whatever I got this! – And as soon as I started breathing, Dude, I was like, about to run out. – You were like I’m
gonna robot outta here. – [Kari] It just looks like
a beautiful yellow, gold. I can see some things coming out. – Once she was massaging it and
saying mucus was coming out, I was like aw man, like a
lot of other stuff came up with that being taken out of my body. – [Kari] It’s gonna help you
get through some fears too. – Yeah, no, it’s like physical but also, I don’t think it’s just that. My eyelid on my left
side, feels so normal, and that’s the first time it’s
felt normal in a long time. – I trust you girl. I trust you. – [Rachel] Who thinks of stuff
like that, that’s my thing, like who’s the first person to do that? And like oh, let’s pour
this butter on our meal, but also like, something in your eye? Let’s get it out, you know what I mean? Imagine how many people are like, you’re crazy back in the day. – [Jess] If you think they’re
crazy for doing that. (laughs) – [Rachel] You did it though! – [Jess] I did, I did and
for that I’m very proud, and I’m all good, but like– – [Rachel] And you’ll never do it again. – [Jess] No, let me like,
let me say, I would, only if, I had issues with my eye. My eye feels really soft
and I never have said that, like I’ve never described my
eyes feeling soft, you know? They’re either itchy or
you just don’t feel them. – My eyes still feel a bit
like there’s stuff in it. But it feels very clear and
I’m really happy I did it. You guys are ruining my video, geez! (soft music) – My mom was a stay home mom, she had me and my sister
really young at like 23, she never really felt like
she had like her expression. She was just more in
service for her family. There was some depression
that rolled in with that, and sadness and seeing that as a child, I just knew that I needed to
create and keep my heart full. – Rowan?
– Yeah? – I like your name.
– Thanks. – [Rowan] My mom’s arm
there’s a tattoo kinda thing. – [Jess] Yeah, I saw it. – [Rowan] It’s a Rowan tree right? I’m actually named after a tree. – Can you tell me a little bit more about, how it is to be a single mom,
then trying to grow business? – He wants attention all the time, so sometimes when I do work
here, he just considers it something that takes my
attention away from him. – [Jess] Do you help her
a lot with the gardening? – You see all these plants here? – [Jess] I do. – I often have to water
them almost everyday. In my opinion, her products are amazing, but it’s just, I’m not like a lotion guy. – It’s so easy just to keep working, and be like, just one more
email, just give me a minute, give me another minute,
and I don’t wanna be that. I think it’s challenging
but, but also rewarding. – [Jess] Are you proud of your mom? – Definitely.
– Yeah, why? – Do you know that she’s
the boss of her work? – I think it’s amazing
for Rowan to see me, building something from the ground up, and that he can do that. (birds chirping)
(upbeat music) – I haven’t done anything,
I have no plastic surgery. Eventually I’m like, oh I’m
40 maybe I’ll get a boob job, or do that whole thing but I just recently got
my eyebrows micro bladed. – I think going under the knife scares me. – If I would go under, it
would be for a personal self-esteem thing. – I don’t know, I mean, I
kinda keep it simple, I mean, I shop for good cream and that’s about it. – I’ve been reading up on a lot of things, and it’s best to go all natural, ’cause you’ll never know what
might happen in the future. – I think who I was born from,
I think they’re magnificently beautiful and handsome, and I like me. – I would do plastic
surgery, because I think it might be fun to discover
my ultimate beauty. – Just a little behind the scenes, they’re interviewing Kari right now, and Rach and I are just
taking in the beautiful space. – So Shirodhara is a warm drip of oil, that lands on the third eye. Both Jess and Rachel, has
such a vibrant, beautiful, expansive energy and I
really wanted to ground them. It helps clear out everything, and it takes the person
into a meditative place, so it’s super relaxing, and restorative. – Everything Kari does is with intention, so after speaking to her, I’m excited. I feel like it’s gonna be
an interesting sensation. (meditative gong music)
(birds chirping) – Towards the end as I was coming to, and like wiggling my fingers and my toes, I just felt really
overwhelmed with gratitude, and just, I was really in the moment. – When I opened my eyes
and I saw like, the leaves, and there was kind of like a wind blowing, I kind of felt, like it was my dad. – [Rachel] Interesting. – Like a message, that, that everything’s okay. – That’s incredible. – Hi, beautiful. (laughing) – What did you do to us? (laughing) – Thank you.
– Yeah. – You’re really special.
– Yeah. – [Kari] You’re special. (laughs) – It’s just, it’s really overwhelming. – Just let the tears wash it away. Let it go, let it all dissolve. – I’m very inspired, I think
Kari really inspired me, her space really inspired me, and I think the thing that
resonated with me most was that she just followed her intuition
every step of the way. – She brought a more heartfelt
type of approach to beauty, it was kind of like a reminder
to kind of just like pause, chill out, be in your body. (vibrant music) – Thanks for watching Beauty Mark! – If you like what you saw, – [Together] Subscribe for more! (laughing) – I said it!
– You did it! (laughing) – Okay you’re leaving me.
– Oh, sorry! Sorry I got really excited.

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