Welcome to Cosmetic Candy, a Beauty Blog

Welcome to Cosmetic Candy, a Beauty Blog

Hello. Welcome to Cosmetic Candy videos. This is a short introduction about me and about the blog. I love cats and I love coffee but I can’t seem to get my cat
to make me a cup of coffee as you can see. I’m brilliant at thumbwars Here I am in training with a nine year old and you see how she loses to me. I didn’t pay her…honestly. Next is my cat, you can say she’s at a slight disadvantage cos she doesn’t have thumbs. I love make up obviously but I’m no trained make up artist but I love to practise. Here I am with my blusher brush and a blusher and… a totally innocent child. As you can see she’s really really enjoying it. I also love the foam on a coffee, who doesn’t right? Here I am licking it off and I don’t care who it belongs to. I think that Scrabble is the best game ever! Here I am playing against my cat. Now…I like to think of challenging words. So…there’s only one word here that I can spell, …quite obvious… ..MA. And now on to the blog… This is Cosmetic Candy, it’s a beauty blog that’s been established since 2007. It’s full of reviews of beauty products, hair products, skincare products, all things girly. For 2010 we’ve got a new layout which
makes it easier to look at content and makes it easier for you to look around. And this is our new logo the Cosmetic Candy Cat If you like pictures then take a look at our swatch gallery for all kinds of pictures of different types of make up and we update the pictures all the time. Here’s an example of one of our reviews If you like what you see please subscribe using the subscribe box. Don’t forget we have lots of really cool giveaways all the time so check back on the site to see what competitions we’ve got running. And we also have really cool big blog sales Thanks for watching and if you like what you see please subscribe and remember to come back for the next video Bye!


  • BabyAngel688p says:

    your voice reminds me of something I can't quite remember…..maybe one of those infomercial??

  • Joydreamer2 says:

    This introductory video is AMAZING. Really, not kidding. Not even a little. The editing is amazingly perfect – well done! I look forward to more! 🙂

  • Assyrianspirit says:

    I love your cats!!

  • Sarah Ali says:

    i have been waiting for this 🙂 loved the vid , loved it… you were natural and i enjoyed evy bit of it ..sarah ")

  • Louise H says:

    you are a bloody natural at this – love it 🙂 and would you believe that is the first time I have seen all your face lol

  • Sparkled Beauty says:

    I didn't see any maniac here. You look great, and congrats on the first official video

  • tsunimee says:

    This video is brilliant, brilliant and it's just perfect. What a start with a bang: this looks so professional and fun at the same time. the bits with the child are hilarious!!! her face after your ate her froth: omg priceless. absolutely loved, so hilarious.love your hair. you look so pwetty, the scrabble scene: omg hilarious. spelling mistake on the end slide: on the word 'subscribe' xx so exciting to see you in my world: youtubeland xx

  • youaremysong says:

    she is adorably cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeee the kid that is!

  • Layla Al-Yonanea says:

    All I can is that I am so glad I subscribed. In all truth, the blog is SO much cooler than I thought it would be, I mean, I found your Youtube videos through your blog and your blog through a Primark cosmetis search. I did not stay long enough to look around but I can see that there is a whole new world in there, what with the swatches, the make up reviews and the make up looks. And this introductory video, I agree that it looks very professional and alluring! You're pretty! 🙂

  • mackiejurray says:

    I learned about your channel through your blog, they are both awesome. Your sense of humor is great. I wish i could get my kitty to make me coffee as well.

  • sophieshuman says:

    is the 9 year old Megan?!!! 😀

  • sophieshuman says:

    OMG i was so happy to see Megan! She's grown up! Still adorable though 🙂 I subscribed and can't wait to check out your blog 🙂

  • Mind Body Go says:

    Love this vid! Check out what's hot in health & wellness at Mind Body Go!

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