Welcome to Formula Botanica: Organic Cosmetic Science School

There has never been a better time to
start your organic skincare business. Global demand is growing year on year as
consumers look for a natural botanical alternative to mainstream cosmetics.
Welcome to Formula Botanica: the world’s largest organic cosmetic science
training school. Rather than learning how to be a recipe follower, we teach you
how to be an innovator – designing unique cosmetic products that will wow your
customers. We have trained organic skincare entrepreneurs all over the
world and many of our graduates are now running the skin care business of their
dreams. Our world-class self study programs are 100% online, giving you the
opportunity to study at your own pace in your own time from your computer, tablet
or smartphone. Our course curriculum is based on the following principles: making
safe and healthy skin care products, using only natural ingredients, embracing
the concepts of simplicity and skin food, using only the finest organic botanical
extracts and designing unique skin care products to stand out from the crowd. Ore
online courses are provided in the form of written tuition, video material, live
webinars, practical assignments, ebooks and fact sheets. Coursework is graded by
one of our tutors from our global team of experts. You will receive feedback and
advice regarding your formulations. Learn how to improve your designs and make
your products stable, safe and sellable. Your course gives you access to our
fabulous online student and graduate community, student library, global
supplier guide and many hours of webinar replays and videos. Formula Botanica provides you with all
the information you need to start your own skin care business. Enroll today to
get an education that will help you succeed as an organic skincare

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